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Contest: Capital Punishment Tee

Your chance to win a t-shirt autographed by Kevin Durant, John Wall and others!

SLAM and Macleem Sports Wear are teaming up to give away a limited edition autographed “Capital Punishment” t-shirt, signed by Kevin Durant, John Wall, Brandon Jennings, Baby Shaq, James Harden and others who participated in the Drew vs. Goodman League showdown in D.C. You can see Harden signing the shirt in slide No. 2 above, and Durant autographing the shirt at 5:40 of the video in slide No. 5 above, then wearing the shirt as he exits the arena at 10:25. Want to win one just like it, only autographed by the stars from the game?

To enter, first go to Facebook and “Like” Macleem Sports Wear by clicking here. And yes, we will check. If you’re not a fan of Macleem on Facebook, you will not be eligible to win the t-shirt. Second, in the comment section tell us your favorite basketball moment from this summer. It could be a YouTube clip you loved, a game you attended, one you played in, or something you heard your favorite pro say in a post-game interview. Just make sure it’s unique, well-written and under 50 words.

A winner will be selected on Friday. Good luck!

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  • JakeP

    My favorite moment from the 2011 summer leagues was watching NBA All Stars come together and barnstorm games, and donating profits to charity. While not letting the lockout stop them from playing, NBA players were also selfless enough to donate money to those who need it most, even though they’re not making anything this summer.

  • Rappy

    My favourite moment(s) is got to be each morning, waking up, and head straight to the computer to the watch Youtube highlights. Residing in Toronto, we didn’t get the exposure to all those summer games, and highlights were all. I thank the players for putting on a memorable summer.

  • Jon

    I loved watching Matt Barnes’ charity game in San Jose. I was amazed watching Gilbert drain 5 straight 30-footers on 5 straight possessions. “Hibachi” was cooking like he was a Wizard again. Steph “The Future” Curry dropped a triple double, who does that in a charity game!? Basketball Never Stops!

  • answerbulls

    I loved how John Wall went all out everywhere he balled this summer. Can’t wait to see him on the NBA court tearing it up.

  • O

    Thought it was gonna be a Big Pun tee…

  • tdubb

    My favorite part of the summer so far must be seeing Kevin Durant play flag football with some local students. It shows that he actually cares about his fans and that he is very willing to interact with them. A small act of kindness from Durant may be a dream come true to his fans, and he made several fans’ dreams come true this summer!

  • Iman Elbanna

    The best part of the summer was the way KD balled from city to city, especially his 66 points at Rucker Park. Everyone knows Rucker Park as the place where Wilt and Dr. J dominated, but now we can remember the Durant era and how despite a lockout, basketball never stops.

  • TrillboSwaggins

    My favorite moment of this summer was my boy John “Jumpin Out The Gym” Wall taking names at the CP3 game in NC. Kid played like he was flat out on a mission and even caused LBJ and company to turn their heads. Betta hide your kids, wives, etc. because hes comin for all yall next summer NBA. NOW LETS SETTLE THIS DAMN LOCKOUT

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Yo, same here, Omar!
    I was mad hyped, that would of been ill.
    As for this summer?
    Man, eff this summer.
    Alls I’ll remember bout the summer of 2011 will be the lockout.

  • Austin

    My favorite memory from the summer was the Rajon Rondo no look alley oop pass to Kenneth Faried during the state farm allstar game. The only pass that I can think of that would be close would be the John Wall pass to Blake Griffin.

  • Austin

    My favorite moment was the Rajon Rondo no look alley oop to Kenneth Faried in the state farm allstar game.

  • Ian Yu

    My favorite moment of summer basketball was my game at West 4th Street. We won by a buzzer beater 3 pointer in quadruple overtime vs Team 524. Best game I played in all summer!

  • http://bulls.com airs

    favorite basketball moment from this summer…hmm
    well, i didn’t really watch any of those summer leagues cuz the opposition/competition seemed lame.
    didn’t have the time to search for these games, online or otherwise.
    i guess, it would have to be when i was playing 2k11, and i was russell westbrook.
    i drove to the lane, met by 3 defenders, and pulled off a between-the-legs dunk on everybody.
    sh*t was wild, son.

  • http://facebook.com/VeintiCuatroWalker George Walker

    My favorite basketball moment of this was after the 2011 drew league championship Kobe Bryant showed up the next day and killed it. Just when you thought basketball was done, the greatest in the league comes to Compton to hoop was an amazing moment. #Lakers #LAUNFD

  • Daniel J

    My all time moments in my life are pretty much all basketball related, but this summer I had one that well beat the rest. I’ve played basketball for a long time, and I am good. The only snag in my game is that im fairly short and not that athletic. Anyway, this summer I went to a summer camp for the my schools basketball team. Towards the end of camp we had to play 1 on 1 with everybody and to my surprise, I played amazing and beat almost everybody on the team. This experience helped me a lot while I was trying to make the team. By the way, I made the team.

