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George Karl Unhappy With Mark Jackson’s Tactics in Playoff Series

There were a lot of strange things going on last season when the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets met in the Playoffs — Andre Iguodala was campaigning to join the Dubs while simultaneously playing against them, and former Nuggets head coach George Karl was frustrated by some of the things his counter-part Mark Jackson was trying to pull in the thrilling 6-game series. Per BlitzKrieg: “Q: Do you think Andre Iguodala was Mark Jackson’s ‘mole’? A: ‘No question.’ Q: Does that bug you? A: ‘I just think that’s media hype. I mean, that series was not a physical series. Everybody wants to be more aggressive with the guy kicking your ass, so …’ Q: The media didn’t say it. Jackson said it. A: ‘I thought Mark had a lot of tricks in that series that were bush- … I don’t know. I don’t know what they were. Almost high-schoolish. They were beneath the NBA level. And they might have worked. They might have motivated his young team in a good way. You know, he’d announce a starting lineup and start another guy. C’mon, man. You think we’re not ready for that?’”

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  • LLC#12

    A better or worse coach than Jason Kidd?………………….


    And you still lost to him Mr. Coach of the year.

  • 604ricy

    George Karl is truly one of the best coaches I have observed.. he really turns ponies into stallions. I hope he finds a coach seat real soon.

  • spit hot fiyah

    u are joking right?

  • Saleem Rainman

    is this a funny?

  • James

    George Karl is a great coach with a bad attitude; Game 6 wouldnt even have been close if it wasnt for Andre Igoudala coming alive towards the end of the 4th quarter; just shut up George

  • MeloToTor

    George karl is always so bitter, hating on players that helped make him look good…. this sin’t the first time

  • anon

    George Karl, despite his flaws, is a real coach.

    Jason Kidd is a former player in a suit.

  • Lloyd

    He’s talking about Mark Jackson guys. Still a way better coach than Jason Kidd.

  • LLC#12

    Yes, I thought my obvious sarcasm was, well, obvious. I can’t believe people thought that was a genuine question. My point was just how Karl would have been a much better signing than Kidd.

  • Ugh

    Kemp, Payton, Schrempf, Iverson, Anthony, Iguodala to name just the obvious ones.

  • Ugh

    Karl is a bad playoff coach. He’s an overachiever. He coaches teams very well in the regular season and the playoffs they flame out. The only reason he got to the Finals was Shawn Kemp deciding to play to his potential that season. Karl went along for the ride.

  • TriggaMan

    He wants Kobe…Karl

  • spit hot fiyah

    sorry, yeah he would have been one of many options that a lot more sense

  • pposse

    george karl has that look of a serious druggie at times