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36. Jason Richardson

With summer dragging on and on and on before the NBA tips off, we’ve decided to initiate a multipart series that will be the definitive look at the best players in the NBA today. Over the next month or so we’ll run down the 50 guys that we think are the 50 best players, right here, right now.

Today, Atma Brother #1 and Fantasy Junkie take a look at Jason Richardson

With summer dragging on and on and on before the NBA tips off, we’ve decided to initiate a multipart series that will be the definitive look at the best players in the NBA today.

Over lunch at the Outback Steakhouse (word to Steve Irwin), your crack SLAMonline.com staff sat down and ranked the 50 best players in the NBA today. We realize that’s kind of ambiguous, but that’s how basketball is and that’s how we like it. Basically, though, we tried to list the 50 guys we think have the most value to their teams, right now, at this moment. This doesn’t mean they’ll never be traded, and it doesn’t mean they’re due tremendous contract extensions, but it does mean — since value is king in the NBA — that over the next month or so we’ll run down the 50 guys that we think are the 50 best players, right here, right now.

Before long it’ll be time for our annual NBA team previews. Right now it’s time for some law and order…

36. Jason Richardson

By Atma Brother #1 and Fantasy Junkie of Golden State of Mind

You all have been sleeping on Jason Richardson aka JRich. No apology necessary.

When JRich came into the league everyone thought he was just another freakishly athletic 2 guard who couldn’t hit a jumper. No apology necessary.

You probably didn’t realize that JRich and Michael Jordan are the only players to win the Slam Dunk in back-to-back years. No apology necessary.

You probably didn’t realize that JRich is one of only 5 players in NBA history to improve their scoring average in each of their first four seasons in the league. No apology necessary.

When JRich had a 7 game stretch last season where he dropped 35, 25, 27, 36, 42, 27, 44 points in a row, he didn’t get any hype on Sportscenter. No apology necessary.

You probably didn’t realize that JRich was having so many phenomenal games last season on a hobbled knee and ankle. No apology necessary.

Last season, when the Warriors were eliminated from playoff contention for the 12th straight year, you probably missed the hustle, heart, and respect JRich brought to this lottery-bound squad. No apology necessary.

No really, no apology necessary.

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  • Myung

    Probably the first write up that I didn’t necessarily like… the “no apology necessary” got a little old after the first time. BUT…I dig Jason Richardson. I loved him at Michigan State, I loved him when he played against the Dream Team (he played on the college select squad and dropped 20 first half points against the likes of Vince, Payton, and Kidd), and continue to admire him as a pro. I don’t know if people have really slept on Jason Richardson though. I think anyone who follows hoops knows just how gifted a player he is. On top of that, he’s not exactly a no-name, considering he won back to back Slam Dunk titles and a Rookie Game MVP. He’s put up solid numbers for a down-trodden franchise. It would’ve been nice to see Gilbert stay in the Bay and form a sick backcourt with Jason, but we all know how that turned out. One last thing: that off the glass between the legs dunk he threw down in LA (when he lost to Fred Jones) was possibly the best dunk I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  • Simmy Sosa

    J Rich shoots 69 percent from the free throw line for his career. Apology IS necessary!!!

  • rob stewart

    This pick is right on point. J-Rich is often forgotten. Hope he sees the playoffs soon.

  • AMAC#34

    Jason is one of the players I love watchin the most. He always plays hard and the man’s got skills. Plus you never hear anything bad about my main man J-Rich

  • Jamison

    J-Rich is the man. Most media coverage involving the Warriors over the last couple of years concerned Dunleavy’s funny faces, Baron Davis getting very brief (and unwarranted) buzz for MVP talk early last season, and Ron Artest rumors. I’m not a Warriors fan, but I’m a big J-Rich fan. It’s great to see him getting recognition from SLAM. Considering how valuable (and underrated) he is to the Warriors, I could even see him going a little higher on the list.

