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Derrick Rose Refuses to Change Style of Play

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

After going down with yet another devastating, season-ending knee injury, fans and media called for Derrick Rose to alter his game. The thinking being that by attacking the hoop with less reckless abandon, Rose could prolong his career.

The former NBA MVP says he won’t (and can’t) change the way he plays.

(Despite the Chicago Bulls ruling him out for the remainder of the year, the ever-defiant Rose won’t close the window on a possible return in the Playoffs.)

Per the Chicago Tribune:

“I could get hurt 10 more times — I’m never going to stop,” Rose said when asked if his knee injuries might affect the way he plays. Rose acknowledged that his style of play could have made him vulnerable to injury. “I play a unique way of playing basketball,” Rose said. “I can’t change that.” Asked about people who say the Bulls should consider moving on without him, Rose said, “You can be a fool if you want. I know I’m going to be all right. … I believe that I’m a special player.”

Rose responded to a question about the possibility of returning for the playoffs, even though he was told two weeks ago that there is virtually no chance of that. “If I’m healthy and the situation is right, I’m going to be back playing,” he said. “If I’m healthy and my meniscus is fully healed, of course I’ll be out there playing, but if it’s something totally different and the outcome is not how I would want it to be, it’s no need.”

The superstar point guard added that his recovery from this particular injury should be quicker and easier than the one he underwent last season, since it’s not another torn ACL.

For better or worse, Derrick Rose believes he will be the same player when he returns.

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  • jmm

    I hope he is. He looked good athletically speaking coming back from the ACL this year. Something about this dude makes me root for him.

  • Jerome

    He should be happy to have the opportunity to play a game for million$. It is unfortunate such a talented player has to go through this (see: Anfernee Hardaway), but you have to adjust depending on physical limitations … Rose not doing that is why we’re even having this conversation right now. Here’s to a quick physical recovery and attitude change.

  • thebossman15

    love this guys mentality, happy to hear hes not listening to what others believe he should do.

  • KingBenjamin

    I’m glad he actually addressed the injury with the media unlike last season and most importantly he wants to be back on the court as quick as he possibly can.

  • Conor

    Yes, but the rapidity of his re-injury was founded in his taxing (and selfish) style. Rose wanted to hold onto the ball, barrel vaingloriously to the basket, and prove his lingering athleticism to himself instead of developing his jumper (which would have been measurably less stressful and would have benefited the team entire). Look at what Deng is doing now. Was he incapable of this level of play before? If Chicago was in the West and Rose was the void he was in the East, they would have a significantly worse record than they presently possess.

    Remember when Thibodeau complained about a lack of calls? It was because Rose was playing like Harden does: for nothing other than contact-whistles, only the NBA could not concurrently justify more than two flopping frauds (Harden & James) without eliciting a more severe backlash.

  • Saleem Rainman

    Well then he isnt gonna go down as an all time great because he isnt gonna have the longevity in his career thats needed, if he doesnt change his style of play.

  • pposse

    you lost the world after ‘selfish’ and btw comparing Rose’s drives and or palying style to James Harden is disrespectful and just proves that you suffer from one syndrome and one syndrom only..diaraheea of the mouth

  • thebossman15

    I dont think hes selfish at all man, it may have appeared that way this year somewhat because he was forcing the issue, but if chicago is serious about trying to win a ring, d-rose had to find his groove and that meant forcing the issue early in the season to get something going, IMO.

    If he was making more of his shots i dont think people would be complaining as much, it wasnt really even detrimental to the team what he was doing, they were 6-3 when he left and were playing amazing defense and it was only a matter of time until rose started to play consistently/ get the offense going, and potentially challenge the pacers for the top spot in the east.

    I think he showed glimpses of a better jumper, he hit a bunch of 3s against denver(think it was denver) and also he relied on it quite a bit before his injury,albeit he wasn’t knocking them down at a high clip, but the confidence and the little glimpses here and there led me to believe it was going to come together for him sooner or later, because as you know it takes time for something such as an improved jumper to come along

    You are right about deng though, but its not like they have gotten better with him playing as well as he is. The difference is rose has the ability to create plays and score for himself whereas deng is usually the beneficiary of plays created by hinrich and it makes the offense predictable because hinrich isnt much of an offensive threat and teams dont have to worry about getting in position to double off their man as soon as he gets into the lane like they do when its d-rose. Your point about chicago in the east is also true but the east in comparison to the west is night and day lol, many other eastern teams wouldnt fare better in the west as well.

