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Gerald Wallace Calls Season With Celtics ‘a Slap in the Face’

There are only three certainities in life: death, taxes, and an unhappy Gerald Wallace. The Boston Herald has the latest complaints from the veteran Celtics forward:

This isn’t a pleasant segue into the latter years of a career already in its 13th season. He’s 31, and his body feels like 40. He’s probably stuck here with an untradeable contract. He keeps speaking out, trying to lead. Then comes another night when someone doesn’t attack a loose ball or rotate on defense.

“You’re sitting, only playing 17 or 18 minutes a game,” Wallace said. “You’re watching, you know you can still play, and you watch guys in front of you who don’t play with effort, don’t respect the game and don’t think team first. It kind of frustrates you and (ticks) you off. You have to deal with it.”

“This season is a slap in the face, having to change my game and fine-tune it,” he said. “First of all, it has to come mentally. You accept your situation, but there’s two sides to your brain. One side is fighting the other side because of the predicament you’re in. You feel you can still perform at the level you always have, but at the same time, you’re doubting yourself.”

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  • shockexchange

    Yeah, because Gerald Wallace was tearing up the L prior to being traded to Boston.

  • playa

    Boston’s general manager message: Hey Gerald! http://imgur.com/a/69Rkn#19

  • Anthony

    Its called “AGING” G-Dub…In your mind you can still do the things you did at 23, 24…but your body just isn’t responding. You sir, may have just slipped past your NBA apex….

  • the rain

    Boston is tanking on purpose. Everyone knows that. Wallace has been good. Danny Ainge is going to try to get some new blood, but who knows if that’ll pan out, or if injury will strike whatever rooks they get.

  • spottieottiedopaliscious

    Remember last year? From Slam: “Gerald Wallace doesn’t know his role on
    the Nets” “Gerald Wallace Has Lost All Confidence in His Shooting”
    “Deron Williams Tells Gerald Wallace to Stop Talking About His Broken

    Now it’s “Gerald Wallace Says the Celtics are Being
    Selfish and Lazy” “Gerald Wallace Blasts Celtics Again” “Gerald Wallace
    Calls Season With Celtics a Slap in the Face”.

    He’s talking about himself like he’s some sort of maestro. He’s a headache is what he is.

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    Runner up for the MCP award, after Hasheem Thabeet the Human Avatar who’s in a perpetual state of being unplugged for the first time.

  • TTN

    True, after him and Jacks days with the bobcats when it started….

  • spit hot fiyah

    gerald murphy! what did the five fingers say to the face?!

  • brothasdontsurf

    Before he started his career, I am sure that scouts told him he would have to develop a shot before his athleticism wore off within 10 seasons. It’s his fault he is in this situation.

    Look at Serge Ibaka, he went from a 3 feet and in type shooter to leading the league in mid-range shooting this season. All within 5 seasons or so.

  • John Rances

    Gerald just has to understand that he is no longer the player he used to be and stop whining. He is really portraying himself as a cancer in the locker room right now.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Well aren’t you a grumpy, old man.

  • Lloyd

    I can understand the frustration of being a veteran in the twilight years of his career being on a squad in full tank mode, but he’s not doing himself any favours. First time publicly complaining, you can call it misguided attempt at leadership. Second time, you’re kind of wary about it. Third time, he’s just full out alienating himself from his teammates and lower his value. I don’t see any team picking him up based on his talent alone, but this outspoken selfish rants are hurting those already slim chances.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Gerald Wallace now probably regrets abusing his body and “CRASHING” on a nightly basis for mediocre irrelevant Bobcats teams throughout the mid-late 2000′s he did get rewarded with an all-star selection in 2010 and he was a “star” player in Charlotte before that he was buried on the Kings bench getting no playing team behind Peja Stojakovic and the Kings did not care about his development but at this point in his career Gerald needs to just shut up and collect those paychecks

  • bike

    One side of Gerald’s brain: “Well we lost again but let’s go out and get a beer, whataayasay?”
    Other side of Gerald’s brain: “Go fu*k yourself. Life sucks. I suck. My team sucks. I hate me”.

  • The Fury

    If you play at least 25 mins early in the season and takes only 1 or 2 shots the whole game, you’re the one who’s not working hard. Keep playing like you’re supposed to, have to earn it. 31 is not THAT old yet, keep on working on your game. I love to play basketball so much, even I’m already 35 I’m still working on my game! Don’t lose the love of the game, stop complaining and prove that you still got it.

  • Ugh

    And one day you’ll probably regret crashing the party with your always idiotic comments, but at this point in your career you need to just shut up.

  • Ugh

    Seriously? Taking more than one shot per ten minutes is the only way you know how to interpret hard work on the court?

  • Woodwick

    Just wish GW could keep it all to himself so that he might be tradable.