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Luol Deng Likely To Leave Cavaliers In Free Agency


With the season spiraling out of control in Cleveland, there is reportedly “little-to-no chance” that unrestricted free-agent to-be Luol Deng will remain a Cav after this season, according to ESPN.com:

The general toxicity in the air around this team — where rumblings of player discontent with Mike Brown are getting louder by the day — makes you wonder if they have any hope of re-signing newly acquired (and shell-shocked) Luol Deng in free agency.

That’s right: What was supposed to be a season exciting enough to make LeBron James think seriously about leaving Miami to come back to the Cavs has descended into such farce that sources close to the situation are already saying that there’s little-to-no chance Deng will agree to stay once he hits free agency.

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  • social sniper

    u deserve better than cleveland lu. we still love u in the chi homie

  • melvo

    He probably won’t come back to the Bulls, but I think he deserves to be on a contender.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i think we can use a stronger word than likely here

  • i_ball

    Does being on this Cavs team hurt his value?

  • Harvey

    Make it happen Mitch.

  • Max Forstag

    Trade him to GS with Waiters and Thompson for Barnes and David Lee. Get the malcontents and under-achievers off the team and pair Kyrie with people who actually complement his game. I love Luol’s game and thought he’d help us turn it around, but unfortunately we’ve got too many selfish players and Mike Brown kamikazing our development. Wish he’d stick around, but the writing is on the wall. Better move him and get something in return.

  • johnny_nostrils

    They’re better off without him.

  • TeddyRoos

    Well there’s some stunning news. Rats usually do leave a sinking ship. Seriously though if given a choice who would choose to stay with this train wreck. Players without other options that’s who. But let’s keep Mike Clown around. He’ll turn this around.

  • Free Money

    He deserves better than Chicago who doesn’t care about a future with him and will trade him in a heart beat for a couple second round picks

  • bill

    Couldn’t get past that 1st ridiculous statement…why not trade them to Houston for Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin, or Indiana for Lance Stephenson and David West, or….anyone got any other ridiculous trade scenarios only benefitting the Cavs while trying to sound like you should be taken seriously?

  • JJ Jones

    Mike brown should be on the unemployment list right now

  • Max Forstag


    I didn’t break the story, Bill. You don’t think the Warriors would benefit from having Luol Deng on their squad or having a guy off the bench who can create his own shot?

    You or anyone can say it until you’re blue in the face, but Harrison Barnes has in no way been a better player than Dion Waiters and David Lee is well-known to be one of the league’s worst defensive big men, not something Marc Jackson is gonna be content with when he’s getting scorched by LaMarcus Aldridge/Blake Griffin/Tim Duncan in the playoffs. It’s an even trade for both sides, it’s a lot better for the W’s if they’d get Thompson as well.

  • Redd

    Was for money genius

  • LT


  • johnny_nostrils

    It’s not a knock on Deng. The Cavs would just be better off playing players they will still have moving forward.

  • notoner

    More like, he’s better without them, amirite?

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Why wouldn’t Deng leave the wasteland known as Cleveland

  • Martha John


    ▊▊▊ ▊▊▊ㆵ ▊▊▊︧ ▊▊▊ ▊▊▊anyone got any other ridiculous trade scenarios only benefitting the Cavs while trying to sound like you should be taken seriously?

  • melvo

    What? Trade scenarios? Who said anything about a trade? Nothing in your comment makes any sense. He’s a free agent in the Summer. You just completely fell on your face while attempting to sound smart.

  • melvo

    He’d been with the Bulls for 10 years, you can’t say we didn’t care about him. It was just time for the team and Lu to start looking to go in a different direction.

  • Butternuts

    Cavs shouldve just drafted barnes with the 4th pick instead of waiters.

    Their awful drafting has got them where they are, and they deserve to be there.

  • BIG ED

    Can’t blame Luol leaving circus known as Cavs

  • Max Forstag

    How about it? Another person who just loves to hate on the Cavs! You’re an original!

    Check the stats, Harrison Barnes is in no way better than Dion Waiters. If the Cavs should’ve drafted anyone in place of Waiters, it was Andre Drummond. Rewind in your time machine in the weeks leading up to the 2012 draft, and everyone and their grandmother was labeling Drummond a ‘huge potential bust,’ and that Barnes ‘couldn’t create his own shot.’ The Cavs wanted a guy who could create his own shot, and that’s something Waiters can do. They didn’t forecast him and Kyrie butting heads and playing selfish ball. Hindsight is 20/20, but don’t pretend like you knew any better.

    The Waiters pick therefore precipitated the Bennett selection instead of Olapido, which you would undoubtedly point to as another example of bad drafting. Contrary to what’s convenient, however, neither Oladipo, nor any other rookie from the ’13 class is taking the NBA by storm. Perhaps you could make the argument for MCW, but again, with Kyrie already at point and having signed Jarrett Jack, the Cavs weren’t gonna draft another point guard.

    Again, hindsight is 20/20, but surprise! Bennett gets minutes, and he starts playing better. The problem with the Cavs doesn’t lie with the talent they have, it’s got everything to do with awful chemistry and an inept head coach who reaped any credibility he once had from LeBron James.

  • house

    Please stop posting with that rubbish, or at least make a coherent post without it. Either works.