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Sure Shot

They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words. But you only need a couple to win.

Celtics and SantaProving that showing love for the kids trumps any petty biases, Celtics Ray Allen, Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Kevin Garnett kicked it with a young’n at the Cs holiday party just days after “Big Baby” achieved YouTube infamy by bawling on the bench. But let’s read between the lines a little bit.

Whoever writes the funniest caption will win a dope prize from our vault and see their name in Trash Talk next issue.

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  • http://ward94bball.hyves.nl Lil’ Ward

    Santa: “Just sittin’ and smilin’ gentleman.. sitting an’ smilin’.”

  • http://www.youtube.com/teamairyork blackice87

    Ray Allen: All I want for christmas is a couple more down screens

    Kid: All I want for christmas is a Kobe Jersey

    Kevin Garnett: All I want for christmas is to find out what’s truly impossible….you know cuz if it’s nothing then it’s gotta be something.

    Glen Davis: All I want for Christmas is for Kevin to like me

    Santa: All I want for Christmas is this Big Baby to stop leaning on me

  • thesubwayconnection

    KG: Glen, we’re trading you for him. He don’t cry.

  • http://www.bbl.org.uk Josh D

    KG:Hey! It Starbury! Sit and Smile guys like coach told us

  • http://www.slamonline.com mat smith

    *watchin sports news* “wow we traded Rondo for CP3! best christmas ever!”

  • the big ticket

    Ray Ray:wounder what santa would do if i pulled his beard?
    Big BABY: is this the real santa?

  • O

    Just think, when they get Marbury – Glen Davis won’t be the Big Baby anymore. He’ll just be Baby Huey.

  • Jackie Moon

    Rajon to Santa: ” … And I want to be an All-Star, I want a jumper, and a Hot Wheels.”

  • O

    Remember when Ray Allen wasn’t older than Santa? Dude needs to get his eyes done. He always looks like it’s naptime.

  • http://twitter.com/grovernorman Mike G

    The real reason the Celtics keep Brian Scalabrine on the roster.

  • tre

    Glen Davis: hey kid i got you a shirt for christmas, now the only thing i want from you is to convince your dad to don’t sign starbury

    KID: marbury is my favortie player sorry no christmas for you.

  • tre

    Glen Davis: hey kid i got you a shirt for christmas, now the only thing i want from you is to convince your dad to don’t sign starbury

    KID: marbury is my favortie player sorry no christmas for you.

  • http://violetsprite.tumblr.com Ulee

    Glen: I wanted to sit on santa’s lap! I never get my way.
    Kevin: Sigh, just be quiet and smile for the camera.

  • Walter Stem

    Big Baby: if this kid don’t quit leaning on my arm I’m gon cry!
    Ray, KG, kid and Santa: (thinking)PLEASE DON’T DON’T CRY GLEN!

  • http://nbacheapseats.blogspot.com Chendaddy

    From L-R: Ray Allen, Mekhi Phifer, the only bad kid in Boston, Glen “Big Baby” Davis, and Kevin Garnett all wish for another championship in Boston.

    Not Pictured: Paul Pierce, busting his ass in a gym.

  • http://nbacheapseats.blogspot.com Chendaddy

    From L-R: Ray Allen, Mekhi Phifer, the only black kid in Boston, Glen “Big Baby” Davis, and Kevin Garnett all wish for another championship in Boston.

    Not Pictured: Paul Pierce, busting his ass in a gym.

  • http://nbacheapseats.blogspot.com Chendaddy

    well i screwed that one up

  • http://docfunk.blogspot.com Doc Funk

    On three, say Ubuntu!

  • http://pizzaburek.blogspot.com SchW

    Just smile and wave boys,… just smile and wave

  • http://slamonline.com/online/media/2008/10/slam-radio-the-most-unlikely-preseason-venue/ James The Balla

    KG while smiling “Big Baby, Im’a get ya, Im’a make you crrrryyyy, right inf ront of Santa”

    Big Baby while whispering “Lil man, help me out … pleassseeee, don’t let him yell at me again”

  • http://www.kicksonfire.com Anton

    I swear if the present is more Big Baby’s tears in a vial, I’m jumping on the Lakers’ bandwagon.

