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Players React to NBA’s Offer

Another depressing #tweetcap.

This past Saturday night, the NBA owners and players’ union met for many hours, and instead of any exciting progress resulting from the talks, all we learned was that the League put down a “take-it-or-leave-it” type of offer, with the “leave it” option most likely leading to a lost season. Sigh. In the subsequent hours, a bunch of NBAers hit Twitter with their thoughts, most of which emit emotions that range from frustrated to downright sad. As you can see, OKC big man Nazr Mohammed brings the heat with another long rant, while Suns swingman Jared Dudley puts in work by answering a variety of fan questions. Roll through the gallery above for the full #tweetcap.

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    I’m getting more and more depressed about the whole saga that everyone is enduring. Let’s finish the deal and play some ball !

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    “we can’t eat” reminded me of Latrell.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    DWill is right.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    How can Nazr Mohammed be more knowledgeable and forthcoming about the meetings than the writers whose job is it to cover the lockout?

  • C-Note

    Jared Dudley needs grammar lessons.

  • http://SportsCipher.com Jaamal Braithwaite

    The lockout is depressing to me. What makes it worst is that the lockout is starting to mirror society. Just like in the bank bailout, and whats happening on Wall Street. The wealthy corporations and CEO’s are mismanaging their businesses. And, they expect others to make up their losses. It’s not about how much money these players make, they are still entitled to getting a fair deal. The NBA is intent on not having that happen. I do not like where this country is going.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    One this that frustrates me is this “we are the faces and talent of the NBA”. Yes, this is true, but players are never going to lose money playing in the NBA, they can only earn. Owners are always at risk of losing money if they can’t draw fans. Also, without the owners, there IS no NBA. I’m not saying the owners are perfect, but the players need to realise that being able to put a ball through a hoop is nothing without a league that will pay as well as the NBA to see it. Also, Nazr’s whining about not being able to go to teams in the luxury tax is just highlighting the fact that small-market teams are screwed in the current system because nobody would want to go there. These people hating on Jordan… don’t they realise that it’s his same competitiveness that makes him want this deal? He doesn’t feel like he’s on an equal playing field right now and wants to bring about a system where a franchise like Charlotte could win a championship without having to pour in huge luxury tax dollars like Cuban does. Is that so wrong? MJ always was, and remains, a man trying to win a championship, he is just trying to create a system where he’s able to. These players man have got to realise that they are pushing the owners too far, and that ultimately, the owners can live without the NBA, but the players cannot. So frustrated with all of this bs and posturing from both sides, if the system was fine a week ago when they were supposed to be shaking hands, and they were just arguing over money, then they only have themselves to blame if the new offer has a different system. I’m not trying to hate on the players for greed, but I guess just for stupidity. Millionaire problems “we gotta eat”, smdh…


    Second @ JTaylor21

  • jayb

    hate to be captain obvious but without kobe, bron and wade..throw in melo, drose and a few others…the nba is the d-league!!! period..if kobe does go to italy you can kiss the season goodbye…most crappy teams bank on a laker sell out for the one game a year that dormat franchise makes money..miami and bulls included…i think those are the owners that are willing to sit out the season! just my take..facts are facts..period!

  • http://Bulls.com HarryTwatter

    Wow Klay Thompson the rookie made a good point with a quote….. too bad he never played a single minute so as of now he’s just a fan like me.

  • http://Bulls.com HarryTwatter

    Wow Klay Thompson the rookie made a good point with a quote….. too bad he never played a single minute so as of now he’s just a fan like me. And Naz Mo ALWAYS MAKES THE BEST POINTS!!!!

  • http://Bulls.com HarryTwatter


  • Cash rules Cream get the Money

    The players playing is what we want to see. Until they figure this out, someone should take each teams top 8-10 players (keep them together), use the same configuration of the NBA, get some the best retired coaches that you can get, get the best refs, rent some venues, get jerseys that say I’m Locked Out they won’t Let Me In!, stream it on the net and play ball.

    Seriously, if someone with investment dollars were to take the NBA teams as a whole and take them to an overseas market for a year, we could see the games on TV. Bring the venue workers too. Take as much of the operation as possible and then televise the games. Move it offshore to an affordable market for a season. 2 things will happen. The owners would want to get their business back and most players would want to get back to the comforts of their own home.

  • http://wikipedia.org Eddie1

    RT@Marshon2: We can’t eat [5 bags of heroin and 120,000 dollars worth of filet mignon per day], smh

  • Nguyen-Luan

    As an owner, MJ said back in 1999 is true now in that he’s trying make Charlotte profitable. Agree thet he trying make team competitive too.One more thing,only Owners and Players known what’s been going on.

  • Nguyen-Luan

    I mean that. Sorry about the typo.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    MJ the GM and Owner is a f*cking joke. Don’t let the competitive drive he had as a player fool you, dude doesn’t have a clue of what it takes to run a successful franchise. If he thinks that destroying the current system and implementing what is basically a hard salary cap is going to attract top-notch free-agents to Charlotte, he’s out of his damn mind.

  • L

    I love how cold Dwill is..L

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    MJ is a hypocrite.

  • http://sheridanhoops.com/2011/11/06/tweet-of-the-day-nazr-mohammed/ IAMORANGE4EVER

    MJ is trying to force players to come to his sorry a/ss team.

  • arjae828

    Lot of Marshon bashing. People aren’t realizing that he’s a rookie. He’s being paid on the rookie scale and probably hasn’t seen a dime of money yet, if he’s signed his contract at all. He’s probably NOT eating.