    That reminds me, I hope we don’t see any more Knicks or Bobcats.

  • Gilbert0

    I love J-Rich, yes his free throw shooting sucks for a guard, (and hurt my fantasy team last year) but he is a very talented scorer, plays with a lot of heart and rebounds and passes the ball as well. I cant quite believe that he isnt in the top 30, but the ranking system has been debated ad nauseaum. And I am with Myung, that write up kinda sucked. Good to have Myung back in form as well, missed the posts, was worried the haters put him off.

  • Shiz

    That was deep…
    I like JRich’s game. But I wouldn’t get too amped about those numbers. Loosing squad + injury prone all-star pg + stiff as a board Lil’ Dun = more opportunity for JRich.

    Good player though. No argument with the placement.

  • Shiz

    Definitely gets props for the And 1 move on Carlos Boozer a couple years back in the rookie/soph game.

  • Richie

    Actually, the ‘no apology necessary’ made a lot of sense after i read the article from the link about the team apology add. Check it out. J-Rich is nice, but that 69% FT teamed with BD’s poor FT%’s dont add up in clutch situations when FTs make or break you.

  • Boing Dynasty

    True, and he actually made the shot too.
    Although i can’t believe that only 5 players ever increased thier scoring averages in thier first 4 years, it seems like like most players increase in scoring in thier first years. but if that stat is true look for 6,7,8,9 (Bron, Melo, Bosh, Wade) to goin that list this year, thier 4th.

  • scott

    Jason Richardson too high apology from slam is needed for that one. Jason Richardson never has made the postseason and half of the league makes it every year. In basketball one individual can affect his team winning or losing more then football, baseball, or any team sport. Richardson reminds me of Marbury nice stats but no real substance. Still waiting to see Tayshaun Prince, Caron Butler, and Emeka Okafor as the list progresses I’m afraid we won’t be seeing these players.

  • scott

    If value is king in today’s NBA according to slam. I believe the Warriors (well maybe not Mullin is a horrible GM) would trade Richardson straight up for any of the already mentioned players Boris Diaw, Chris Kaman, Josh Smith, Josh Howard, or Andrew Bogut. These players should have been ranked much higher.

  • http://mygirlfriendiscrazy.com Carlos

    Scott, what are you talking about? andrew bogut should not be ranked higher than JR. Thats absurd. You must be a bucks fan or high off the good stuff. Anyways your trading argument makes lil sense. im sure the 76ers would trade AI for gilbert arenas straight up because gil is a lot younger but nonetheless Ai has accomplished a lot more to this point and is possibly the most popular nba player of the last decade.


    scott.. are you ever going to agree on anything posted reagarding this list? Holy cow man! You are either 12 or know nothing about the NBA.

    Your list:

    50. Livingston
    1. Livingston

    Just clone him 50 times and we have the perfect list right?

  • http://mygirlfriendiscrazy.com Carlos

    with richardson geting picked here i wonder if slam excluded players like caron butler, brevin knight(im sure hes out now), al harrington, mike james…i mean come on how do you put bogut, darko and rooks over these peeps

  • http://mygirlfriendiscrazy.com Carlos

    PS OKafor should not be on this list

  • scott

    Carlos but the whole list is based off of value. Plus I think Bogut does have more value then Richardson. Bogut is a legit big man they are not easy to find in this day and age in the nba. Bogut will put up 16 and 9 this year and that would help the Warriors get closer to the playoffs more then Richardson would. Also, who cares what AI has done for the past decade it is about 06-07. What does popularity have to do with where you are ranked? That is like saying well Grant Hill or Penny were great in the late 90′s their still playing so they should be top 50. Which is just plain dumb. At this point in their careers Arenas should be ranked higher then AI. The sixers would be fools to not trade Iverson for Arenas straight up.

  • scott

    OKNARB nice post but I just want to get the debate going. Everybody saying how great Richardson or Terry or whoever is stale and boring. Actually a Celtic fan and only expecting to see Pierce make the list.

