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Contest: Win a Jeremy Lin Authentic Jersey

Your chance to win the exact same jersey JLin wears on a nightly basis.

Jeremy Lin’s rise to Linsanity from anonymity is a story that gives the common basketball player hope. And now, our friends at adidas have hooked us up with Lin’s jersey to give away to one lucky common man. That’s right, we’re giving away one authentic Jeremy Lin Knicks jersey—the exact same jersey he wears every night at MSG while running the show for the Knicks. How exclusive is it? You literally can’t buy it in stores yet. Read the following question below and answer in our comments section for your chance to win:

Before Jeremy Lin burst on the scene, the New York Knicks were a lackluster team plummeting in the Eastern Conference standings, their season sinking along with the hopes and dreams of their fans. But with his arrival, the mood in New York City has changed—along with the team’s fortunes. With Lin at the helm and Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony back in the fold, the Knicks are a legitimate contender in the East. Sure, it’s insane to suggest that New York could win this year’s NBA title, but hey, so are Knicks fans. With that in mind, explain what a Knicks title in 2012 would mean to you. Be creative, be funny, but most of all, be honest.

The winner will be selected on Friday. Only 1 entry will win, so for the rest of the JLin fans out there (or fans of any other team and player), be sure to swing by NBAStore.com to pick up an NBA jersey, hat or other swag of your choice to properly rep your team as the Playoffs approach—and be sure to follow the NBA Store on Twitter!

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  • JM

    An insane hike in the price of my season tickets for next year.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    A Knicks Title in 2012 would understate how right the Mayans were….

  • http://showcasenyc.blogspot.com Ian Yu

    A New York Knicks title in 2012 would mean the doors opening for Asian Americans like myself worldwide in the basketball scene. D-Day could come in 2012 after this because an Asian American would be a NBA CHAMP! LINSANITY!

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    and the mediocre hype continues.

  • Curtis

    Since we (Seattle) lost our team, I’m willing to take NBA excitement where I can get. Linsanity is where it’s at right now. This goes to show that anything is possible and a chance of bringing a title to MSG and NYC in 2012 would actually consider flying cross country to catch a playoff game and expereince Linsanity first hand. This is all I got until the Sonics return one day so I’m going for the Linsane ride until it ends.

  • Mujeeb Ahmed

    A Knicks title to me would mean never being able to talk crap to my NY-Fan Friends. First they win the SuperBowl & if they win the NBA Title? I’d have to wear ear plugs around them!

  • Darin Munn

    A Knicks title in 2012 would be LINsane! After their rocky start, it would almost be LINconceivable that they could even contend! But with Jeremy at the point, nothing is Linpossible! Go Knicks!

  • Tyus Sllen

    please pick me, Jeremy Lin has inspired me and my whole team now to train so much harder as he proved hard work pays off!

  • https://twitter.com/#!/alfonsoslozano Alfonso S. Lozano

    A Knicks title in 2012 will suppouse the biggest surprise in the sports history, because before Lin the Knicks are a loser team. It could become a great event in NBA’s hype

  • Jon J

    A title back in the mecca of basketball would be like a homecoming. Almost like the Lombardi going to Green Bay (in which it did last year). If they make it that far I sure hope they win because New York may pull a Vancouver and start riots. Yes, I may have taken a sip of the free ninety-nine Haterade because what it truly means to me is that Lebron once again does not get a ring. On the other hand it will solidify the Lin legacy as legitimate unlike how some may argue that Yao was nothing extraordinary.

  • Marc

    To me, a Knicks title would mean that anything in this world is possible. At a time where the economy is tanking and everyone is losing their jobs, a man who seemed to be on his way out of a job like many others was given an opportunity. He could have let his feelings of being let down get the best of him, but instead he took advantage of the moment. He proved that no matter the challenges you face, how often you are neglected, forgotten about,as long as you have faith in yourself, you can succeed at anything.

  • http://twitter.com/rayqwerty Reymil Quiogue

    I’ve been a Knicks fan since the early 90s so: A 2012 New York Knicks NBA title would make feel like I can do anything. I’ll write a book, ask out that girl I’m terrified of asking (cause she’s out of my league, go back to college and get my degree. It would be the epitome of an inspirational season with an true underdog like Jeremy Lin leading us to the promise land; considering he didn’t even have an NBA team to begin the season

  • Mr. Graham

    A 2012 title for the knicks to me would be good cause i am a raptors fan and they lost on a buzzer beater to the knicks and that means we have a chance at a title as well.

  • Zzik

    As a Knicks fan, a Knicks title in 2012 would be great for me, the franchise, the city and MOST importantly Spike Lee.

    Seriously, if they win, can’t wait to see Spike Lee’s reaction.

  • Lexus Jerome

    A title in New York this year would being so much hope back to MSG. That would also show the world that there aren’t just 2 powerful teams in the east. It would become a team that others would come into the game already in the, “We about to lose,” mentality. It would drop the crime rate from October to June, because it would be cold and something to watch on television, lol. I still wouldn’t count us out Thurs year though.

  • Mvpitzki

    I personally am not a Knicks fan. I’m a Mavs fan. If the Mavs don’t repeat then my second choice would be for the Knicks to win it. During the 90′s as a young fan a personally experienced what having a lackluster team was like. The Mavs were the laughing stock of the league. We had bad drafts and played no defense. Having enjoyed the success the Mavs have had since Cuban bought the team, I trully hope that the Knicks can get to the point where they are a threath to win it all every year. It would make it even better if they did it with Jeremy Lin running the point. During the summer of 2010, as I was full of excitement to see Beaubois in action in the summer league, the undrafted Jeremy Lin (signed to the Mavs summer league team) caught my eye. This guy was outplaying John Wall in one of those games. He had the skills of a pure point guard and I saw him as the possible replacement of Jason Kidd, I was happy when I learned that the Mavs had offered him a guaranteed one year deal. Unfortunately Golden State offered him a 2 year deal and he opted to play for his home team. I was hoping we would pick him up when he got cut by the Warriors but we didn’t. I’m just glad he got a shot with the Knicks and made it HIS team. A championship for the Knicks will mean a lot (only if Mavs don’t repeat) because I had hopes for jeremy lin on my team and I hope he can win a championship with a team like the Knicks who really deserve to be back on top in the East.

  • Ozair Abbasi

    I see the jersey comes equipped with swag, does it also come with game too? Only one way to find out…

  • Zilly

    A Knicks title would mean getting sweet revenge on Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals to the tune of 34 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds by Jeremy Lin, Amare posterizing LeBron with a wicked tomahawk, and a game-winning, buzzer-beating three pointer from Carmelo. The Thunder prematurely celebrate, thinking they escaped playing Miami for the championship, then are heartbroken when Durant misses a Game 7 game-winning jump shot due to Jorts unleashing a fragrant foul in his mug. The Knicks celebrate by group-hugging and screaming “JARTS!!!!!!”.

  • Jordan Ramirez

    As a Golden State Warriors fan — and former Jeremy Lin non-believer — it would shock and leave me in disbelief if the Knicks won the 2012 title. Because my team is in no way close to winning a title, I would obviously be jealous of the Knicks and their championship — especially considering they were god awful for years before last season when they acquired Carmelo. Still, it would be awesome for local Bay Area product Lin to make it the promised land. Along with Carmelo and Amare — two superstars who haven’t sniffed a title despite their fantastic skills — it would make for a pretty great story.

  • Andy

    A Knicks 2012 title = R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, take care, T-C-B (sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)

  • Leon

    It would mean a more meaningful rivalry when the nets inhabit the Barclays Center, which is good for the league as a whole.

  • Hady

    Jeremy Lin has brought hope for all us Knicks fans and his performances have been worthy of the comparisons he’s drawn to MVSteve. He’s still learning how to be a starter and play heavy minutes night in and night out, but he’ll get there. The sky’s the limit for this kid! When the Knicks start rolling, it’s gonna be scary! A Knicks championship would mean the world to me! It would silence all the doubters of the D’antoni system and the Knicks “softness” as Charles Barkley seems to think! It would certainly be a true Cinderella story for all these players on the squad after putting in work year after year on different teams! And for me, since I live in the middle east, it would mean that all those days I wake up to watch my Knicks at 3am and 4am (haven’t missed a game this season) have finally paid off! Go Knicks!

  • David M.

    A 2012 Knicks title will mean the rebirth of a dynasty and the end of a 30-something year old drought.

