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Kevin Durant’s Agent Exploring Overseas Options

by Peter Walsh / @goinginsquad

With labor talks making little progress, The People’s Champ is considering taking his game international. Kevin Durant has reportedly been in talks with the Turkish Club Bestikas, the same team that signed Deron Williams. While fans would hate to see Durant cross the pond, the possibility of the two playing together is exciting and sure to generate a ton of highlights.

The Oklahoman reports:

Durant’s agent, Aaron Goodwin, last month announced he was in negotiations with the Turkish club Besiktas. It’s the same organization that signed New Jersey point guard Deron Williams. Goodwin reportedly also has explored opportunities in Spain and Russia.

Durant had previously stated his intentions to make a decision by Oct. 1. The erratic nature of negotiations for a ratified collective bargaining agreement, however, has thrown off Durant’s timeline.

“I’ve thought about it before and I really was close to making a decision about doing that,” Durant said of possibly signing overseas. “But I kind of stopped a little bit once I heard things were kind of moving a little better with the lockout. But one day it’s good and one day it’s bad. You never know.”

With the start of the season approaching and no imminent deal anywhere in sight, the NBA announced Friday it has postponed training camps indefinitely and cancelled 43 preseason games league-wide. The Thunder lost two of its seven scheduled preseason games.

“I was shocked. The lockout is starting to be for real now,” Durant said. “Now that they’ve canceled some preseason games and postponed training camps, people are starting to really think (a lost season) can really happen.”

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  • Shem

    The dude already has a 5 yr 86 mill contract. That’s an average of 17 mill a year. I don’t understand why he’d risk that to go and play for less then a third of what he’d be getting payed in the NBA. (I’m assuming Kobe would be the highest paid and he was offered a 6.7 mill contract). It’s good to see players moving overseas because they get some more leverage in the negotiations where I am completely on their side and basketball’s popularity expands globally but I don’t understand it from KD’s point of view.

  • http://slamonline.com AllBall

    I really don’t care about anyone playing overseas (I live in Europe). I want to watch NBA basketball. I love the NCAA, I like the Euroleague, but I want to see all of the best players competing against each other every night. Durant would absolutely destroy the Turkish League, and the Euroleague. I already know this. I don’t need to watch it.
    Even if all these guys sign overseas because of an extended lockout, I will just get the NCAA league pass equivalent and wait for them all to come back.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    NCAA league pass = ESPN :)

  • http://nba.com GP23

    AllBall, i’m presuming you’re from the UK… so in that case, “ESPN America” is the channel for all NCAA basketball. You won’t need a league pass for college basketball. I know, since i am from UK, and watch it all from that channel.

  • RaZkOL

    All these guys get paid big dollars, but they live lavish lifestyles. so theyre all going broke. thats the reason they’re all going overseas. gotta pay for all those entourages and friends (and for many,the baby momma’s). And it doesn’t look like the lockout is gonna end anytime soon. Gotta do what u gotta do. Oh well, At least i still got NBA 2k11 (why get 2K12 when they dont even have the rookies?! Might as well save the money and keep 2k11!)

  • Jesse

    I think what a lot of people are forgetting whenever this topic comes up is that many of these players, especially Durant based on his words and his actions, legitimately love playing the game. Yes it may be a pay cut for some and yes there is risk, but if you really love playing that can outweigh some of the negatives/risks.

  • RaZkOL

    Yeah they love playing, most of us who follow the nba do or did, but if u love it so much do it here, like some are now doing the pick ups and such. you would risk your career do go overseas. the reality of injury is real out there. those european guys gonna go hard and tough at them, they know who they are,they gonna even possibly try to hurt them. this aint the nba. ref dont always save you there. only reason to really go overseas is to get paid. a couple million is better than nothing. they got expenses and they need that money. it’s sad.

  • http://slamonline.com AllBall

    GP23 – Thanks, I have ESPN America, I’m just worried i’ll miss all the late night games (no Sky Plus).

  • kantankruz

    $20 he doesn’t go.