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The Champs are here…

Our annual celebration of the NBA victors, and a chance to ask Ed. about the magazine.

By Ben Osborne

This isn’t the only cover to come on sale this week with Tony Parker on the cover. Of course, even though we did poke some fun at Tony and Eva’s big event, our legitimate coverage has nothing to do with weddings (though if celeb-mag buyers want to pick us up, we welcome the newsstand sales). Nope, your boy TP got the cherished “champs cover” by earning it on the court with his MVP performance against the Cavs. Things move so fast in basketball now (Marcel Mutoni has posted like 18 newsworthy NBA columns since I started a rough-draft of this one when we got early copies of the issue in) that the Spurs title seems like old news. But that’s kind of absurd. I hope for the sake of everyone in the San Antonio organization that they are still enjoying the fruits of their year-long labor, considering they haven’t even been world champs for a month.

I also hope fans still want to read about Tony and the Spurs. Traditionally, this issue does well, probably for just that reason: an NBA fan has every reason to read, remember and save an issue covering their favorite league’s championship team.

That said, we would never risk alienating those who are suffering from Spurs fatigue by making the issue all about them.

That’s why there is a lot of other good stuff in this issue, from bedroom wall-ready pictures of the year to timely features on Andrea Bargnani and Steve Nash to sitdown q+a’s with one of the all-time best big men (Patrick Ewing, written by the recipient of hundreds of PE’s patented fist bumps, Russ Bengtson) and a guy who may have a Ewing-like impact on the League someday (high school class of ’09 phenom Renardo Sidney, written by expert high school writer Ryan Jones). As I’ve teasingly mentioned on the site in the last few days, there is also a sick feature on the dysfunctional 1994 Golden State Warriors and our new diarist is introduced. Yes, it’s Tyreke Evans. And yes, he has a very compelling story that we look forward to tracing throughout his senior season.

I’m sure some of our other writers will chime in about the issue, but that’s the nuts and bolts of it. Subscribers should be getting it in the next 10 days or so, while newsstands should have it this weekend. Cop it.

Having said all that about the issue, I wanted to at least briefly touch on the new era of the website and explain my relative absence from posting on the site (not that a lot of you probably noticed; I realize some of our longer-tenured online columnists trump me in popularity, which is cool). Right after I got the job as editor-in-chief, I posted a very hopeful column about my plans. The magazine stuff rings true: we have a new look, we’ve diversified the stories we cover and the voices who deliver them, and it is absolutely my focus.

The web stuff hasn’t proven to be as accurate. I planned to post every Tuesday with my own column, and I promised to stay out of running the website. Neither has really happened. When I had/have something to say and we’re not shipping an issue, writing columns on here has been great. But when we’re in shipping mode, and every hour in the office feels like there’s seven seconds left on the :24 second shot clock, creating an original column is not too easy. Part of me is tempted to say I simply don’t have the ability to write a good weekly column, but I’m not gonna’ be that hard on myself when doing so is combined with the job of running the magazine. What’s more, while Lang, Sam and Johnathan Anderson mostly handle things on the site (with recent and needed help from interns Ben Collins and Jon Weiner), I have been chipping in on the running of the site as well, from editing and posting other people’s columns to sitting in meetings about the site’s design and functionality (both of which are still in development mode; please be patient). Point is, the once-a-week thing is simply not possible to keep up.

Whether he found my weekly columns boring or truly believes the actual magazine needs an outlet on the site, online guru Sam has made it clear that in his opinion, my role on the site should be to explain the magazine and answer questions about it that our online readers might have. Seems like a fair idea. So, here’s the new approach: got a question about our current issue? A past issue? One of our writers? A kid we featured in Punks three years ago? Email me at bosborne@harris-pub.com. Any question that I can answer I will hold onto and, when I have time, I will answer them in “Ask the Ed.” columns. In the meantime, I’ll stay grinding on the mag and the site—mostly behind the scenes—while reserving the right to post an original column when I’ve got the right idea and the right time. I just won’t make any more promises I can’t keep.

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  • AJ$


  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Can’t wait til the new issue arrives in Central PA… sometime in November.

  • thesubwayconnection

    I feel that, Ryan. Western Canada’s the same. The Streetball mag just showed up this past week.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Sacre bleu!

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Mon dieu!

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    OK, I’m pretty much out of French.


    better be some Baron love in this one

  • http://backcourtink.blogspot.com bootlace

    Nice cover, Tony Parker really looks like “The Logo” inverted.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Le Logo?

