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Kevin Durant Sides With Marcus Smart in Fan Shoving Incident

After shoving a verbally abusive (and possibly racist) Texas Tech fan on Saturday, Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart was suspended for three games. Both Kevin Durant and Metta World Peace put their support behind the kid on Sunday. Per the Oklahoman:

“I just put it like this,” Durant said. “If you wouldn’t say that if we were walking down the street, then you should keep that to yourself.”

“I played in that place my one year at Texas, and those fans say some crazy stuff to you,” Durant said. “But he’s a (19)-year-old kid, heat of the moment. It’s easy for you guys to judge him because you’ve never been in that situation, but I’m sure he regrets it, made a mistake and I’m sure he’ll learn from it.”

Durant even went as far as to say, “I’m not sure I would have reacted any different.”

“At 19 years old, when I came out of St. John’s, I was fresh out the hood, fresh out of Queensbridge,” World Peace said. “So my mentality was still a struggle, defensive and things like that. So I wasn’t really conscious.

“But I’m 34 years old now. (Smart’s) a young kid. I wish I would have listened when I was a kid, to my elders or to people who had my best interest at heart. And then I wish I would have been more conscious at my age. Those are two things that if you were to reach out to a kid like Marcus, a talented kid, a future leader in the community, you would tell him those things.”

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  • Jay Cutler

    Wow. Eloquent statesman Metta.

  • RyanDeahn

    Could not agree more. When you have multiple reports from players over the years saying they experienced similar incidents from the exact same guy its a really sad situation. Smart is a 19 year old kid still developing his mind to become an adult and to have an experience like this happen is the type of thing that will cause lasting hatred for years to come which all stemmed from a racist grown man. Pushing him was wrong overall, but the provocation was the real shame.

  • JJ Jones

    Fans really need to stop thinking that they can do whatever the hell they want just because they “paid” for their ticket. Its wrong not to say what Marcus did was right but instigating the whole incident makes u a bigger piece of s*it

  • bike

    The douche bag fan reportedly has apologized via social media. If douche bag fan would write a formal letter publicly admitting his mistake, advise fans to refrain from acting like douche bags, and formally apologize to Marcus; that might go a long way to eliminating some of the douche baggery in sports.

  • Fat Lever

    Just because you paid for a ticket, it doesn’t give you the right to make racist, ignorant statements to whomever you want to. I hate that argument, especially when it comes from an “adult”.

    This is not about first amendment rights, this is about acting like a socially responsible human being in a social setting. It’s about acting like an adult, especially when there are kids around, and carrying yourself appropriately.

    Didn’t mean to get too deep, but I really can’t stand people who think because they paid money to attend something, it gives them free reign to act like a f’ing buffoon.

  • Dfrance

    Glad they caught him before his meds wore off. lol

  • fruizm

    Im pretty sure that less than 50% of people involved in the media have never played a sport or have never played a competitive game. You cant control your feelings sometimes. Ive insulted so many refs during games and I always regret it the next day, but during the moment sometimes you cant control yourself.

  • robb

    one of the things that bother me the most is the fact that these “fans” are grown men in their 50′s going against 19 year old kids. F*cking cowards, attacking teenagers hiding behind others on the stands.

  • LouisVuittonDon

    i dont even like this dude, but if i were him bruh…some of these fans are trifling


  • spit hot fiyah

    douche bag fan should also self impose a 3 game suspension on himself