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Steve Nash to See a Specialist for Ailing Back

The Lakers’ coaching staff yanked Steve Nash after just 13 minutes of play last night, as the 39 year-old point guard suffered through intense back pain. Nash will visit with a back specialist today. Per the team website and LA Daily News: “I’m concerned,’ coach Mike D’Antoni said postgame. ‘He was struggling physically tonight, you could just see it on his face and that’s why I took him out. We shut him down more or less. He was struggling.’ Steve Blake also expressed concern for his teammate. “I hate to see him struggling like that with injuries,’ Blake said. ‘Hopefully we can get him back (soon).’ [...] ‘You can call it the back. You can call it the nerves,’ Nash said, referring to the feeling he still has in his surgically repaired left leg. ‘The pain in the hamstring. They’re all the same things. It gets a lot of convoluted. It’s basically the same thing.’ All that came to a standstill Sunday against Minnesota. Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni noticed Nish limping as he labored for two points on three missed field-goal attempts, two free throws and three assists in 13 minutes. Nash then sat out the entire second half to receive treatment in the trainer’s room. ‘I see his face. I’ve known him forever,’ said D’Antoni, who also coached Nash with the Phoenix Suns from 2003 to 2008. ‘When he looks like that, you know he’s trying to battle through something. We just couldn’t do it. He was struggling physically, you could just see it on his face and that’s why I took him out and we shut him down more or less.’ That left Nash second-guessing himself for playing until D’Antoni yanked him out of the lineup. ‘It was probably foolish on my part that I didn’t [ask out of the game],’ Nash said.”

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  • pposse

    Nash is done. He was done before last year when he “surprisingly” broke his leg, the LA Lakers were dumb and slow to give Nash 27million for three useless years…another Stevie could have seen this coming.

  • spit hot fiyah

    like this

  • Saleem Rainman

    Sad to think that freak leg injury , which ended up messing with all his nerves there, could end up costing him his career. crazy.

  • playa

    Just put him in bodybag&let him drown,this is really sad…

  • robb

    I wonder who are you referring to

  • Vince Gully

    “The pain in the hamstring. They’re all the same things. It gets a lot of convoluted.” Yes, Steve. It’s all the same thing. It’s called getting old.

  • Pumpkin

    Nash wasn’t done he was an all star. That was a freak accident. If you watched him in pre season last year he was looking as sharp as ever. Just sucks that all these domino injuries are gonna end up costing him his career.

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Ahhh…… my main man and personal fav player of all time. We getting old kido…. well not too old for life just too old for the NBA. Lets go fishing… talk about those stellar battles. The war out on the hardwood….. you played well sir. Great for many years and the measuring stick by which other PGs where measured for a couple of them. Your still the same awesome guy. As funny as hell and a true team mate and friend. Raja Bell knows it. Baron Davis knows it. Leandro knows it. Get pain free as soon as you can steve nash and keep being you.

  • pposse

    i respectfully disagree. There are no ‘freak accidents’ when you are playing nba level basketball at the age of 38 and much less for 9 million a year. No player in the NBA should be getting that kind of money at that age until further notice.

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