  • Myung

    OKNARB, seeeing that I’m a 12 year old fan of this site, I’m offended by your comment. :)

  • Howard

    someone should block Myung’s computer access from the school library

  • Myung

    Seeing that I was just joking about being 12 years old but judging by your constant immature jabs at me, Howard, I wonder which of us is really 12 (I’m 28 actually). Grow up, dude. If you have nothing better to do than keep calling me out every time I post a comment, I can’t help but feel sorry for you.

  • Bryant Reeves

    J-Rich is one of the most entertaining players in the league and could have made this list just based on that. One of the only flaws in his game is his terrible assit:turnover ratio (1.42) – Mugsy Bogues he ain’t.
    The real question with this guy is if he has peaked yet, or if he’ll continue to develop his outside shot and defense… If he can ever crack a 40% 3pt% for a season he might become a true scoring machine. With Nelson’s run and gun philisophy, J-Rich might even crack the 25ppg mark this season

  • Bryant Reeves

    I’m with you Myung. I’m tired of reading people’s comments that have nothing to with basketball and only bash other posters.


    LoL.. sorry myung.. no offense. You are very insightful for a 12 year old, if that makes you feel better.

    I guess scott is really 11teen then. Oh, and has a schoolboy crush on Livingston.

  • Darren

    Jason Richardson is definitely one of the most talented yet underestimated in the NBA.

    For whatever it’s worth, the “No apology necessary” bit just did not work. It took away from the effectiveness of the article, but hey, no apology necessary.

  • buzzerbeater

    What in the world is our friend Scott talking about? I basically disagree with everything he had to say, I’m sure many of you will agree with me. Making the playoffs isn’t as simple as having one superstar player that has “substance.” Maybe Scott needs to watch some games before posting, and see how many teams with one all-star player in the Western Conference doesn’t make it to the postseason each year (hint:it’s a team game). Making the JRich Starbury comparison makes me sick, I don’t see any similarity between the two, I’m sorry. I can see why Tayshaun Prince can crack the top 30 list, but Caron Butler and Emeka Okafor ranking higher than JRich?? This isn’t March Madness buddy, we’re talking NBA. I have absolutely no idea where Scott is getting his information from.

  • Shiz

    Yeah I wasn’t gonna get into the whole “no apology necessary” thing either, cuz really I only have snide and snarky comments for it (most revolving around the fact that no one apologizes to perennial celler dwellers…but, thats neither here nor there).

    And here’s hoping Caron Butler either never makes the list (him always being a THIRD option and all) or makes it tomorrow, because I dont know if Im gonna be able to hold off on this guy any longer…

    Why is Brevin Knight name even mentioned here? IF he’s here then Felton’s here and I KNOW Ray-Ray is better (and more valuable)than Bug. Plus Brevin’s little brother is a bitch so…okay there’s a personal bias, but lets not take this too far…

    And since Im on my soapbox and there’s not enough rotten fruit to go around, lets try not to jerk each other (no homo) over age. It just makes everyone look like we’re just kids in a sandbox…And Myung’s the kid with the bucket shaped like a castle with matching yellow pale…:D

  • pretty girl

    According to the intro for this piece, players are being assessed by their value to their prospective teams. So while this isn’t a popularity contest, putting butts in the seats at the arena is included in that “value.” I sure as hell wouldn’t trade JR for Bogut. He may become a legit big man in a couple years, but if you actually believe he is right now, then you clearly didn’t have him or his inconsistent numbers on your fantasy squad last year. Even if he somehow did manage to avg 16-9 this year, take away JR’s 23-5 and not to mention his heart as the leader of the team, and the W’s are worse off than before. Plus, fans won’t filling the arena to see Andrew Bogut. Trust me. Oh, but the ft shooting is awful, i won’t deny that.