  • $tev3

    Ray: hey Santa can you bring my coach a new playbook to my coach so i can score more

  • $tev3

    Kevin: hey wonder who weighs more ?
    Santa & Ray : thats not nice
    Santa : i hope its not me
    Glen starts to cry

  • $tev3

    Glen to Kid: i got you a marbury jersey its all i could afford

  • amrit

    Kg(wondering to himself): i hope glen dosen’t cry because he didn’t get to sit in santa’s lap
    Santa(wondering to himself): Where is paul pierce, did he fake his knee injury again.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    And now the starting five for your 2011 BOSTON CELTICS!!!! (post LeBron-signing era)

  • http://slamonline.com/online/media/2008/10/slam-radio-the-most-unlikely-preseason-venue/ James The Balla

    I like Amrit’s the best because that knee injury is ridiculous. Everybody saying he’s a soldier and stuff!!

  • http://www.bebo.com/SupahhHuman Brandon

    Santa: Okay kid you can have a signed Paul Pierce Jersey.
    Glen: What about me Santa?
    Santa: KG won’t yell at you all day.

  • vmcb

    Santa – How ARE these guys?

  • http://src313@yahoo.com Scott aka T-Wrexx

    Look, up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane, its SUPER STEPH, here to save the day.

  • Andrej

    garnett:i wish paul was here instead of glen

  • Drew T

    Big Baby: kid slide over its my turn to sit on santa :)

  • Mike

    Sam Cassell (in Santa Claus suit): Come on guys…Can I take this off now?

    KG: You know the deal, Sam…the costume stays.

  • Mike

    Santa: What do I want for Christmas? How about a new shirt for Glen!? he’s been rocking this one since game 6! Oh well…I guess that’s why they call him Big Baby.

  • Stats

    Garnett: C’mon Scalabrine, take the picture!

  • http://slam Swish

    Kid to KG: look Kevin, that’ll be you in two years

  • http://slam Swish

    Celtic fans ultimate fantasy starting five

  • Gift2basketball

    Ray Allen – I wanna be sleepless in Seattle
    Santa – this kid is heavy
    Kid – santa let go of my present
    Big Baby – my name really means big baby
    Kg – unbuntu!!!!!

  • Jose

    Now we know where Rondo got his skills from…

  • macky

    KG, Allen, Big Baby: he IS real!

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Glen Davis: “As soon as this photo is taken, them box of krispy Kreme’s is history”.

  • Kyle

    And the Celtics players go home empty-handed on Christmas day.

  • Luis Moreno

    Welcome the new member of the Big 3, or should I say Big 4. All we want for christmas is for him to grow.

  • http://4point0show.com Wes

    “And the father is…. DWIGHT HOWARD!”

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    its the five babies….
    from l to r: jesus baby, beared baby, little baby, big baby and angry baby.

  • Jarred

    Kid- I said I wanted the Big 3 for Christmas, but all I got was 2 and a Big Baby.

  • Jarred

    Santa” What would you like for Christmas young man?”. Big Baby cuts in “Santa all I want is no fighting at home”.

  • http://thesportsdiaryonline.blogspot.com Roy

    Ray Allen: Wow, is that Rudolph over there?
    Big Baby: Can I ride him, Santa?
    Santa: You’ve been very naughty lately, Glen.
    Kid: I just peed in my pants.
    KG: Glen is getting teary eyed now.

  • http://www.youtube.com/teamairyork blackice87

    Glen Davis: All i want for christmas is to dry my tears on santa’s beard

  • http://thesportsdiaryonline.blogspot.com Roy

    Santa: The Celtics would’ve won against the Lakers if they just let Santa play in that game.
    Kid: Co-sign Santa. I believe in you.

