Thursday, April 25th, 2013 at 12:46 pm  |  29 responses

Skylar Diggins Signs With Roc Nation Sports

And Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports continues to build its roster. First it was New York Yankee Robinson Cano who signed on, and now we’ve learned via Roc Nation’s Instagram account that recently-drafted WNBA player Skylar Diggins has joined the R-O-C. It’s a (not-very) secret society, all they ask is trust.

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  • Rummy389

    And within’ a week watch ya arm freeze up!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    every WNBA player that can get on Roc Nation should jump at the opportunity. any big name connection they can get, since they don’t get the shine they deserve for their play.

  • Redd

    She’s so annoying.

  • Good move for her and the WNBA…

  • Anthony Dixon


  • Anthony Dixon

    why she gotta throw the rock up though .

  • http://twitter.com/ChillFrom91Til Allan

    “Here’s to the Roc..Here’s to Roc-a-Fella”

  • bike

    Wow. I didn’t know she was so attractive. This lass has a very bright future I would bet.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    ya;ll know jay threw a blow to memphis bleek on this one.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    This woman is going to get crazy endorsements. She will probably go down as the most marketable WNBA player of all time.

  • the501keith

    Kinda looks like a lady thats reppin delta sigma theta to me!

  • fruizm


  • LP

    This was supposed to be Candace Parker …

  • LP

    bruh she’s the best player EVER in Women’s college basketball history for the past 4 years*…..

    *as far as fine-ness.

  • LP

    I Love you, Skylar…..

  • Chibullsfanx9

    I do not remember the exact article but Jay-Z was supposedly not able to sign more than one player until he established some sort of agent license that would take upwards of a year to receive once applying for it. He currently had a Yankees player signed already. Does anybody have any information on that fact??

  • Slick Ric

    I wanna put her on my team too.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    I think she still can be but Skylar is just as beautiful and seems to be more sociable than Candace so the spotlight will shine on her more.

  • Comment_System

    candace messed it up by having a kid and getting married….to whatshisface.

  • Comment_System

    Maya Moore?

  • http://twitter.com/StinkaMN Stinka

    Technically, Jay is a primary investor in RN Sports, but it’s CAA shot calling at this point, and have the legal authority to sign whomever. They are well established. But, Jay would still have to apply if he wants to directly negotiate player contracts, as you said.

  • http://twitter.com/StinkaMN Stinka

    the shelden Williams effect…..yes, shelden Williams. all of that ambition CP talked about in college, just went away like that dude’s nba career.

  • http://twitter.com/StinkaMN Stinka

    agree 100%…. America elevated those chicks on the US soccer team with a quickness, but some of these young ladies out here balling are due…

  • Reedo

    Jay-Z is a genus you have to give it to the man, He helped endorse BK to the fullest even after he didnt land LBJ. Now he hopped off the Bandwagon because lets be honest unless they can get LBJ or another superstar they aren’t winning it all. Now he’s actually getting good athletes.. I bet he is going to get one of the Top Freshmen coming out in the 2014 draft class too if they all come out..

  • The Seed

    Bad move, that’s all I can say. She can promote herself, don’t need a startup company.

  • LP

    dont even mention Shelden……he doesn’t deserve her

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003246310246 Jason Carter

    Shes mad cute son.

  • Jer dawg

    She is very cute lady. I love the pretty tomboy gals. Jeans, T shirt & bright sneakers with light makeup.

  • p

    Not a good move