    IMO rose goes into the lane with a purpose, whereas Harden and james/durant just flop. Its much easier to give guys like rose/kobe/george the benefit of the call but of course thats not in the leagues bs agenda smh

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    Aren’t you a Laker fan? The guy who’s coming back from an injury and may end up playing the same selfish style of play he’s always played plays for your team…not the Bulls. This injury was a fluke accident. It wasn’t because of his style of play. He didn’t even have the ball in his hands when his knee buckled.

    A lot of words can be used to describe D-Rose’s game and style of play…selfish isn’t one of them. Either you don’t watch the Bulls play, don’t know who’s on the roster, or just felt like saying something ignorant. Look at the guys he’s played with since he got drafted…name one player who could help him create offense. Name one player who had a good enough handle of the ball to run the offense and take pressure off of Rose. There’s only one guy and he’s now playing in Denver. His name is Nate Robinson. D-Rose isn’t an idiot. He played the way he had to play to make his team as good as it can be. The ball was in his hands so much because it had to be. This is a dude who had to be forced to shoot in an NCAA Championship game by his coach…same dude who in a high school game passed to teammates who he knew were not going to be playing at the next level (much less in the NBA) instead of shooting himself. Selfish isn’t a word that can be used by any sane individual to describe Derrick Rose’s game. To your point about Luol Deng…someone has to score for the Bulls now. It’s either him or Carlos Boozer. Let’s not be stupid and act like Deng is better off without Rose and Rose was stumping his growth. Deng is pushing himself to the limit now without Rose playing because he has to.

    Also, if you don’t think D-Rose developed his jumper, you’ve been MIA since October 2010. His jumper looked better than it ever has during the preseason.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    His attitude doesn’t need to change right now. The only time his attitude should change is if he doesn’t return to being the explosive player he was. If he’s the same physically, there’s no reason for his attitude or his game to change. What needs to change, more than anything, is the squad around him so that he won’t be asked to do so much. A legit shooting guard who is better than old Rip Hamilton, Mike Dunleavy Jr., and Keith Bogans is the biggest change needed in Chicago…not the way Rose plays the game. You saying that Rose should adjust is based only on your own idea or assumption that he won’t be the same athletically when he returns. We’re all just playing the wait and see game as far as that goes.

  • Mack

    I hope he becomes a deadly three-point shooter if his athleticism starts to fall apart. Seems like a logical step to take either way, though.

  • Thugjitsui

    His overt mentality is fine…I agree. Problem is…he was not the same player this season as he was prior to the ACL injury…before he could regain his old form he got hurt again and is maybe out for another season. Sadly every day he is sidelined makes it that much more unlikely he will regain MVP status. He will…essentially…have been out of the NBA for two seasons…and is coming back on two surgically reconstructed knees…I like DRose…I am not keen on his chances to be dominant again.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    His brain may believe one thing but his body will do different.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    @pposse:disqus Long time long time… the injury was devastating. However, Zach LaVine will be your new favorite player soon.

    Also watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wdhk2y6zFg4

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    As Salamu Alaykum ikwa,

    Glad tidings


  • Conor

    If JR Smith took 20+ shots, consistently, and shot less than 39%, what would we call him? Derrick Rose should succeed in integrating with the rest of the Bulls, not vice-versa.

    I’ve watched nine Bulls games this season. Rose would continually dribble for ten to fifteen seconds and then lunge into people… that’s not how it works, unless your name is James Harden or LeBron James. If penetrating interior defences and lunging sideways into an established defender is a playing style, then both the aforementioned two and Rose most certainly enact its philosophy.

  • Conor

    I agree with everything you said other than his supposed seflessness. Rose was only injured because he went full-throttle before his body had recovered to its full capacity. He did not need to fling himself into people at full speed.