  • bone

    Twinkle twinkle little Starbury

  • bone

    Kid: OMG! Ray Allen, Santa, Kevin Garnett and……….Glen Davis? This isn’t the real Santa is it?

  • LJ

    KG: Sorry Glen, but we’re downsizing from ‘big-baby’ to little-baby.

  • C-Dubb

    Celtic players took time out of there schedule to get there picture taken with Santa, the players are, Ray Allen, Glen “big baby” Davis, Kevin Garnett and sitting on Santa, Rajon Rondo.

  • http://src313@yahoo.com Scott aka T-Wrexx

    Photographer: “Hey guys, the cameras over here”.

  • niQ

    Kevin Garnet- “I hope Glen forgives me for making him cry, I got him Santa to make up for it and he’s enjoying it quite well!”

  • http://thesportsdiaryonline.blogspot.com Roy

    Kid: I wanted at least KG and Ray Allen for Christmas but I didn’t write Glen Davis on my wish list?! Bad Santa!!

  • weezy

    kg: guys don fake it.. we just lost to the lakers this Christmas..

  • Fadi Qader #5

    Ray: Guys…um why are we still smiling? They took the picture already…

  • http://thesportsdiaryonline.blogspot.com Roy

    KG: I wonder how long we’re gonna keep smiling like this?

  • http://thesportsdiaryonline.blogspot.com Roy

    KG: It’s gotta be the toothpaste. Thanks Colgate!

  • lincoln

    Baby: I thought this kid was more mature than me, but it turns out hes the bigger baby.

  • EJ

    Coach see we did this santa thing for 2hrs like you ask us to, and with a smile. Now remember you said if we did this we could have no practice for the next two weeks. ( This is why the celtics are in a slump )

  • Jason Espericueta

    “all i want for christmas is the big three, wheres Paul Pierce, and whos this big baby sittin next to me?

  • collin

    kid. santa, why does the wuss have to set next to me. he could start crying at any second and drown us, i dont even know how to swim yet.

  • will

    Santa: Only if Bynum wasnt injured, Kobe would be right here

  • adbphilly

    Kid: Santa, this is all you could pull off for the elves? I mean i know the economys bad….

  • adbphilly

    KG: ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Big Baby: WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING AT ME! ‘whimper’

    Ray Allen: Forget this. Im going to the arcade. At least there i cant shoot all i want.


  • Balher

    Kid:Pshh,Lakers gave me TWO presents a background with a tree,and a Celtics whooping.
    Don’t cry big baby!

  • #6 marjons

    Mrs Claus put you’re bra back on!

  • boogster

    Guys, guard your private parts, because heres your christmas present; KOBE to break your balls…

  • C. Scott Vaughan

    Now Glen, no crying or you won’t get to sit on santa’s lap. Put on your happy face and wait your turn.

  • http://www.slamonline.com kaj

    It Takes Five!

  • I am the walrus

    Santa: “…And my gift for the Boston Celtics is a sudden implosion and to loes 6 out of the 8 games! MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

  • I am the walrus

    Santa: “…And my gift for the Boston Celtics is a sudden implosion and to looes 6 out of the next 8 games! MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

  • bone

    I got love for this one:

    “will Posted: Jan.8 at 4:47 pm
    Santa: Only if Bynum wasnt injured, Kobe would be right here”

  • bone

    Kid: I’d give a real smile but…Glen Davis and no Paul Pierce? There’s coal in this box for sure.

  • bone

    Kid: Glen Davis’ new nickname: Lump of Coal.

  • bone

    Santa: OK kid, pass this box of bench splinters over to Glen.

  • bone

    Kid: Isn’t Santa supposed to be the fat one?

  • Daniel

    Ray: Man, that Santa dude is wearing a real bad costume
    Kid: Huh!?
    Ray: …Woops
    KG: Dammit Ray, that’s the third time today
    Glen: Quick guys, hurry up and give a smile

  • jivan ivan

    ray: hurry up and lets get this thing over with…i need to get back home to my championship ring.
    glen: waaahhh wahh waaahhh
    kg: hey look! they’re about to give us some cookies!
    kid: my mom is cheryl miller yay!!