  • Shiz

    Maybe he’s gettin it from them Espin clowns…
    Juuuust kidding…thats the new insult. “Yeah?! Ya momma watches ESPN for all her sporting news!”

  • Myung

    Shiz, I only wish I had one of those buckets. And my pale doesn’t match it either. Keep your funny comments coming, brother. Take care.

  • http://slamonline.com Justin H

    Now We’re gettin some where
    Back2Back Dunk contest Champ,
    Great shooter,
    Who can Steal the Ball.

  • Shiz

    Check out Pretty Girl! Throwing in Market Value to an already jumbled equation!! Good call! Can we get a ruling on this…Anyone? Lang?…Sam aka Young Ruby?…is Market Value involved in the rankings?…helloooo.

  • pretty girl

    I forgot to comment on the Marbury comparison cause that’s an absolute joke. Yes, Marbury’s got numbers, but as far as i’m concerned, the man’s got no heart. On any of the teams he’s been on, was he EVER considered the heart and soul of the team? He could’ve been a perennial all-star and playoff participant with KG in Minny, but he wanted out cause he wasn’t the man. When he got traded from Phoenix, he slammed his teammates. Now he’s in his hometown NY and all he’s done is complain and look sour with his sorry team. Throughout all the losing seasons, JR’s been a class act. Never complained, worked hard and improved every year, played through injuries and given bay area fans a reason to watch the W’s.

  • http://slamonline.com Justin H



    (Did I Spell That Right)

  • albie1kenobi

    just because JRich is stuck on a team that has a clueless ownership and coaches that didn’t know how to utilize him doesn’t mean he isn’t an awesome player. he reminded me a little of Mitch Richmond when King was sucking majorly. bogut may do well on a warrior squad simply because there’s zero legitimate big man (save for diogu, who GSW hopes to develop into some sort of low post presence). and in the new NBA era, with emphasis placed more on the wing players than legitimate big men, there’s simply no way that bogut has more value than JRich. it’s true that he still hasn’t been to the playoff, but that argument about one player making all the difference is bull. when the management, coaching, nor supporting cast are right, there’s really nothing you can do even if you bust your ass 110% every night. prime example? the Big Ticket himself, KG. (which is a big OUCH for me, as he’s my fav player)
    the 69 FT% is atrocious, but I feel that it’s more of the losing culture that contributes to it. I’m betting that things’ gonna change for real this time. (hope is all warriors fans have)


    The memory of him AND 1ing Carlos Boozer in the rookie vs. sophmore game and Boozer bitching about it will always come to my mind when I think of him. Being a ride or die tarheel, I really enjoyed that. I hope him and and my dude Baron Davis can get it together and shake up that Western Conference a little.

  • buzzerbeater

    Thank you pretty girl.

  • albie1kenobi

    while i was writing my previous comment, about 10 comments were dropped. nice stuff. actually i want to thank scott for giving us something to argue about. it’s boring when everyone agrees on the same thing. that’s why kobe and TO (i mean the dude who allergedly just attempted suicide, not Toronto. but that is fun to talk about too) are awesome.
    as for the JRich/Gil tandem, that woulda been badass if it actually did happen. but from what I remember, it had to do with Gil being a 2nd round pick and thus couldn’t get the pay raise that he deserve (some salary rules, i believe), so he bolted GSW and got his shine in the capital. anyone knows if this is true for real?

  • albie1kenobi

    i’ve been away for a few days and i missed out on the starbury massive discussion last friday so I just want to throw my 2 cents on him. (not literally, that’d be messed up) he left the perfect situation in ‘Sota (as KG calls it) with a big man that can step out to the high post and is the perfect complement to a scoring guard with his versatility. i haven’t watched steph played in a while but I don’t think he purposely not care about winning. most of the time you have to be in a good situation to do well and succeed. the system sometimes makes or breaks you. just ask diaw.

