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Besiktas Coach Ergin Ataman: ‘Kobe Wants to Play in Besiktas’

Deron Williams’ new head coach in Turkey continues to boast about his team’s efforts to woo Kobe Bryant during the NBA lockout, but putting together enough money to lure the Lakers’ superstar won’t be easy. From Turkish reporter Ismail Senol: “Besiktas coach Ergin Ataman: ‘Kobe wants to play in Besiktas. We are still trying to find a special sponsor to make this happen.’”

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  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Get some rich Arab dude to spot you 5 mill. I wanna see Kobe and Duuurron light it up in over there.

  • All Day

    Doesn’t Kobe have a sponsorship deal with the Turkish Airline? I’m sure they could make it happen, but I don’t think it will. Seeing is believing and I’ll believe it when I see it!

  • asd

    Kobe’s so overrated, I can’t believe people have him in the top 10 all-time. He has 5 rings, 3 from Shaq who was unstoppable. 2 Finals MVPs, one was the worst fg % for a Finals MVP. Bigtime game 7 choke. He’s a volume-shooter with low fg %’s, not a special passer rebounder or defender. Clutch myth is jsut a myth.

  • http://slamonline.com hawk910

    how is he overrated when its all said and done he will be the 2nd best two guard in nba history next 2 jordan name another guard over the last 10 years better n shaq would not have those rings without kobe fact all you haters get of the sack.

  • Eddie1

    Besiktas just went under. Blame David Stern and the illuminati. ALSO I don’t like these new cats on the comments section. I miss the old dudes like philosopher and eboy. Yeah.

  • SI44


    You prolly are under 25, if not put the lean down. Like you said, 5 rings first off. Maybe u werent watching the real finals in 2001 and 2002, when Kobe was closing down the Alamodome, or when they combined to close out Sac in 2002. You say 2 finals MVP’s like thats a detriment, who cares what you shoot if you getting the job done and you’re the best player on the court. I will say that KB D def has slipped the past 3 yrs, but dont act like the all D team awards he was getting in the mid 2000′s are unwarranted. Dont be an LBJ/MJ slurper, keep it unbiased.

  • TK

    @ASD U must be a Lebron fan

  • http://none JOSELITO RACELIS

    I agree with TK that ASD must be a LeQueen, LeChoke, LeQuit, LeChicken, LeBronk, LeAla-KingKong James die-hard fan. LeLoser !!! har-har-har-har.

  • LA Huey

    I’m on the LBJ side of the Kobe v LeBron rivalry but I’ll give Mamba his due. Dude’s only behind MJ on the all-time SG list. You knock a guy because he played Pip to Shaq’s MJ on a 3-peating squad even though he turned around and grabbed 3 MVPs and 2 chips years later with totally different group of players? Aside from Kareem, who’s won as a sidekick and then got his rings as the leader?


    since last year every article that has anything to do with Kobe must have a lot of Lebron haters coming with it. the fact that ASD stated mostly true stuff he is a lbj fan. yawn

  • playa4rings24

    Kobe haters are everywhere lol keep hating… kobe will get 6th ring before he retires…but Daren and kobe playing overseas… and kobe possible recruting Dareen to Lakers!!!!! its possibility….

  • El_Black_Mamba


  • seriousblack

    Well I hope something can get worked out for him to go over there. I hope as many stars as possible at least get contracts, even if they never play a single game. The more pressure on the owners the better…How does Lebron get brought up in every Kobe topic? Kobe’s haters and stans are just as annoying as Lebron’s haters and stans.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    LA Huey
    Bill Walton. Shaq.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    Shaq won as a sidekick after winning as a leader, not the other way around..

  • robb

    It looks like we have a new troll in town, right ASD?

  • NAS

    @LakeShow You know Turkey is not an Arab country right? And you wonder why other countries make fun of americans….

  • the preacher

    as great as kobe is, he’l never surpass mj. 23 was a pioneer, he set the bar, sadly every other sg that follows will have to be content with being second best. kobe’s entire game, mentality and court gestures ( even speech patterns)are all copied. realistically lebron has a far greater chance to surpass 23′s legacy and status. like mj before him, his style of play is one of. all he has to do now is win, that my friends is something i doubt he will ever do.

  • #23

    cosign robb. seriously guys, you’re responding to a troll.

  • Logan

    Haha go look at Kobe Bryant game winners @asd. It’s about twelve min long. Your a poser

  • 4right

    I agree Kobe is overrated. He won’t even be #3, hawk910, you left out Magic. Name me another MVP whose all around averages were as low as Kobe’s? Seems as though he got the MVP as a “gift” because he’s in the news so often.He just showed he doesn’t love basketball, he loves money.

  • lilmicky3

    To all d kobe haters

    Mj=6 rings
    Kb24= 5 rings AND COUNTING
    LBJ=0 rings
    LBK AKA best player in d planet…pls… u guys might have amnesia.KOBE WILL BE THE2ND BEST 2 GUARD.

  • Turan

    @LakeShow , Turkey is not arab. Turkey is a Turkish nation. Turks are coming from middle asia, we got same bloods with Koreans. Being a muslim can not make us arab. We are Turk. For example: Great Britain ruled india, Turkey ruled arabia. So british nation is indian? of course no, so of course Turks are not arab.

    Let me give speacial report from Turkey. Kobe will play for Besiktas. Turkish Airlines will pay his money.


  • JD

    AI goes to europe cos he wants to have a leading,starting role on a team now deron and kobe are going to take his minutes in europe too, too funny

  • Atsushi

    Make it happen Turkish Airlines !

  • http://slamonline.com hawk910

    4right magic is a point guard not a 2 like i said when its all said n done kobe will be 2nd best 2guard in nba histroy

  • BnjTXva

    Anyone who says shaq got kobe his rings could not have watched the games. Subtract kobe…add any other perimeter player in league and LA loses 2 out of 3 of those threepeat titles. Period. Laker fan (not necessarily a kobe fan…love having him on my team though)

  • cetintas

    Some friends have allready responded @Lakeshaw but I need to tell again, Turks are not Arabs and Turks are one of the oldest nations in the world.They are originated from Central Asia.The language which Turks speak(Turkish for sure)has no relation with Arabic except those Islamic words because of the common religion.Turkish is in the same linguistic family with Ural-Altaic languages.About the subject:As this lock out seems to be longer than expected then I find it reasonable for elite NBA players to play in elite leagues of the world where basketball is a passion and also this will help them to keep their performation.Turkish League has been among the best 3 leagues in Europe since a couple of years and according to latest transfers from Europe and NBA it is obvious that it will be the best basketball league in Europe and 2nd in the world.So,it is not that much strange for me to hear that Kobe or some other elite players to play in Turkish Basketball League.