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Top 50: Ricky Rubio, no. 46

The definitive ranking of the NBA’s best players.

by Franklyn Calle /@FrankieC7

He doesn’t have a jump shot. He’s too slow. He’s soft. It’s all hype.

That’s what the so-called “analysts” were saying before Ricky Rubio had ever even played a single NBA game. That’s all I kept reading and hearing.

But it only took him three games to claim his first career double-double—12 points and 12 assists. And it happened to be against the NBA champs Miami Heat. And, yes, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh did start that game and all played over 35 minutes each.

Oh, and by the way, Rubio came off the bench in that one.

Minnesota lost the game by only one basket, but for Timberwolves fans, it was a night called for celebration. Their beloved team had finally found their franchise point guard. It was worth the two-year wait.

Let me elaborate on that a little bit more.

In the month of January—technically the first month of the season due to the 66-game post-lockout year—the 6-4 point guard averaged 12.0 points and 9.1 assists. Yes, just about a double-double in his first complete month in the NBA. The Rookie of the month title was an obvious one.

In fact, Rubio finished with a double-double in 11 of his first 23 NBA games. That’s 48% of the time! Mind you, the Timberwolves did not start him until the 11th game of the season. So, for the first ten games, dude already had four double-double performances, and all coming off the bench—including a 14-assist outing and a couple of 12-assist nights.

In the two-and-a-half months he played before tearing his ACL, Rubio finished averaging 10.6 pts, 8.2 asts, 4.2 rebs, & 2.2 stls. I wonder if we would have seen a different ROY had he not gotten hurt.

Yeah, he only shot 35% from the floor. So what? If he’s almost averaging double-digits in points and assists on a nightly basis despite the low percentage, then that speaks volumes on how good he is. I mean, the guy is only 21 years old. He’s will only get better.

As for the criticism, I remember clearly when two of the elite point guards in the NBA right now, Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook, first came into the L, there was all this talk about how neither could really shoot the ball well and how they wouldn’t be able to reach all-star status without it. We’ve all witnessed how that turned out.

At the end of the day, if you’re a guard that’s savvy, crafty, can get defenders off you and create space, then you’ll always eat in this League. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

He’s got excellent point guard skills, court vision, can handle the rock and just seems to make it all look easy. Wade has compared him to Steve Nash, and so have many others. Rubio probably just has a little more flashiness to his game.

I’ll admit. I wasn’t too sure if I should believe the hype surrounding Rubio at first. After seeing all these overseas players come into the L, who were supposedly stars abroad, and become non-factors in the NBA, I started becoming skeptical about the majority of them. But the Barcelona native proved to be special from the start.

The question isn’t can he play and shine in this League. I think he’s answered that already. The real inquiry here is can he come back from injury without losing a step, and live up to the high expectations he has set for himself after a superb debut season.

You’ve seen the highlights. You’ve seen the stats. Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t.

Where should Ricky Rubio rank in the SLAMonline Top 50?

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SLAMonline Top 50 Players 2012
Rank Player Team Position Pos. Rank
50 Greg Monroe Pistons C 8
49 Tyreke Evans Kings PG 14
48 Brandon Jennings Bucks PG 13
47 Stephen Curry Warriors PG 12
46 Ricky Rubio TWolves PG 11

• Rankings are based solely on projected ’12-13 performance.
• Contributors to this list include: Jake Appleman, Maurice Bobb, Rodger Bohn, Brendan Bowers, Franklyn Calle, David Cassilo, Bryan Crawford, Adam Figman, Eldon Khorshidi, Eddie Maisonet III, Ryne Nelson, Ben Osborne, Allen Powell II, Sam Rubenstein, Jonathan Santiago, Abe Schwadron, Leo Sepkowitz, Dave Spahn, Ben Taylor, Tzvi Twersky, Peter Walsh, Tracy Weissenberg, Yaron Weitzman, DeMarco Williams and Dave Zirin.
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  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne

    Probably my favorite player on this list (other than #1), but I think he should be ranked lower because of the games he is going to miss.