  • Jzakoni

    God damn, this is story is cover with fan boys, I wish all your grandfathers could see you ride all over lins nuts.. They’d be embrassed

  • Ozair Abbasi

    A Knicks title in 2012 would probably make the world explode. How else did you expect the world to end? A Knicks title would make up for all the Bulls, Pacers, Heat smack talk I’ve had to endure over the years. A Knicks title would let us forget the Eddy Curry/Marbury/Isiah Thomas era. A Knicks title would finally make it ok for Clyde to wear whatever the hell he wants to. But more than anything, a Knicks title would justify why I’ve always been a fan.

  • Luke

    If the Knicks win in 2012 with Jeremy Lin at the helm, China will become a democracy and send us back our jobs in exchange for a Jeremy Lin trade in 2013. They want a championship as bad as I do.

  • Cody Daddario

    it would mean complete pandemonium and utter disbelief

  • Milos Sotirovic

    Personally, I miss the days were Knicks basketball was something to be cherished, with the likes of Ewing, Starks, Oakley, Mason, Anthony, Rivers…the list goes on. It seems as if the Knicks have been forgotten, and until this recent “Linsanity” hit, it looks like the Knicks are finally becoming relevant in the Basketball World again. We all love a good underdog story, and it doesn’t get much better than Jeremy Lin. Lin has single-handedly inspired fans all around the world, and made New York Knicks basketball relevant again. With Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony out with injury, Lin took the reigns and gave the fans something to cheer about again. Jeremy Lin jokes and puns aside, Lin’s story reminds us that life is about desire, passion and living out our dreams. Regardless of who you are you can achieve your dreams despite past failures, heartaches, setbacks, racism and even stereotypes. To be successful in the game of life you must be in the game and not sitting on the bench. And hopefully, as a fan, I would personally love to see the Knicks win their first championship since 1973. It’s been way too long, and quite frankly, is long overdue.

  • TeeKay

    Knicks winning the the title in 2012 would basically put NY back as the Mecca of basketball! The season was in turmoil before a kid named Lin stepped into the game and took charge as the floor general. He brought a bunch of guys and turn them into men. Not just ordinary men who play basketball but an unit who believes this kid is the real deal and feeds off the success. He passes, he shoots without conscience, he may turnover occasionally but he is learning. Basketball is happening once again in the heart of NYC. If and when the Knicks win the title this year, JLin would not only consider as a hero but he will be the best Cinderella story ever!

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    A Knicks title in 2012 would be…full of sh*t

  • David Victoriano Jr.

    “New York Knicks” and “NBA Champions” in the same context, no less, the same sentence, is usually associated with lava lamps and George Harrison prepping for the Concert of Bangladesh in-between. Whenever you think of the colors orange and blue, you almost first think of the losing stench of the New York Mets or even some unknown guy named Carmelo Anthony dribbling a baketball in a blue Denver Nuggets uniform not so long ago. Winning a championship would not only reinforce the pride I have for my team, but it would also erase the irrelevance of a franchise that I know should walk proudly being one of the first teams in this Association. I have and always will be a Knicks fan and winning a title would help me check off one more thing from my list of “things to see before I die…” I mean, really, come on! I’ve crossed off “See un-drafted Harvard Economics Graduate as Knicks starting Point Guard” for goodness sake!

  • http://nonstopsports1.blogspot.com/ LaKid

    I’m not going to enter this contest, you can click my name to read our blog to see why. It’s entitled, A Linteresting Story.

  • Noah

    As a non-knicks fan a NYK title run would mean more to me than should be expected. A Knicks championship this year does not bring me back to nostalgic days of Frazier and Ewing. It’s all about now. And that, I believe is more important. In these days of superstars a la Lebron and Bosh bullying their way to superior markets, the time has come where the NBA glory of old must once again resurface. This has to come through the heart of an undrafted kid from a school people say can’t lead you to the NBA.

    While the Kentuckys and Dukes are supposedly straight rides to the L, Jeremy Lin was never even given a shot. Here was a hard-working kid with a good attitude who lived across the street from Stanford, only to be further ignored. Through nothing but sheer will and determination (and perhaps a bit of luck), Lin rose to the NBA ranks, and grabbed his chance when it was given. This title would not be about Carmelo asking his way to NY. It wouldn’t be about Amare’s huge contract. This title would be about letting the superstars of today that there is something more important in this league than talent. Heart. And if Lin can lead the Knickerbockers to the most unlikely of title runs, then Heart will prevail. And young kids around the world will stop wishing to one day be Lebron. They’ll start wishing to have the heart and demonstrate the passion and innocent love of the game that Jeremy Lin demonstrates.

    That is what a title run would mean to me, and should mean to the Basketball World.

  • http://basketballbanter.blogspot.com AJ Salah

    Stole this from my blog from a few weeks back, but I think it perfectly sums up why Lin leading the Knicks to the title would resonate, not just in the basketball world, but beyond:

    “Rarely does such an improbable and non-polarizing feel-good story come along (…OK, sorry has anything like this EVER happened before? Not only in terms of unlikeliness, but that fact that you’d have to be the biggest asshole in the World to not want to root for this guy; he’s humble, well-spoken, obviously smart and hard-working (you don’t graduate Harvard and make the NBA slacking at any point in your life) and doesn’t have any kind of unnecessarily overt theological allegiance), and that it’s permeating into a media pool that’s inundated with tragedy and dishonesty is promising. This sounds corny, but plain and simple, the World needs more inspiration; more Jeremy Lins, more reasons to celebrate successes and believe that with driven application, it can be duplicated. If even one little kid, who doesn’t watch basketball and never otherwise would’ve heard of Jeremy Lin, sees him on TV, thinks his story’s cool, and gains the confidence to strive for something big and improbable, then we’re all better off.”

  • burnt_chicken

    for me a Knicks title (and winning the jersey) would mean selling the jersey to IAMORANGE4EVER after teasing him with it for a couple of months, and then donating all proceeds to charity. This I would consider fair turnaround for his thousands of awesome posts. I would love for him to get the jersey–he’s clearly the biggest Knicks fan around, and it’s only right that he gets it (I cite his contributions to this site as ample evidence of this)–but as a fan of a rival Atlantic club, and fellow Slamonline poster, I would really want to put him through his paces first. Getting ORANGE to beg for the jersey would be fantastic, I think. The charity would be the Calgary Humane Society. That’s right, all money to the dogs.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    oh lawd….

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    A Knicks title in 2012 would prove what they say is true, all he does is Lin, Lin, Lin.

  • John M

    A win for Lin (and the Knicks I guess…) would mean a 2012 electoral landslide victory for Lin/Tebow. LIN IT TO WIN IT!

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    A Knicks title with Lin at the helm would only solidify that the Jeremy Lin major motion picture would go into production with Ang Lee directing it. It would star John Cho as Jeremy Lin (Harold from “Harold and Kumar”), Idris Elba as Amare Stoudemire (Stringer Bell from The Wire), Drake as Landry Fields, Jason Derulo as Melo and Glen Close as Mike D’Antoni. I’ll review it, give it 5 Gangstas and talk about how i’d smash a young “Mike D’Antoni” like my name was Kirk Douglas…

  • Roger M.

    A NYK’s title in the 2012 lock-out shortened season would be sweet redemption for losing in the lock-out shortened 1999 season’s NBA finals. Allan Houston should come back from retirement and get on the bench for a shot at the ring.

  • xx_JOMMOMA_xx

    jeremy lin wont be the biggest tail if this happens.
    if the knicks finally win the Finals it will revolution the game. mike dantonis system will be reproduced everywhere and kids will get back to being creative and the game will be exciting again like magics showtime!

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    ^ O better win this.

  • Hightop23

    New york needs it, Basketball Needs it, Melo needs it, Lin Needs it, I need it, Knick York needs to Lin Lin Lin

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    LOL. Good lookin, nbk.

  • Mr. Venk

    Diehard Laker fans (such as myself) know #winning. We know value trades, all star talent, vetern pickups, strategic draft choices, high level coaching. We know dope broadcasting (RIP Chick Hearn). We know parades down La Cienega. Correction: We did.