    I wanted Rose to succeed in the East the way I wish to see Rondo return to full form and dominate, but the former elected to diminish his body. His decision, and it was the wrong one. imo

    Deng can drop 30-6-6 at any point. That’s the potential of a fantastic playmaker. It isn’t like Rose turned it over less than Deng does.

  • Conor

    Yes. I never hoped for this to happen. I’m being honest. He did not need to handle everything. He could have ran the offence concurrently with Deng. It would have alleviated self-imposed stresses and made the game easier for Rose to acclimate to. I’ve watched nine games this season. Look at what just happened tonight against Miami…

    Deng was suppressed by Rose, there is no other way of explaining it. There is no reason why they could not have split offensive duties more equally than they did.

    Key word, “preseason”.

  • pposse

    so your opinion is based off of 9 games? 9 games of which they were 6-3. 9 games that were played in the beginning of the season. The guy was just trying to shed the rust as soon as possible. When James Harden leads his team to two straight #1 overall NBA records go ahead and say Rose plays like Harden until then there is zero comparison. Rose’s intent when he goes to the cup is to score not draw a foul.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    Deng isn’t a guy you give the ball to and say “Carry the offense” for any amount of time. He wasn’t suppressed by Rose. He isn’t a ballhandler. He’s not a creator. He’s a finisher. Just like the rest of the roster. That’s the main point. Catch and shoot. Catch, dribble a few times and finish. That’s who he is offensively.

  • thebossman15

    Not sure he was injured because he was going full throttle, it was the other leg that he hurt this time which happens often to players coming off an injury as big as a torn acl, and is usually due to compensation and many other factors. Rose goes into the paint hard which his style of play, coming off a year of rehabbing im sure he thought he was back to 100% and that is why he went back to playing the aggressive style that hes used too, which was one of the reasons why he was the best/most dominant pg before his injury.

    Deng is capable of dropping 25-6-6(hes only dropped 30 once in the past 6 games and that was in 3 OT) because hinrich isn’t. Rather than having deng go for 25-6-6, it is much better for rose to be going 25-6-6 and deng go 17-6-6(like he was when rose was last healthy) because at the end of the day, if Deng is your best player, you are not going anywhere, as evidenced in last years playoffs. Hinrich really only serves one purpose which is to get others involved. The fact that he is not even a third of what rose is offensively will make it so easy to defend Deng come playoff time, and it will be clear why the Bulls have been intent on trading Deng for a guy who can create for himself(because butler can play deng’s role when healthy, albeit to a lesser degree until he develops a bit more) like an Evan Turner, who is not just a threat to pass and score when the stars align(like hinrich) rather he will punish you offensively while getting teammates involved.

    Plus, just imagine how dangerous a team they could be with turner and a healthy rose..at this point the bulls are looking to increase deng’s value imo. It is only a matter of time until they pull a trade for boozer(whose minutes have been eaten up by his replacement to be, taj gibson) and deng, for turner(or someone with his style of play, and whatever they can get for boozer, in order to succeed in the long run.

  • burnt_chicken

    “We’ve been through a lot the last couple weeks. Even
    for me, I think it’s really hard to play without Derrick. I want to win
    with Derrick Rose. What Derrick represents to this city, there’s not a
    lot of players who have that. He brings a lot of hope to the city, and I
    feed off that. I feel really privileged to be able to play in that
    position, so him going down was really hard for me, hard for us,” – J. Noah.

    Now, the guy saying this is one of the most team-oriented dudes around, right? and he PLAYED in the 9 games you claim to have watched. So stop it. And realize that if someone wants to give 100% effort (rose) they are not being ‘selfish’ or ‘vainglorious’ (really, guy??) they are leading by example and giving everything they got to the team, even at risk to self. I salute him for being fearless when naysayers like you want him to play in/with fear instead.

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  • LP @ThisisEther

    u watched your 9 games, and you say that with confidence, dont you….?