  • Shiz

    Sorry to burst a bubble (okay not really)but Steph WAS the heart and sole of that Phx team that took the Spurs 7 games and had me runnin outta the bars like a crazy person. Amare was the engine, but ya know Amare bitched about bein the man too!

    But noone ever hears that, cuz their too busy ridin Steph’s short and curlies.

    Anybody ever wonder why KG’s so adamant about staying in Minny..even though he’s gotta know that his Playoff window is closing?? I know I do.

    And in each of these situations Steph’s pretty much stayed quiet until he’s gone.. a MAJOR difference when dealing with dudes like K-Mart demanding a trade at halftime. Sure he may not be a Terrell Brandon but he’s not a Terrell Owens either.

    No heart?! Thats just not fair. Not when you got Keith Van Federline on ya squad and your biggest big man…aint.

    And its not his fault that Larry Brown is stuck in the frickin past and that Zeke makes assinine personnel moves or that they got all these terrible contracts from has-been’s and never-did’s.

    In the scheme of things a guy like JRich has NO WHERE NEAR the amount of pressure on them as Steph.

    Especially when Larry criticizes everything right down to the way Steph tied his shoes… “he’s gotta tie em the right way or else”…and doesn’t know how to sub effectively anymore.

    I mean how many double doubles in a paint oriented scheme does a nigguh have to get? How many “no comments” does he have to drop before people get off his case?

    No. I starkly refuse to think that people hate Steph this much. We hardly even saw the Knicks this year, and any griping was done by Larry and only Larry.

    Some of you just jump on a bandwagon and get comfy…If so-an-so is one of the least liked dudes in the league than its cool to call him heartless? What kinda shit is that?! Cuz NOBODY was talkin that shit when Steph and Amare had San Anton sweatin and Steph was hittin game winners like Parker was a benchwarmer.

    Get off this man’s dick, fa real. No heart… the only bright spots for the knicks were Steph and Frye…how dare you!! (see, new movie Employee of the Month)

  • Shiz

    …we now continue with our regularly scheduled Top 50 comment section…

  • Jackie D

    Shouldn’t Chris Webber be on this list… ??

  • mwuhaha

    Scoop? Is.that.you? Please.don’t.touch.that.keyboard.again. No.apology.necessary.

  • G and D

    whoa… some of u guys definitely need to lighten up. and in case u haven’t noticed, we’re already into the “superstars only” rankings, so some of you better realize that u may have to wait for next year for your favorites to make it. look at this: nash, shaq, lebron, wade, melo, pierce, ai, dirk, t-robot, b wallace, kobe, e brand, j o’neal, c paul, ray allen, k garnett, s marion and gilbert arenas makes 18. then there’s: d howard, ginobli, t-mac, vince, j kidd, r wallace, j johnson, k hinrich, yao, p gasol, r artest, m redd and chris bosh to get up to 31. who else to compete for the last 4? how about: amare, b bowen, s battier and a kirilenko? and hey, i left out t prince, who i hope makes it. the point is: all these guys, with the exception of maybe battier and bowen, regularly dominate games- and this is we’re at with the list now. also: the spelling of iguodala was correct, if that was a serious question; but i think it’s time for some of you all to look up the difference between “pale” and “pail”

  • Myung

    G and D must stand for “grammar” and “dictionary.” Just playing. You caught me red handed. I was just following Shiz’s spelling of “Pale.” Haha. Sorry. Good call. I’ll trie two spel gooder nex tyme. But I liked your post, G and D. Good words.

  • NZ Baller

    Anyone have a link to this ‘And1′ move on the Booze?

  • http://www.goldenstwarriors.com Pawnograffiti

    Too Quote Oscar Wilde!

    A Critic knows the price of everything and the Value of nothing.

    For all the haters out there saying his never made the postseason or he ain’t a allstar then the Warriors would be a much more sinking ship in the Pacific Ocean if it wasn’t for the homeboi from Saginaw Michigan.

