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Diana Taurasi Cleared of All Doping Charges

Turkish lab retracted reports of positive tests.

by Ben York / @bjyork

According to an ABC News report, Diana Taurasi has been cleared of all charges in the recent Turkish doping scandal.

As first reported here at SLAMonline, the Turkish lab was in question for prior violations in recent years. In an unprecedented move, the lab has retracted its report and cleared Taurasi’s name.

The Turkish Basketball Federation said the lab retracted its report after it “evaluated” Taurasi’s statements in her defense. The federation did not say whether the lab made a mistake.

Taurasi is free to continue playing in the Turkish basketball league as well as the 2012 London Olympics for the United States.

“The Federation has decided to lift the precautionary ban imposed on player Diana Lorena Taurasi to prevent the club and the player from being aggrieved further,” the Turkish body said in a statement Wednesday.

Taurasi has maintained her innocence from the beginning. There have been multiple reports from Turkey that the lab is shutting down, but to date, these are unconfirmed.

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  • mike

    “The only thing I’m guilty of taking is too many jump shots.”

  • riggs

    good to hear, but they still kind of tarnished her name because of that report. That lab should be shut down due to its inefficiency.

  • Logan

    the truth is always out there. Good on Diana. Hope she gets even on the court again and again and again

  • sadsnake

    Congratulations to all DT fans! Thank you Ben for supporting her all the time. The worst is over.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben York

    Thanks, @sadsnake. Just happy for DT.

  • FenerIndy

    I am very happy for her, we were waiting to hear this news for sometime. It will be selfish to say anything else at this moment, but I believed this was a move against Fenerbahce not against Dee, she was the collateral. This situation can’t be explained by saying it was just a mistake of the lab.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    Hahaha only thing i’m guilty of is taking too many jumpers!!!! I’mma get that on a t-shirt! Glad to see the young woman vindicated- the Turkish league or testing commission needs to really pay some type of compensatory damages.

  • PinkIvy

    Never have and never will be a fan of a dirty player like Dee. But, I am happy for her that the truth came out. It is a horrible feeling bring accused of something you know you did not do. Maybe she leaned how easy it all can be taken away and cleans up her act this ip coming season. She just needs to take the rest of this off season and relax because this whole thing must have been hell and very stressful for her. Like I said she still is a dirty and sometimes dangerous player but I am glad she is cleared.

  • sadsnake

    @PinkIvy, you aren’t exactly glad for HER….just have another reason to insult her. There will be many posts like that but they mean NOTHING. The truth is SHE’S INNOCENT & SHE’S THE BEST. Stressful? Ha! “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.

  • Marko

    @Pinkivy, very well said. You said a mouth full there. What you said was not an insult but very true. I also hope she grows up a bit. So I feel ya Pinkivy. I wish her well but not a fan at all.

  • Kimmy T.

    If you guys read some of sandsnkes post on the Diana articles that Ben wrote you will see that they are a fanboy/fangirl.Anyway let’s go Merc because without Diana this season would have been far worse then last.


    the truth always comes to light. good for her.

  • http://slamonline.com Yknot

    Good for DT she deserves better than to be falsely accused. They should’ve given PED’s to Iverson while he was there.

  • Melanie

    A W season or an Olympics without Dee would be pretty sad, so congratulations to her, and thanks again to Ben for being a consistent voice of reason.

  • mhike

    I bet she will have a huge 2011 wnba season!!!

  • http://sdfklf.com Jukai

    Yo Philosopher, what’s GOOD!!!!!!

  • Ace

    Go DT, called it. I hope she sues.

  • Taylor

    @pinkivy right on! Never cheer for a dirty player. She may be drug free but she is still a very dirty player.

  • ish

    so glad the truth finally got out. i’m proud that i stood by her, shunning all the terrible things people have been saying about her including this one sports journo who made me feel horrible for defending her.

    i knew she was innocent from the way she sounded when asked about her side of things. she sounded hurt and ganged up on :\