  • rob stewart

    Christmas wish granted: Boston Celtics sign Earl Boykins!

  • Amanda

    Kid: who the heck is Glen Davis? Mama said the Truth was gonna be here!

    KG: Glen Davis is the guy sitting on Paul Pierce!

    Pierce: (moans)

    Ray: quick, smile!

  • http://www.womenfornba.blogspot.com Amanda

    Here, again:
    Kid: who the heck is Glen Davis? Mama said the Truth was gonna be here!
    KG: Glen Davis is the guy sitting on Paul Pierce!
    Pierce: (moans)
    Ray: quick, smile!

  • sean white

    yo santa all i want for christmas is for big baby to stop crying and the celts to play with more heart!!!

  • Daniel

    Kid: Man i hope Paul Pierce is in this box cause if not I’m gonna cry like that fat guy on the Celtics
    Glen: Huh?
    Kg: Shut up Baby!
    Glen:(begins to cry)

  • Zeryab Sial

    a lot of people say rondo holds the team together he also brings spirit in a red jumpsuit with cotton beards

  • connor m

    KID: Hey look, I’m on the Jumbo-tron!
    Glen: Santa, my turn!
    Santa: Are you seriously gonna sit on me?!?
    KG: Anything is possible!

  • http://myspace.com/xtreme2inspire Aarron

    KG:Hey Kid who’s your favorite Celtic?
    Ray:Yeah, I bet its me!
    Kid:No, it’s Glen Davis, he reminds me most of my newborn little brother.

  • Ivan

    All we want for christmas is one more ring

  • http://www.bebo.com/SupahhHuman Brandon

    LOL!!! twinkle twinle little starbury….

    Glen: All i want for christmas is my 2 front teeth..
    KG: All i want for christmas is my 2nd ring..
    Ray: “I miss the good old days when i could star in movies..”
    Kid: All i want for christmas is to see the big 3….
    Santa: Well i had to make the big baby stop crying somehow..

  • djon

    santa: kg you’ve been a bad boy, why’d you make big baby cry?

  • Matt Sampson

    Santa: And what do you want for christmas?

    Kid: I wanna Kobe Bryant jersey and Lakers season tickets!

    Kevin: WHAT!? Hey Glen when that camera gets put away eat him!

  • http://www.btylermargison.com btyler

    Santa: Listen, I already coaxed Stern into approving last season’s trade, and got you guys an NBA championship. What more could you want?

  • http://www.btylermargison.com btyler

    Santa: So KG wants a heart, Big Baby wants some courage, and Allen wants to score inside. I feel like a twisted Wizard of Oz.

  • Tom

    Adam Morrison finaly found a job white people can do better

  • Tom

    Davis: all i want for christmas is to live up to that “baby shaq” hype

  • rhillips

    Santa: Glen i thought you would be sitting on my knee

  • collin

    kid opens box: wow a kobe jersey, and a poster of KG getting posterized by bron.

    KG: what the hell santa? alright guys when santa is on his way to the sleigh, we jump him.

    santa: did you usay something naughty. do i have to put you on timeout like im doing with paul pierce right now.

    glen: im sorry santa


  • collin

    big baby: i get to sit on his lap next

    santa: oh hell no
    (santa runs away)

    big baby: what did I say

  • collin

    big baby: i get to sit on his lap next

    santa: oh hell no
    (santa runs away)

    big baby: what did I say

  • collin

    big baby: i get to sit on his lap next

    santa: oh hell no
    (santa runs away)

    big baby: what did I say?

  • collin

    ??????……i think i pushed the “submit comment” button too many times

  • collin

    Ray:whos in the santa costume?
    kg: jj redick.
    jj. can i be done yet

    KG: your finally living up to your potential. now smile

  • Victor

    Big Baby- I tought Santa Was A Big Man
    Ray-Just Smile

  • http://jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    Ray: I told you this would get Baby to stop crying

    KG: I know..But wait until he finds out Santa’s not real….