    Hey for the dudes who actually work for the magazine. Sam and Lang…. get Jrich up on the cover.But you’d have to drop the SLAM logo onb the bottom half of the magazine (unorthodox i know) but Jrich stands and rises hieghts over any value and he should be recognized for his ability to constantly lift his game.

  • Shiz

    NZ: Its proly on Youtube. Its not all that fantastic (like J-wills physics defying pass off the elbow…which I STILL cant do very well, the ball just kinda caromes off my elbow and does its own thing). He just dribbles the ball off boozers head, steps back and cans the 3. It just made it hilarious because it was like an All-star joint and Booze got SUPAtight about it.

    Myung: You’ve become unofficial embassador of the Links comment section. (Dont worry about that grassy knoll…I gotcha back) You handle twerps with a grace and….a certain…I-dont-know-what…but I must say that my appreciation and patience for nitpicking posters “pales” in comparison.

    LOL!! Ya Get it!?! I said pale instead of pail! Oh, IM CRAZY!!LMMFAO!!Oh, my stomach hurts! (okay deep breath)…. whoo….i need to be locked up…

  • Matt

    as Boing Dynasty almost pointed out…the “JRich is one of only 5 players in NBA history to improve their scoring average in each of their first four seasons in the league” stat is definitely wrong. I can name 5 others off the top of my head – Karl Malone, Alex English, Pip, Kemp, McHale, and I’m sure there’s plenty others. I think you meant first 5 seasons, and all the guys I just mentioned still qualify.

  • Matt

    you can add garnett and drexler to that list…so that claim was way off

  • Brad Warne

    Props to the guy from San Fran quoting Oscar Wilde!

  • Aaron

    Great athlete and scorer but he doesn’t really do anything else. If anything, he hasn’t ever lived up to his potential. His ball handling and supposed passing ability have not improved and he isn’t good on the defensive side of the ball.

  • albie1kenobi

    i remember that boozer head shot, as i like to call it. it was near the end of the soph/frosh game, JRich had the ball on the top right wing behind the 3 point line, bounced the ball off boozer’s head, caught it and drained the 3. much like what you’d see on an And1 mixtape. i remember the commentators were shocked and said it was disrepectful or something like that. at the time i kinda thought the same way, but it was so hilarious i couldn’t stop laughing anyway.
    i suspect booze got his knocked too hard and that’s why he backstabbed a blind guy and left cleveland. well at least there’s karma.


    Wow.. i’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this joker scott has lost his marbles or bases his opinions from video games. His posts have had this touch or la-la land since the start.

  • Noah Doucette

    I really hope sheed and tay make it.
    sheed simply cause he has the tude and the flavor and tay cause hees so cool.

  • http://www.sizzerb.com serbia23

    another player deserving of the list, hes a high flyer, who has a descent shot, and can create his shot, but really should lead his team to the playoffs soon

  • http://slamonline New era

    J-Rich is one of the most underrated players in the game today. OK he can’t he a free throw if his life depend on it but he is one of the best all-round players in the league. One more thing to all the shaun livingston fans damn. Dude doesn’t even start, he has no kind of jumper what so ever, and he has career stats of like 4 and 3. In the future he probably be good but this aint the future

  • http://slamonline New era

    J-Rich is one of the most underrated players in the game today. OK he can’t he a free throw if his life depend on it but he is one of the best all-round players in the league. One more thing to all the shaun livingston fans damn. Dude doesn’t even start, he has no kind of jumper what so ever, and he has career stats of like 4 and 3. In the future he probably be good but this aint the future. Kobe`s #1


    wow.. easy now.. don’t want to upset scott now.. c’mon you know shaun is his boy, right?..

  • DVLb0y613

    the curse of winning the slam dunk contest,they think all they can do is dunk and their game gets slept on like Nique, VC, Mike(80′s version), ceballos(blind folded!?), miner (not really).. People wont be sleeping on this guy very long

  • http://www.goldenstwarriors.com Pawnograffiti

    Don’t sleep on Jrich and don’t sleep on Nellie.

