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Alana Beard: The Intern?

WNBA superstar heads west to take on new opportunity.

by Alana Beard / @Alanabeard20

What’s up SLAMonline? Told you I wouldn’t be gone for long. Although my last week was a whirlwind I managed to keep mAlana Beardy promise.

For the past week, I have been packing for my three-month stint on the west coast. I came out here to rehab and train in more ways than one. As for rehab, with the help of AT and my “oh so awesome” trainer Navin Hettiarachchi, they put me in touch with some amazing people here in San Francisco. The crew over at ActiveCare is for sure going to have me right before I return back to the east coast…talk about excited! I feel like everything just fell right in place. The crew at ActiveCare has a huge amount of experience in dealing with posterior tibial tendon repair. They work a lot with dancers who experience the same injury quite often from being on their toes all the time.

Another way I rehab here is with the beautiful weather! O-M-G, I am in love! I have only been here for three days and I’ve already fallen. The weather is perfect, my apartment is S-W-E-E-T…it’s in the hip area of town, with a beautiful view of the bay. I have my yoga spot right around the corner and I have doggie day care for Chloe a few blocks up the street. The best part about the doggie day care is they TRAIN! The have a 14-day doggie boot camp! Chloe is going to come back to DC being the nicest and sweetest thing ever! In two weeks she will be brand new…whoop whoop! Wait, in defense of Chloe, she’s already the sweetest thing ever…to me. For everyone else, excluding about two people, good luck with being her friend!

I mentioned I was here to train also, right? Well, of course I meant on the court when that time comes, but I also meant off the court. The main reason I am in San Francisco for three months is to do an internship with our new sponsor of the league, Jamba Juice…again, talk about excited! I am not going to go into much detail about it just yet, but I will eventually. Stay tuned!

Last but not least, I want to send out congratulations to our TEAM USA WORLD CHAMPIONS! It was a great thing to watch. Talk about domination!

OK, seriously, this is the last thing. How about that ESPN Magazine cover? Nice shot.

Diana…you go girl!

Until next time, spend some time checking out alanabeard.com.

When they say I can’t…I will!

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  • The Philosopher


  • Jumper

    Very classy young woman, nice handle. And cute (not to objectify, just sayin)

  • http://twitter.com/soulonice6 Kenny

    She’s easily one of my favorite players that ever played on the college scene when she was at Duke. It’s nice to see her still gettin’ her shine on. Great stuff.

  • mikejofm

    PEACE! Alana nice informative blog. Thank you. I am so glad that you are an “intern”! I can’t wait for Jamba Juice to hit the east coast. 3 months is a long time. Now don’t you go falling in love with the west coast we want you in WAshington and will be impatient until you retrurn healthy (wealthy – do interns make money?) and wise. joy and peace

  • HLH

    I am too excited about Chloe. My best friend lives in SF and he loves it too! I would love to miss out on winter. It is great to see your continued positivity. A lot of folks may not appreciate the strength of character it takes to stay so focused and do the hard work of recovering from an injury like yours. Stay encouraged and keep up the good work…Need you back on the court in the Summer to lead Mystics to a Championship!!!

  • Grace Helaire-Mckillian

    Best of Luck Sweekcakes!! I know you will handle this like everything you do on the court, smooth and efficient. Love You Girl!!

    Your Cousin

    Gracie Lee
    (Los Angeles)

  • Roderick Vaughn

    She was amazing in high school and she still amazing to this day keep up the great work you are an inspiration to us all. whenever your in atlanta playing i’mma come see ya tear the court up. (the Artist) ;)