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Nick Young: ‘Being A Laker Changed My View of the NBA’


Few bring a style to the game as unique as Nick Young’s—both on and off the floor. While Young certainly puts his own spin on trends, he finishes many of his drives to the hoop with that same flair. The 28-year-old from Los Angeles has had a chance to play for both hometown teams, and when asked what he experienced with the upstart success of the Clippers vs the history of the Lakers, he says there is nothing that compares to wearing the purple and gold.

“The Clippers got a lot of hype with all the highlights they do. Obviously, they got a better record than us right now,” he says, “but Lakers is tradition. I grew up being a Laker fan. The city always being Lakers fans. I remember going to the Laker parades after winning Championships. It’s nothing like being a Laker. It changed my view of the NBA right now, being a Laker.”

Asked to elaborate, he says, “We’re rockstars over here [laughs]. It’s been fun, I’m enjoying it.”

The 6-6 shooting guard, known for his scoring, had an all-time great to look up to while growing up and rooting for the Lakers. “That’s the team I picked in video games growing up. I was Kobe on the court,” he says.

What is it like being on the same squad as Kobe Bryant? “It’s giving me a chance to learn…my growth, just learning from him. Seeing how serious he takes the game, and his approach to the game on the court, how he watches film so much, how he studies the game.” —Tracy Weissenberg (@basketballista)

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  • Saleem Rainman

    well, rock on swaggy p…i guess

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Sure wish it would’ve changed his shot selection.

  • LakeShow

    Give some credit man.

    He’s giving us 15ppg on 12 shots. 38% on 3 pointers.

  • fruizm

    Prove it!!

  • BlackBond

    Come on man, as a fellow Lakers fan, you gotta be trippin. Swaggy P has been a bright spot for the Lakers all season. Knows his role on the team, you can tell that as a LA kid playing for the Lakers is something he cherishes and does not take for granted.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    I know I’m just messing lol sometimes he just urks me with his shot selection.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    I know I’m just poking fun. I’m glad he’s on the team he provides a nice little spark off the bench it’s just some of his shots make me cringe.

  • BlackBond

    hahaha yea that 360 layup attempt was definitely cringe-worthy

  • rip city!

    This article really illustrates the vainness of Lakers Players and their fan base.

    “Oh snap, look at all dem movie stars in the crowd!”
    “We like rock stars in here!”
    “Dawg, Its like a video game come true!”

    Congrats Swaggy p you have arrived to a fan base that cares more about flash and fashion then Defense and Wins.

  • LakeShow

    If they are all about flash instead of winning… Why have they won more than any other franchise that hasn’t housed the 11 time Champion Bill Russell?

  • LakeShow

    You want proof that the Lakers changed his view of the NBA?
    Kind of a weird thing to ask…

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    did you even think about what you were saying when you typed that last sentence?

  • fruizm

    He plays the same way he used to play when he was with the Wizards (in my opinion). So if the Lakers changed the way he views the NBA and the game itself, why is he still playing the same way?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    he is the same player, of course he plays the same way. nobody ever turns into a different player, but HOW they go about playing they can change. And Nick Young does seem to be giving more effort, more consistently.

  • LakeShow

    Why should that change his style?

    He’s just saying other NBA franchises don’t get the same “rock-star” treatment that they do in LA. He’s just giving the organization props for treating him well I guess.

  • Ugh

    He did say he was learning from Kobe.

  • Ugh

    Well.. he’s right.
    The ‘fans’ don’t just include yourself and people who you like to admit as being fans. The fans include all those people who buy tickets to Lakers games that sell out regardless of how crap the team is, and that pump up the ratings above all other teams on TV, too, irrespective of wins. Outside America the Lakers are like Manchester United – the team for people who don’t know anything about the sport. And you can find Lakers jerseys and merch in US cities and states without an NBA team, no matter who the nearest teams actually are. These people stay true to the Lakers irrespective of wins of defence, or even much understanding of the game. They ARE the fans he’s talking about, and they keep on buying the merch, berating people who criticise the team without any justification, going to games when they can only name half the starters, etc etc. But they are the fans, nonetheless, and they are the bulk of them.

    (Also, everything said here also applies to the Knicks, but Knicks fans are even more defensive about the above lumpen fanbase being the reality of the situation.)

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    How many times have the Lakers missed the playoffs in the last 30 years? I understand, it’s confusing that a team in Los Angeles has the ability to sell out when they are mediocre, how those fans in that tiny city full of rich people with nothing to do look like all they care about is cool dunks. But in reality, the team has never been terrible, and they surely haven’t been bad consistently enough to have the type of ripple effect that damages attendance. Or wait, did the lakers 320 game sell out streak end this season…..? http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2013/11/the-los-angeles-lakers-320-game-home-sellout-streak-ended/ ……Nevermind. They must love all the mediocre play and cool dunks, nothing has changed right? You people aren’t just talking out of your ass…right?

  • Shooting Guard


  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    That’s exactly what I was talking about lol when he did I was like “NOOOOOOOO….f*ck” lol

  • Ugh

    Did you actually read anything I wrote?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Yes….do you understand the context you wrote it under?

    The assertion was that the fan base, in general, cares more about flash than winning.
    Have you ever talked to a Lakers can?

    Do any of them brag to you about how cool Kobe Bryant dunks or how flashy nick young’s fadeaway is? Or is all you hear about revolved around how good they are and how often they win?

  • Link

    When he was with the Wizards he was a chucker who played no defense. Now he’s taking good shots, his FG % is up, his 3P FG % is up, and he’s actually trying on defense. This is his best season since 2010, his second highest PPG avg(ignoring his starts), all while playing 10 mins less than his best scoring years where he avg’d 17 and 16ppg in 31 min per game as a starter.

  • ColeWorldNoBlanket

    Lame joke asshole

  • Drig


    I was gonna write a long winded post about how most indifferent fans have a better idea about Lakers’ success rather than the flash of the players.

    Most people associate themselves with the Lakers either because they’re from LA, they support Kobe/Shaq/Magic/West/KAJ or because they want to be associated with someone successful.

    Lakers have over the years managed to marry Success and Flashy better than any sports team in America. THAT is why they’re loved everywhere.