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Jason Kidd Calls Out Nets For Lack of Effort


Jason Kidd is tired and frustrated with the Nets’ lack of effort. After losing their fourth straight game on Wednesday, Kidd called out his team for its lack of effort, according to ESPN.com:

Following the Brooklyn Nets’ embarrassing 95-78 Christmas Day loss to the Chicago Bulls, an exasperated Jason Kidd called his players out in the locker room, according to multiple league sources.

Tired and upset with a lack of effort, Kidd’s outburst came after the Nets dropped their fourth straight game, sources say. The first-year head coach said Monday after a 103-86 loss to Indiana that the Nets were becoming too comfortable with losing.

The frustration is mounting. According to league sources, after Kidd yelled at the team on Wednesday, Kevin Garnett stood up and vented his frustration before walking out to the showers. Multiple sources stressed Garnett backs Kidd and that the veteran’s frustration has been building over some of his teammates’ lack of fight after the Nets lost by 17 points for the second straight game.

Sources also said Garnett’s walking out was viewed as him being one of the few Nets to care about the team’s downward spiral. [...]

Multiple league sources told Youngmisuk that Kidd was tired and frustrated with the team’s lack of effort following their fourth straight loss. This came after Kidd said the Nets were “becoming comfortable with losing” on Monday night after another embarrassing loss, that one to the Indiana Pacers.

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  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    LOL .JJ can’t score anymore
    -Dwill takes too many jump shots.
    -PP makes too many terrible decisions
    - KG misses wide open shots.
    -Plus this is the worst team defending the three.

  • shockexchange

    The players are wearing BEATS so they can’t hear him though.

  • SirGrey

    KG is in deep depression. We’re not gonna see him ever when he retires.

  • spit hot fiyah

    which might be next week

  • spit hot fiyah


  • brothasdontsurf

    The way this team was put together reminds me of Tottenham, if any of yall watch Football

  • shockexchange


  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    How are you gonna beat the heats or pacers? Force your team to retire and shut it down.

  • TR

    This team is full of the cadavers of former all-stars/hall-of-famers…cant do anything with that. Blow it up

  • playa

    You’re right with all of your points except the first one:


  • Vince

    This Nets team has actually surpassed my expectations in terms of entertainment, their record is just a bonus.

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    He has his spurts but when they come it is all from jump shots. Defenses probably welcome his style of play because he works so hard to shoot a fadeaway. He barely get to the rim and if he does its a low percentage floater.

    He’s gotta go.

  • i_ball

    Great analogy. Except Spurs got some young players and maybe can achieve something in the future. The Nets are just futureless…

  • playa

    Now we’re talking, I agree with your analysis.

  • brothasdontsurf

    Yeah, but both teams underachieve so greatly that I couldn’t think of anything else lol

  • The Mauve Avenger

    I love numbers and stats so let me throw some out there:

    The Eastern Conference combined is:
    184/419(.439) overall
    108/213(.507) at home
    76/204(.372) on the road

    The Atlantic Division (which Nets are tied for third in) is lead at the moment by a sub .500 team in Toronto(11-15) and is undoubtedly the laughing stock of the league is:
    49/139(.352) overall
    27/71(.308) at HOME
    22/68(.323) on the road

    To give you an idea of how bad that is, the Western Conference(God’s favorite) combined is:
    237/425(.558) overall
    131/208(.630) at home
    106/217(.488) on the road

    In other words, if the Nets get their sh*t together just a tiny bit ,not even a drastic improvement, they could get into the playoffs. Not just the wild card. Numerically speaking, it’s not improbable they could lead the Atlantic Division if this trend continues. God speed you old men. God speed.

  • melvo

    That commercial is ridiculous. NBA fans are never that rowdy.

  • Caboose

    Kidd: The culture of this team is terrible!
    Everyone: Whose job is it to maintain culture?
    Kidd: Literally everybody else except me. I blame our ball boys, they don’t inspire enough hustle.

  • Ugh

    Every Net reading your plan:
    “That’s another week of my life I have to spend losing four games straight. F%$^ this, I’m tanking and going home in April.”

  • Ugh

    Yep. Blow it up. Tear it down, start again. Let’s assemble a list of teams who will trade draft picks for KG, PP, Joe Johnson, the injury prone Deron Williams:
    1) Brooklyn Nets.

    Oh, s^#&.

  • Max


  • Ugh

    I do wonder how much of this was “Oh, we have trouble with our offence, do we, coach? Let’s see what happens why I ignore your ‘game plan’…”

  • hoodsnake

    Joe Johnson ain’t going nowhere: He is owed $23 million next year. Yes you read that right…