  • Mike From Spain

    You haven’t touched a fundamental aspect of Ricky’s game. He’s (was? I hope he doesn’t lose this part of his game when he comes back) an elite perimeter defender. He was 3rd in the league (or something like that) in steals at the time he went down, and the Wolves conceded much fewer points with him on the floor than without him. I am not bothering looking for stats, but Ricky was better in the defensive end than on the offensive end. As effectiveness goes, on the offensive end WP48 said he was meh, but elite in defense.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Rubio went from overrated to underrated. Can’t wait for him to get back to the courts healthy. He’ll need to improve that 35% FG though…

  • Tyler

    Nice! I think he’s gonna be one of the best PGs in the NBA in a couple of years

  • zogs19994


  • Peter Walsh

    Great work Frankie!!

  • LakeShow






  • LakeShow

    He Good.
    Remains to be seen how good.
    Anyone’s guess.
    I say top 2 in assists next year if healthy.

  • Chris Mordi

    Rubio and Kevin Love have breathed life back into that franchise.. they missed with Johnny Flynn, but rubio has been a success. I know they wish they took Curry (bum ankle and all) still instead of Flynn.

    Cool piece homie.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Good write up Franklyn. I have no issues with this spot at all, really think this is about spot on with the ACL injury.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Actually this is exactly where I had Rubio in my top 50.

  • Junior Taylor

    Disagree. I still see DWill, CP and Nash avg. more assists with Rondo being at the top again

  • Junior Taylor

    His ceiling is as a Rondo-type player unless he improves that jumpshot.

  • Locatelli

    SLAM should put a mix in each of the pages of the guys in this list, that would be fun.

  • LakeShow

    We shall see. He will be over 10 assists this year.

  • spit hot fiyah

    not a bad ceiling

  • Carp

    I kind of find it hard to imagine that Rubio would have been the ROY if he didn’t get hurt… Over Kyrie ?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Kyrie was otherworldly horrible on defense. I don’t think anyone realizes how terrible he was. I’ll try and put it into perspective
    Kyrie Irving was a worse defender last year than Steve Nash.
    That should do it.

  • Carp

    hahah true…
    but I feel like you can say the T-wolves would be better with Kyrie, but not necessarily the same thing about if Rubio was with the Cavs

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i don’t see how you can think the Wolves would have been better with Irving than they were with Rubio. They were contending to be a playoff squad with Rubio and were absolutely horrendous without him. The Cavaliers on the other hand, were 17 & 34 with Irving (33% win percentage) while 4 & 11 without Irving (27% win percentage) – so not only do i not understand how you make that assumption, but i don’t understand the idea that he even made Cleveland much better despite being a very good individual.

  • LakeShow

    Man can someone comment on how awesome this is^^^^
    Freaking Hook man, best movie evarrrr.

  • Max


  • Carp

    I just got sonned ]:

  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    I feel disappointed that at no point in this write up, Rubio’s shaggy hair was mentioned.

  • JSM

    You can’t make the comparison because look at the Wolves talent on last year’s roster compared to the Cavs. Kyrie had NO help. When the 2nd best player on your team is old man Jamison (at this stage of his career), you have issues. Front line (outside of TT) had no athleticism and really no help offensively. If he had arguably the best PF in the game (as Love is) and some of the other talent on the wings next to him like Rubio did he would have averaged 8-9 assists easy to go along with his 18 ppg – even though he was only averaging like 28 mpg. His efficiency offensively was off the charts for a rookie. Dwarfs Rubio by comparison.

    Rubio is definitely a better defender, but I think Kyrie will improve there as well. He needs to commit to that end of the floor. I am not Rubio bashing at all…I like his game a lot, but Kyrie is an elite pg right now. Right outside the top 5 as a rookie with potential to seriously be a top 3 pg in another 2 seasons or so. Unless Rubio improves his shooting and becomes more of a scoring threat he will be a a very good NBA pg but not elite. Keep in mind that Rubio didn’t have the burden of being “the man” on his team. Everyone knew they had to stop Kyrie and he still excelled, especially late. Already has proven to be one of the most clutch players in the league. Dominated 4th quarters against some of the top pg’s in the league. I like Rubio…but Kyrie is notches above him and I think that he may widen the gap a bit as they get older.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Read what I said in the context that it was said.
    As a reply.

