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What JR Smith Learned From Benching: ‘Don’t Goof Around, I Guess’


Naturally, the press was curious what JR Smith learned from the whole shoelace fiasco, which ended with the guard getting benched for an entire game. So Smith was asked about it, and he said he has to be more serious, more professional. Per ESPN New York:

So what did J.R. Smith learn from this whole shoelace fiasco? 

“Don’t goof around, I guess. Be serious. Be a professional. And just don’t take this opportunity here you have for granted,” he said. “There’s a lot of people in this world that want our jobs. You can’t take it for granted. It can be taken away just that fast.” 

Smith returned to the court Saturday for the New York Knicks in Philly after being benched one game (and one quarter) for his shoelace antics. 

He made an immediate impact against the 76ers, scoring 11 points, handing out four assists and grabbing two rebounds in the second quarter. 

[...] The latest instance was the shoelace stunt that cost him a $50,000 fine and led to his benching Thursday. 

“It’s the worst feeling in the world,” Smith said of getting benched. 

(H/T: EOB)

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  • spit hot fiyah

    hard to make a judgement if u don’t have audio, but i’m not really sure that came from the heart

  • JibbsIsBallin

    Man i feel bag for this guy in the sense that he just doesn’t get it. He’s getting attention for all the wrong reasons. Like some dumbass in high school that doing stupid shiznit is cool.

  • new york tricks

    I think he does get it. Hes still getting paid and getting in the game. And he loves the attention, be it good or bad.

  • DJ_BobbyPeru

    He truly does have allstar-level talent and athleticism. The one thing that is holding him back is that thing between his ears.

  • Dfrance

    Whew! JR had finally grown up!

  • Jake

    Woody said ” If you wanna act like a child, I’ll treat you like a child.” He’s a perfect example of someone with no guidance being handed millions of dollars. He hangs out with loose women and tries to live the rap star life. If you’re a basketball player, try treating it like YOUR JOB. You wouldn’t go around untying Bill Gate’s shoes if you worked for him.