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SLAM #21

Natural Born Killers

Originally published in SLAM 21

The 6th Man: It was late July. It was mad hot. The kind of heat you find in a microwave. The kind of heat that makes wherever you’re at feel like the southern tip of Hell. Sorta like Boston Garden during the playoffs back in the day. Only more humid (and without the rats).

Welcome to Georgia.

The SLAM crew was ensconced in some photo studio on the outskirts of Atlanta, waiting for Stephon Marbury and Kevin Garnett to arrive for our cover photo shoot. They’d promised to be there by 5:15. It was now 5:11-they were still technically on time-and the photographer, his assistants and we were nervously pacing the room like a group of Dennis Scotts convinced we’d been wronged by The Man. We’d been setting up since noon (actually they’d been setting up and we’d been chilling out eating Krispy Kreme donuts and drinking Jooky) and everything was ready to roll.

We weren’t concerned so much about Steph; he spends his offseasons in ATL, but KG had promised to fly in from his home in South Carolina and…you know, with that type of stuff you just never know. A 7-1 guy crammed on a commercial flight in the middle of the summer? Right before he signs a multi-multimillion dollar contract? We could only hope. No, make that pray.

We heard them before we saw them. Steph’s hip-hop bumpin’ bright-red Range Rover pulled in, followed by KG’s airport limo. It’d been a while since they’d seen each other, and they were definitely excited to get on our cover. That enthusiasm-combined with our immeasurable sugar rush-made for some of the best photos we’ve ever had in SLAM. If I do say so myself.

The guys hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks, but they have the type of chemistry that you don’t really see in the NBA anymore. Mike and Scottie? No way, this isn’t some big brother/little brother type of situation. Isiah and Joe D? Maybe, but I just couldn’t see those two spending their off hours together. These guys, however, chill. You can tell.

We figured instead of coming up with our usual “Is-this-great-or-does-it-really-suck?” type of headlines, a new approach might be in order. We let Stephon name KG’s story-”Kevin? Something like ‘The Young Assassinator’”-and let Kevin take a crack at naming Steph’s joint-”Why don’t y’all name it ‘The Chef’?” Done.

It’s rare to have two of the best players on the same team not killing each other over ego stuff. Let’s hope the Timberwolves raise whatever money they have to keep these guys. Easier said than done, I know, but still, Steph & KG-along with our poster boy Googs-are the future of the NBA. And yeah, we can’t wait.


Tony Gervino

Issue 21 Marbury Garnett

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  • adm

    KG and Starbury… Starbury and KG… If only we could have seen what could have happened if they’d stuck together.. Come to think of it, its still possible now right?

  • DBlizzy

    It’s possible, but it damn sure won’t be the same as it would have been 8 years ago. Selfish ass Marbury!!!

  • SteveSmith#8 fan

    Don’t forget that team also had Tom Gugloita when he was actually good and an all-star type player.

  • http://www.oatlandsbasketball.co.uk michaeldott

    im just wondering…why did jordan and pippen not get a cover, together?

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    Because they wouldn’t pose for one together, I assume. I wasn’t around here then so I don’t know details.

  • Zee

    I know this cat might not have made the best decisions on the court, but you gotta give dog credit for giving back to his soil. You dont see a lot of the things he does. And how many high-profile athletes would actually market shoes and apparrel to the public at an affordable price? Most of these atheletes could care less and want you to drop 100 plus pair of shoes. All in all, no one is perfect, you can be all good on the court, and all bad in life or vice versa, no one is an exception to that rule…even JORDAN.

  • Zee

    Talking about Steph of course.

  • http://www.oatlandsbasketball.co.uk michaeldott

    haha yeah, maybe in slam issue 200 you’l get them together!

  • Chris O’Leary

    The Chicago streetball article in that issue is one of Slam’s best. I still remember reading that part about the kid from the burbs who’s the only one left on the court when dude pulled a gun out. Scoop said it was because he was willing to die to prove he belonged; I say he just didn’t know what was happening. Kid probably changed his shorts after the drama settled down.

  • http://www.myspace.com/tripledubs Andy Tripledubs

    The play on words regarding “Showbiz & AG” put a HUUUUGE smile on my face!!
    Showbiz & AG…. man, the album ‘Goodfellas’ is one of the best. DITC rule, no doubt.
    DITC had sooooooooo many good lines….

    “I wanna see you stop me,
    to those that knock me,
    Amazing with blazing talents like Rodney, “STRICK”…”

    “You better take me out quick
    Cause I’m accurate when I bust mine
    And make it count like Jordan at crunch time…”

    “What this motherfucken rap game without L, Yeah that’s like Jews without ice, That’s like China without rice, Or the Holy Bible without Christ, Or the Bulls without Mike…’

    “I’m like Ervin or Shaq, cause I’m great with that black Magic…”

    “Yes I had to blow up the spot
    Trade a lay up for tracks and got my rhymes for my jump shot
    And my range is outrageous
    Got mad pull (Memory’s full) Too many pages”

  • Stevo

    The BEST Cover ever…
    Like the Jwill and Cwebb cover, this is one dope cover.

    miss them dayz

  • Eren ŞENTÜRK

    Kobre BRYANT is wonderful.

  • Eranga

    At least 2 rings had Step not left. At least….

  • http://www.myspace.com/tripledubs Andy Tripledubs

    Or more relevant….

    “Nice players, y’all just keep the bench warm,
    While I run through ‘em like Steph-on,”


  • http://Bongarpeoplepc.com SASfan01

    Kevin and Starbury are amazing and I wish they were on the same team but, Starbury left to Pheonix, so Kevin was stuck to be beaten by Kobe, and Shaq but I personally blame Flip Saunders.

  • greg

    those guys are f’ing awesome

  • John Wilding

    No! I was wrong earlier! THIS is the one about the Timberwolves I read in the car park at Mattersea Thorpe, Lincolnshire.
    I remember, I went with my family because we went to see my mother’s friend but the first time we went, when the Iverson cover was out, she wasn’t home, so we went again!

  • SilverB

    Now do this exact cover in Celtics warm-ups and celtic green background!
    Its O-fficial!

    Showbiz and KG the Reunion!!!