Friday, November 15th, 2013 at 7:45 pm  |  6 responses

JR Smith Fined $25000 for Twitter Beef With Brandon Jennings

Following their investigation into the murky world of subtweeting, the NBA concluded that JR Smith’s tweets directed at Brandon Jennings were simply too mean. Smith is now 25 grand poorer. From the press release: “NYK J.R. Smith fined $25K for directing hostile & inappropriate language to another player via Twitter account, in violation of NBA rules.”

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    wooow,,,,, what a joke.

  • http://allthingsbeatrelated.blogspot.com/ ATBR

    Friday night Sissy Fights
    -Chapelle Show

  • Smits#45

    This is getting out of control. If I didn’t love the game as much as I do I wouldn’t watch it anymore. These kind of things make me regret even more that I wasn’t around in the eighties and early nineties to see the likes of Barkley, Laimbeer and Rodman go at eachother. It’s not just these twitter issues of late but this soft approach is reflecting on the game itself as well.

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  • AndyK415

    So dumb

  • Yesse

    I’m starting to get the impression, that most of the paychecks for J.R. Smith go to paying these fines.