  • http://slamonline.com mutoni

    oui oui

  • http://backcourtink.blogspot.com bootlace

    ‘Le Logo’ that nickname could work! Better than Desperate HouseHusband or whatever he goes by these days.

  • Mooks


  • http://backcourtink.blogspot.com bootlace

    Or ‘Lego’

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    MOMONEY, there was a Baron story LAST issue.

  • $imon

    never thought i would say this about a spurs cover but it actually looks pretty cool

  • Silky Slim

    Tony Touch!

  • http://yahoo.com DP

    Reke! I knew it Ryan, I knew it! Good job on Mr. Sidney as well. MISSISSIPPI STAND UP! MO WILLIAMS TO MIAMI! PLAY WIT IT.

  • jon

    mississipp is STANDIN UP! mo williams needs to stay in milwaukee where they can pay the dude…these jackson kids need bank…plus who wants to share the rock with dwade when you can dish to mike redd for jumpers? miami is further from a title than milwaukee is, arguably. c’mon Peanut (that’s what we called Mo in high school)…stay where the money is!

  • http://why-bother-reading.blogspot.com/ H to the izzo

    Jon says:miami is further from a title than milwaukee is
    H to the izzo says:?!?!?!?!?!?

  • jon

    i mean, aside from d-wade, there’s not much left for future title runs…with all due respect to the Diesel. but in milwaukee there is a younger nucleus that could be dynamic for a very long time if Williams stays. it’s arguable, but I think considering the money he should stay in Milwaukee

  • BigWalt206

    I know it had to be done, but I still cringe every time I see a spurs cover (with Tim Duncan’s Iceman homage cover being the exception)

  • Tariq

    I feel you, Ben. You shouldn’t have to worry about writing a weekly column when you’re busy with the mag. Allow me to provide a solution: let me write that pesky column. I can educate, entertain (edu-tain), enlighten, illuminate and illustrate the finer points of not only basketball, but also football (the real kind), football (NFL), movies, literature (I’m currently writing an MA dissertation on Dostoevsky and Joseph Conrad), weed (I don’t smoke, but I should), Winning Eleven and early Wu-Tang. Wow…that was a long sentence.

    Hell, I’ll do it for as little as six figures.

  • Jesse

    is this next issue after the K.Durant & Oden issue?

  • bobby stew

    Nice cover. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria remind me of Braxton and whoever the girl is he liked gettting together on the Jamie Foxx show. It was kind of weird but it worked.

  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    So, I thought we were gonna get to talk to “Ed.”. Who’s this Ben guy?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ben Collins

    I actually echo the Milwaukee sentiments. Milwaukee has a better, younger team. I’d rather have Redd, Charlie V., Bogut, Yi, Bobby Simmons, probably Mo Williams and Earl Boykins or Charlie Bell and teeter around the cap than have Wade, Shaq and a bunch of people forcing Dorell Wright to watch Golden Girls marathons.

  • Douce

    when does slamups come out?

  • bobby stew

    I just heard Travis Diener’s services are no longer wanted in Orlando. I really think he can be a very good player. Steve Nash like but more likely to pan out like a poor man’s Hinrich. Could be a very good and cheap off season steal. Just watch!

  • http://pitlanta.blogspot.com Maurice Garland

    Ha…Spurs get a cover title that shares the name of an drugged-out soul singer’s album title…

  • http://www.myspace.com/whyberickjames Greased Up Deaf Guy aka Clay Davis

    while i appreciated the baron love. ONE PAGE???!!? WTF??!?

  • http://why-bother-reading.blogspot.com/ H to the izzo

    Ben:A Golden Girls reference wins any arguement so damn you,also I was just shocked that the words “Milwaukee” and “Title” were uttered in the same breath.I don’t think that Miami will be winning any time soon.But in a few years Milwaukee will be the better team,provided they ship a few thousand over from Shanghai permenantly.By the way Ben we all know that you have the entire Golden Girls collection on DVD and that Estelle Getty was your childhood crush

  • http://nothinpersonal8.blogspot.com/ nothin _personal

    Hmmmm… Another Slamonline coomenter requests a regular column… Maybe what chukaz has is contagious. Run for your lives!
    P.s. Actually, the only person that deserves a column, (and I am not nominating myself) is… Well, never mind…
    In other news, Big O and kareem, take a crooked look at Izzo!

