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LeBron James, Kevin Durant Lead All-Star 2014 Balloting Returns


The first returns are in for the 2014 NBA All-Star balloting. Predictably, LeBron James and Kevin Durant lead the popularity contest, while SLAM 174 coverboy Paul George is ahead of Carmelo Anthony in the Eastern Conference frontcourt. Despite having played just two games so far this season, Kobe Bryant is third in overall votes:


Frontcourt: LeBron James, 609,336; Paul George, 489,335; Carmelo Anthony, 424,211; Roy Hibbert, 208,369; Chris Bosh, 156,364; Kevin Garnett, 102,825; Joakim Noah, 75,229; Jeff Green, 55,912; Luol Deng, 54,340; Tyson Chandler, 51,738

Backcourt: Dwyane Wade, 396,279; Kyrie Irving, 365,712; Derrick Rose, 272,410; John Wall, 124,851; Ray Allen, 99,464; Rajon Rondo, 80,889; Deron Williams, 44,282; George Hill, 42,536; Evan Turner, 33,605; Mario Chalmers, 32,996


Frontcourt: Kevin Durant, 607,407; Dwight Howard, 295,120; Blake Griffin, 292,925; Kevin Love, 275,506; Tim Duncan, 217,271; Anthony Davis, 149,579; Pau Gasol, 133,199; LaMarcus Aldridge, 132,818; Andre Iguodala, 109,745; Dirk Nowitzki, 89,093

Backcourt: Kobe Bryant, 501,215; Chris Paul, 393,313; Stephen Curry, 327,449; Jeremy Lin, 240,404; James Harden, 198,667; Russell Westbrook, 149,065; Tony Parker, 112,423; Ricky Rubio, 63,096; Steve Nash, 60,782; Damian Lillard, 55,847

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  • Dagger

    These results are atrocious and depressing. Kobe is the third-leading vote getter? Aldridge has fewer votes than Gasol? Iguodala is ahead of Dirk? Rose is ahead of Wall? Chandler and Green are up there while Drummond isn’t? Steve Nash is ahead of Lillard?


  • Kap

    Well it was hard finding Eastern Conference players to vote for especially in the backcourt. Just imagine if that Center option was still available. Who the hell would you vote for? I also would have more issue with Kyrie playing than Kobe. I see people (writers) making issue about Kobe when they know damn well fans wanna see him. And he’s the NBA’s most known player globally. I have travelled to Asia and Europe and its not even close with how popular Kobe is.

  • Dfrance

    Cue the comments about how the popularity contest fan voting results aren’t fair.

  • Kap

    I don’t think people understand the business aspect behind the NBA. An all star game without Wade or Kobe would lose money. And who’s to say that come February those guys won’t be where we are use to seeing them in reference to their games. Curry and Lillard will make the game but they won’t start so I don’t see why the nonsense.

  • LLC#12

    Jeremy Lin has the 4th most votes of backcourt players in the West? http://www.troll.me/images/ancient-aliens-guy/asians.jpg In terms of global popularity though, Kobe and LeBron are on their own level.

  • TTN

    I know I ain’t watching so I don’t care but I can’t believe Mario Chalmers is on the ballot and got some votes, good for him. Definitely not like it use to be were players made it off their numbers and performances. It’s a brand so give the consumers who they want to see.

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    Roy Hibbert. Who is playing at All Star level.

  • spit hot fiyah

    shouldn’t come a surprise though. this has been going on for over a decade. it’s a popularity contest without rationality involved. i used to care more about this before. now i really don’t. if the most fans want to see an under-performing kyrie and kobe that hasn’t proven anything this year, fine. the other guys who deserve to be there will come of the bench.

    the only problem for me is that there will be a few snubs because maybe one or two players got in there that shouldn’t have. and all star games is the type of thing people bring up when comparing legacies sometimes. but snubs will always be there though even if the rosters were to be expanded

  • spit hot fiyah

    uncle jeff green in the house

  • Dagger

    Agreed on all counts, except:

    1. It’s fun to complain, and,
    2. These results are particularly egregious, even compared to initial returns in other years.

  • LLC#12 eats mayo sandwiches

    So Asians = ancient aliens, huh? Nothing wrong with that–if you’re a stupid white racist pr!ck, that is.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i agree on nr 1

    i remember bobby sura being like top 6 guard in the east or something back in his cleveland days when fan voting started. i think every year has some very weird results. i know vince started a bunch of games he shouldn’t have been starting in. i think we forget most the bizarre results after a year.

    my idea to get rid of the whole system is to make this major underground voting movement. so we all conspire to vote in let’s say jeff withey as a starting front court player in the west. and really go all out and make sure he gets the all-time most votes. the league would have to address that.

