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Mark Jackson Calls Out the Warriors for Not Playing Hard

After getting beaten by the Phoenix Suns 106-102 on Sunday, Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson ripped into his squad, and openly questioned their desire and effort. Per CSN Bay Area: “We are not playing 48 minutes with a sense of urgency,’ Jackson said. ‘That’s the disappointing part. Right now, I would say it’s not a slow start. We’re not playing with a sense of urgency. We came in talking about being the hardest-working team because (Phoenix) plays extremely hard and they’re talented. And we did not do that. I’m disappointed and we’ve got to find answers, individually and collectively. I’m finding that the guys in suits and ties want it more than the guys in the uniforms.’ [...] ‘I absolutely agree,’ forward David Lee said. ‘We haven’t played a 48-minute game in a long time,’ forward Draymond Green said. ‘They’re putting together good game plans and we’re just not executing them right now,’ point guard Stephen Curry said. ‘It’s just coming down to doing what we discuss, what we write on that board before every game,’ center Andrew Bogut said. ‘We just haven’t been doing it for the last . . . in my opinion, it’s probably been 10 games. We just haven’t had consistent effort. In this league, you can’t play 24-minute games and win. You can get away with 30. In my opinion you need about 35 minutes of solid basketball.’ The Warriors locker-room was white-hot with frustration and discontent, as it should be after their third loss in four games and ninth in the last 14. It’s the natural response when, considering this was yet another game in which the Warriors committed at least 20 turnovers – and seventh time in eight games they allowed at least 55 points in a half. ‘We’ve been watching the same movie every night,’ Jackson said, ‘and it’s getting old.’”

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  • i_ball

    When is Iggy supposed to come back? When he starts playing again it will turn around their season

  • Harvey

    It’s time for Scalabrine to put down the clipboard and suit up for his team.

  • spit hot fiyah

    he is key for them. specially since he is their best ball handler that can run an offense after curry (who is having some big problems with turnovers) gstate has also played a very tough schedule. they have still disappointed a little. they would be out of the playoffs if it started today

  • i_ball

    I think they will be a tough low seed to play in the first round. I can’t see them getting home court after this start

  • brothasdontsurf

    Did yall watch him in the Olympics? I fell in love with his game! He sees the floor so clearly, knows how to move without the ball, and can get to whatever spot he wants on the floor. Not to mention lockdown D. I hate to compare anyone with Lebron but Iggy reminded me of a Diet Lebron

  • anon

    I love Bogut for his realness – Coach wants 48 min of hard play, and Bogut says “30 or 35 min is what you need”.

  • Saleem Rainman

    the team has been playing considerably under .500 basketball since iggy got injured…

  • Tarzan Cooper

    …..and the honeymoon is over. thats a soft team, that fact will not change.

  • LakeShow

    Bogut and Iguadala are soft? Jermaine O’Neil? Carl Landry? Maurice Speights? Meh, I don’t think so UNFROZENCAVEMAN. They got what it takes. The Thunder, Clippers, Rockets, Blazers aren’t any less “soft.”

  • Tarzan Cooper

    bogut, iggy, and jo are def not soft. but the team overall is soft. i love somepeoplecallme marreessee speights, nice addition. landry is gone dude. that team is soft.

  • fitzwilliam777

    When one person has this kind of impact on a team it’s not good. They should be able to win without Iggy too. Klay is streaky, Bogut needs to contribute more points, Curry needs to stop it with the turnovers big time. This team still has a way to go.

  • ATL dynamite

    I always thought giving away Jack was their biggest lost… leadership off the bench, finish games for you, plays hard defense (esp when Curry/ Klay aren’t good defenders), handles the ball for Curry at times. Now he’s gone, Iggy came in to take that second ball handler role, injured himself, then the whole team slumps.

  • LakeShow

    I feel what you’re saying, I just think they aren’t too soft.

    Shooting lights out is possible for these guys. Like Dirk and the Mav’s run to the chip.

  • Tarzan Cooper

    how often does that happen though?
    they are a jump shooting team. their success is fragile.

  • LakeShow

    David Lee, Iggy, Bogut, can all do things outside of shooting exceptionally well. Slashing, pick n’ roll, post up.

  • Tarzan Cooper

    true, but they cant do those things if their guards are jacking up shots early in the clock. the warriors need to make a strong effort to get bogut and lee the ball in the paint.