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Bruh, If you think Luol Deng is an offensive option that can “split offensive duties” with Rose, you are wrong and you have obviously only watched 9 games. There is no way Deng can alleviate any offensive duties from Rose. THIS is why the BULLS havent signed him to an extension (or offering him little money). I love the guy, but offensively, he isn’t the answer. He cant get us to the next level.

    Deng can barely dribble up the court with out sending the ball into the 3rd row. AT BEST, he can 1-dribble, pull up…or hit the open shot, or come off a screen and shoot the open shot….

    THE BULLS need ROSE. HE makes everyone and the team better, even if your stats don’t say so.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    I hate when guys say “he should develop an outside shot” like the sh*t happens overnight….

    Rose has def shown improvement last year and this year, but the videogame-like improvement you guys are most likely expecting takes years and years and years for most guys. It doesn’t happen in 1 offseason (a few months)….

  • Conor

    6-3 in the East is not impressive.

    Harden is the most overrated player in the NBA, but at least he plays in the West.

    Explain to me how hogging the ball and exposing yourself to unnecessary risk is “shedding rust”.

  • Conor

    Explain to me how hogging the ball and exposing yourself to unnecessary risk when your body is not capable of enduring such taxation is good for the Chicago Bulls.

  • Conor

    I watched nine, and Rose played ten…

  • Conor

    Of course he does. But he was incapable of doing so this season because his body was incapable of enduring the rigorous taxation he besot it with. What is so goddamn difficult to understand about that?

    Deng is such an offensive liability that the Bulls – without Rose – literally reversed the result against Miami. What does that say about them?

  • pposse

    your the only one looking at 9 games and trying to build a case. My previous comment is asking you to look beyond just 9 games. Rose nor the Bulls choose the conference they play in. Besides all that Joakim Noah clearly explains how Rose makes him better.

  • pposse

    If it was easy to understand wouldn’t Rose make the adjustments?

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    What’s wild about this whole thing is Deng may not even be a Bull in two months. Rose does what’s necessary for his team to win games. Period. What really shuts this whole thing down is quotes like these after Rose went down in Portland from people who were in the locker room:

    “While the locker room in Portland itself was not as outright depressed as it was on that fateful day in April 2012, it was quiet. Players dressed without speaking while holding out hope that Rose would be all right. Some players just sat in their chairs shaking their heads in disbelief. Kirk Hinrich made a prayer sign and put his arms up to the sky before leaving. Joakim Noah sat in his chair looking as if he had just awakened from a bad dream.”

    Yeah, Rose’s style of play really holds the team back and all of his teammates know it which is why they were jubilant after he got hurt…right?

  • thebossman15

    His game was the same this season. Physically he was even more explosive which is the scary thing(that 90mph fastbreak layup vs philly comes to mind even though he got blocked). He hasn’t slowed down one bit, the only thing is that his shots werent falling early on and his feel for the game took some time to come along, but the last couple of games before his injury it was looking like the d-rose of old was back.

    He will be fine, a meniscus injury is so minute in comparison to a torn acl both physically and mentally(look at his clone russell westbrook for example, who just came off a meniscus injury and is balling like he used too) I somewhat see where you are coming from but at the same time, rose showed me really no signs that he cant come back as the best pg, besides the obvious rust.

    look at this shit..gAT-DaM


  • pposse

    serioiusly. There is no one in the NBA that has to carry the burden that Rose does. No player in the NBA even knows what its like..well there is one, Lebron may know but look where he is now. The pressure on Rose is unreal. IF Wiggins gets drafted to Toronto he will find out what its like.

  • Conor

    Completely different contexts. You’re combining emotion with execution, though the two are wildly different.

  • Conor

    Hinrich, Deng, Noah, Boozer, Gibson… and coached by Thibodeau… Rose isn’t exactly enduring what Tracy McGrady had in Detroit. Nor AI in Philly.

  • pposse

    you dont get it he carries the weight of a whole state on his shoulders, Lebron did too and we know what he did with it…plus a 250 mill dollar shoe deal to live up to thats some real pressure..only a guy like Wiggins who isnt even in the NBA carries that same burden cause im sure everyone in Canada is looking to cheer him on and expecting him to succeed..if he plays in Toronto then he will really see what that life is like