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Celtics Trade Courtney Lee to Grizzlies for Jerryd Bayless


by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni


Boston and Memphis have reached an agreement on a minor trade — going to Beantown is Jerryd Bayless; off to the Grizzlies is Courtney Lee.

It’s a largely financial move on the Celtics’ part, as the deal gives them additional flexibility on their books.

Bayless has an expiring $3.1 million deal. Lee’s departure will clear nearly $11 million remaining on his contract, which has two seasons left after this one.

The Grizz can soften the blow by using their $7.5 million exception from trading Rudy Gay last year.

Per the Boston Globe:

The NBA’s luxury-tax line this season is $71.748 million, and the Celtics, with 14 signed players, are just under it, paying out roughly $71.2 million in salaries.

If this deal goes through as expected, the Celtics will move even further under the tax line.

Lee, who was averaging 7.4 points per game over 16.8 minutes per game this season, was not in uniform nor was he on the bench when the Celtics faced the Oklahoma City Thunder here Sunday.

Both Courtney Lee and Jerryd Bayless said goodbye to their respective fan bases in Boston and Memphis on Sunday night.

In addition to his contract, Lee struggled this season and eventually lost his spot in the starting lineup. Bayless, meanwhile, basically guaranteed his exit from Memphis by exercising his player option last summer (shooting just 37% from the field also didn’t help.)

The deal is expected to be finalized today.

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  • andrew

    so basically the same, although i like lee better than bayless

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Great move for the Grizzlies. Out of high school i thought Bayless would have a better career than rose. He never got the same love as the other guards in his class because he was on the west coast.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    because in Arizona he saw nothing close to that level of competition. He wasn’t ranked as high, because he shouldn’t have been.

  • Ernie D

    Courtney was a bust last season for Boston, so it was clear that they would try and move his contract. Bayless gets his limited minutes at best. Maybe they send him to D league with Rondo and MarShon Brooks. That could be a fun team to watch actually. C’s get to at least take a look at Bayless and see if he fits at all in to their plans

  • TR

    Bayless just got overrated from the get go…players from his year were from the west coast and ended up having pretty solid careers.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    But he preformed well against elite comp in natl events and aau circuit. The blazers never really tried to develop or feature bayless

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Overrated. Nah he was overlooked. He never really had a team invest and assist in his development.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    he performed well in a couple of games. but he never dominated everyone, or stood out like ….Derrick Rose did. It just wasn’t close. And it was obvious.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Rose wasn’t dominant mean street was. He was uber athletic no shot in hi school. If anything Beasley was being hyped as next best thing

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    “or stood out like ….Derrick Rose did”

    - Rose stood out. He didn’t dominate. But he stood out. It was clear that he was a better pro prospect. From a scouting standpoint.

  • Anthony

    Tough for Lee, this his 3rd or 4th team…becoming a real journeyman…a real renter instead of a home buyer in the off season

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    ….. the Celtics have no backup PG….Jerryd Bayless is not getting sent to the D-League anytime this season.

  • brothasdontsurf

    Jerryd Bayless: Thrift Store version of Monta Ellis

  • Max

    Bayless had some good games in the playoffs last year.

  • TR

    But would investing in him have returned an all-star caliber guy? I dont know about that

  • spit hot fiyah

    5th. orl, nj, hou, bos, mem

  • Markus437

    If only Courtney Lee made that lay up in the 2009 finals, his career might have been completely different

  • Mike Gilbert

    once this contract is up, he’ll be able to stick around somewhere on a more reasonable one

  • Kap

    I’m trying to join basketball twitter. Whats you guys follow name?

  • LAguneroFan

    To solidify your point, Bayless made an all star game on one of my 2k squads in hall of fame mode…

  • Lonely

    Yr giving thrift stores a bad name…lol. Oh Courtney, if one could go back in time and catch that layup inbounds pass… sigh
    Dennis Scott 2.0

  • brothasdontsurf

    So they could delay that inevitable beating? Kobe would have just dropped 10-20 extra points on him the next game.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    So two reject mediocre players get traded for one another nothing to see here

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    simulations. maybe in a different world in some other dimension bayless is the face of adidas and residing in chitown

  • TriggaMan

    When rondo comes back, are they going to keep Crawford as a 1 or a2?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    he’ll move back over to the 2 in terms of lineups. but they will probably give him more ball control responsibility then he had before they knew he could handle it.

  • the_unknown

    I think about that layup everytime he gets traded lol

  • Elizabeth Randy


    ✸✸✸✸ ✸✸✸✸ᛦ✸ ✸✸✸✸✸✸ ✸✸✸He never got the same love as the other guards in his class because he was on the west coast.

  • RipCity

    jerryd bayless is a decent backup pg

  • RipCity

    he’s had over 20 mpg nearly every year of his career. He’s had plenty of chances

  • Nathan Shane Long

    And a BUST don’t forget that

  • RipCity

    eh. he was an 11th overall pick, I have a hard time calling anyone after the #5 pick a bust, you’re usually taking projects and guys with serious flaws after #10 unless it is an exceptionally strong draft. That was a really weird draft though. Mareese Speights, Roy Hibbert, Javale McGee, JJ Hickson, Serge Ibaka, Nikola Pekovic, Nicolas Batum, DeAndre Jordan, Mario Chalmers and Omer Asik were all taken after pick #15. Definitely a contender for strongest back half/second round of any draft IMO.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    If you are a lottery pick then you are a BUST it’s that simple as he was he should have stayed at Arizona tho

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    He needs a system to highlight him.

  • Truffle


  • Will Lee

    nick anderson of this era

  • i_ball

    Define a bust? You can’t have 14 new players coming in every year and becoming borderline all stars or even solid players – 240 minutes available per game and not a lot of players that play solid minutes retire every year

  • Ugh

    So.. I guess LeBron James is a bust then. (You really are stupid.)