    But there is an unsettling feeling growing in Laker Land. A cold wind’s been moving westward the last few years and it’s nearly reached us. What would a Knicks championship mean to me? It would mean that the Dolan Flu has finally left NY and moved westward to infect my beloved Lake Show. Money motivated panic trades and whiffs of internal executive incompetency have arrived folks. These headlines will move from the New York Times to the LA Times. Jim Buss has finally earned the title of Dolan 2.0. It would mean that NBA Bizarro World has finally arrived. Two years ago, could you imagine a league in which Dolan, Sterling, and Glenn Taylor field “promising” contenders while the Buss & Grousbecks of the world spiral into mediocrity? When Olshey and the Clips contingency laughably failed at wooing LBJ few summers back, would you have guessed he would be an Executive of the Year candidate a few years later? Would you have guessed, looking back, that the Knicks would have made the pickup of the year in JR Smith while my Lakers picked up Rasheed Wallace aka The Basketball Deathtrap?

    As A diehard Laker fan, attending that Knicks championship parade on Broadway, only three thoughts would go through my head. 1) Wow, Steve Novak’s a worse dancer than Mark Madsen was. Didn’t think that was possible. 2) Look around – NY has definitely rid itself of the Dolan Flu 3) Knicks fans are so obnoxious when they sucked, how bad will they be now? And they get to talk about how my Lakers and the dreaded Celtics have no excuse for being perennial losers despite having a great location/market/brand. Wow, the tables really have turned. Atleast, Lakers and Knicks fans can always bond over how Jersey Shore trashy the Celtics are. There’s always that. I guess. Simply Linsane.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    that Glen Close as Mike D’Antoni had me dying at work. I think they called an ambulance.

  • Ken

    If the Knicks win the NBA Championship in 2012, it will be a fitting end to the best sports story I have witnessed in my twenty plus years of watching basketball. As a Knicks fan, watching Jeremy Lin play basketball has truly been a revelation. He plays the right way – unselfish, fearless and with an undeniable swagger of a leader. If the Knicks are able to keep building team chemistry, I believe they have all of the necessary pieces to win the NBA Championship. My son and I rarely miss a Knicks game and it would mean the world to us if they capture the trophy!

  • Roger

    If the Knicks win the 2012 NBA Finals, then I would believe. I would believe D’Antoni’s system works, Melo is a true closer, Amare is a beast, and more. I would also believe Chandler matters–his impact is measured by way more than stats and that Lin disproves stereotypes and Asians (and everybody else can play basketball. But what would this mean to me? Most of all, I would believe in me and my abilities to play basketball. It would mean that I don’t need to change my game, that being “not tall enough” (or any other perceived “weakness) doesn’t matter–I should play my game, no matter what. If the Knicks win, I hope other people are inspired to believe too–if the Knicks win, then it means more people will start playing basketball the right way–their own way (and as a team, of course). That’s what a Knicks title in 2012 would mean to me.

  • BERT

    If Knick won the title this year, i honestly think the internet would shut down. dead serious, it would be freakin ridiculous.

  • Kevin Cairns

    A title for the Knicks in 2012 means the end of Tebowmania (thank God) and a huge spike of Linsanity. So much so that there will probably be about 5 different inspirational movies about him:
    1. His life.
    2. His rise to prominence.
    3. A comedy about him crashing on couches.
    4. His efforts of breaking down the Asian-American basketball barrier.
    5. And one more that has different characters but is “based on a true story” that tells the tale of the entire 2011-12 season through Lin’s perspective.

  • james

    i love the whole linsanity thing but i truly don’t want them to win but i would love for them to be in the conference finals with the heat because i hate deng brewer boozer and noah however lin is an amazing player but i want to see lbj23 win his first title this year i think they have a great shot GO HEAT!!!

  • NBP11

    I have not watched as many Knicks games ever since the Allan Houston/Sprewell/Camby era, but they are quite exciting to watch. Linsanity is a feel good story, and I am not rooting for any teams to win the 2012 Champ since it’s almost impossible for my Warriors to do so. So the Knicks, besides the fact that Jeremy Lin reps me as an Asian American AND as the under-the-radar type of person for most of his life till now (like how I am currently in trying to be an actor), become the team I like to watch and root for. I sure don’t want the Heat to win (I just lost my respect to all 3 of them once they joined force) so even though it’s unlikely for the Knicks to win it all it will be fun to watch them grow, watch them defy common sense, watch them beat the odds, and watch them become the feel good story of the year. To quote the Warriors faithful, I believe! (Not entirely, but hey how fitting that J-Lin first came into the league with the GState Warriors?)

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    You guys are lanes lol.

  • AMPduppp

    A Knicks title would mean a victory for one of the NBA’s most entertaining teams. Disney couldn’t come up with a better made-for-tv movie than this. When coach Mike D’Antoni came to NY, he got a lot more than he bargained for. A struggling team? Check. Two superstars who won’t share the ball? Yup! And to make matters worse, no point guard?? Ohhh boy! But when both superstars are down for the count, it’s up to Jeremy Lin, the little guy with a big brain, to save the team! Coming this summer… Disney Channel presents… Linning Time.

  • burnt_chicken

    and your lofty perch is awe inspiring, Red. lulz.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    I like O’s movie idea the best. Glen Close as D’Antoni is a stroke of casting genius. Stringer also makes a hell of an Amar’e. Kudos.

  • (un)ChosenOne

    What would New York winning the championship this year mean to me? I almost responded “nothing”, because I’m not a Knicks fan. Then I started to actually think about it, what would happen if they actually won with a guy that just three weeks ago no one cared about leading their team.
    One thing I know for sure is that it would mean I would have to cut out almost all contact with my family. My mother, who I’m not sure I have seen watch more than a handful of games on TV in my life, has been following Jeremy like a hawk. My father, a Miami fan, recently just said he was one of the best players in the NBA. Don’t take me for a hater, because I’m not, but come on. If J-Lin wins a championship, it’ll get worse so I’m pretty sure major holidays would be the only time I see them.
    While the above is true, maybe even more true is that it would give me hope. I’m not one who would ever usually say that, I don’t buy into hype and I don’t jump on bandwagons. However, if he wins a championship this year, as the starting point guard, it is one of those things you can’t really ignore. I’m a university student and I’m not really sure which direction I’m headed even though I know where I want to be going. I relate that to Jeremy because he wanted to be given a chance, to be a great player, but he didn’t know what was going to happen (would he get cut?, would he continue to warm the NY bench?, etc). Seeing a man, an underdog, come through on the highest level.. I don’t know, it would make me feel better about where I stand in my life.
    That sounds so cheesey, but it is the truth. I just want to say that if I win this, the jersey will go to my mother who has re-kindled her love for basketball through Jeremy Lin.

  • bike

    A knicks title this year would probably mean that something was seriously wrong with every team they played in the playoffs.

  • K.C.

    The New York Knicks winning the chip this year and J.Lin at the healm, would definitley be a memorable moment in NBA history! It will also be life changing moment for everyone around the world, young or old to persevere and go out fighting when the odds are stacked against you!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/college-hs/college/2011/03/sportiqe-tee-giveaway/ Noah

    A Knicks 2012 NBA championship is what I’ve been waiting for my entire life and is what the beautiful city of Manhattan needs deserves for what us fans have had to go through over the last few years a diehard Knicks fans. Living the majority of my life as a Knicks fan so far during the “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” years, right now I’m 20 years old so I started early, was absolute torture considering how much I love watching basketball and my Knicks play. To the dismay of my friends and family I still watched the majority of their games every year while viewing players who can fill out most of the top of the list of ‘Worst Contracts in NBA history.’ Then came the gutting years where I sat and watched rag tag players play hard to maybe get signed to big contracts by other teams in the league. Sure we booed during those years but doesn’t that just show how much we care? Doesn’t it demonstrate how much this city, this state, and even this league care about the Knicks (heck even David Stern got involved to make sure Donnie got the G.M. job). And then things began to turn around and not only did the Knicks sign a big name a start winning, but for the most part they were winning with their own players (other than Amar’e and Felton the core of that team were scouted and drafted or signed from overseas by the Knicks and we see how well that works and how fun that is it watch in Oklahoma City). Then the players we saw mature in grow over the years were traded to make room for a player that was probably going to sign with the Knicks that offseason anyway. While the two All-Stars were floundering in New York, Denver and the players who loved were thriving. The 2011-2012 season seemed lost for the Knicks a quarter of the way through due to horrible chemistry between Amar’e and ‘Melo and a lack of a distributer. Then all of a sudden Lin gets thrown into a game just for the hell of it and that’s all she wrote. Is he perfect? No. But the with Lin on the floor I saw this Knicks team having the most fun playing the game of basketball that I have ever seen a Knicks team have. For the first time in a long time, there is a positive spotlight being shown on Madison Square Garden. A championship this season courtesy of one of the greatest underdog stories ever in one of the greatest arenas ever in one of the greatest cities ever would bring a joy to my heart that only watching the Knicks could bring. I would end up either end up running around, screaming, and hugging and kissing everyone I can get my hands on or lock myself in my room and cry from the happiness, afraid that contact with other people may ruin the moment that I have been waiting oh so long to have.