  • rainman

    man, u always make Lofty predictions. Although i dont agree with some , i like it.

  • Mike From Spain

    Some of the other talent on the wings? You mean Wes Johnson? (look up his 3 pt %). Ridnour playing SG? Raw Derrick Williams? Pothead Beasley? Tolliver shot very bad after the wrist injury, and Darko is Darko. The only two reliable assist receivers for Ricky were Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic.

  • serevei

    brb not a single mention of his elite defense …classic slam (all hype/flash) (does deserve ranking though

  • danpowers

    dont worry, happens to the best

  • JSM

    TWolves wings aren’t Lebron and Durant, but in comparison to the roster Cleveland was working with they might as well be. Wesley Johnson, D Williams, and Beasley are very good athletes. Even though he is raw, Williams can get up and down the floor as can Wes Johnson. Beasley has an offensive game. Hell…Williams and Johnson are 2 of the most athletic wings in the game. All 3 of those players were top half of the lottery in their respective year and it’s still early in their career. That is not even talking about Kevin Love and what he brings to the table (I know he is not a wing player…point being he is an elite NBA player). So yeah they have/had talent!! Doesn’t mean they are all great NBA players. The Cavs roster consists of mainly 2nd round players or players that were selected late first round. After Kyrie, TT, and Jamison who was 4th in 1998, the next highest pick who got playing time was Anthony Parker who was the 21st pick in 1997!!!!!

    Check their roster. Hell…their most athletic wing that can actually finish at the rim is Alonzo Gee and dude went undrafted. TT was the 4th pick in last years draft and he is way more raw than Williams offensively. Prior to the draft people weren’t even sure the Cavs shouldn’t take WIlliams with the top pick. My point is Rubio had more talent around him and definitely much more athleticism. Compare their rosters. If you think otherwise, you need to have your head examined.
    As far as improvement. If you have played basketball or know about the game it is common knowledge that offense is a skill part of the game that takes years to make real strides of improvement. Defense is more about effort and positional awareness. You don’t have to be the quickest, most athletic or skilled player to be a good defender. If you are gifted physically and a good defender then even better. Kyrie has shown he can play defense at times. His issue is committing to the defensive side of the ball (shame on him for not doing this already) all the time. It is a easier to improve defensively than it is offensively. Rubio will never be where Kyrie is offensively…but Kyrie can definitely get to Rubio’s level defensively. Let’s not confuse Rubio as a lockdown defender like Gary Payton just because he gets 2 steals a game.
    Rubio’s ceiling is Rondo (which is pretty good in my book), but Kyrie’s ceiling is more like Isaiah Thomas and Chris Paul. Basically best pg’s of their era.
    So to reiterate my point, I absolutely feel that if Kyrie had Kevin Love, Beasley, Williams, and company he would have averaged 8 or more assists and still scored as much possibly even more. I think at worst they finish with the same record. Although I really like Rubio’s game…Kyrie is at a different level. I’ve watched this kid since he was a Jr. in high school. The only flaw in his game after his rookie season is his consistent commitment to the defensive side of the ball in the halfcourt.

  • JSM

    I understand what you are saying…My more concise response to that is just that I feel Kyrie could do all that Rubio does and more. People don’t realize how bad the Cavs roster was. Kyrie was first, second and third option. He had to score so I think that is where the “he doesn’t make his teammates better” argument comes from which I hear all the time and disagree with. It seemed like this is what you were saying. I was just responding to that point. Albeit, a little long winded.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    ^ lol, why did that receive bad votes? people are cute

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    You don’t get it. I’m perfectly aware that Irving is the better player because of what he can do offensively. I was only replying to the idea that he would improve the Wolves more than Rubio did, and Rubio wouldn’t improve the Cavs the way Irving did. Which, as i see it, completely false. Rubio is 10X the defender that Irving is, first of all. Second, Rubio makes his teammates better, which is why everyone seems to think he was playing with some kind of good supporting cast…….but just like the Cavs, they were absolutely HORRIBLE.
    Without Rubio the Timberwolves were, 5 and 20. With Rubio they were 21 and 20.
    Without Rubio the Timberwolves were, 5 and 20. With Rubio they were 21 and 20.