  • Kenneth Harris

    My favorite basketball moment is when i was playing at an AAU Regionals and my team wasnt even supposed to be there but we ended up playing the number 2 team in the Region and everyone said we were going to get kill but my team perserverd and we played hard and we ended up beatting them 76-80 and moving on in the tournment. We didnt win the tournment but it was so fun that my team went out and showed out. My team is still playing and we plan on going the distance this year.but that was my favorite moment ever and you never know we could pull another upset

  • Levi

    Battle for I-95. It was great to see Philly players come out and represent. Playing as a team and having fun, it was over the top. Lowry, Evans & Warrick all came to play, but nothing beats Lou Williams block on Lebron and him closing out the game. #ShowYaLuv

  • http://Youtube Chase M

    My favorite basketball moment of the summer was a very inspiring clip on youtube, it really changed the way I look at life.
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=H2g0Pk3gBzI

  • rob stewart

    My favorite basketball moment of the summer is when the Minnesota Lynx forced me to stop hating and appreciate women’s hoops. Seimone and Maya were straight balling. The passion and skill level of WNBA hoops is great. And they play for crumbs compared to their looked out counterparts.

  • Ben Weiner

    Rajon Rondo throwing the best pass of all time to kenneth faried. A no-look alley-oop 3point distance pass… Dude should be a magician if the lockout goes much longer

  • Ben Weiner

    or the lebron james to seahawks rumors… i hate lebron but it would be pretty awesome to have him in the NFL. A physical specimen like him would be the best tight end in football if he gave it time. and also it would’ve been cool to see pat reily’s heart stop

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Airs, good one. I’m against capital punishment, so this is a no go.

  • http://myspace.com/gametimeweezy Gametimeweezy

    josh selby giving b jennings the bizness!

  • Whiteout

    HaHa O!! Me too!

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    My favourite part of the basketball year was watching Kevin Durant tear it up in FIBA carrying the USA team to victory. My favourite NBA SEASON moment has got to be when Rajon Rondo got his arm bent in the opposite direction during the playoffs, busted and bruised, but came back and lead the Celtic’s to victory.

  • Nolan Caress

    Me and 2 friends went to a court. We’d played there all summer and nobody else was ever there, until now. There were 5 people and it was small for halfcourt games. We played 3v5, loser leaves, winner gets court all summer (cliche!). Victory gave us the best summer ever.

  • Darius Sadeghi

    My favorite youtube clip has got to be the Golden State Warriors We Believe charity game. Unfortunately I did not get to go, but watching the clip brought back so many great memories of the Warriors’ historic run back in 07. And to see the past play against the future of the bay area was amazing, Steph curry is gonna be something special.

  • J Blackburn

    My favorite basketball moment of the summer is definitely attending the H206 charity game held at Key Arena in Seattle that pitted NBA players from the Seattle area against other players that they called the league. The Seattle team won of course with Jamal Crawford showing off his sick handle and Terrence Williams scoring bucket after bucket. It was just awesome watching NBA action back in Seattle where it belongs!

  • AlexR

    Rondo’s blind alley to Kenneth Faried!!! Straight Dope!!!

  • Daniel Dragicevich

    My favourite bball moment of the summer has gotta be seeing Patty Miils playin in his hometown league in Australia. Yes he is a star here.. and seeing him play live in front of a mighty 5,000 sold out crowd almost made me forget there was a lockout. Shame the NBA players aren’t doing there downunder tour in my city or that would be bloody nuts!!

  • Ryan

    My favorite moment of the summer, basketball related or not, was taking my son to see Team Philly beat Team Melo. He literally stood the entire time cheering and clapping.

  • http://Twitter@ho0pstar22 Melvin Conner

    i like the fb page….my favorite momment this summer was when KD had 66 in rucker and my other favorite was when john wall went off at the goodman vs drew league and another one was when kobe took over at the drew league hittin the game winner.

  • Jack Shelton

    if your a real basketball fan and SLAM fan and your always on this site like me, this is simple! every moment of basketball being played this summer is amazing! Jwall alley opp and dougie dance,etc. Shout out to the players for keepin the game alive.

  • J Blackburn

    Went over 50 words but couldn’t leave anything out when talking about NBA action back in the 206!!!!!

  • Milo Brown

    My favorite moment is when i was watching nba’s hardwood clasics. it was game 6 of the ’98 finals, and micheal jordan stole the ball. then he did one of the best pull up jumpers I have ever saw.

  • Steph

    My favorite moment would have to be when all the players stated their thoughts on the lockout. They said they would want to play overseas by also said they wanted to keep in touch with their fans. It really amazed me on some of the players words on the lockout.

  • Allen

    My favorite moment of the summer was Gilbert Arenas’ shoe giveaway. It was exciting each day trying to win a signed pair of shoes from an NBA player. Gilbert’s tweets were also hilarious to follow. It was great to see someone give back to the fans and let them know they are appreciated.

  • Sweetness

    My favorite moment I would be the seeing UCF once of my favorite college teams play in my hometown, this summer. It was one of my first times seeing a Division one team play up close. Even though it was a major blow up, UCF won easily lol but I still enjoyed watching the game.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Abe Schwadron

    Thanks for all the memories from this summer. Comments are now closed and the winner will be contacted. Thanks to all who submitted entries, and good luck next time around!