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Jared Sullinger on Celtics Tanking: ‘They Can Kiss our Butts About That’

Let’s just say that Boston Celtics forward Jared Sullinger isn’t with most fans’ desire for the team to tank away the season with such a loaded NBA Draft class on the horizon. Sullinger vows to compete for wins. Per the Boston Herald: “For those who actually think that players are part of the tanking process, Jared Sullinger has a message. The Celtics forward actually dared to talk about the playoffs following yesterday’s practice. ‘A lot of guys expect us to tank for (Jabari) Parker or (Andrew) Wiggins,’ said Sullinger of two of the projected top prospects in the 2014 NBA draft. ‘I don’t know why people keep talking about tanking. We have competitors around here. We don’t care if Jeff (Green) averages 20 or I average 8. We just want to win, and show everybody that they can kiss our butts about that tanking stuff.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    sullinger and trey burke playing video games, just because

  • @iamMrjump

    #AGE get em Sully… Lookout Rookie & Sophomore game

  • anon

    Sully learned some good lessons from his short time with KG.

  • ATL dynamite

    Meanwhile Danny Ainge is reading this news and smirking…

  • Ernie D

    Sully is a stud. Hopefully, when Rondo comes back, they can trade for a Center. Doesn’t have to be an All-Star. Just a solid big that can log 20 minutes with Faverani. Boston have too many solid players who are liabilities at Center, but who can play PF. Nobody is going to take Gerald Wallace’s horrible contract, but Humps for a rookie or 2nd year Center would be nice. At worst, they could free a roster spot for Colton Iverson to join the team. I’ll by his first meal at IHOP if they bring him back from Turkey!

  • OneStep

    Tanking rarely involves the players themselves though. Tanking is a decision taken by management/ownership when they put a team together that is not particularly talented and not likely to have a chance to win regardless of how hard they try. Effort alone is not enough to consistently win against more talented teams. There are exceptions like the Magic from a few years ago when they had the likes of Armstrong and Amaechi who just outhustled everyone every night. I don’t see Boston being able to repeat that.

  • Ugh

    This ‘players don’t tank’ talk is up there with ‘steroids don’t help with basketball’ nonsense.
    Most NBA players don’t play hard against the Raptors, or on the second night of a back-to-back, or going into or coming out of the All Star break. Most cruise on defence. Most players on bad or middling teams don’t give 100% unless it’s a contract year.
    If you think players don’t tank when the coach or owner says they’re trying to lose games you’re drinking the ESPN Kool-Aid.

  • ClydeSays

    Love the attitude, but I want a high draft pick. Finishing 7th or 8th & playing the Heat or Pacers in the 1st round won’t help the franchise much. Take a couple of weeks off Sully! Can’t be that hard, right?!

  • OneStep

    Players tank when they are given no hope of being competitive. I get that. Management puts a team together and if it’s obvious that they’re not trying to be competitive that obviously will feed down to the players. Occasionally, though, a group of players can come together like the Magic did and overcome their supposed deficiencies.
    To accuse such a large group of players of not making the effort on such a regular basis is so far off that it’s laughable and almost slanderous. Have you ever played an 82 game season? Ever played back to back games? I’ve certainly done the latter many times in my career and despite my best effort I didn’t have the same energy in the second game. What you see as a lack of effort in any given game can have any number of causes but simply not trying is not usually one of them. If you feel that way about so many players and teams I’m surprised that you even bother to follow the game.