  • http://www.nba.com Red


  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    A Knicks 2012 title would mean that nbk, Jukai, Allen, Enig, LakeShow, bull22, JT, niQ, and I would all avoid this site over the summer for fear of ORANGE.

  • xx_JOMMOMA_xx

    holy crap all that for a jersey.
    is it even a large?

  • justin

    As a Laker fan it would mean we didn’t win, as a basketball fan it would mean NY basketball is back. And NY being dominant is great for basketball.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    A Knicks title in 2012 would mean that Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki and Derrick Rose were all murdered, leaving the championship door wide open for the Knicks to walk into.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    ^But Brian Scalabrine was left unharmed right?!??

  • MBE18

    A 2012 New York Knickerbocker NBA Championship would mean I am getting married. I have been dating my girlfriend and she has been pressuring me to marry her. I have been telling her that I will marry her when the Knicks win the championship.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    @ nbk and M Cho, I was hoping that Glen Close line would make mine a winner. @ MBE18, did you ever REALLY love her? Might as well have said you’d marry her when the Mets win their division…

  • Omar

    A Knicks title would mean Hell has frozen over and I’m going skiing to celebrate.

  • Julian

    A 2012 New York NBA championship would mean that my dream would come. It has always been a dream of mine for the Knicks to win the championship; the Knicks being my families’ team to root. We were already ecstatic when they made the playoffs last year with Amare and when they got Melo who is my favourite player. With Lin coming out of the shadows to be possibly the PG that we’ve been looking for this season, I was really happy considering i’m also an Asian born in North America

  • rvarich

    Means Lebron will be Crying.

  • mike

    A knicks title in 2012 would mean a few things to me. First, it would justify players like Lin getting an education. Lets bring back three or four year educations being the norm. For the kids, yo. Then it would mean seeing one of my favorite players, ‘Melo, getting a ring. That would be great to see, espically if it were to happen before Lebron gets one. The last thing it would mean to me is a certain sense of the ’90s. Being a Bulls fan the anomisity from me would be great and I would need to see my team win sooner rather than later. From nothing to something in a few months would inspire me and others.

  • Hanoon

    Knicks winning this year’s title is like saying Lebron returning to the Cavaliers. But hey, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING – ADIDAS

  • http://www.yahoo.com The Fury

    A 2012 New York NBA championship would mean that they just beat the New Orleans Hornets in a very close championship series. lol

  • rob stewart

    If/When New York wins the chip this year it will mean the game of basketball will improve and become more popular worldwide. More minorities and Asians will have a role model in Lin inspiring them to try hoops out. (Think what Tiger Woods did for black/minorities in golf). Lin’s story also inspires all underdog’s to never give up. A Knick chip would also re-establish NY as THE MECCA and once again add mystique and prestige to MSG. For me personally it would mean I won’t have to hear about the YANKEES so much as if my Big Apple favorite Knicks don’t exist. I would happily blast “welcome to New York” (Jay-Z and Alicia) eating a BIG APPLE.

  • anthony

    spike lee would make a jermey lin movie

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    Ang Lee would direct it, but it would be under the 4O Acres And a Mule Filmworks…

  • BobBaby

    I grew up in the hood and didn’t have many Asian friends,
    Sorta put em in a box till I seen Jeremy Lin,
    Broke down stereotypes man he get’s it in,
    Call him Charlie Sheen cause all he does is Lin,
    He moves so quick I thought he was rocking COURT GRIP,
    It would mean alot to me if New York actually won the Chip,
    Bringing back memmories of Frazier and Pearl,
    underdog’s would be hype all over the world,
    Chandler and Melo and Fields and Amare,
    all got more game than the original Atari,
    If the Knicks win it all I’d smile and have fun,
    and eat blue candy like Lin so you could see my blue tongue.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Henkenzo

    (old school) If the knicks win the trophy i’ll eat my hat

    (new school) If the knicks win the championship it takes another 39 years to win another. Cause that’s what New Yorkers love; all the drama, all the time.

  • rob stewart

    I grew up in the hood and didn’t have many Asian friends,
    Sorta put em in a box till I seen Jeremy Lin,
    Broke down stereotypes man he get’s it in,
    Call him Charlie Sheen cause all he does is Lin,
    He moves so quick I thought he was rocking COURT GRIP,
    It would mean alot to me if New York actually won the Chip,
    Bringing back memmories of Frazier and Pearl,
    underdog communities would be hype all over the world,
    Chandler and Melo and Fields and Amare,
    all got more game than the original Atari,
    If the Knicks win it all I’d smile and have fun,
    and eat blue candy like Lin so you could see my blue tongue

  • red

    Why do I want this jersey? I got a hold of a friend of mine in New York who went to a Knicks game and asked him to please look for the Jeremy Lin jersey, specifically the rev 30 swingman version. He told me they were all sold out. I’ve been spending time on ebay trying to discover which ones are selling fakes or who has the real deal. I just spent almost 45 dollars on overnight shipping to get this jersey in on time when I attend a Mavs Knicks game in Dallas this upcoming Tuesday. Fyi, even if you choose overnight mail, it can take up to 3 days because everything from Fed Ex goes straight to their headquarters for processing before they head out. So for all I know it could come Saturday. But now to find out that the listing for the jersey I purchased on ebay is no longer up. I think I just lost a lot of money on a scam.

    What does it mean to me to have this jersey? Because I play like a combo guard, I’m Taiwanese, and I look at Lin as somebody I root for because he’s doing things I can only dream of doing. He is a role model. So when I get off work early and head to the game early, I just wish I’ll have my Lin jersey in hand while he’s shooting around so I can get it autographed. But now I don’t know if that will ever happen.

    What does a Knicks title mean to me? Hey Lebron, eat your heart out.

  • c.a.

    An NBA Title for the Knicks would pressure the NBA into changing the ugly ass Larry O’Brien for a Ming Vase.

  • http://slamonline.com Sonny Rosalan

    A Knicks title would widen this grin and these hopefull eyes! Coming from Filipino decent, I had doubts of an asian ever marking his spot in the L. Yao did his thing, but didnt last long. Now we have Jeremy who is like a Messiah to us and the Knicks nation. To top it off, we added the addition of J.R. Smith whos fresh off China – how more asian-inspired can I get right now!? Along with big names like Melo, Stat & Tyson, the Knicks winning it all would cause more buzz than the president elections. Im vowing for revenge on behalf of Spree, Houston and the guys back from 2000. Jeremy Lin for Pres.

  • Steph

    If the Knicks won a title, that will bring both joy to me and the city of New York. Having this amazing team a few years back, then having trades and injuries, a championship is what this organization needs. From the addition of Amare, then Carmelo, and getting Jermey Lin, this team is set for a title to hang on the rafters of MSG.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    A Knicks title this year would mean relentless boasting from New Yorkers at Bostonians. It would be a tough pill for us to swallow.

  • Jason Ye

    Being the only avid basketball fan/player in my family, the Knicks winning the NBA championship with Jeremy Lin being the floor general would be a dream come to true to me. With the recent ridiculous play of Jeremy Lin, I now watch Knick games with my family. Jeremy Lin has completely changed my life, family and church. We all are awed by his devoutness to christianity and basketball. As I dream to be a professional basketball player, each game Jeremy Lin plays in strengthens my dream even more. On the court, I now get more respect that I have than ever, I am never underestimated anymore. Jeremy Lin is now a part of my life, impacting me everywhere I go. If the Knicks win this championship, completely honest a part of my life would be complete.


    A Knicks title in 2012 will, not would, have me rocking a J-Lin jersey at my graduation.

  • idrees

    start of the new world order of basketball

  • startown

    Anyone else out there besides me that sees Lin’s numbers cooling off considerably in the second half. Now, I have not watched enough of him, and I have nothing against him, but he doesn’t look like a player that will dominate every night, maybe he has a 20-10 game, then a 13-5 with 7 turnovers, just a “gut” feeling but I could be wrong??

