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SLAM #35

How High? THIS High.

Originally published in SLAM 35

The 6th Man: As you can imagine, the office has been pretty much consumed by the Rookie of the Year debate. Death threats, bribes and various forms of intimidation have become commonplace in the weeks leading up to publication of this issue, and still some bitterness lingers. (Whoever cut Alien Iverson’s arm off is gettin’ whupped, m’kay?) That’s fine: we’ve survived a brutal lockout and Kendall Gill’s golden tresses, we can make it through this bit of turbulence standing on our heads.

More than the MVP award, which has been pretty locked-up for the past decade, the ROY Award is usually up in the air until the last few weeks of the season. (With the exception of when guys like Tim Duncan and, you know, Shaq come out of college.) Forget apples and oranges—most years we’re supposed to choose between Tropicana and Sunkist. Well, after a few weeks of mental gymnastics, we did. And you probably disagree. Vehemently. That’s cool. Free country and all.

The three covers are our way of saying just how close the race was, of showing respect for the trio of talented and impactful rooks. Believe me when I say that what separates the winner from the non-winners could fit into one of Earl Boykins’ baby shoes. And what kept other first-year success stories—most notably Mike Bibby and Matt Harpring and the fellas from Houston—from getting their shine is even smaller. But, it’s not like we could do six covers or anything.

At least not this year…


Tony Gervino

P.S. Thanks to all of the photogs, team PR people, agents and athletes who made the covers possible.

Issue 35 Vince CarterIssue 35 Paul PierceIssue 35 Jason Williams

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  • Paps

    Vince was so explosive that year. I wish I taped those games. 360′s in traffic, windmill alley oops, facials everywhere. Best dunker ever.

  • Zee

    The J-will cover is the only cover slam did that has a player with a toothpick on it. Unique distinction or useless info?

  • http://nba.com Nadav

    Useless, cause AI had one too

  • http://www.slamonline.com Marcel Mutoni

    i don’t think AI ever had one. I remember Penny had one inside the mag, but can’t recall anyone else on the cover w/ the toothpick.

  • http://gunshinestate.wordpress.com Justin

    To add on to to “Paps”, I remember the reverse jam he had on the Dutchman in the Paint. Nasty.

  • http://www.myspace.com/tripledubs TripleDouble

    by saying the ‘last old cover spot’, you don’t mean your stopping the count to issue 100 do you?
    I’m collecting these jpgs daily, got them on rotate for my background on the mac, looks dope.

  • puerto rican bill walton

    Yeah, for real you need to keep these things going, you should just put them in a separate post if you want to put something else on the main page.

  • adm

    I think what they mean is slamonline.com will have a different look starting tomorrow. A much improved web site. And this cover will be the last to be featured in the old site.

  • puerto rican bill walton

    nah dude wrote somthhin a couple days ago sayin that shaq # 34 was gonna be the last one cause they had somethin better.

  • http://www.bolt.com/rhys-unit rhys-unit

    fuck steve nash!!!!

  • JLiG

    I dont think people really realize how nice Vincent is this cat is ridic imma leave it at that. yay area stay ignorrant


    Vince is the best dunker ever (with respect to MJ& Dominique). He deserved this. Vincce should get another cover. Still showing he still got game.

  • http://www.jwill55.com T-Mill

    Does anyone know the title of the article on Jason Williams in issue #35. My issue is stacked with my stash outta town. I will try to check back to this page, but if you do know please email it to me. tricyclesep@hotmail.com …peace T-Mill

  • Kyle

    damn even though vince went to new jersey. he’s still one of the livest dunker’s i have ever seen. I wish i went to one of them raptor games jes to see him do all his 360′s, windmills, and dunk over people. But if only he came back to toronto. dammmn toronto would be killin it.

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  • John Wilding

    No more old covers? Boooooo!

  • John Rhodes

    Hope you guys put up the other 2 split covers. Vince may have the Rookie of the Year hardware but J Will and Pierce have championship rings. Will Vince and the Magic make it to the NBA Finals again so he at least gets a shot at it