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Penny Wise

Originally published in SLAM 8

The 6th Man: “The doctor will see you now.”

Those six words speak volumes about how my offseason has been going. You see, I’ve been-ouch-getting such throbbing headaches lately, Advil’s stock has-ouch-jumped three points in two months. It’s bad enough that my Knicks were finally-ouch-beaten by a deserving Indiana pacer team, and our coach snuck out of town like New York coaches do from time to time, but now I’ve had to deal with something even more terrifying than-ouch-sitting next to Bobby Knight on a crowded airplane.

A lockout.

Unbelievable, I know. The fact that as I-ouch-write this, the players are still brawling amongst themselves, brother against brother, unable to bring their own house in order before-ouch-even worrying about the owners. Sheer lunacy is-ouch-putting it mildly.

Now I’m not going to get into the particulars of-ouch-the dispute, mostly because the issues are so confusing, so complicated that I’m fumbling with a child-proof safety cap as we speak. But let me say this: If everyone stopped-ouch-trying to protect their own interests and thought for a millisecond about a sport as fragile as baseball or hockey, then the integrity of the season would be-ouch-safe and sound.

Despite this madness, we’ve put together our best issue yet. Besides the cover story on Penny Hardaway (page 38), we’ve decided to give-ouch-Reggie Miller-ouch-credit as-ouch-one of-ouch-the best players-ouch-in the game. Check out page 32. We’re also finally getting to Cedric Ceballos, Mitch Richmond, Jalen Rose, Muggsy Bogues, Time Duncan, plus a bunch more real players of all ages, shapes and sizes, and a story/fashion shoot at Rucker Park in Harlem, where legends are made and unmade on a regular basis.

Anyway, before I go, let’s all take a moment and-ouch-remember how last season ended: With Hakeem Olajuwon (next issue, folks), the game’s best player and the ultimate symbol of sportsmanship, grace and humility, draining a three-pointer. Smiling.

If the thing’s settled by the time you read this, that’s cool, but if it isn’t, well…



Tony Gervino

Issue 8 Penny Hardaway

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  • Zee

    Damn penny……

  • SteveSmith#8 fan

    Let’s poor some liquor out for old school Penny. I’ll never forget when Penny was the most exciting player in the NBA for a couple of years in the mid-90′s. Just about every kid wanted to pass like him, wore his jersey, and wanted his shoes. Those were the days. It is really sad to see that Penny has basically become a punchline now a days. Damn you knee injuries!!!!

  • gindi

    It’s a shame that knee injuries robbed most of Penny’s best years..but he still has the skills that he had back in Orlando and he’s working out like crazy to get on a roster. Heard Miami are interested in signing him..it will be a reunion with Shaq and back to their glory days in Orlando

  • Mighty

    Atleast Penny had that one knick game where he hit the game winner over Lebron’s cavs! 84-82 yeah…

  • Mighty

    also this is overdue but GREAT WORK WITH THE SITE!!!

    thanks also to DSL =)

  • Anquin

    PENNY one of the best players in the mid 90′s. If not for the knee we would be talking about a hall-of-famer. ONe of the most gifted and talented players of his generation. Even MJ himself said “I would pay to see Penny play”

  • Robert

    Man whoever shot this cover has to get big ups from me look at that MJ wit the 45 and then Penny Dropin a Dime man and Damn Penny I was watching old films of when he and Shaq were in the finals WOW God Damn Knee Injuries first Penny then Grant Whos Next

  • http://... Mads Koldegaard

    My very first Slam.

    I had it on a poster too.. Wauw :-) I truly loved Penny..

    I am from Denmark and we get Slam too, keep it up

  • Clay

    This is an interesting link on Penny.

    I loved Penny, he was the man back in the day.
    I’ve still got his original away Magic jersey

  • http://myspace.com/jrcfl Justin

    Penny was my favorite player in HS. Had the kicks, the jersey.
    Was there in 97 when he dropped 42 on the HEAT in the O-Rena.
    The whole Brian Hill thing and all the injuries though diminshed the legacy of dunking on Pat Ewing, making the Finals, and being on the cover of SLAM. Twice.

  • DBlizzy

    Yeah Penny was the effin man for about 4 yrs. But as i always say, the human body isn’t meant to withstand all the crap we put it thru, it just amazing more athletes burn out quicker. I guess it just wasn’t meant for him. They should make a special 5 yr hall of fame for players like Penny and Grant. They deserve more than just us reminiscing about what they were and what they could have been. And next to Jordan, Anfernee had the best signature shoes ever.

  • john

    man i am liking all this love for penny. those were the days. everyone compared penny to magic. it’s really sad to think of what could’ve been. that would be awesome for to make a comeback. but after the knicks waived him off to orlando, orlando dropped him. can you believe that?! he’s the reason anyone even knows who the hell the magic are! such disrespect disgusts me. penny, you’re still #1 in my heart. that #1 magic jersey should’ve been retired. i hate when i’m walking around the mall and i see magic #1 jersey, i get all excited just to see the back and it says…McGrady!!! Ahh, damnit!

  • Gilbert0

    Penny was good for 10 minutes…

  • nicholas

    penny is still #1… he is my fav player ever. I collect all the kicks, jerseys (magic,suns,knicks). Oh, man… i really miss his game.. back in the day like the old penny!!

  • http://CristianAlexandamyspace Chris

    Jordan, Wade, Penny Hardaway . . . . . . that’s the way it is

  • alika

    watch out, gilbert wont be the same anymore either… and when all is said and done… gilbert won’t be half as good as penny was!

  • realosophy

    penny was the greatest. if you took every players best season and compared them then penny was the GOAT above Jordan, yea i said it penny could post, pass, score he was da man!

  • Ugh

    It’s funny reading someone named ‘Gilbert0′ say that six years later! Ha!