Thursday, January 28th, 2010 at 2:34 pm  |  one response



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  • Jarret Christman

    I think it was last year when I was at home for the playoffs and my cable got turned off a day before the chigago-celtics series, so i sat by the radio the entire holidays listening and hoping for celtics victory, fast forward to game too , my celtics are looking different and and with 5.7 on the clock and game tied im clutching the radio as if ill break it, i call it the night before to my dad that ray allen would have a game winner. With 5.7 on the clock , set by a screen i think everyone knew was coming but couldnt avoid ray allen came off and shot on of the quickest/cleanest releases ive ever seen/heard off. SWISH!!! the place went off and the announcer was about to have a heart attack, I layed down on my bed and pictured it over a thousand times. SWISH, SWISH , SWISH. – now thats something ill never forget, ever, thanks for letting me share, Jarret Christman age 17