  • LLC#12

    i don’t like mayo.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i really doubt Damian Lillard makes the all star team

  • Kap

    Yea i noticed after i posted. But guys are stupid for complaining about Kobe and Wade in the All Star game. They are icons compared to someone who is just flavor of the month.

  • Kap

    Yeah for some reason I forgot about Harden. I don’t get why we go thru this every year when we know dang well Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Durant and a few others will always make it based off the fan vote. MJ made it in 2003 when the East was stacked with good players but no one complained then bc it was their “hero” who made it. This has been going on for years.

  • Durfus

    I’m looking forward to the backcourt matchups. Kobe vs Wade and Irving vs Paul shiukd be real good. The west has too much size up front, they will dominate the glass. East better not miss.

  • underdog

    Man, I’m sad we won’t see DRose refuse to dance with the other starters.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    in 2003 Jordan averaged 20 points, 5 rebound, and 3 assists on 45% shooting. And he WAS NOT voted a starter on the All Star team. He was a coaches addition.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    you really don’t get it? Michael Jordan wasn’t voted an all star in 2003, while playing every game and averaging 20 points …. while Kobe, who has played 2 games total, and looks like he can barely keep up, is leading the votes.
    the fans vote, with the increased focus on online voting and globalization, is losing credit by the year. THere is no reason Kobe Bryant should be starting on the all star team. NO matter what kind of “icon” he has morphed into.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    really though, the only PGs in the East who have been consistently better than Irving are John Wall and Kemba Walker. I doubt many, if any fans, even knew the latter was playing that well.

  • vannshy

    I remember back in 06/07 Bruce Bowen managed to get some votes too, and he was like 9th or 10th, i was like wtf

  • LLC#12

    You’ve obviously misunderstood the joke. The person in the picture suggests the only explanation for things in the tv show occurring is due to aliens. I was suggesting the only explanation for Jeremy Lin being 4th is Asians. I literally drew 0 parallels between Asians and aliens. I am mixed race, and my mother in fact comes from south east Asia so I am fairly confident I’m not racist. I am equally confident that I’m not stupid, white, or a “pr!ck”. People are so easily offended these days.

  • candlewood jay

    LeBron is the starting Center for the East?

  • candlewood jay

    Get out of the basement and get a life.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    I’ll try! It’s bright out there tho!

  • ScrewT

    Jeremy Lin ahead of James Harden, Westbrook, and half of the other west guards…. Travesty

  • pposse

    yo if you could make that happen you should think about running for President of the USA or something instead of making Jeff Withey a starter #realtalk

  • pposse

    yeah i was hearing something about him being the starting center perhaps..but its lookin like Roy Hibbert is getting a serious amount of votes so far

  • pposse

    still don’t understand how he wasn’t voted a starter. This must have been the time around when online voting started.

  • Evelyn Bailey

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  • spit hot fiyah

    if the wrong guy wins they just do a re-count

  • spit hot fiyah

    yeah it was just an example. and it doesn’t have to be point guard. it’s two guard spots right. but shooting guards have been jut as underwhelming

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Yeah that’s my bad. And Unfortunately about the entire east as a whole is a giant poopshoot. Maybe Deron Williams kills it for the next couple months and works his way in via coaches

  • Armando

    How many EC players actually deserve playing in the All-Star game?

    My ballot (and reserves):

    Lillard/Ellis (or) Nowitzki/Westbrook/Iggy (Pick any two)


    (soon starting to run out of deserving players)
    Walker or Drummond
    …or MCW?

    The should tweak the vote again so that you could vote in any player at any position (eliminating him from other positions once you’ve made your choice obviously) and included a test/quiz that you had to take before being allowed to vote… Eliminating lack of knowledge (the people who have voted for Chandler, Chalmers, Hill, Rondo, Nash…) ;)

    East starting 5:

    West would be pretty much the same…

  • havoc33

    He doesn’t deserve to be a starter, but there’s still time for him to justify a spot on the team overall. But I fail to see the controversy with all this, it’s been like this for years already. If people wanna see their beloved stars play, then so be it.

    In the end its the all nba teams that matter anyway, not the allstar selections.

  • brothasdontsurf

    The players should vote on who is the worst two players in the league. Those two should play to the death (termination of contract) up to 21 by 1′s on All Star Saturday Night in an empty middle school gym. It can be called the Chris Smith Classic.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    it’s a point of discussion. there is nothing to see past that.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Vince Carter and Allen Iverson were the two most popular players in the league at the time lol