  • jpm34

    The Knicks winning a title amidst the Jeremy Lin mania, would be a throwback to history that I never saw. My dad who recently passed told me stories of the old Knicks teams. About The Captain, Clyde, Dollar Bill and my dads fav Black Jesus. I love those teams and I wasn’t born till 78. This years squad has a cast of characters that reminds me of the legendary teams. A coach that has every one questioning his tactics, a tremendous big man with bad knees, a Baltimore legend, an ivy educated spark plug. A Knicks title would be meaningful yet bittersweet, because I don’t have my dad anymore to revel in this team that now has so many elements that those teams he held in such high regard had. The garden could be Eden once again.

  • Naefy

    LOL who saw it coming

  • Justin

    A knicks chapionship win? No one would have seen it coming before this season. A win by the Knicks would be one of the most inspiring moments in NBA history. A guy who was often thought to be the athletic trainor at the garden, had just one chance, and he made the most of it. This man who was a relative nobody, when from being that nobody to being a star in a matter of moments. A Knicks championship win would symbolize hope, being that anyone can do anything if they want it. It would be truly inspiring to me.

  • Brad N

    A knicks championship for in me 2012 would mean a ton. It your typical underdog sports movie story, with Jeremy Lin’s rise from end of the bench 4th string point guard, to starting on one of the most well known basketball teams in the world and winning games with skill. Ive been following Jeremy since he was in college, and seeing his growth and progression towards becoming the player he is today has been amazing. He also has showed the world what the true value of being a star is, not the money or fame, but showing that being that kid at the YMCA playing ball with his dad can become a star, because every star was once a beginner. With a Knicks championship this would bring joy to every asian-americans face in america, and the true values will be realized.

  • Tamey

    If the Knicks win the championship, to me it means that my friends would stop telling me that the Knicks suck and the Wizards are better. Also, it probably means that i would’ve won the future bet between my Celtic’s fan mother of who would get farther in the playoffs.

  • Madterps

    I would dress up like a chicken and dance like one if Jeremy Lin actually won the championship. Plus that would give hope to a Wizards fan like me, give me hope that we can do the impossible like trade away Blatche for a draft pick, change McGee into having a high basketball IQ and make the Wizards an actual playoff contender.

  • Spades

    A Knicks title would mean the third New York Championship parade in my high school career! Since my freshman year in high school, both the Yankees and Giants won championships and since my school is two blocks away from the Canyon of Heroes, I got to go to both parades. What a way to end my senior year!

  • Addam

    The Knicks will become worthy of my hatred again.

  • Arthur Yang

    A title in NYC would only prove the true power of LINSANITY.

  • Torrence

    A Kicks title would mean that they would have to beat the heat hahahahaha which will NOT happen. But if it did that would be the greatest basketball story of all time. Linsanity and melo struggles along with a thought to be weak defense woultd be a zero to hero moment of the nba because let be honest the knicks were really bad before this linsanity thing occured but the knicks winnign is INSANITY


    Knicks winning a championship would just make Jeremy Lin’s story more and more like the rags to riches story Kurt Warner was in 1999 as the quarterback of the St. Louis Rams Greatest Show On Turf. Both Warner and Lin come out of nowhere to dominating their leagues, getting SI Covers. Lin is the “QB” Warner. D’Antoni is Coach Martz. Carmelo is Marshall. Championship.

  • Gavin

    A knicks title in 2012 would make me proud to be a raptors fan. Two/three years ago the raptors were at around the same level as the Knicks. Sure that was without Melo or A’mare or anybody else… but they were there.

  • http://www.thesmashbrothas.com zen garden

    it dont mean jack to me but id like the jersey !!!

  • baller21

    A Knicks Championship in 2012 would mean a lot. It would be awesome to have an underdog win a championship, giving hope to all the ballers out there that it is possible for an any team to win so they don’t lose confidence. It would also give Asian Americans more hope to have a big dream of playing in the NBA.

  • http://www.nesn.com/2012/02/kobe-bryant-says-hes-better-than-michael-jordan-second-to-wilt-chamberlain-as-best-nba-player-ever-v.html shutup

    If the Knicks win a title in 2012 that means that Lebron had another meltdown and I will stop defending him when all the people on Slam continue to bash him. I might even buy a Cavs 23 jersey and burn it on my lawn, then take the Lin jersey I’m gonna win from this post drive down to China town and give it to the first Asian I meet that doesnt speak English.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Knicks title in 2012 would mean that my Lakers did not win it all,and we did not make a big trade and wasted Kobe’s year. Also a Knicks title would mean that Melo showed everyone he is a superstar and that he can play with anyone. I feel that Melo is not being treated fairly and on First Take last week, before the All Star game, he had to defend himself as the leader of the Knicks. No offense to Jeremy Lin, he is living the dream, but if Knicks win ring in 2012, Melo has just validated his career. A Knicks title also would mean that the Heat, did not win the ring and more of Lebron is a choker continues for as least one more year. Also the Knicks winning the title validates that D’Antoni offense can work, Steve Nash just could not deliver, maybe because he does not play defense. A Knicks title also would mean that the NBA would become even bigger, because the MECCA of basketball just got a Basketball Title and New York media would go bonkers. BOOK IT!!!

  • dazzy

    Between the Brokeback Mountain/Ang Lee obsession, plus the D’Antoni “joke” I think O should just admit who/what he is…And a Knick title would mean all the lame haters at slamonline.com would kill themselves (Red, nbk, bulls22 etc). Seriously, they’d one themselves.

  • dazzy

    Seed, I’m a NYer and a knick fan and even I can see that you’re a Kobe stan. Kobe hates Nash so you hate on him. Lebron is a better all-around player so you hate on him. Do you have any opinions that aren’t influenced by your weird obsession with Kobe?

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com O

    I have a Brokeback obsession?? And since when is Ang Lee “suspect”? But yes, I do think D’Antoni’s a hunk…

  • snasty10

    Not a damn thing

  • Derek

    A New York Knick victory would be absolutely LINsane everybody would be going crazy!! If Jeremy Lin leads the Knicks to Finals champions this year, the whole world should be named after him. This guy is ridiculous I don’t know how he does but everybody including me loves to watch him regardless of if they are a Knicks fan or not. I am a Lin fan. If the Lakers don’t win the championship. GO LINsanity and the Knicks! His story is unbelievable too, he deserves this greatness through all of the rough times of being cut to where he is now. He worked so hard to get where he is now, winning the jersey would make me so happy and remind me every day that anybody no matter where you are from or what happens to you in your life one day something unbelievable can happen and turn your life around.

  • roybot

    I’m an Asian-American Blazers fan, but Jeremy Lin leading the Knicks to a title would make me the most proud fan ever. I have been following him since Harvard and knew that he had NBA game, but was pissed off when not even one team wanted to use a second round pick on one of the smartest and rapidly-improving point guards in the country. I dont doubt one bit that it was because the GM’s looked at his face, then at NBA rosters, and then back at his face and came up with the idea that he just didn’t belong in the league. When the Bay Area came calling, I thought that Jeremy had found the perfect market for him to thrive in. I mean, he was playing near his hometown and arguably the densest Asian-American population in the US. But the Warrior didn’t see any promise in Lin and again Lin was overlooked by some of the best(supposedly) talent scouts in the world. A Knicks title in 2012 would add to the legacy of Lin, Melo, Amar’e and all the Knicks for that matter, but culturally, the impact would be so much greater. Lin would be recognized as a national hero in the Asian-American community AND his native Taiwanese community. He has already opened recruiters’ eyes to more and more Asian players. Bias will always be a factor, but what Lin has done can be described as stereotype-murder, and for that I thank you.

  • Josh Edgar

    The Knicks winning the championship would show David can always beat Golaith, with the Heat, Bulls, Thunder etc. being the goliaths in the league. I’m in high school right now, and aspire to play beyond. It would give me something to be believe in, something that I can connect to. Persecution comes as a test of faith, and believe me, ive been persecuted, but that only pushes me to be better.

    I know youre going to choose me, but youll get my address later.

