Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 10:50 am  |  30 responses

Rockets GM Complains About James Harden and Dwight Howard All-Star Snubs

Daryl Morely, the Houston Rockets general manager, took to Twitter on Thursday night to whine about Dwight Howard and James Harden not garnering enough fan votes to start in next month’s NBA All-Star Game. Morey thinks the voting process is flawed:

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  • jmm

    Daryl – No. One. Cares.

  • Jeremy de Sa

    Why didn’t the Houston fans vote for their guys? The other cities did. Is it possible that James Harden and Dwight are not as popular as Daryl thinks?

  • Jay Brodes

    harden will start since mamba said he will not play..as per howard he is not better than any of the starting front court players..yeah i said it! real talk!

  • i_ball

    “NBA all star voting process set up well for Iowa high school girls basketball. Offense only & only guards and forwards.”

    How is Harden an all star if defense matters?

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Cosign. James “The Pylon” Harden.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Well yea, it’s flawed when Kobe plays like 6 games and is an All-Star starter. But I don’t know why Morey is crying, it’s not like Harden and Dwight will be left out of the ASG. They’re just not starters.

  • i_ball

    If Kobe, Paul and Westbrook were healthy Harden was getting snubbed. It will be interesting to see if he manages to get to the line in a game without defense

  • JJ Jones

    Well lets see james harden is the greatest flopper have ever played this game and Dwight well I’m not going to get into that. Hes a clown and ill leave it at that.

  • shockexchange

    For those players who think they were snubbed, they should take it out on opponents during the second half of the season. That the Shock Exchange’s opinion, for what it’s worth.

  • Saleem Rainman

    Exactly like Steph Curry did last year.

  • Braxton P Hartnabrig

    Lamarcus Alridge is the only player that got snubbed this year.

  • Cortez Mack

    Quit yer b!t@chin’!

    The fans do not like Howard and, apparently, Harden (who happens to be one of those offense only guards this goof speaks of).

  • Dfrance

    Wall should be starting over Kyrie.

  • RunNGun

    Every year people get snubbed. Harden should be starting over KB24.

  • DJ_BobbyPeru

    Who cares, Mr. Morey. Its a popularity contest. I stopped watching the allstar game years ago.

  • bike

    If the comments on this site about Dwight and Harden are reflective of the voting population as a whole, neither one of these guys deserves to start. Harden’s approval rating has fallen pecipitously over the last year.

  • spit hot fiyah

    he is joking. right?

  • shockexchange

    Agreed. However, who starts is more of a popularity contest. Now if Wall had not gotten selected then that would have been a snub.

  • robb

    isn’t flopping a way of playing defense these days? He’s good

  • robb


  • Mack

    Kevin Love’s numbers have been outrageous. His team has less talent than the Blazers so obviously their record isn’t as impressive but you can’t tell me Love doesn’t deserve it as much (if not more) as Aldridge, who’s going to be named an All-Star either way… James Harden should be starting over Kobe but since he’s been injured all year I hope Kobe can put his ego aside and let Harden slide in nicely. Not holding my breath for that, though haha

  • Lloyd

    No way Kobe will do that. It’s a complete insult to the fans who voted him in if he can play and chooses to give up his spot. Most likely he’ll start and play verrrry limited minutes if he’s able to play at all.

    Only time I could agree with a starter voluntarily giving up a spot was VC for Jordan. That was more a respect for the GOAT move and VC was apprehensive for the reason I mentioned above. Who’s James Harden? haha

  • b

    very true.

  • Adam Contreras

    LMAO is this guy for real? Does he knows that the All Stars games goes by fans votes & NOT by the NBA organization? Not only both Harden & Howard didn’t have enough votes, but also they don’t have “enough fans” compare to Kobe,KD,Iggy,CP3,Griffin & Curry. The reason why Howard was in the All Star Western starters in the last season, is because LA is bigger city & has higher population then Houston. Not only that, is a fact that Howard lost fans from Florida & California. That’s WHY he came up short!

    And also the Houston Rockets organization needs to leave Kobe alone & plus we don’t want to see the floppers unlike the Houston Rockets.

  • sim888

    Daryl Moron.

  • house

    I have one thing to say… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • The Seed

    Harden is not popular and Dwight has not gotten back to the Orlando Magic level. The funny thing is, Dwight does not get as much low post touches still that he needs, and was complaining about. Lil Daryl, you should go talk to your coach and express to the greate Kevin Mchale they need to work on post moves with Dwight and tell the Rockets team to dump the ball in the post. The sad thing is if they do, Dwight will not do anything with it, except a running hook. If his career continues like this, he will not be in the Hall of Fame, which to me is correct. Great choice Dwight, no pressure, but now no fans, no starting all star team and no rings the rest of your career. I can’t wait to hear Dwight’s Charles Barkley voice on why he didn’t make the All Star team. Also I just don’t like Harden, something about him, just makes you want to turn from watching him play. Him and CP3 are about the same now, flopping, jumping into people, and etc.

  • Michael

    Neither one of them was snubbed, Kevin love is clearly having a better season than Dwight. And both curry and Cp3 deserve to start over harden who isn’t even having that great of a season.

  • JJ Jones

    James harden is the epitome of a manufactured superstar. Metra world peace was right to knock his flopping a** out (ok not really but still)

  • grgeblck

    There’s still people caring about All-stars since they changed to fans voting system?