  • http://why-bother-reading.blogspot.com/ H to the izzo

    Nothin personal:I know what commenter I’d like to see with a column(not talking about me) and I think we’re talking about the same person.And if blogger allowed me to post comments I would say that I agree 100% with your ranking by importance in your Portland post.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    now i’m really curious as to who both izzo and nothing personal is referring to. there are some really intelligent commentors we have here.
    as for Ben, is it possible for Slam to put up extra material from stories you guys do that didn’t make it on to the magazine? like if it’s an interview, i’d like to see the full transcript. tidbits, thoughts, and maybe even how the story came up from the writers would be dope too. i love watching the extras and behind-the-scene stuff on dvd.

  • Tariq

    nothing_personal: I did not REQUEST a column. I offered my services out of sympathy for Ben. For six figures. Now, however, the offer is off the table. I have instead accepted the buyout offer from the Portland Trailblazers, which is upwards of 30 mil. Incidentally, I’ve also added 15 pounds of muscle. (Aye Caramba)

  • http://www.myspace.com/whyberickjames Greased Up Deaf Guy aka Clay Davis

    repeat. guar…an..sheed!

  • Drolfe

    It’s awkwardly obvious nuthin_personal and H to the Izzo were talking about me. I just don’t have the time, fellas. Sorry.

  • Chukaz

    I have an idea for the next issue. How ’bout a Q&A with Baron about his dunk over AK47.

  • tom

    umm the dunk over AK47 was slamadamonth so no more with that, the Spurs cover looks cool but watching the spurs is boring, i go for the nuggets and a WC finals matchup would be awesome with the suns and nugs, even tho we’d lose it would b exciting

  • kobe4life

    i wonder when there gonna put kobe on the cover

  • Eoin

    Hey Ben, I’ve been wondering – can I suscribe in Ireland?Because, to my knowledge, there’re only two shops in the country that sell SLAM, and they’re both in Dublin – which is where I go to college, but I don’t live there during the summer, and I’m missing my SLAM fix – I really wanted that Oden/Durant issue, but I couldn’t get it!If so, how much would it cost?

  • rav

    Have any UK subscribers got the Oden/Durant issue yet? I seem to get every other issue with mine and it is annoying the crap out of me!!!!

  • Jay

    Nice one. He’s no Ghostface Killah on the mic’ but still ends up on the cover, right ?

  • rogobert

    yo! slam, when you gonna have a new cover for my main man KOBE?all those KB24 haters SHUT UP!!! give KB24 a big man and a real pg they’ll be a champs again!!!!!!!!!!! BRON who???

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Lot of good questions on here and my email…too busy to answer now. I will post a new column with “FAQs” shortly. Thanks all for reading. And a question for izzo and nothin’ personal: who do you want as a columnist??

  • http://nothinpersonal8.blogspot.com/ nothin _personal

    Let him tell us first. Well, actually, there are two persons. (See, not giving up gender, I am getting good at this!) Plus the Slamonline roster is an all star squad, it’s already loaded. But you can always get better. You keep proving this guys!

  • http://why-bother-reading.blogspot.com/ H to the izzo

    Nothin Personal:Email me and let me know who you are thinking,just to make sure we’re on the same wave length.

  • brepp

    Tony Parker and the Spurs? NO. Its still Tim Duncan’s team and you guys know that. They are the perfect example of team ball and you guys should have put the whole team in the cover.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Fellas, seriously, it’s very sweet of you, but you know I already have a column, right?

  • http://www.lasaucisse.com bertrand

    this is the cover of the french “slam” magazine…(published before the slam one actually)
    L’eleve dépasse le maitre ?

  • KB24

    WTF Slam when is KOBE going to be on a cover.Im tired of waiting on KOBE to be on the cover. I wont buy another SLAM until KOBE BRYANT is on the COVER!!!!!

  • john

    eva parker

  • http://nba.com Muazam

    damn spurs

  • http://www.myspace.com/whyberickjames Greased Up Deaf Guy aka Clay Davis

    muazam, youre gonna be saying that for a few years

  • http://nba.com slam online issue

    Why did the spurs have to win!It should have been Dallas or Pheonix!

    (Tony parker have a nice wedding)


  • http://nba.com slam

    Slam my issue is running late!

    Please who are you guts doing it on!

  • http://nba.com slam


  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    KB24: you control your own destiny. Holler at us.
    How bout the artest/jackson suspensions? It’s like the Malice at the Palace all over again.