    Kid:Damn KG, it’s Christmas-put the intensity oh hold dog!

  • Tim

    KG: Yo lil kid, ask this old dude for a KG jersey.
    Ray: No way. Lil man ask him for a win vs the Bobcats.

  • http://roostofrondosretinue@blogspot.com Lebron&Kobe-SecretLovers

    Big Baby: Danny, you know you can’t sign this kid yet-he’s only 10!

    Ainge(dressed as Claus): “shutup Baby!”

    Ray: “This kid’s gonna be pissed when he finds out Ainge is not really Santa”

    KG: “Anything’s possibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbble!”

  • http://www.celtics.com Granville Waiters

    Ray: “Jingle Bells, Kobe smells…”
    Kid: “Odom’s just straight wacked…”
    Big Baby: “Lakers win the title this year..?”
    KG: “You must be smokin’ crack!”
    All:”Ho ho ho..Merry Christmas!!”

  • Jordan Foster

    4 Boston Celtics got to meet and take a picture with Santa ! (from left to right: Ray Allen, Santa, Rajon Rondo, Glen Davis, Kevin Garnett)

  • Matt

    Big Baby: I remember when i sat on santas lap when i was a lil kid but i broke his legs.
    KG: Santa i want a win against the Bobcats.
    Ray: Come on i want to to sit on santas lap!!!!

  • andrey

    KG: Damn! Glen’s sitting on two stools!

  • http://yahoo.com karon

    what happend did jesus come back?

  • http://yahoo.com karon

    look at that girl

  • http://yahoo.com karon

    smile for the fans

  • http://yahoo.com karon

    that little kid looks like dwight howard

  • http://yahoo.com karon

    man, do we all have to be benched!

  • http://yahoo.com karon

    it’s a bird it’s a plane naw it’s just lebron going for the dunk

  • http://yahoo.com karon

    sorry guys i had to replace paul piece for today

  • http://yahoo.com karon

    wow shaq finally scored a free throw

  • Scott

    KG, Ray Allen, Big Baby and Sam Cassell tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

  • donlaker

    this sportcenter up date just in : the lakers have traded kobe and gasol and bynum to some international team for future draft picks
    doc and danny there is a santa claus…..

  • Jon

    Santa: Yo is a good thing this kids here otherwise im the smallest here
    KG: thinking… Man im about to rob Santas bag of toys :smile:

    big baby: i knew santa was real

  • Nick

    When Brian Scalabrine asked Doc Rivers for a bigger role on the team, this was not what he had in mind.

  • DsLee559

    Big Baby: “Man, where Paul at?”
    Ray Ray:”Foreal though!”
    KG: “Nah, don’t even trip, he’ll come hopping out in a lil bit…”

  • Ramneet

    All: What I want from Santa is, for the Celtics to beat the Knicks and Bobcats

  • Ramneet

    Little Boy: I’m ten times tougher than “Big Baby”

    Glen ” Big Baby” Davis: That little boy is scaring me!

  • Ramneet

    Glen Davis- Kevin, is Santa real??

    Kevin- Ask Ray

    Ray- I don’t know ask the little kid.

    Little Kid- Glen you have grow up, you “Big Baby”

  • Ramneet

    Glen Davis- Guys look it’s Kobe Bryant, lets go get his autograph!

  • Ali

    Glen D:Hey KG Im next, I can believe im gettin my ring before you!

    (optional to put in if i win)-> Santa: Your not sittin on my lap thats for sure.

  • Ryan G

    Santa, Can I have his ring for christmas?

  • Michael M.

    Kid: Where the HELL is paul pierce, i dont want a picture with a guy that cried because KG yelled at him !

    Glen Davis: STOP YELLING AT ME KG !


    Glen Davis:There you go AGAIN, why do you HATE me !!!