  • arjae828

    Interesting how Jordan has become such a villain. My question is: who’s going to want to play for the Bobcats now? The players won’t forget. I’m sure plenty of the players on his team have some choice words for him. How is he ever going to build a contender? It’s similar to what we see with the Suns and their owner. Why he can never get players anymore. Same thing with the Clippers. Difference is, Suns have Nash and guys will def go there to play with him. He gets guys paid (see: richardson, quentin & johnson, joe). The Suns also have a renowned training staff (see: o’neal, shaquille & hill, grant). Even the Clippers have a few redeeming qualities. Big market and Sterling will spend to win. What do MJ and the Bobcats have? No one is going to play for him. Not exactly shrewd business tactics.

  • manu

    marshon brooks, welcome to the real world…rookie contracts min is still 500,000 so stfu

  • arjae828

    @ manu … he isn’t getting paid if he’s locked out and he doesn’t make the money back either. So he’s making less than $500,000. as of right now, he’s making nothing.. get a clue man.

  • Riggs

    Nazr for NBAPA president.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    No rookies are getting paid.
    How can people be so ignorant of basic facts? And still have such strident opinions?

  • JoeMaMa

    People act like it’s a horrible thing for these players to get paid big money. They’re an essential part of a multi billion dollar business. The fact that these guys are getting paid big money doesn’t mean that they should just let a 10% drop in their income happen. Yes, they’re still millionaires, but they need a fair cut of a business that relies upon their heart, hustle, and talent. To take such a big cut would break the union’s strength and future bargaining position, and severely undermine the efforts of other players’ unions in the other major sports. The owners need the NBA as much as the players. The owners, like the players, would take a tremendous financial hit if the NBA dissolved. The players would go overseas, and the owners would manage other businesses, but let’s be real: everyone loses if it ever came to that (which it won’t. This will get done sooner or later. Likely later.) Lastly: quit complaining about players’ salaries; those that do show how envious they are of these guys.

  • B-More Mike

    WOW MJ!!! This won’t tarnish your image as a player but as a front office executive? Good luck getting guys 2 play 4 U. No one will forget this. The reason it hurts 2 the players is they still admire Jordan for his on the court exploits, but I guarantee that’s all changed now. Still rockin J’s though.

  • bigmike100

    wat did jordan say?… and i thought it was a 50/50 split so how r owners tryna get over?

  • http://t.co/ulnwjShF Allenp

    It’s not a 50/50 split. First, they are only splitting BRI. The owners received about $500 million last year that wasn’t included in BRI. They would continue to receive that revenue.
    Second, click on my name for the concessions the owners are demanding to get to the 50/50 split.
    And what they are proposing if the players don’t agree by Wednesday, which includes the players giving back money from their current deals.

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    arjae828 and B-more are absolutly right! i never thought of that, MJ being part owner of the Bobcats will have troubles motivating his players. i dont know about u but i lost SOOOOOO much respect for #23

  • Justin

    You guys who have lost so much respect for MJ are idiots. What’s he supposed to do? Take the players’ side as an owner. Continue to lose money because he used to be a player? Give me a break! And once the owners get their deal (and make no mistake about it, the owners are going to get pretty much everything they want) you think the players will just single him out because of it all? Sometimes they simply won’t have a choice. These players have shown they’re all about the money and if Charlotte has the most money left under the cap you can be sure that a majority of the players will take it. OMG, you mean players will have to work their asses off to get better, make the less talented players around them better, and actually build a team instead of trying to create “super teams”? What a noble concept!

  • arjae828

    @ Justin
    1. Name calling? Really dude? Is that supposed to make us see things from your perspective?
    2. Charlotte shouldn’t have a team! The fans don’t come out to support. There’s not a real profit to be had there. That’s the players fault? Same with New Orleans, Minnesota and Milwaukee. That’s why the Hornets left. Even when the hornets were respectable (Zoe and Johnson) they weren’t tops amongst teams as far as attendance, or merchandising. The owners of the Bobcats wanted this team in Charlotte and a large reason Jordan joined was to KEEP the team in Charlotte. Why wring the players dry to cover ignorant business moves by owners? It’s not like there aren’t markets deserving (Seattle anyone? Vancouver??) That’s one of the fundamental flaws in the owners argument. They need protection from THEMSELVES? These are the savviest business minds in America. Oil Tycoons, Billionaires…they need protection from themselves when negotiating the NBA?? is it that much different than any other multi-billion dollar business? Please. Scared of paying a guy too much? Stop hiring retired players as GMs. How are they qualified to negotiate with agents? You want to hire a player? Make them talent scouts (unless it’s MJ). The owners want more money and that’s all this is about.

  • arjae828

    3. Since when are you entitled to make money? Name me another business where you’re guaranteed to make money? How is it the players fault that the owners can’t make a profit? It’s not as if the players’ salaries are so high that the owners can’t pay the player and turn a profit. The teams with the highest salaries turn a profit. Business savvy, which these owners should have in spades, is what is causing them to lose money. If you don’t have a prime location, move to one. That’s rocket science?
    3. Completely agree that players should have to work to earn their big pay days and work throughout to keep the money. But, how does taking away from ALL the players ensure this? Kobe is worth more than he owns, so is LeBron, Dwight Wade etc… The owners aren’t talking about rewarding guys that earn or MORE THAN earn their keep. One thing to have a rollback of salaries but if players meet or exceed those expectations, shouldn’t that rolled back money be used as incentive? The players are at fault to a degree for getting their big pay days and then coasting. But you show me one player who got paid and gave up and I’ll show you two who got their pay day and continued to bust their ass to get better. Owners should shoulder a majority of the blame. They’re not taking responsibility for their actions.

  • arjae828

    pardon the counting faux pas & the soliloquy … i’m just saying…

  • sam

    arjae828′s first 3 is a great point.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    People are content with the idea that workers should work while owners cash in and do whatever the hell they want. That’s just great.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    (like Justin, for instance).