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Mark Cuban Calls for Studies of HGH Benefits

The NBA is planning to begin testing its players for HGH use (which could prove to be a thorny issue.) According to Mark Cuban, not enough is known about HGH’s effects, and he thinks pro leagues should pay for those scientific studies. Per USA Today: “Cuban isn’t advocating the use of the controversial drug but rather calling attention to what he sees as a dearth of research on the topic as it relates to athletes who are recovering from injury. His hope, which he shared in front of the league’s owners and league officials at an Oct. 23 Board of Governors meeting in New York, is that a more-informed decision can be made as to whether it should remain on the league’s banned-substance list or perhaps be utilized as a way of expediting an athlete’s return to the court. If it were ever allowed — and it’s safe to say that won’t be happening anytime soon — Cuban sees a major benefit for teams and their fans like. ‘The issue isn’t whether I think it should be used,’ Cuban said via e-mail. ‘The issue is that it has not been approved for such use. And one of the reasons it hasn’t been approved is that there have not been studies done to prove the benefits of prescribing HGH for athletic rehabilitation or any injury rehabilitation that I’m aware of. The product has such a huge (public) stigma that no one wants to be associated with it.’ Cuban, who unsuccessfully has tried to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Texas Rangers in recent years, hinted at his stance on HGH in an Aug. 8 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In the interview, he criticized Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig for his treatment of New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and said HGH is ‘banned for no good reason’ in baseball and basketball. [...] ‘I believe that professional sports leagues should work together and fund studies to determine the efficacy of HGH for rehabbing an injury,’ Cuban said. ‘Working together could lead us from the path of demonizing HGH and even testosterone towards a complete understanding. It could allow us to make a data based decision rather than the emotional decision we are currently making. And if it can help athletes recover more quickly, maybe we can extend careers and have healthier happier players and fans.’”

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  • shine

    Aren’t the benefits already widely documented. I mean I read about them every time I go to ESPN. 4 x mvp , 2 championships etc. Not sure what cuban is talking about here.

  • Jay Cutler

    Not sure what you are talking about. Cuban is calling for studies on its effects on rehabbing pro athletes as part of a supervised medical program. HGH is a controlled substance. There have been no such studies for reasons he attributes to hysteria.

  • patrick

    wow, very interesting perspective..way to go cuban..forward thinking

  • Najee Fareed


  • Dfrance


  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    the “LeBron” part of this is pretty funny tho. i mean, either you don’t quite understand how long HGH is in your system (28 days at most), or you just don’t quite understand it’s purpose and use. you can pick, either way is fine.
    i digress, i’m with Cuban on this. Proper use of this stuff makes too much sense. Letting guys use it on the DL is just a dead end. Might as well jump out infront of the issue, before it actually becomes a problem (amongst the public).

  • pposse


  • pposse

    LBJ – 4 time MVP 2 championships (is whom he is talkin about)!!

  • pposse

    how can a sport promote the use of HGH when it will in all likelihood never be legal on other level of play? If you can’t use it in college you shouldn’t be able to use it in the NBA. To me that just reinforces the self-entitlement that a lof of these guys already suffer from.