  • Stefan Popovic

    KG: Wow this kids preety tough
    RA: I can see him being a star!
    KG: Do you cry kid?
    KID: nope
    KG: sorry glen we re trading you, he dont cry.

  • Roni E.

    “Cmon santa i asked for the lakers!” Kid runs and crys after picture. Big baby runs after him, “ill cry with you kid so you wont feel alone!”

  • Preston Haverkamp

    Photographer, “Okay, everyone smile and look at the Celtics Championship trophy over there!”

  • Preston Haverkamp

    If they are looking up at Santa’s sleigh, who is wearing that fake white beard?

  • Greg Violin

    Kid: “So am I sitting on Brian Scalabrine’s lap? I know there’s a white guy on the team.”

  • poohbiz

    little dude: All i want for christmas is paul pierce instead of this baby

  • Jay

    Kid: Man, I want to meet Paul Pierce not Big baby.

  • amrit

    Santa: Guys i want you to meet da future nba prospect

  • amrit

    Santa to baby: Hey im not santa claus, im just doc rivers in a santa coustume. In this box is a celtics uniform. we want u to play for us at the point guard position.
    Ray: Maybe he will pass me the ball more than rondo

  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=393423928 BENATES

    KG: Big Baby suck it up for the picture at least.
    Big Baby:But I wanted to sit on santas lap
    Santa:Not your heavy a$$

  • Feek

    After all these years Jordan can still fly. I love this game!

  • John Holtz

    What does Christmas and the NBA have in common? It’s all about giving to the kids and they have a lot of them to give to. Can you say child support.

  • John Holtz

    What the f#*%? We are World Champs and we can’t get a black santa up in here!

  • John Holtz

    Hey, Big Baby likes sitting down, that’s what he’s good at. Stop crying or you can start . . . as a Clipper.

  • Nath#4

    KG: Ray Ray pinch Santa so we can get out of here.
    Big Baby: If you do that Ray Ray then Santa and I will have something in common.
    Ray Ray: What?
    Big Baby: We will both be ‘Big Cry Babies’.
    Kid: Whatever happened to Christmas spirit.

  • Leon Huynh

    Santa:(to kid) okay kid in this box is a jersey and some basketball 1-0-1 tapes
    practice hard and maybe you’ll take over big babys spot
    KG:damn even santa think you got no game

  • http://www.myspace.com/linkstigatorkevin Kevin Wilson

    “For the last time, kid, Santa can’t get you Cavs tickets.”

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Santa Claus: “Big Baby . . . is . . . on . . . my . . . leg.”

  • Will

    See Big Baby, no need to cry – KG was kiddin’ when he said there was no Santa.

  • Turner

    Glen Davis: I told you Santa was real! Now that crying was for nothing.
    Kid: Santa ain’t real

  • Turner

    Ray: Too bad Pierce don’t believe in Santa.
    Glen: I thought Santa wasn’t real…
    KG: Anything’s posssiiibbbllleee!

  • Turner

    Ray: Hey kid, you play?
    Kid: Yeah, I start on my team.
    KG: You cry?
    Kid: Nah.
    KG: Glen, pack your bags.

  • Rasta Marley

    All of them: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

  • Taylor Smith

    Don’t worry Glen I know why you are leaning so close to me. Now what would you like from santa to make you feel better from what that scary man next to you did?

  • Nick Obergan

    Ray: I hope he doesn’t cry
    KG: I hope he doesn’t cry
    Santa: I hope he doesn’t cry
    Kid: I hope he doesn’t cry
    Davis: I hope I don’t cry

  • David Eivazian

    when do we play the lakers?

  • Danny

    Ray Allen, KG, and Big Baby all smile as santa informs them that their christmas present ISNT Stephon Marbury, as feared by all.

  • Myles Nelson

    Kid: Santa, all I want for Christmas is for the Celtics to stop fighting so Big Baby can grow up and become a real boy!

  • Brandon G

    KG: Glen, we told you if you act like a Big Baby, we gonna treat you like a one…SAY CHEESE!!!!

