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Report: Besiktas Executives Coming to US to Meet With Kobe Bryant

There have been rumors flying around (and being shot down) regarding the likelihood that Kobe Bryant signs on to play abroad, specifically in Turkey, for quite a while now. Well, according to this report (translated by our friend Atahan Erim), the Lakers superstar and the Chairman and Head of Basketball Operations of Besiktas–the Turkish club hoping to sign Kobe—will be meeting soon enough to get this thing all figured out: “Turkish state news agency Anadolu Ajans reports that Besiktas’ billionaire Chairman Yildirim Demiroren will personally be making the trip overseas today to the US to meet with Lakers star Kobe Bryant and his agent. According to the report, Chairman Demiroren will be accompanied by the head of Besiktas’ Basketball Operations Seref Yalcin. The two are expected to finalize the negotiations Bryant on this trip. Although, there have not been any official numbers released regarding the offer made to Bryant, local media speculates that Beskitas will table a 6 month 5.5 million dollar deal to the 32 year old star.”

We just don’t know who to believe anymore…

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    still think he should lay low and give that bone on bone knee a rest…that billionaire isn’t flying over here for some botched negotiation…kobes signing….

  • autoprt

    i think he should take some time off but that’s Kobe.
    I’m sure watching the David Stern press conference got him P.O’d. I can picturing him calling his agent afterwards telling him to do the deal.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    lets be real….they coming on vacation

  • AP

    By the way SLAM Magazine, that is $5.5 million NET INCOME. Which is basically like $11 million in NBA gross income salary if you are on the Lakers. You might want to get basic facts like that right in your articles.

  • Smart Negotiating

    It’s smart, from a negotiating standpoint, for the best players like Kobe and Durant to honestly consider playing for other countries right now. Make Stern and the owners realize how much the shell of the NBA is going to suck if they don’t resolve the lockout soon.

    Stern makes way too much money and he knows it. There comes a point where you should just say “I have enough money to live off of 100 lives over…maybe what I should care about now is structuring the league so that millions of loyal and dedicated fans here in the United States can enjoy the best basketball we can give them for years to come.”