  • Mickey

    About time you put winners on the cover! I was really ready to bitch at you guys over not putting worthy people on the cover. But I guess you guys are a bit ahead of me. Thanks for putting CHAMPS on the cover! GO SPURS GO!!! P.S f..k all you haters!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Stephen Jackson and Ron Artest should spend their suspension together on a Caribbean island drinking Mai Tais and plotting their next “altercation.”

  • kobe4life

    i hope kobe is on the next slam cover
    cmon slam
    his the best playa in the nba
    he scores 40 points each game
    please give him a cover

  • smithy

    Please no cover to the rapist.
    She might have said ‘no’, she either did or didn’t. He’s a sick pervert, who should get no respect. Why go looking else where when you have a stunning wife back home.The boy needs help not idolising.
    instead why not give a cover to someone with potential who hasn’t screwed up yet. Is there anyone out there?

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Kobe4life: are you really flea:

  • Nguni

    Got the mag yday and finished then. Great articles. i always wish i didn’t have to wait for a month before getting another issue, but then i value quality more than quantity. big up slam.

  • Sora

    Okay please US/UK people :
    it’s SACREBLEU in ONE word.Nobody says that nowadays (well maybe some old fishing boat captain)
    Nice to see TP on the cover.[Cuz he'll never do THE SOURCE's ;]naah dude deserves it.
    Ca fait bien zizir en tout cas,j’ai hate de lire tout ca.

  • smithy

    Sorry about my last comment, after all it is just my opinion based on the information that was released at the time. after all alot of the top players have fallen in one way or another. Still has anyone been watching the under 19′s world’s, there are some talented young players but control seems to be an issue. I would like to see the US do well though, and play like a team unlike the pros.

  • tike

    WHERES MY SLAM!!!…as a matter of fact i dont even want the damn thing…i hate when the Spurs are on the cover whether it be Tony Parker by himself Tim by his lonesome…or Tony Manu and Tim…Please do not put any of the Spurs on the cover again…Thank You.

  • kobe4life

    stfu smithy

  • kobe4life

    Ben Osborne: i dont even know who the hell he is
    i just want kobe on the cover
    or at least a article about kobe

  • kobe#1

    im with u kobe4life
    kobe needs a cover or article
    and that kobe poster in the dirk issue was sick

  • stingray42

    this issue loks awsome pittiy i live in Australia go aussies!!!!!!!!! and tp of course and TNT and J-5 he is cool to and mike bibby

  • http://sportstwo.com SLAMMA

    cool, sportstwo.com

  • Q

    Hi i was just wondering when i am gettin my slam issue for this month.

  • Mickey

    Tike,you are an idiot,don’t be hatin’ on the Spurs. It’s not their fault your team “SUCKS”, and can’t win a championship! Like I said before F..K YOU HATERS!!!

  • kobe4life

    i cant wait for my issue

  • T with a J

    yo slam please put ron moore in the next issue. he was the starting point guard for siena as a freshman last year. i know they’re pretty small and everything but he’s doin his thing and it would be unbelievable to see him in slam after watching him play for my beloved plymouth whitemarsh colonials in high school.

  • Ekam

    this covers boring the spurs are boring kobe shudav been on the cover

  • 11

    Nate Rob should get some ink. He did pretty good at the summer league get MVP. I have a lot of respect for short basketball players because most of them are good, with the eception of Earl the Squirrel.

  • kobe#1

    i got the new slam
    its pretty good

  • Dewanye

    Hey i’m glad u showed my boy Tony some luv spurs is my team. Thanxs for the big love

  • Kareem

    AHHHH smush parker is in miami, stevie is back in houston, vince and chauncey didnt switch teams, the bobcats look like a dream team wtf is happening in this league? and mopete switched teams!

  • Ardi

    hye i loved the last issue and im not talking about the cover the article about Nash couldnt be better but the cove to me was boring I mean I have been seeing spurs spurs spurs everywhere and i dont have a problem with that cause they won the championship but to me spurs arent an exciting team there good but not exciting

  • http://yahoo ty

    the mag was alright

  • Serge

    Thanks for giving Tony some love. the mag was ok.

  • joseph

    the spurs didnt deserve to win. they cheated thier way through. they probably made a deal with that gambling reff plus they hurt players and are just a dirty team. GO SUNS!!!!

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  • http://www.youtube.com/mandiixoxo Amanda

    Bring home number cinco