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Photo Gallery: Carmelo Anthony x SLAM

Some exclusive Melo shots from the past decade.

Before rumors of his relocation (and then his actual relocation) dominated the airwaves, Carmelo Anthony spent seven and a half seasons in Denver developing into a full-fleged superstar, and SLAM was there to document every minute. Here are some covers and exclusive photos featuring the Knicks’ newest addition that we’ve run through the years.

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  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne


  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    I have a feeling Carmelo in a Knicks jersey will be the next cover, maybe sharing it with Amare. It would definitely be dope.
    But it means Blake Griffin won’t be on the cover for at least another issue and dude NEEDS to be on the cover of Slam.

  • elmaar

    looks like during his years in the league carmelo has done little weight lifting at best, what a beast he could’ve been, it’s a shame

  • riggs

    the dude doesnt have to be ripped to be a better player, thats just stupid.

  • mustard

    double cover issue. blake on one, melo + amare on the other.

  • kuya

    it’s good to see how carmelo evolved or matured thru the years, from ‘rows to shaved. even his game speaks of maturity

  • clockwork

    Ah Melo and AI…yeah that didn’t work.

  • elmaar

    @riggs…it’s clear melo hasn’t done the best job on his body over the years, he actually has gotten chubbier every year(except maybe the year after they got to the finals) and I didn’t say lifting weights does make you a better player, working out in the weight room makes you a better athlete which relates to being a better player btw

  • theDankerNuggets

    damn i am going to miss this guy, High Times with Melo and AI crackin up was awesome

  • Yesse

    Wrong jersey guys.