Monday, December 30th, 2013 at 10:55 am  |  16 responses

Kevin Durant’s New Song ‘Whole Life’ (AUDIO)

As you know, OKC Thunder superstar Kevin Durant likes to rap quite a bit. Here’s his new track, “Whole Life”.

(H/T: The Smoking Section)

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  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    Better than LeBrons

  • Max

    Which still makes it pretty bad.

  • b

    kd is pretty good…

  • Jake

    There’s an old saying,”Don’t try fix a pipe if you’re an electrician.” The same should go for athletes trying to rap, or sing, or release their own clothing lines, or any other thing that they aren’t good at.

  • spit hot fiyah

    how do we know that they are not just get that dirt of their shoulder?

  • spit hot fiyah

    wrong thread, great

  • ATL dynamite

    “KD is not nice” in perfect context

  • underdog

    This sounds so bad, like it was recorded in a kitchen with a phone, not in a studio.

  • bike

    A year from now, KD is going to announce he’s not going to do rap anymore, just like he decided not to worry about FG%, like he decided to just have fun playing ball, etc.

  • brothasdontsurf

    That’s only if it affects their play. its good to see more of KD, we already have to see Lebronathan every 30 sec on tv

  • http://bit.ly/1adGLWn SirGrey

    Why can’t anyone just do what they want?
    People have crossed over to different things and have had success.
    I bet most of the people on this site had basketball as their first love and are doing something else.
    They used to doubt Kanye when he rapped, and that he should stick to producing.
    I bet you aren’t any better than Durant.

  • Shaqtasticism

    Hey, Shaq wasn’t bad…

  • initbruv

    The fact that you’re comparing this random dude to Durant in terms of rap skills says a lot. It just seems like people that are already famous think they can do everything. You ever hear Val Kilmer’s music? Yuck.

  • http://bit.ly/1adGLWn SirGrey

    I mean maybe Durant put in the study time necessary to write a rap, who knows.
    If it was a hobby of his that was a fun fact you’d probably think less of him for not being confident enough to put it up.
    It’s not like he’s on a big artist’s track making money off of hype.
    People see it their own way by judging it, but it’s obvious that he finds it fun.

  • initbruv

    That is definitely a very empathetic and fair way to look at things. I’m just one of those a**holes on the internet that likes to talk sh*t about millionaires. As such-I still think he sucks as a rapper and nobody should encourage him to share his raps with the world. But he is better at rapping than Val Kilmer is at singing:


  • http://bit.ly/1adGLWn SirGrey

    This is comedy, LOL