    Without Rubio the Timberwolves were, 5 and 20. With Rubio they were 21 and 20.

    Does the illustrate why I don’t cosign the idea that Irving has a greater impact on his team? I already outline the slight, 6% difference in win percentage in Cleveland with and without Irving. Now i’m showing you that the difference for Minnesota between having and not having Rubio is 31%. The team won 51% of their games with Rubio but only 20% without him.

  • JSM

    I understand that you are saying Rubio makes the team better. Only an absolute biased Rubio fan would say he was the better individual player. Everyone knows that is not the case. I would say you are missing a big point here and only looking at a surface #. Those win totals DON’T mean squat for a team like the Cavs, who one way or another, packed it in many a night even with Irving there unless it was close late and he took over. Check the stats on his 4th quarter production. He single handedly won some tough road games…@Boston @ Denver, etc. His 4th quarter efficiency and production was one of the best in the league. The Cavs were looking to score a top pick in this year’s draft and play hard to look to be competitive not necessarily win games. So, that is not an accurate depiction of how they are impacting their teams. It is more of an accurate depiction of Rubio’s value because the didn’t have a lottery pick and at one point were fighting for a playoff spot. Now, if they are both playoff bound teams that would be different. But they were not!!

    So, since you like to quantify everything please quantify Rubio being 10x the defender Irving is. WHY BECAUSE HE AVERAGES 1 MORE STEAL PG THAN IRVING???? I know he is a better defender at this stage of his career. Keep in mind Kyrie was pretty much 1.5 years removed from HS and basically played 1/3 of the season at Duke. Not to mention no training camp. Rubio has been playing with men for many years. I would expect him to be further along defensively. But, to say Rubio is 10x a better defender is just ridiculous.
    Again, stop acting like this kid, who is a very good player is some kind of lock down defender. HE IS NOT!!!! He is a pretty good defender who can really pass the ball and run a team. His length and size help him tremendously at his position.
    You can throw some win totals at me all you want when they aren’t a true depiction of both teams situation. Stop looking at surface level stuff that you read on ESPN insider at some point last season and give me some real insight.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Ok, here,
    .Kyrie Irving –
    - Defensive Rating of 110
    - Opponent PER of 19.0
    - Defensive Win Shares 0.6
    - On Court – Cavaliers gave up 112.6 Points Per 48 Minutes
    - Off Court – Cavaliers gave up 107.6 Points Per 48 Minutes
    - Opponent Effective FG% against Irving – 60%
    .Riky Rubio
    - Defensive Rating of 104
    - Opponent PER of 16.4
    - Defensive Win Shares 1.5
    - On Court – Wolves gave up 103.2 Points Per 48 Minutes
    - Off Court – Wolves gave up 110.5 Points Per 48 Minutes
    - Opponent Effective FG% against Rubio – 46%.
    Irving was literally one of the worst defensive starting PG’s in the NBA, while Rubio was literally top 5.
    There is no comparison between them as defenders….unless you want to highlight that Rubio was Elite, while Irving was literally, one of the worst.
    Both teams were terrible, the only advantage for Rubio was Kevin Love. Which would presumably make up for some of the difference in there win %, but considering how good each team was without each PG, it’s plainly obvious who had a greater effect on their team. Whether you want to admit it or not.

  • JSM

    Of course he was one of the worst defensive starting pg’s…how many true rookies were starting at pg?? How many barely played so little of college basketball before missing training camp b/c of the lockout. I am simply stating that Rubio is a better defender, I am not disputing that. However, would you consider him a lock down defender?? I wouldn’t.

    Those stats also tell me that Rubio is a better defender than Luke Ridnour and JJ Barea (very undersized) for his team…hence why opponents scoring goes up when he isn’t on the floor. So that is relevant to which pg on YOUR roster is a better defender. It also tells me that other pgs on Cavs roster were better defenders than Kyrie last season. You don’t think if Kyrie is out of the game there isn’t more emphasis to lock down the other team since you have a tougher time scoring? That is just common sense. A coach will preach his philosophy all the time but really emphasize it when he has to compensate for lack of offense.

