Sunday, November 6th, 2011 at 11:46 am  |  10 responses

Polladaday: New Offer?

After meeting late into Saturday night, the owners provided the players with what appears to be a “final offer.” (See details here.) With the risk being that there will never be a better one, should the union take that deal?

Should the players accept the offer currently on the table?

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  • http://twitter.com/yo_mister Jesse

    hate to say it but they should. decertifying and losing a season with the hope that the federal government will rule against billionaire owners leading to them getting a better deal is a BAD idea.

  • http://Slam Gerald Merriweather III

    No way! They are entertainers and deserve to be paid as such. They are the product!

  • jdote

    Honestly both sides seem like they are playing with a moving Target. I remember Billy Hunter trying to complain 50 50 was not offered. And then it was offered and he didn’t want to take it. Then the players say the owners need to make less than the players, owners offer a 51 49 band which is slanted towards the players especially if they have a great year. Owners keep gicing ultimatums though. I don’t understand y it takes like a week t concede things. They made some progress yesterday, regardless of the disappointing end. Why can’t they keep hammering on consecutive days. Makes no sense to me. Lastly I’d hate a 50 game season. 70 would be possible with a resolution soon.


    NO WAY! Those system changes the owners are proposing are essentially a hard cap with free agency all but dead. For the players and large market teams, it’s worth losing a season over and putting the ball in a federal court, rather than be stuck in a horrible deal for the next decade. Some things you got to fight for, and right now the players need to stand firmly together, and fight these commie hardline owners for every single system issue and BRI point they believe to be fair, because those SOB’s aren’t negotiating in good faith, no matter how many times they try to make it look like they are through their rhetoric. Bottom line, time to take the gloves off and fight for what you believe in! If it takes court and contraction to put the league back in the right place, then so be it. The players may not have their paychecks, but they’ll have their honor amongst their peers. Stick it to Air Sellout.


    The NBA PR machine must be stuffing the SLAM ballot box. SMH

  • http://sheridanhoops.com/2011/11/06/tweet-of-the-day-nazr-mohammed/ IAMORANGE4EVER

    @NAZRMOHMMED IS SPEAKING THE TRUTH FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO HEAR IT (OR JUST TAKE THE BLUE PILL THE NBA PR MACHINE IS TRYING TO GET YOU TO SWALLOW, LOL): I get it now…it’s time 2 punish the teams with money, who prospered under last CBA, or has a following outside of their state. #BigMarkets. A Luxury Tax and teams that pay it can’t bid on the services of free agents…Sounds like a hard cap to me. #NBALockout. I’m cool with whatever is best for our union but I hope it’s understood that we’re being offered a deal where the top teams won’t be able to bid for ur services when u become a FA. Teams known for spending money hands will be tied and u will be forced to either re-sign w/ ur current team or take a lot less on the open market. But there will be no open market bcuz teams like the Lakers, Miami, NY, Boston, etc couldnt even be part of the FA process. Everyone knows that ur value is set by the available teams wanting to bid for ur services…If there aren’t any teams who can spend then u don’t have any negotiating power. So players will have to decide between the mid-level, bi-annual exception, their veterans minimum or take whatever ur current team offers. If ur cool w/ that then this is the deal for u. SMH. By the way…no sign and trades for tax paying teams too. Free agency will never be the same. #DecisionTime. I really can’t believe that all the owners are on board with this. This deal ties the hands of teams in large markets that paid luxury tax. A team that’s paying the luxury tax cant go out & compete in free agency. They wont b able 2 keep a championship team 2gether n Dallas’ case. about 22 hours ago via Twitter

  • Yesse

    A part of me wants to say yes, but then again i would say no.

  • Morgan

    No player is going to want to play in a small-market team once a deal is sorted out – whatever way it goes. If players take the deal, next time around there will be less small-market owners (contraction is coming) and they can get a better deal that supports players/big teams. I agree with the majority on this poll – its time to take whatevers on the table and get back to work…..Side note: I’d be surprised if players want to work with Jordan Brand after this.

  • Bob

    why dont they just take the deal. they are all going to be filthy rich anyways. we just want a season!!!

  • DieselMechanic

    I would rather have seen YES!!! but yeah seems pretty close.