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LaMarcus Aldridge Wants to Re-Sign With Portland

Portland Trail Blazers star forward LaMarcus Aldridge is singing a vastly different tune this season. Last year, he was miserable as the team missed the Playoffs, and he pushed management to either get him help, or trade him away.

Now, he’s leading one of the NBA’s best squads, and with a year remaining on his deal (paying him $16 million next season), the 28-year old Aldridge is prepared to start discussing a long-term contract extension. Per the Portland Tribune:

Aldridge expressed his thoughts to general manager Neil Olshey, who had decided he wanted to build a foundation around Aldridge and Rookie of the Year point guard Damian Lillard.

“Neil and I talked all summer,” Aldridge says now. “I was unhappy with what happened last season. He said, ‘I know you want to win now. We’re not going to rebuild. We’re going to bring in some guys to win now.’ We went back and forth. He said, ‘Let me bring in some guys to help you.’ And that’s what happened.”

“This team is good,” he says. “We can get better. This summer, we can reassess what we have and add things we need. If not this year, in the next couple of years, this team can win a championship.”

For the first time, Aldridge is thinking he’d like to sit down with Olshey and negotiate a contract extension.

“I would like to re-sign here,” he says. “If they want to talk about it, I would talk about it. They haven’t yet, but I’m looking forward to the chance to do that.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    winning cures a lot of problems

  • ATL dynamite

    On contrary if they become 2013-14 Grizzs next year the fiasco would start all over again

  • danpowers

    i wish this guy and the blazers just the best. aldridge seems to be a very professional guy and after all that franchise went through with bowie, the jailblazers and recent injury catastrophies it would be nice to see them fine for a while.

  • AlbertBarr

    Lillard will likely only get better. SO probably not the same as the Grizz situation.

  • Paul Headley

    This post is actually unrelated to Aldridge, just wondering if you or one of the Slam regulars would know the answer. What’s the record for the highest PER posted by a player who DIDN’T make the all-star game? I noticed DMC is currently sporting a beastly 27.21, but because of other issues (team success, attitude etc.) probably won’t be there. That has to be close to an all-time record, right?

  • danpowers

    i got no idea, but i guess last year curry with a 21,9 per mustve been pretty close.
    if youre looking for high per numbers you may do research on big men snubs as per overvalues rebounds. has to be a big i guess. i just dont think that DMC will actually get snubbed.

  • Paul Headley

    I hope he doesn’t. But some great players are going to get snubbed this year. I honestly think either Davis (26.49) or DMC will get passed over for Ibaka/Howard. Durant/griffin/howard are locks, and so is Love provided the T-wolves can stay above .500

  • Paul Headley

    Sh*t I forgot about Aldridge himself lol….

  • Paul Headley
  • Armando

    Nah… Don’t think Ibaka’ll make it. The pecking order of bigs in the west for the ASG is something like this: Griffin, Howard (popularity), Aldridge, Love, Davis, Nowitzki, Duncan, Cousins, Ibaka, Randolph, Lee… The four first will make the game – Griffin and Howard win the popularity contest. Aldridge is a fringe MVP candidate so the coaches mos def will select him. Love is a lock as well. Davis will get the nod over the rest i think(the game being in NO and all), although a case could be made for all of these except perhaps Randolph and Lee, whom I’d be very surprised to see make it.