  • Knick-a-bocka

    The New York Knicks winning the 2011-12 NBA title, for me, would be a world-wide victory for silent letters, and those few words unfortunate enough to contain one, or more of these grammatical cancers. Growing up in Australia with a name like ‘Leighton’ (don’t-call-me-Hewitt), I have experienced first hand, since that god-awful day I became literate, the trauma and frustration surrounding these inconveniently placed letters. From the awkwardness and often utter embarrassment in the classroom when my name was misspelled as a child, to the countless corrections to the question “is that with an ‘e-y’?”, as an adult, my life has been slowly and relentlessly tortured/plagued by these plights on the English language.
    It was therefore an obvious choice, back when I began following the NBA in the late 90s, to support the ‘Knicks’, a team which I could share great empathy with (‘Phoenix’ sucked at the time, so were ruled out). However, I soon became to grow some proper, meaningful attachments to the franchise as I followed them over the ensuing years. The excitement of the Houston, Starks and Ewing era officially got me hooked, and the Knicks have been reeling me in further and further ever since. The mediocre decade which followed could not dampen my enthusiasm as I sacrificed mid-day sleep-ins on holidays to watch the Knicks play, and most likely lose, on a slow, shotty internet stream. It didn’t beat sacrificing reccess’ at school to sneak in a quarter of the Knicks vs. Reggie, or Ewing vs. MJ, but it was still Knicks basketball and that’s all that mattered to me.
    Now, having successfully reached adulthood as a Knicks fan, with hair surprisingly still intact and lacking grey-tinge, the excitement of the late 90s Knicks is beginning to come back to me. The brute force of Ewing has been replaced by the athleticsm and sheer power of Amare’, the high-flying Starks replaced by the Melo package, and even the shooting touch of Al Houston is beginning to be replaced by the creativity and sheer willingness of Jeremy Lin. This excitement has lead me to purchase League Pass for the first time ever, and the thrill of watching the Knicks win basketball games again is truly golden.
    The title in 2012 would make the past 15 or so years of supporting the Knicks officially worth-while. The Keith Van Horn jersey in my wardrobe is a sad reminder of the lack of success my team has seen in recent years, and is well and truly due for an upgrade. An upgrade which is however, minor compared to that which is needed, and which I pray for, in the New York trophy cabinet. Simply put, a Knicks title in 2012 would certainly not be a silent victory for me. Pun intended… unfortunately.

  • Andrew

    If the Knicks win the NBA championship this year, I will go insane. Not in a bad way, but in the best way possible. Being a borderline 90′s baby (I was born in 89) I grew up watching the Knicks with my parents, who are avid Knicks fans as well. We suffered together, watching heart breaking losses at the hands of greats such as Reggie and MJ. The teams were tough, they were rugged, they hung in there and even though they lost, you couldn’t hate them. All you could do was love. Fast forward to post Ewing days. All the greats retired. They were either too old or they were too injured (BTW, ALLAN HOUSTON NEEDS TO COME BACK). <– this is how crazy I am about the Knicks. Enter Isiah Thomas and years of pain and turmoil, expiring contracts, fading talent, washed up greats, etc. etc. etc. The Knicks were no longer lovable. How could you love a team with Eddie Curry AND Mike Sweetney? Players that were frequenting shake shack before shake shack even existed! Times were hard, but Knicks fans hung in there. We hung in there for a LONG time. And now this season. This season began with so many expectations, expectations that were crushed. New Yorkers were drained of their spirits. Thank goodness the G-MEN came though for at least some of us (sorry Jets fans). Suicide hotlines must have been blowing up. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT ASIAN DUDE FROM HARVARD WOULD HAVE TURNED THINGS AROUND?!?! No one. Absolutely no one. And now look at the Knicks. They're once lovable again. They have depth! They're playing defense! THAT's RIGHT! A D'ANTONI TEAM IS PLAYING DEFENSE. It's a beautiful thing. If the Knicks win it all this year, they'll have overcome the odds and prove everyone wrong. But the most important thing is that they're playing with heart again, and they've captured my heart, and the heart of New Yorkers. PEACE!



  • Anthony L

    A Knicks title in 2012 would shut all of my hater friends up. I have been wanting D’Antoni to use Lin ever since it was announced that he was picked up by the Knicks. Watching Lin play has been of the most magical moments in my life because I too am an Asian American and also a Lin. He is accomplishing a dream I’ve always wanted to become true. I remember when Jeremy Lin was first picked up by the Warriors and I told myself, if he becomes a Knickerbocker, I am going to get his jersey as I want to represent my city and have Lin on my back. I’ve always created my character in NBA games so there can be a Lin and now there finally is a Lin. Knicks winning a title with Jeremy carrying them would become the biggest moment I will have ever witness. I really believe Jeremy can carry Knicks to a championship this year. He would make all Asians proud of what we are. Lin will make all the Asian kids believe that one day, they too can play in the NBA and make it big. Jeremy is my role model and I will continue to basketball. Even if I am not able to make it, I can tell my kids that they can make it anywhere they want if they put their mind to it and never give up. I know that the Knicks will take the chip this year so I can finally brag to my Heat friends that your Lebron, Wade, and Bosh got beaten by my Lin, Amare, Melo, and Chandler.

  • Aaron

    Asian Invasion.

  • clownfish31

    The world I love,
    they told you to
    believe in your dreams.
    They told you to
    work hard for your dreams.
    Knicks for the win.
    Inspire Caucasians,
    inspire Asians,
    inspire Blacks,
    inspire all of life’s packs.
    A 2012 Knicks win,
    still the world continues to spin.
    I live not for JLin,
    he lives not for me,
    but for one moment,
    he, my spiritual brother, both loud and silent,
    understanding that we are not physically connected,
    yet together deeply rooted,
    in our quest for respect unexpected,
    in our quest to earn our pay,
    in our quest to find our way.
    When our brother or sister triumphs,
    when they play a card that trumps,
    they not only win;
    they carry us to new heights within.
    What is it you’re afraid of?
    Failure? Ridicule? Hate?
    Death? Pain? Fate?
    He who braves the path less traveled,
    will be awed and marveled.
    A team of Knickerbockers who stand above all else,
    my heart it melts,
    for it is not a group of 12 strong,
    it is humanity’s throng,
    that creates a piece of history;
    that pens this story.
    And it will be nothing short of glory.
    Choose not a life of imitation,
    but a life of inspiration.
    Witness success,
    under Big Apple neon signs’ shine,
    while standing in line.

  • Daniel J

    A Knicks title in 2012 isn’t one of my wishes. It would mean that my Atlanta Hawks didn’t win, which would upset me so much. As much as I like the story of Jeremy Lin, I don’t like the fact that out of the blue the Hawks have another team to watch out for in our playoff hunts. In the end, I hope he does well except when they play the Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals, than, and only than, do I hope he goes back to the days where he couldn’t hit a wide open lay-up. Thank you, thank you very much. That is all. Hawks pride baby!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/01/adipower-howards-contest/ Amer Idris

    Jeremey Lin is a sure hell of a talented monster. Knicks can make a deep run or maybe even a title. Jeremy lin is now my role model I would like his jersey

  • Al John Jordan

    When I think about a New York Knicks Championship in 2012.. I think about the passion of Patrick Ewing. As I look at Camelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire, I see Charles Oakley and Charles Smith crashing the boards. I envision seeing John Starks with the spark, as I see Landry Fields run down the court on a fast break in the NBA Finals. I see the power of Anthony Mason, when Tyson Chandler fight for his spot in the paint.
    A Knicks Championship in 2012, would make me remember all of the hurt and pain Knicks fans went through for a many years, but the rebirth of the great days of Earl the Pearl Monroe, Bill Bradley and Walt Frazier. The Mecca of Basketball has risen up again! Jeremy Lin has brought us the same feeling that the New York Giants have brought us. Eli Manning leading our New York Giants to be the 2012 NFL Superbowl Champions is reality. And just like Eli Manning, Jeremy Lin can make reality our New York Knicks being the 2012 NBA Champions!!! Go Knicks!

  • Cole Brende

    A Knicks title win sure as hell wouldn’t mean a lot to me here in South Dakota, but Obama could really use the Linsanity to increase trade negotiations with China.

  • RyandC

    i would’ve had John Woo as director…Linsanity lets the game winning 3 against the Raptors fly and as the camera follows the ball’s trajectory in slow motion , doves are flying around in the background.

  • IamYOU

    I’m not a NY Knicks fan but surely an Asian! So If the Knicks wins the Championship! It WILL be a BIG DEAL for ME! All of the Stereotype that said Asians can’t ball! Well he just represent me and all Asians worldwide that we can Drop the Dime,Break someone’s Ankle,Soar High to Throw it Down and We can Definitely Play BALL!!!! G’day SIR!

    P.S. Linsanity is Overrated!