    He has work to do on the defensive end…clearly. But it is not about defensive ability…rather a commitment to that end of the floor when in the game. He carried so much of an offensive burden on that team that he saved his energy on defense…which is obviously not the answer. I bet when the team improves over the next few years and he is not the only option on offense you will see his defense improve drastically. Not to mention Byron Scott getting in his @ss.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Dude you just flat out don’t know how to interpret stats, or know what your talking about.
    Here, just read this from John Hollinger, http://www.waitingfornextyear.com/2012/10/hollinger-i-shudder-to-think-what-kyrie-irving-will-be-at-25/
    - Here’s a some of what you’ll find –
    .”But I’ll say this: When they’re replacing you with Ramon Sessions for defensive purposes, that might be a sign you have work to do. As good as Irving was on offense, he was a horrifying, flaming train wreck on defense. Synergy rated him the worst defensive player in the league with at least 300 plays defended, opposing point guards ripped him for a 19.0 PER according to 82games.com, and the Cavs gave up 5.0 points per 100 possessions more with him on the court — even though his usual replacement, Sessions, was himself among the league’s most flammable point guards.”

  • Dupey

    You can’t forget Pekovic as breathing life into that franchise. Watch him too when you can.
    And let’s not stop with Flynn as a bust, we can go with Johnson and Brewer too.

  • JSM

    He wasn’t being replaced by Sessions because of defense. Scott didn’t want to take the training wheels off for a while because they were very wanted to be cautious with his return with the crazy schedule and all the time he missed. That is the main reason his minutes were limited to like 26-27 for most of the season.

    You are obviously a stat junkie that (like I mentioned before) obviously goes rides with every stat nerd ESPN has and never played the game at a high level. Most of those dudes never played either. They are constantly contradicted themselves and have #’s to prove or disprove whatever they want. Ask anyone of them with a real basketball mind who they would want on their team and they would say Kyrie. If Kyrie really is that much of a liability on defense why would anyone take him over Rubio…especially if RR makes his team so much better (by your stats). Sometimes…#’s do lie!!

  • Dupey

    I agree with you for the most part, but to think that Rubio won’t learn how to shoot over the next 15+ years he spends in the league is ridiculous, whereas not expecting Irving to learn how to play defense is relatively on par with the typical offensive-juggernaut point guards.

    Just because Irving would have put up more assists and more points on the Wolves team doesn’t mean that he would have made the Wolves better. The Wolves didn’t have a problem getting points, it was preventing the other team from not getting them. Rubio reduced the amount of points per 100 possessions by 7.3 last year. 7.3!

    A look at the rest of the team will show you how more important Rubio was for the Wolves than Irving would have brought with an average of 6-8 points more per game. Pekovic isn’t defensive. Love is par at best defensively. Johnson was worse than useless offensively, and slightly above average defensively. Beasley shot more 20 foot contested jumpers than anyone else in the Northwest I bet, and he didn’t play a lick of defense. Ridnour played the two for Rubio, and he barely has the height for a one, so you know his defense was par at best. Irving is definitely more clutch, however.

    This is my opinion granted, but I wouldn’t trade Rubio for Irving.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    you are an idiot.
    Did i once say i would take Rubio over Irving?
    Did i once say Rubio was a better player last season?
    You don’t know anything about me either, so you should probably just can your ignorant assumptions, as they are just completely ignorant.
    Everything I have said to you is completely logical, and follows the same argument that i made originally, (which you jumped in on, like your opinion actually matters, you realize that right? I don’t give a fuck about your opinion, i just like talking basketball, and at first you seemed like you might have a good argument, until the last 2 comments, which trailed way off track, focused on irrelevant bullshit accusations, and harped on things that were never even said).
    Rubio was a much better defensive player than Irving, this is an indisputable fact with plenty of evidence (which, if you know how to interpret stats in the right context, have been shown to you). Rubio had a more positive effect on his team last season (which, again, is highlighted with data to support it). The fact that you don’t like advanced stats is fine, for your opinion. But it isn’t for your argument. Throwing a fallacy like the one you used “focusing on advanced stats must mean i have never played the game at a high level” is just sad. It shows you really don’t have a logical, reasonable argument, so you need to change the subject on what you assume is a lack of experience….when really, advanced stats are very useful, as long as you are educated enough to interpret them.
    - Go ahead though, respond with some more insults to try and prove whatever it is you think your proving, it’s cute..

