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Joakim Noah Thinks the Chicago Bulls Could Start Rebuilding

Despite the Bulls’ front-office remaining cagey about the plans for the roster — which is growing increasingly dejected as losses mount — Joakim Noah can sense that changes may soon be afoot in the Windy City. Per the Chicago Sun-Times: “He also knows that with guard Derrick Rose gone for the season, a payroll over the luxury tax and some players who could draw interest on the trade market, business is business. Maybe that’s why he has been so down since Rose’s injury, ‘trying to find my spirit out there on the court.’ The core knows its chance to win a championship this season is on life support, and the likelihood of this group staying together is coming to an end. Asked after the 89-83 overtime loss Monday against the Jazz if he thought rebuilding was a viable option for the front office, Noah said, ‘I think it’s possible. I mean, yeah.’ Emotion is allowed to seep into a locker room. It has for the Bulls. ‘We’re praying for [Rose],’ forward Carlos Boozer said. ‘It would be tough on anybody to go through what he has the last couple of years.’ But emotion can’t influence the front office. So while general manager Gar Forman has spent the last 72 hours hearing and reading all the different opinions from the outside, his job is to be realistic about the situation. His reality might not be what people want to hear, but it’s what he and the organization are sticking to. ‘The culture that has been created with the type of guys that we have is about continuing to get better, competing on a nightly basis,’ Forman said when asked if he believed this roster still could compete with the Heat and Pacers. ‘We’ve got talent on this team. So are we looking ahead? We’ve never been in the mode where we’re looking ahead that far.’”

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  • Slick Ric

    Time to blow it up, Rose may still be a all-star caliber player when he comes back but you cant rely on him with his injury history now, unfortunately.

  • spit hot fiyah

    the hawks are basically the 3rd best team in the east right now. and they have a roster that is built to trade. i would love to see horford and noah united. hawks might as well swing big and see if they can make a couple of big trades.

  • Mike Gilbert

    Since he’s locked in for the next 3 years – max level contract. I think they have to assume he’s going to be healthy going foreword though. They have to retool the roster assuming he is going to be healthy next year.

  • JR Williams

    Jokim Noah should be the first to go.. Noah is far from a scorer and unlike the 2012-2013 NBA season, the Bulls can’t rely on Nate Robinson, he found a better deal in Denver. With the regular season in the early stages, the Bulls have a chance to turn things around, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. – http://sportsunbiased.com/nba/21111/5-nba-teams-taking-a-step-back-during-the-2013-2014-season/#sthash.Xw1YTX5T.dpuf

  • grgeblck

    Feel sorry for the bulls. But it’s about time.

  • Nason

    As a lifelong bulls fan, this is f d up! I just hope we can KEEP NOAH, BUTLER, & GIBSON. They have bright futures. What we NEED is an A+ scorer. That way when Rose returns he can be the Pippen in a 1-2 punch situation.