  • Natalie Thao

    A Knicks title in 2012 would mean my favorite NBA team reached their dream. I would have the greatest satisfaction that the team I supported did not only get the title in 2012 but created change in society. I am small Asian girl and went through a lot with stereotypes and opinions of others. Seeing a team work together and get past the talk and stereotypes is a wake-up call to society.

    Jeremy Lin’s attitude about the media and his respect to others has reminded me to not let talk get the best of you but still be respectful. His respect is contagious. His opponents even show respect. For example, Kris Humphries states, “He’s a really nice guy. … It’s nice to see great things happen for nice people.” With Jeremy’s attitude you can see his team lighten up and are one of the few NBA teams that will actively show more respect than talk trash or say nothing at all. (Emphasize that I am not talking about all teams within NBA not being respectable.)

    A Knicks title in 2012 would mean society can learn to show respect, work together and achieve success. To me the Knicks title would mean I was a part of the support that pushed the inspiring Knicks to achieve their dream. Honestly I do not mind whether or not they get the title. After all, “When you play basketball, you don’t want to play for pressure or because so-and-so wants you to do it. You just do it to have fun and that’s the most important thing. Basketball is a game at the end of the game.” –Jeremy Lin

    But how can you not want such an inspiring, respectable, and humble team not get the 2012 title?! If Knicks get the title in 2012, satisfaction is guaranteed but their inspiration is endless!

  • Mike

    a NY championship would mean that every asian on the planet would start talking about lin and everyone from my sister to my grandma will ask me why I can’t be more like jeremy

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    LMAO @ RyandC. Dunn, Jeremy has a Chinese and Taiwanese background just like Ang Lee. That’s kinda why I picked him. I’ve been a Knicks fan for hammers and the last time we had a PG this effective – in a positive way – he got into a fist fight with that crumb-bum Jo Jo English. Felton WAS effective too, but ain’t put up numbers like Lin on a consistent basis with or without Stat. Son had a dope game tonight too. Big ups to B. Diddy too. Knicks bench is looking better than most teams starting 5. Word to the Mutha… was just listening to BBD…

  • Jon Chen

    A Knicks Championship would mean a lot … for the NBA, for the city of New York, for the true fans that stuck through the days of Isaiah Thomas and Eddy Curry. But for me, a Knicks championship would mean a title for Jeremy Lin, of which there is no greater measure of success. Not only does it defy stereotypes for Asian-American society, it confirms the belief that no matter what others may say, hard work and shear determination and a bit of luck can amount to huge success!

  • reynaldo garcia

    before jeremy lin arrived at new york the team was teethering at the brink of elimination very early into the season, but when mr. lin came everything has changed.with the knicks winning the championship this season, it will cap a very interesting and inspiring year not just for the players and fans around new york, but also for those people who struggle with their everyday lives and giving up hope.for me jeremy is a symbol of perseverance that no matter how down he was he still took the challenge of making his way up.LIN IS PERSEVERANCE PERSONIFIED!the knicks found a gem, and that gem will lead them to a bigger one.THROUGH LINFINITY AND BEYOND!

  • V

    WHEN the Knicks win the NBA Championship this year and will be hoisting the Larry O’Brian Trophy to the whole world to see, the world will finally learn to never underestimate the power of an underdog. The world will finally learn to respect ballers solely on how the play and not overlook them because of the nationality, race or ethnicity. The world will finally learn that dreams do come true, simply by hard work and perserverance. The world will finally learn that sometimes you don’t need free agency, big names or luctrative contracts to win ball games…just teamwork. The world will finally know that bad things do happen for a reason, and whatever happens, it happens for good. Lastly, the world will finally learn to live with a new dynasty in the NBA, that of the NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS!!
    The Knicks winning the ‘chip this year will mean a whole lot to us Knicks fans who were tired of the painfully lackluster play before Number 17 checked in at 3:35 in the 1st quarter on February 4th 2012 and went on to catch the world by storm. It’ll mean that hope does exist and it plays at the MSG everynight with (L)intergrity. It’ll mean that we actually have something to look forward to and wish that the same success and joy will carry on forever…to Linfinity and Beyond!

  • YaBoy

    If Lin turns the Knicks into the 2012 NBA champions, Spike Lee will direct the greatest underdog story based on it and FINALLY win an Oscar!

  • Jr.

    2012 Knick Title?……Best example of team play not just for basketball but for all team sports in the whole world…And im not even from NY but would wear that Jersey Proud!!!!! Nah…i just need to explain to my wife why ive been watching the knicks games since Feb 4, 2012….hahahahahaha

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    A Knickerbocker title in 2012 would mean the years of watching Johnny Starks miss free throws, Latrell being Latrell, H2O burdened by that big contract, Patrick Drenched-Jersey-In-The-First-2-Minutes Ewing sweatin’ as only he can, LJ doing that weird thing with his arms and JVG wrestling Alonzo’s legs, were not in vain. And that Harvard boy would have played no small part — believe that!

  • Adi

    It would mean Dan Gilbert is saved for another year, at least Lebron doesn’t win a title just yet, his (hopeless) Cavs would have another year to try. Mr. Gilbert would be the happiest man alive.

  • Y.C.Chen

    If Knicks could win it all, then JLin makes us, Taiwanese proud. Damn proud!

  • R

    it would mean i would get a cool new jersey! :)

  • http://Slam Ryan hunter

    It would mean the beginning of the end is nigh…it is 2012 after all

  • Angel

    A Knicks title in 2012 for me would
    Mean all those years when we were close (I’m talking abOut when the rockets squashed Ewing and the Knicks in the 90′s) would be swept under the rug and I could finally see punks like leChoke James cry Bc Lin and the entire champions would have dethroned him. I hope they do win.

  • Jono

    It would make me happy :)

  • Raymond

    If NYK wins 2012 title, i will enroll in Harvard and fulfill my dream of playing in the NBA, and becoming the third most famous Asian (next to Yao Ming and J-Lin) who played in the NBA

  • colby

    Seeing the New York Knicks win this year would honestly be a victory for me not only to see my team hoist up the larry o’brien trophy, but because i am a christian, to see a fellow brother in Christ (jeremy Lin)take his success all the way to the top. In todays age where athletes tend to not put the spotlight on their faith its refreshing to have a role model so open with his beliefs. Lin is how athletes should model themselves and to see his hard work pay off only gives hopes to the rest of us to never give up on dreams we have. The New York Knicks as a franchise deserve a win as well, its been far to long that the mecca of basketball has been out of the winners circle. My second favorite player on the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony, although maybe to others dentrimental to the team, is a key component for them to win. Seeing him finally get his acknowledgement and a ring would be amazing (plus as long as he gets one before LeBron im happy).

  • JM

    If the Knicks would win a title in 2012, it would be the fairytale ending to the fitting “Linderella” story By against all odds, against all doubters and unbelievers, would be an awesome story 20 years from now. Coming out of nowhere to Broadway Hero. Now, that’s a story worth remembering for. Very inspirational to all Asian-Americans.

  • Hiro Nishimori

    When the Knicks win the title, Landry Fields dry humps Lin in the post game interview.

  • Sam Skei

    First and foremost, BIG UP to SLAM for an absolutely FAB magazine. The last time the Knickerbockers tasted NBA victory was way back in 1970 & 1973, so a title is loooooooooong overdue, I’m sure Spike Lee can confirm that. Linsanity is probably “the answer” to set it off and he has got nothing to loose, just a hell of a lot of respect to gain, so LIGHT UP, NY and THEN SOME….Love y’all, all the the way from South Africa!!!!!!!Peace…..

  • debusch

    A few months ago nobody thought that the Knicks could win the championship, but some crazy weeks later a man named J.Lin make this possible
    c’mon Knicks, Linsanity forever!!!!

  • jayjay

    When the Knicks win the championship, I will wait for the following month’s of SLAM issue with Lin and the Knicks as cover story, purchase perhaps 12 or 15 copies, and hopefully get each one of them autographed by each Knickerbocker. You can call me Linsane, but I’m definitely Knoptimistic.

  • DD

    Knicks title in 2012? Um…..wow.

  • Jeni Bird

    OK, so every Friday my boss comes to work wearing his Miami Heat jersey (disgusting, I know). And since Jeremy Lin’s jersey is harder to find than LeBron in the 4th Quarter (sorry, I had to), I went ahead and made my own custom Jeremy Lin shirt/jersey to wear to the office. Of course some co-workers laughed, and my boss gave me a hard time about it and said “What’s the matter, they don’t actually sell Lin merchandise because the Knicks stink?!” So after coming across this contest, I feel like its destiny and my chance to finally silence the critics at work, and to see the look on my boss’s face when he sees me stroll in wearing an authentic Jeremy Lin jersey would be PRICELESS! So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Slam Magazine…HELP ME OUT! Plus, I will be forever grateful to the best basketball mag out there, SLAM!!! :)

  • Nate C.

