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Dwight Howard Was Once ‘Promised’ He Was Being Traded to the Brooklyn Nets


The “Dwightmare” is now over, so we hate to bring up old, painful news, but this is pretty interesting—while the seven-time All-Star was trying to figure out his future back in 2012, Howard claims he was “promised” that he was headed to Brooklyn. As we now know, Orlando’s deal with the Nets fell apart, and the rest is history. Via BasketballInsiders.com

In the summer of 2012, reports emerged that Howard requested a trade from the Magic. Unlike midseason when he didn’t know what would happen, Howard believed his next move was clear.

“I thought the Brooklyn thing was going to come through at the end of the season,” Howard said of a potential trade to the Nets. “It was something that was promised, but it didn’t happen. Once it didn’t happen I figured everything happens for a reason. I just let it go. I was upset for a while, but I just let it go.”

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  • Russell J

    Who freakin cares I hate this guy whatta loser

  • JML-G

    his chances of getting title sure ass hell would be bigger in BK than in H-Town…

  • spit hot fiyah

    are we sure about that?

  • Max


  • JJ Jones

    Lets be real dwight has no idea what the he’ll he wants. This idiot opted in with the magic by his own free will and then has the balls to complain?

  • JJ Jones

    U and me both

  • dannyb

    NONONONONONO SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP. You haven’t talked about this in two months Dwight! Let it go and just play some damn ball!!!

  • Ugh

    Well, someone keep sticking the mic in his face and Slam keeps reposting it. Makes more sense to take it up with them than with him.

  • 604ricy

    God I miss old school big men…. Seriously they are extinct…

  • D_B

    so is old school ball

  • Lloyd

    Seeing that you clicked on this article, apparently you care.