Monday, December 9th, 2013 at 5:00 pm  |  12 responses

Toronto Raptors Waive DJ Augustin

The Raptors continue to make roster moves — having confirmed the blockbuster Rudy Gay trade, the team announced that guard DJ Augustin has been waived. From the press release: “Augustin was signed by the club as a free agent July 22. Augustin appeared in 10 games, averaging 2.1 points, 1.0 assists and 8.2 minutes. The roster now stands at 14.”

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  • aндрій базилевич

    whoever gets him. your welcome.

  • Lloyd

    Masai making moves!

  • TTN

    I liked Augstin in Texas, I think he was one of the guys that came out to early and that may have impacted his career. If he can’t make it with a top tier team (Indiana) or a bottom tier team (toronto, charlotte) he may need to try to resurrect his career overseas like gearld green. D-league is no place for him, he is just going to average 25 and come back to the NBA and sit someone’s bench and be in the same spot next year once they waive him.

  • Cameron

    Good pick up for the Celtics

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Masai Ujiri is cleaning house As far as DJ Augustin goes he had a nice rookie year in 2008 with Charlotte but his career has been a joke every since this is the end of his career

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Man I believed in Augustin ….. ive never been more wrong about a player, him and derrick Williams

  • Marvin

    they’re already guard heavy with Crawford, Bradley, Courtney & Marshon, & Rondo could be back within the next month. i like DJ, but he wouldn’t fit in

  • Me that’s who

    That’s true, the key for all players is fit. A lot of guys got talent in the NBA and D-leagues its just about what the coaching staff wants to work with. Case in point Mike James when he played for Toronto had some good years averaged 20 one year and went off and signed a free agent contract and he haven’t been the same since he even fell out of the league until he got back on with Dallas last year.

  • Me that’s who

    Williams is is a good example of coming out to early. He spends to much time to trying wear different shoes for the sneakerheads to look cool instead of playing and working on developing his Jump shot. He was jumping and dunking all over kids at AU and gets to the NBA and realizes the last man on the bench does that to he needs more to his game. Before he ends up like Augstin.

  • The Fury

    Pretty solid back-up point guard, a lot of teams could use him.

  • MikeBrownLegend

    Ever since watching him join the Bulls, I’ve believed in Augustin too! Thanks for cutting him, Raptors!
    ~ Sincerely, ALL Bulls fans :-)

  • LP @ThisisEther

    I was watching the game just now, gaining hope in augustin… ..he could be a very good backup for rose