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NBA 2K11, Elite 11 Showdown In Store

While the Lakers and Celtics were wrapping up the NBA Finals, the E3 Expo was taking place in Los Angeles. The big news coming out of there? According to Kotaku, there will be two really good NBA video games to choose from this year: “Last year, both games were the closest they’ve been, in critical reception, since 2004, although NBA 2K thoroughly dominated at the cash register. EA Sports retrenched with a name change to its franchise and a remade, skill-based control set. 2K Sports brought aboard no less than Michael Jordan as its cover athlete, and will make him a playable athlete for the first time in seven years. And both had a very quiet demonstration in Los Angeles, with EA giving only a behind-closed-doors hands-on with Elite, and 2K Sports showing only an eyes-on demonstration that focused largely on the game’s visual polish…[David] Littman himself has invoked NHL and FIFA as aspirational models, obliquely saying it’s time for video game basketball to get there, too. They’ve placed a renewed focus on gameplay and enabling gamers to have even more control over their individual players’ movements, no small goal with 10 guys on the floor in a constantly moving sport with a constantly contested objective. That’s what EA Sports hopes to do. The 2K Sports team in Novato, Calif. is tremendously proud of what it has achieved with NBA 2K, and what it gets to build on for the coming title. In one of the few head-to-head battles left, 2K’s basketball franchise has put it on the chin of EA every year in this console generation, something no other sports publisher can claim. This is a very personal rivalry for them. You’d better believe that both the leaked news of Michael Jordan going on the 2K11 cover, and the timing of the formal announcement, coming in the same weeks NBA Elite was teasing and confirming its own makeover, was meant to wipe its competition from memory.”

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  • http://nba.com/cavaliers Stephon

    Should be a great year for NBA 2k11 and NBA Elite.

  • riggs

    from what i have heard, EA is about to take it in the chin this year as well. I also heard that Live (Elite is a stupid name) is great this year but 2k is going to “borrow” some of its controls since mike wang came back.

  • vanillagorrila

    Ahaha ea needs to stop wasting so much money on nba live. They take such a loss on it every year its a wonder they haven’t quit already. Nba live 10 was still awful, those steps forward were negligent. Fifa and Nhl are the only games where ea sports has the formula going great. If they didn’t have a stranglehold on the licensing madden would be dethroned. Backbreaker is already more entertaining and its just 13 made up teams.

  • http://slamonline.com JL

    mike wang was basically a legal spy who went on the other side and will now take their best stuff back and execute it on 2k, making the best game ever (still not perfect of course).

  • dino

    EA SUCK!

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    Always been a Live fan but have to admit that game play has not been as good in recent years. Live 06 was probably the best one theyve done. I have always hated 2k’s controls so I cannot give them any credit. Shot stick sucks. Basketball needs a Madden.

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  • MattM

    I have to admit that the EA games haven’t been spectacular recently but I bought NBA 2K9 on the cheap just for something to try and I threw it out. I didn’t enjoy it at all. I’m hoping Elite performs.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Elite? ELITE?! Wow…they must be reffering to their elite level of crapiness.

  • http://www.hbo.com/the-wire/index.html jasondolemite

    2K is hands down the best. Hit me up on Xbox live for a game. my gamertag is jasondolemite

  • Jumper

    2k10 is hands down the greatest basketball simulation in history. All bias aside, I bought live 10 FIRST, played it for about a month and thought it was cool, then played 2k10 at a friends house and oh my goodness, I’ve never looked back. 2k10 is real Ball

  • Hussman25

    I havent fully played NBA Live since 05… I knew that EA would go downhill and by the comments and some gameplayers I know… it has. Its just time 2K has the hoops scene down. It was challenging @ first on “Dreamcast”… (WOW am I dating myself) then once it moved to Playstation it got better… It’s always outdone itself every year and that’s what games are supposed to do… NBA Live just got worse, from the gameplay to the graphics… The Best NBA Live was probably 03 or 04. (SN: and WTF is ELITE!!! Y THE NAME CHANGE!!! Just lets me further know who Im ridin wit now… EA is f**kin UP!)

  • T-Money

    i felt like 2k kinda stagnated with the ’10 version. i guess you get complacent when you’re the only game in town, live (elite, wtf?!) is not even in the discussion.

  • Scottie Pimpin’

    EA elite better come for blood, cuz NBA 2K aint nothing to @#%$! with. i think 2k9 is better though.

  • Scottie Pimpin’

    EA elite better come for blood, cuz right now NBA 2k aint nothing to #$%@ wit.

  • Yesse

    Elite is alot improved, but i doubt it beats 2K11.

  • http://thephotoriot.com davidR

    nba elite? sounds more like a league than a video game. i’m wondering if changing the name will alienate a lot of the casual ea gamers who will be wondering what happened to nba live

  • Ace

    2k would be the best game if it didn’t freeze so darn much. It ruined the game.

  • B_Easy24

    NBA 2K10 was god awful, bugs and glitches everywhere. Now if they can fix all the sformentioned problems in 2K11 along with improved player control and gameplay then they got it, if they release it and its still got bugs and such and still crappy gameplay then EA will be taking it to their chin this year

  • Atrain

    I haven’t bought a NBA game in years because they just aren’t that good. FIFA and Madden are way better. I’ll stick to watching the NBA games and not playing them on my 360

  • SamJ

    NBA Live 95 on the PC is where it’s at.
    Rodman’s hair colour changes each game!

  • Lloyd

    2k8/2k9 were amazing. I feel like they took a little bit of a step back with 2k10, but it’s still better than live10.

    2k11 is taking out this elite crap without question!

  • http://nbaelite.easports.com/ NBA Elite Fan

    NBA Live was the only ball game I played. Looking forward to NBA Elite.

  • http://jkw98@yahoo.com jojo

    2k or ea uhh i don’t know which is better but the best is probaly 2k I mean cause there’s is more realstic and since they’re bringin back jordan ea better do it 2 or i’m not buyin nba live 12 or any other games

  • BossLady

    The past few years I got 2k but I hate the controls and some of the players are not updated or there to rip like Shannon brown is huge on this check it out. elite looks good I LOVE The Legend mode its better then my Player. It don’t matter who you put on the cover of 2k. the game play never changes. They change some thing but keep putting out the same game.

  • Jer

    2k11 will be better hands down. First of all the cover athlete is better then Elite. Second of all Ea sports always has to change their whole game to attempt to be better than 2k but it never works. Third of all 2k allways has better gameplay and graphics.Fourth of all the 2ks my player was sick , imagine the jordan challenge.

  • http://gamestop peyton

    NBA 2K10 is not the best game ever i hate it so much that i am returning it
    tomorrow and getting another NBA game that is much easier to play.If you do
    not want 2K NBA games anymore come to game stop on route 36 in MIDDLETOWN
    NJ they have much better stuff hurry up or you will miss it all such cool stuff. well later