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Heartbroken Bulls Owner Says Derrick Rose Will Make Full Recovery

Jerry Reinsdorf was crushed when Derrick Rose went down for the season with yet another devastating knee injury. Rose is expected to make a full recovery following surgery to repair a torn meniscus, but the Bulls’ future is anything but clear. From the team website: “Like Bulls fans everywhere, I was heartbroken when I heard of Derrick’s injury. We are happy to know that, according to his doctors, his surgery was successful, and in time, Derrick is expected to make a full recovery. Everyone at the Bulls knows firsthand how extremely hard Derrick worked to return to the court this year, and I have no doubt he will do the same with regards to his recovery from this injury. Despite Derrick’s absence, this is still a good team. I know from last year, this team and coaching staff will continue to make our fans proud.’ [...] GM Gar Forman: ‘This was the best procedure for Derrick’s long-term health. That is our primary concern. Whatever is best for Derrick in the long term as a 25-year-old athlete was our first thought. And what’s best for Derrick is best for the franchise. He’s still young, has a very long career ahead of him and there’s no reason after talking to the surgeons Derrick will not return 100 percent. This particular option gave him the best chance for long-term success.’ [...] How is Derrick doing with all this? He must be devastated to go through surgery again so soon. Forman: ‘Obviously, our first thoughts were with Derrick and his family. When it happened, obviously, he was very, very down. But he’s an amazingly resilient and positive person. I don’t want to speak for him, but he seems to be doing well. He really is a remarkable young man.’ [...] But given you probably cannot win a title this season, why not make changes for the future? Forman: ‘It’s obviously too soon to go down that road. Derrick had surgery this morning. Look, we are always evaluating our team, just like everyone else does. We felt good about this season, but we were hardly perfect. So we always are looking to get better. Everything we do is geared toward winning a championship and we will continue to evaluate any moves that will help us in attaining that goal.’ [...] But can you trust Rose now after these injuries? Forman: ‘We see no reason not to. That’s what the best doctors in the world tell us. His left knee is strong, as everyone has seen, and his right knee will be strong as any doctor will tell you after this surgery. We’ve seen with many current All-Stars go through the same procedure.’”

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  • Enigmatic

    Props to Sam Smith for not going the Jim Gray route with Beaker – er, um, Gar Foreman and asking the tough questions.

  • melvo

    Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t give a sh*t about this team. Someone (I forgot who exactly) summed it up best, “He would trade all 6 of his Bulls championship rings for one World Series ring for his Sox”

  • pposse

    all of that was pre-Rose. I am actually curious if what he is saying is genuine at this point or not.

  • melvo

    He’s probably sad about the fact that he’s gonna lose money on decreased ticket prices…

  • pposse

    lol i dont think it works that way. The ticket price is the ticket price and the seats get sold out regardless at the United Center. I can see how maybe he is pissed about potentially not getting any playoff games….

  • robb

    He’s gonna be OK, I hope the Bulls fans show him support and understand what he’s going through. This must be very tough form DRose

  • robb


  • melvo

    Oh, yeah, I guess you’re right. Their market value went down, but I guess that doesn’t affect the Bulls org.

  • melvo

    I definitely still support him and genuinely feel bad for him, but a lot of us here are sad because our title window has closed hard. It’s not like the Bulls have been playing well at all this season, but any small chance of winning in the near future are kinda gone.

    I’m glad we can continue to keep out all the annoying fake Bulls fans though…

  • bike

    On the bright side, the rehab with this injury should be relatively minor compared to the ACL tear. But I wonder what missing back to back seasons means for Rose in the long run. Jordan came back from playing baseball and hardly missed a beat…but that was Jordan.

  • robb

    Most people must think I’m crazy but I truly believe Rose will be back and still be great, the real problem, from my perspective, is the rest of your roster, even with DRose playing 100% the Bulls are not a championship caliber team. The people at the front office haven’t done a good job to put the Bulls in a better position to be successful.

  • melvo

    I agree with everything you said.

    Granted, I feel like Rose’s confidence will be affected by having two season ending injuries in a row, but he’s still young, so he’ll probably bounce back.

    The reason the Bulls have done so well over the last few years has been because of great coaching and a roster full of really hard working players (Butler, Deng, Noah, and Gibson in particular) who aren’t traditional all-star caliber players. Unfortunately, no else outside of Rose was a legitimate scorer. And in the last two years, our team hasn’t had a lot of depth on our bench. But I’ve always felt we were only a few pieces away from being true contenders.

  • robb

    I agree.

  • Mars

    Calm Down Bulls fans….remember this:
    Blake Griffin suffers torn meniscus in left knee and will miss London Olympics; Team USA adds Anthony Davis
    The L.A. Clippers say his status for the beginning of the 2012-2013 NBA season should not be in jeopardy

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/olympics-2012/blake-griffin-suffers-torn-meniscus-left-knee-london-olympics-team-usa-adds-anthony-davis-article-1.1113831#ixzz2lnOFSiLG

  • pposse

    its the timing of the injury that gets me. The recovery states that he should be fully rehabbed by April-May and then all this pressure about should he or shouldn’t he play will arise

  • patrick

    gm looks like an idiot imo now for not resigning nate robinson…gm didn’t even make an offer to him..and he was available very cheap–$1-2m a season

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  • LP @ThisisEther

    Bulls Did not have any money to sign him, he wanted multiyear deal….. and why sign him if you have derrick rose??? And hinrich. And teague, a recent 1st rounder…

  • the Goat

    when he comes back he will be an all-star. Hes NOT INJURY PRONE, just 2 accidents, can happen to anyone.

  • BiggieSmalls

    Bulls fans were never actually mad with Rose sitting out the first time. We just hated that it wasn’t announced early on. You see how that UC went crazy for guys like Butler & Nate last year when they showed their potential.