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JR Smith Wants Iman Shumpert to Keep Playing Angry

Iman Shumpert has been honest about his anger recently, anger that he says is pointed “at everything”—presumably the fact that the Knicks have been awful, but also at the media for the way it’s portrayed the team and speculated about potential trades. Shump’s teammate JR Smith doesn’t mind the anger, and says it’s when actually Shump plays his best. Via the NY Post: “Stay angry. That’s J.R. Smith’s message to Iman Shumpert, who admitted Friday he is ‘[mad] at the world,’ then took it out on the Garden rim with a violent right-handed driving dunk against the Magic that had the arena rocking and the iron shaking. ‘That’s when Shumpert plays his best, when he plays angry and [has] a chip on his shoulder,’ Smith said. ‘That’s when he succeeds the most. He should keep playing like that. He should always play like that. He’s the guy with the most energy on the team. For him to be a defensive guy and make offensive plays like he did the last couple of games, that’s a hell of a combination.’ Shumpert scored a season-high 17 points against the Nets, draining five of seven 3-pointers. Against Orlando, he scored 10 points on 4-of-9 shooting with four defensive rebounds and created several fast break opportunities. He looks nothing like the lost soul that appeared to have quit on coach Mike Woodson in Portland two weeks ago. Indications are President Steve Mills hasn’t found a good trade for Shumpert, since the Knicks would want a significant frontcourt asset in return. The Knicks have a shooting-guard glut Woodson is slowly figuring out, spreading minutes between Shumpert, impressive rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. and Smith.”

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  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Knicks need to trade either Iman or JR smith for an up and coming point guard… Tony Wroten

  • spit hot fiyah

    stop smiling shump


    “then took it out on the Garden rim with a violent right-handed driving dunk against the Magic that had the arena rocking and the iron shaking.” change 1 letter and it could be about JR

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    that’s not funny if you are referring to “drunk”… Death reflect on death for the truth

  • bigA

    “Death reflect on death for the truth” Can anyone please tell me what that even means? We can’t make fun of tragedy now. Get out of your ass!

  • ayo

    i wish…he looks good backing up MCW and even better when he starts. feltons not getting the job done.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Death… Reflect on death for the truth…How can I get out… Bro your body is like a donut. Everything surrounds your gi tract. It’s like one big hole that goes through your body from mouth to anus. You make no sense.

  • Troop

    I’d think everyone on the Knicks is pretty angry..

    Go C’s!

  • Tobias Fernandez

    damn 41 points loss to Cs

  • robb

    Play smart JR

  • Max

    They certainly looked angry at the rim thowing all those bricks against it today.

  • danpowers


  • bigA

    My body just produced over 10 million red blood cells reading your comment and you want to tell me I don’t make sense. Bro, I am sense.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Lol why would you have a polycythemic feedback mechanism out of anger? If you want to say you became angry which lead to hypertension just say you had a sympathetic overdrive. alpha 1 and beta 1 activation leading to increased Vasoconstriction and increased cardiac output… So your Blood Pressure = CO x TPR which means that you’d have high blood pressure from both increase heart activity as well as vascular constriction.

    But come on bro relax–> OUT in the STREETS they call that (silent) murder… Hypertension

    No you are not sense. that makes no sense that statement.

  • bigA

    You thought I wanted to say I was angry? Come on man, I have been in way more intense discussions and haven’t gotten angry. That one time on Youtube… never mind. Every minute our bodies produce over 100 million red blood cells. I think every single blood cell of mine makes sense. (You said I didn’t make sense.) And about my “I am sense” statement. Well, that is just my opinion, man. I am so in love with myself, it ain’t cute. It’s just I am so thankful for being aware and having senses.
    The other day when I was walking home I saw something falling down on the street. It was a leaf. And I just thought to myself: “Damn, that was fucking awesome. Just that leaf falling down and all. Fuck, that was sweet.”
    You should try being insane like me, it’s fun.

  • bigA

    I didn’t mean to say I was angry. The human body produces over 100 million red blood cells every minute…

    And I think every single one of those makes sense. I make so much sense!

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    What does it even mean to make “sense”?

    What are your senses? Hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing, touching

    How do you MAKE SENSE? that expression has no meaning. does your statement appear truthful objectively to all the 5 different senses? is that what you are saying

  • bigA

    Those senses help me be aware of my surroundings. This in it self gives me meaning which I mean by “sense”.

    I am before everything. I am the light of consciousness. I am pure awareness.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Creative theology, but completely utter falsehood

  • bigA

    Wow, didn’t expect you to be so ignorant. What is false about anything I said?