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Struggling Kevin Garnett Lacks Rhythm and Confidence

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Garnett is in the winter of his legendary NBA career, and the future Hall of Famer isn’t having very much fun or success on the court. The 37-year old KG admits that his confidence is at an all-time low. Per Newsday:

Engulfed in what he views as the most frustrating season of his career, Garnett admitted he has little offensive flow at the moment and his mojo is gone.

“The most frustrating thing about me is I could see if I wasn’t hitting shots and I wasn’t in here working or taking —- days off,” Garnett said Wednesday before the Nets flew to Oklahoma City to meet the Thunder tonight. “I put time into my craft for it to come out, but then that’s rhythm on offense. And I don’t have that right now.”

“Honestly, I have no rhythm,” Garnett said. “I’m trying to establish some confidence and figure this whole where I fit into the offense thing. Right now I’m just not even a priority.”

Garnett’s struggles and frustrations are a microcosm of the Nets’ failures in a season rife with disappointment and frustrations. He’s as confused as anyone with their situation.

“It’s because of just what we had and you look at the roster and what we have on paper,” Garnett said. “Just where we’re at. Nobody likes to lose. I’m not a loser. But I show up every day and I try to be a professional and give everything I have. You put Father Time on top of that, it doesn’t help anything else … It’s just a frustrating time. But you know what? I’ve been through some harder times than this. I have a lot confidence that I’ll come out of this and we’ll come out of this with some decency.”

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  • robb

    just like the rest of the team

  • julez.jd

    I guess those Beats by Dre aren’t helping

  • Saleem Rainman

    time to hang it up.

  • spit hot fiyah

    father time just added one to the win column

  • Jay Cutler

    This is at least the second time Ticket has diplomatically hinted that J Kidd doesn’t have a plan.

  • Jay Cutler

    “I’m the man I’m the man I’m the maaaan”

  • brothasdontsurf

    Karma for acting like a diva once he got to Boston.

  • playa

    RETIRE man,dont make things even worse….

  • RealC’sFan

    A diva? By diva do you mean changing the defensive mindset of an entire organization? Bringing back pride and emotion to a historical franchise? You sir clearly know nothing about what KG did for the celtics and the city of Boston, he changed the culture during his tenure in the city.

  • brothasdontsurf

    Like loyalty? Buntu?
    How he threw Shuttlesworth under the bus, how the Celtics just tossed him AND Paul Pierce to the DIVISION RIVAL Nets? Some of KG’s actions had an effect, but alot of it was for show.

    I loved him in Minnesota, but you Celtics fans only had Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker to be excited about for years so I can see how you overhype him. He only had 2 meaningful seasons in Boston.

  • Isaaq Attack

    KG needs a little talk with Piccolo