  • JSM

    The way you bash Irving because of his defensive deficiencies make me believe you would choose Rubio over him. Even though you say the contrary. It doesn’t make sense to me. I absolutely agreed that Rubio is a better defender. Said it several times. Your argument went to just how bad of a defender Irving is and how it affects his team.

    My point about the stats is that not all stats tell the entire story. YOU said to me first that I don’t know what I am talking about and can’t interpret stats. I just choose what stats to me are important based on what I see with my own eyes. So if anyone insulted anyone first it was you toward me. I also did not say YOU didn’t play (I don’t know one way or another nor really care). What I did say was you ride with all the ESPN stat guys…which you obviously do based on the data you provided per those analysts. I did say that most of THOSE guys didn’t play…because many of them didn’t. It’s like the assistant coach that fell into the job a bit somehow because they had a great work ethic and did camps, etc and are at great running drills in practice because he read all the books, watched the videos, etc., but because he never played doesn’t make proper game time adjustments and gets swallowed up when it’s live. That is my thoughts on many of them…not you. I am simply saying you follow them pretty closely…again, evident by your argument.

    So I would say you are the one handing out the insults. I don’t need to somehow validate my argument. I know what I see. Rubio is a better defender for several reasons. Irving will improve tremendously on that end in the next few years (and I feel this way for several reason I outlined in previous posts) and is and will continue to be one of the most efficient offensive players in the NBA.

    So we both would take Irving over Rubio and agree that Rubio is the better defender. Yet, we have escalated to this back and forth because I don’t agree with what the stats say about the situation and how it pertains to this argument.

    I just simply feel that if you plug Kyrie on the Wolves roster in place of Rubio or any other team in the league for that matter they would be a better team and have a better shot at winning that game and closer to a title. I don’t feel records or the stats you provided tell the entire story. You obviously don’t agree. That is fine. We will just agree to disagree.

  • JSM

    *effects his team.

  • JSM

    Rubio is much like Rondo in where people love his game for obvious reasons but has some flaws offensively. I 100% agree Rubio is a much better defender. However, I think it is easier to improve defensively for someone in Irving’s situation. Don’t lose sight of the fact that he was relatively inexperienced by comparison and was relied on so heavily offensively. I think he will make huge strides defensively over the next few years. IMO.

    I know the Wolves had some disappointment in the last several drafts in the lottery besides Rubio and Love, but still much better drafts than the Cavs. Cleveland didn’t have any lottery picks or even mid first rounders because of what Lebron did for them in the past avoiding the lottery for a while.

    I know what the stats say about the differences in defensive efficiency for the 2 players and the records before and after injury but I fail to see how if you plug Kyrie in on the Wolves they wouldn’t have a better chance to win.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    The only part of my argument that had to do with ESPN was the article from Hollinger, which didn’t site anything related to ESPN at all (Synergy is a scouting service used by every team in the NBA that charts everything that happens on a basketball court – 82games is a similar site that is primarily focused on a set of advanced numbers) – I strictly pointed out Irving’s horrendous defense to illustrate why he didn’t help his team like Rubio did. As said by Synergy he was THE WORST DEFENDER IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE who had 300 defensive possessions last season. You can’t make excuses about teammates, or responsibility if you are talking about statistically (because you apparently didn’t watch him dress like a matador and wave a cape around when the other team had the ball) the worst defensive player in the NBA. He was THAT bad. I have no problem with him, he can improve, offensively he was otherworldly (except as a passer but if you are scoring that easily who cares) so it’s not really a big concern how bad he was as a defender because its more effort and intelligence based. But the fact that he was really bad still remains as to why Rubio may have won ROY – which is where the argument you jumped into came from in the first place.

  • The Philosopher

    My guy, nbk…

  • Chad

    I was lucky enough to be at that performance against the heat.. and his debut against the thunder. He makes you forget all basketball thoughts, you know, the way we over analyze. No matter what Ricky does or doesnt do in the league. He is pure excitement. Very unique.. no Nash, no pistol. One of a kind.