  • http://devingearty@yahoo.com Devin Gearty

    All I want for Christmas is to meet Paul Pierce!!!! Who the hell are these guys?!?

  • Glendon Wilson

    Kid: For once, I’m NOT the baby!

    Santa Claus: I know you’re the baby, Glen, but you’re too big for me, so I’ll have this youngster sit here instead. Smile!

    Glen Davis: Damn you Santa……

  • Jason Kim

    Ray Allen: Which Late Night show was this again?
    Santa: I asked for the Big 3, not Big Baby…
    Glen Davis: *cries
    Kevin Garnett: Anything is possiblllllllle!

  • http://tanefchotmail.com.au Aussie Tane

    Santa,there’s a little room left down that end for a few more Championchip banners…

  • Wools T. Mautes

    A Kid, Jesus, Bigg Ticket, & Bigg Baby; A Chrismas Story.

    Kid: OMG!! This is the best Chrismas ever; I got an X-Box and Players for my game!!!
    Jesus Shuttlesworth: OMG!! I got a trade and a Championship!!!
    Bigg Ticket: OMG!! I got a good team, coach and a Championship ring
    Bigg Baby: What you all happy about, I looked under the tree and I didnt see no starting position or any significant minutes

  • http://cedricalvinezyahoo.com cedric

    kid-(looks at glen)who are you?
    glen-big baby
    kid-wheres paul?
    glen-im subsututing for him
    kid-worst christmas ever!

  • Harry H

    kid-hey KG can i replace Rondo i have a jumper KG-yea santa said we cant sign MARBURY Glen Davis-Rondo is not going to be happy about this KG-shut up glen Glen-starts to cry Ray-stop cryin Glen this is why we call you big baby Glen-santa all I want for christmas is to get traded out Boston so they cant make me cry any more Santa-okay Glen I will see what I can do-

  • http://rich_boi_throwin_ds@yahoo.com KenLow’s2

    Smile, kid out all the stars on the team i got to sit by the bench rider for christmas
    Big Baby, my wish for christmas is to start at least one game.

  • LBJ23

    Hey Santa, all we want for Christmas is a win over the lakers and to keep our streak alive on Christmas Day.
    Sorry kids but Kobe has already asked for the same thing.

  • Chris

    Little kid: Why do I have to be beside the fake Santa and the guy that cries over a little pep talk. KG: because when I told him I was gunna sit by you he started getting teary eyed

  • http://www.ojhoops.blogspot.com the baconator

    Ray: Santa, my one Christmas wish is to get the ball more often. Santa: No way kid, you’ll shoot your eye out!

  • Eddie G

    Big Baby “My turn next!”, KG “Pssst, Glen, Santa’s not real”, Big Baby (crying) “Man why you always pickin on me?!”

  • Eddie G

    Scalabrine “Can Paul wear the suit next year?”, KG “Nah man Superman already has a suit, and cape”

  • LJ

    Glen “Really Big Baby” Davis: I wanna sit on santas lap tool!!!!!!!!!!

  • thebigticket05

    Everyone: No way here comes Michael Jordan.
    Ray(under his breath): Damn he looks pissed I should’ve got the kid a pair of new kicks.

  • Anthony

    Santa: yow baby, move a little will ya. it’s cramped in here!

  • T- Ray

    Santa, all we want for christmas is someone else rather old on the team, someone who is willing to ride the bench, not throw a tantrum on it, just ride it, and some thugness on the team. Heck Santa, just let us Pick up Marburry

  • ed

    dont tell him, just wait till he finds out it’s a pj brown jersey in the box….hahaha!!!

  • http://Mac.com Cdizzle

    Three big Cs and two babies

  • Anthony

    remember boys, coach told us to look like a family…

  • MD

    Big Baby: Hey guys? Is it just me or is that santa claus flying off with our trophy?
    KG: Man, and its got a label saying “Lakers 2009″ on it.