  • G

    Andrew Bogut should be over JRich?????????? Bogut aint even in my top 100. the worst player in the NBA: Jerome James can have 9 & 6 in a lucky year..
    scott is an idoit

  • razmo

    yoyoyoyo slam ur getting it right.j rich is in my top 10dunkers and he deserves this spot(he deserves even more maybe)yo preety girl we must go on a date sometime

  • Aaron

    J Rich fits into the stigma of what a lot of young people in America feel is a good basketball player. Dunks and athleticism doesn’t mean that a player is well rounded. Also, Livingston is already a great defender as well as a fantastic passer. He’s extremely young and should be very good in 07/08.

  • Blinguo

    JRich is very well rounded. He might not have the defensive mentality of a similarly athletic player such as Josh Smith(whom you won’t hear many people complaining about his athleticism if he can get 10 blocks a game), but he is very much a scorer and leader of a team.

    Livingston isn’t yet. Defense and other intangibles(FT techniques) can be taught while JRich’s ability to score and hit game winners can’t. However a passing first mentality helps someone become a great passer, which Jason isn’t called upon to do for the team.

    Comparing apples to oranges with that one. A proven scorer at the 2 with the ability to be a superstar to a still up and coming swingman who may become a legitimate PG one day, but isn’t there now- especially when that role is taken currently by SamIam.

  • Brad Warne

    Aaron, I don’t think ‘stigma’ is the word you are looking for. Maybe ‘mold’ or even ‘stereotype’. An example of stigma would be something like,
    “The stigma of one-dimensionality is often attached to great dunkers by people who fancy themselves as basketball purists.”

  • Aaron

    I think I’ve seen J Rich enough in person to see exactly what kind of player he is. I’m not simply defining him as one dimensional due to his athleticism. If anything, his insane athletcism is probably what lead him to not work on remaining parts of his game. We’ve been complaining about the Matrix here in Phoenix for years due to the same reasons. His J and ball handling need a lot of work but he can simply rely on his athletic gifts for the time being.

  • Paolo

    That “No Apologies” crap destroyed the article and space for Richardson. But that has been the story of his career. JRich has been one of the most dynamic players in the league. He’s an anvil and a trampoline rolled into one. Sure, he doesn’t shoot freethrows well but that just makes him human. Everybody has rooms for improvement. If he hadn’t been stuck in GS, his notoriety might be more than this. He is pretty much Mitch Richmond 2000 (except for the freethrow thing). A really good baller stuck in a really bad Warriors team.

  • JLiG

    J Rich gets it done he is a freak of nature… I feel like this right here is fulla haterz. Why even debate the top 50? too many different combo’s. eryone knows who the top 5 are ne ways

  • Illmatic

    “When JRich came into the league everyone thought he was just another freakishly athletic 2 guard who couldn’t hit a jumper.”

    This IS what he was when he first came into the league, so I ain’t apologizing for shi…

  • http://www.myspace.com david mizra

    so what are your thoughts now?

  • http://dotnetrush.blogspot.com/2006/08/do-not-write-repetitive-code.html Ryan

    i dig it

  • Pedro’s Tortillas

    j rich is not in the top 20 or something like that but you gotta admit hes one of the better players in the league.By the way shaun is still so young, you cant put him in even the top 50…crazy ass scott. anyways, nellie will let baron and j rich team up to score at will on most occasions.69 percent FT tough… needs work.

  • http://thankyoujasonrichardson.blogspot.com/ travis simpson

    hey flks,

    we’ve just set up an appreciation campaign for jason Richardson at the site: http://thankyoujasonrichardson.blogspot.com/

    Come show your support and donate to the cause of having a full page ad taken out in a local paper.

    Thanks for the support!