  • donlaker

    santa:, the jumbo tron says you got celtic season tickets kid , but wait till you get home and find those clipper tickets in that box, merry christmas

  • The Promise

    Ray: Dang santa, you smell like poop.
    Santa:I hope nobody notices I smell like poop.
    Glen: This is so great. Helping a poor little kid out. I think I’m gonna cry! (starts crying)
    Kevin:Be a man, man.
    Kid:I know who KG and Ray Ray is, but who is the fat guy?

  • Ariel B

    KG: All I want is to get a new bench, Santa…
    Ray: Please Santa…deliver Marbury to some other team…please…
    Glen Davis: Santa…I don’t want Kevin to kill me….
    Little Kid: Santa…Why does the guy to the left of me looks like he wants to eat me?

  • kaleb holcombe

    kid: forget about Santa i want KG’s and RAY allen’s autograph. besides that Santa’s white and fat

  • kaleb holcombe

    kid: forget about Santa i want KG’s and RAY allen’s autograph. besides every one knows that Santa’s white and fat

  • Josh Fann

    Ray & Kevin- Santa please don’t let “Big Baby” play better basketball and not cry while he is on the bench.
    Big Baby- Santa I want another ring and to start this year.
    Kid-Santa if I cry to will I get a championship ring too.
    Santa- I thought I was only dealing with one kid.

  • Nath#4

    Kid: Hey Glen nice shirt, didn’t someone cry on that team earlier this season

  • Nath#4

    Kid: This present is awesome I love it.
    Ray Ray: Psst KG I know what to get Big Baby for Christmas.
    KG: What?
    Ray Ray: A box of tishoo’s. {laughs}

  • jeff

    Next years starting five if no chip again.

  • Mike Mesick

    Celtics Starting 5 for the 09′ season(Pictured left to right)
    Ray Allen, Brian Scalabrine, Rajon Rondo, Glen Davis, Kevin Garnett.

  • Oz ball

    Photo taker: Say cheese
    GD:(whispers) i hate you Garnett.
    KG: This is why we call you baby.
    RA: Christmas should be about me, Jesus Shuttlesworth.
    Kid: I wanted Lebron or Kobe.
    Santa: Happy hour, anyone?

  • Mark Przybylkiewicz

    Glen: I want a pwesent twoo
    KG: Santa dont give presents to sooky babies
    Kid: hey KG your no better remember that time you had that big cry in that interview
    Santa: laughs. this kids more manly than both of you
    Kid: I love you santa
    Ray: hey dont love him love me im what christmas is all about im Jesus

  • JMac

    Santa Claus: Here you go, kid. I guess you’re the one named “Big Baby” here in the bunch.
    Glen Davis: *Nooo…*

  • Martin

    Lets all smile i think Barack is in the buildin

  • sb


  • Bmann2623

    Kid “All i want for christmas is you!”

  • pierce34

    Kid: Hey will Glen cry if Santa doesnt give him a present?
    KG: Well if he cryed when we lost against the Warriors then he will cry for this too. So i will take that as a yes.

  • http://slamonline.com Dane

    Ray: I cant wait to get home and have me some steak.
    Kid: maybe kobe will do me a favor this year and kick these guys ass’s
    KG:im sick of these jokes about me making big baby cry i think i will just cover it up with this beautiful smile of mine ting!!!!

    Big Baby: wait since im here with these two does this make me part of the big 3? oh crap here comes paul…Hurry take the pic already

  • Daniel

    Santa: Oh yeah Ray, that’s the spot
    Kid: Ummm….okay?

  • Peat

    THAT is one big baby to satisfy…

  • http://tresbienbasket.blogspot.com/ Henning Wijkmark

    SANTA: Sorry kids, you ain’t getting no more rings.

  • donlaker

    you have just won a 2 year subscription to slam magazine….

  • donlaker

    kid: wow bill russell wishing us a merry christmas,
    he is taller than i thought….

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Thanks everyone for participating in this month’s contest. Look for the winner on newsstands in issue SLAM 126, on sale Feb. 3.