    It would mean a lot! If the Knicks would win this year’s NBA Finals, it would be a big story in history. The true underdog story of Jeremy Lin. Knicks from zero to hero. The Knicks winning the Finals would set a precedent for the future. They could probably shock us all with a three-peat. If Steve Novak or J.R. Smith are in the starting line, you could probably have a BIG 5!! I mean, Tyson Chandler, Amare Stoudemire,Carmelo Anthony, and Jeremy Lin. Add either Novak or Smith, you will have a high scoring game and a huge chance to win the Finals. Novak is hitting his threes as if he wasn’t going to miss. J.R. is quick, can fade away or make 3-pointers when needed. This is the team to watch this year and for years to come.


  • AOK

    Giants 2012, Knicks 2012 – if the Mets win too and I win the Mega Millions I think I’m set for life. LGK!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Double J

    Well, first and foremost I’m a Native American ball player from the Pacific Northwest that pretty much has the same build as Jeremy Lin, and am also notoriously mistaken for being of Asian decent. Basketball is huge within Indian Country and it’s painful to see that we still are yet to have an NBA caliber player rise out of a Rez somewhere. Fortuantely enough, Jeremy Lin has been our substitute in that category. A literal, “come out of nowhere, hey wow he kinda looks like me” type of player. It’s been refreshing and rejuvenating, and if J-Lin takes down a championship, you better believe Indian Country will be rocking, and I will most certainly be smiling from ear to ear as people scream Linsanity at each and every one of my silky smooth J’s. Yao Ming step out of the way, this Asian-looking Indian is straight outta Harvard baby.

  • kubler-ross

    Free sushi for everyone.

  • Hendel L

    I brought my Knicks jersey when I was 10 years old due to the success of Space Jam: Space Jam introduced me to basketball. I loved the Knicks, they were my home team, they were the embodiment of New York. From that point forth, I played basketball every day, even though I’ve never been much of an athlete. I played because of the feeling that I was part something larger, shared by everyone in New York, despite differences in talent. When I dribbled the ball, I felt like I was at MSG, always shooting at the buzzer. As the years went by, the legacy of New York became overshadowed by the Lakers dynasty. I became a Lakers fan as a result, but it always felt somewhat wrong … the New York Knicks was still a team that although became underrated, still meant greatness to me. The Knicks jersey I owned sat in my basement for years, I would look at it with nostalgia, but the nostalgia passed too. The jersey wound up in different sections of the basement, but was never worn again. Fast foward: Linsanity. I rushed to my basement, dug for hours, trying to find the jersey as soon as Jeremy Lin became a household name: there was finally a reason to put the jersey on again, the magic was in the air. However it did not appear. My grandmother had packed it in her suitcase to donate in Ecuador, three months ago. So as Linsanity is in full effect, there is a teenager in Ecuador representing the Knicks unknowingly. The 2012 Knicks represent the unpredictable nature of basketball, New York, and the magic in life. A championship win represents the embodiment of the New York spirit, if Lin can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

  • Darren

    It would be a great day for me and everyone who was left disappointed by the loss in 1999 in the Finals,and obviously people who go back a lot further than me. In fact it would probably be even more of a shock if this team could get that far. Heck, find a jersey for Patrick Ewing in the clinching game and it would be perfect!

    And the latest Knicks jersey I have is a Sprewell one; I need an update!

  • Andy

    It will mean Lebron and/or Wade got injured.

  • rob

    it would mean a lot to the whole team , and me , to see a team as small
    as that rise to an NBA title , would be a miracle ! many would love to see this happen and i would love to see the faces of the likes of Jeremy Lin , Carmelo , and the rest of the gang ! THIS WOULD BE A ONCE – IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM – GRAB IT AND GO !!!

  • Xai Thao

    It would mean that if you work hard enough and persevere through the ups and downs, whether in basketball, education, or life in general, you will eventually be rewarded like Lin. So many guys would’ve bolted to Europe, China, but he didn’t and it paid off. So many people would’ve given up and start over, but he didnt. So many people would’ve whined and cried, but he didn’t. Jeremy Lin proved that no matter what people think of you, no matter what they say, it doesn’t matter. As long as you fight and don’t give up, success will never be too far away. God bless.

  • Joey Orr

    Jeremy Lin and Knicks linning the NBA Championship would be well lin-sane! A Harvard grad that was virtually unknown winning a title after a break-out season, lin-credible, lin-sational, and simply lin-spiring. He would be a true Lin-derella. What it would mean to me? I do admit that I’m a Sixers fan but I’ve always been a Lin fan, since Harvard and the Sports Illustrated article on him, so it would be simply awesome! It would be a lin-spirational story to everyone and would be a fitting end to an abosulutely thrilLIN season.

  • Garek Erskine

    A NBA title for the Knicks would give hope to everybody who ever sat the bench and had true talent that was never recognized because or their race or who they are. Most of all a NBA title would mean that it iss possible to win a title without a major star, a true underdog story.

  • Han Pham

    2 things
    1) Being from cleveland, it would mean another year that LeBum doesnt get a ring. Which would make me and the rest of northern Ohio very happy

    2) I’m Asian like Jeremy so it’s very inspirational to see him break the race barrier in the nba. I know there have been past Asian hoopers like Yao, Yi, and Wang Zhu Zhu but Lin is the first guard and most asians are small so we can’t really relate to the big men. Now we have a guy that can really represent us Asian-Americans.

    Choose me slam! I’ve been loyal to u guys for years. My room is covered in slamUPS

  • http://Slam Keith Conrad

    It would mean my 12-yr-old son was right when he said after the Knicks – Lakers game that Lin would be MVP of NBA Finals. I told him you are crazy. He responded, “Anything is possible Dad.”

  • ericsale

    A NBA title for the Knicks would mean for me that if you want you can. Would mean that a team with regular players can play basketball very well and the fact that playing as a team you can do a basketball show and make the people hallucinate.

  • Jammy Lawas

    A 2012 title would mean nothing is impossible and everything is LINpossible! As it will show how one man’s opportunity became everyone’s success! Should this be the year, then it would LINspiring not just for the Knicks, not just for the game of basketball, not just for sports fans but to each person’s life overall!

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    When is Slam going to announce the winner?

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    The winner will get an e-mail. But I think tomorrow.

  • Nathaniel Fedalizo

    A Knicks title in 2012 would bring tears of joy to New York basketball after heartbreaking losses in 1994 and 1999, to the Rockets and Spurs,respectively. It will also show to the world that the Knicks are as good as the New York Giants(if you guys can see my point if the Knicks win), thus help solidify New York as a title-bound city. The Knicks have not won a title since 1973. They lost a heartbreaker to the Houston Rockets in 1994, when they had the series lead 3-2 and lost 4-3. And in 1999, they stunned the NBA world when they beat the #1 seed Miami Heat on an Allan Houston buzzer beater, and eventually made it to the NBA Finals, but again losing it, this time to the Twin Towers of Tim Duncan and David Robinson and the rest of the San Antonio Spurs. They were overmatched and overpowered because Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing suffered an injured Achilles tendon in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Pacers. This saw an end to the Patrick Ewing era in NY as he was traded to the Sonics before the 2000-01 season. A 2012 Knicks title begins a new era of a Big 3 in the Big Apple, Stoudemire, Anthony, and Lin. The title will help bring back joy to Knick fans all over the world as they had to experience the defeats to the Rockets and Spurs, and not see their best player in Knick history, Patrick Ewing (who undoubtedly deserves a ring), get a Championship.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    Ahh, good looking nbk. Got my fingers crossed…

  • Kevin

    The Knicks haven’t won a title in more than 35 years and their last two times in the Finals were respectable efforts with heartbreaking results. They are New York City’s team, which means they are America’s team in terms of exposure and attention; and despite the dearth of recent championships, they still have cool and compelling history from the 70s through the 90s.

    In what was supposed to be a 2 team race in the East between the Heat and the Bulls this year, the Knicks have made enough noise to warrant fear for whoever matches up with them in the postseason. In what was supposed to be a boring shortened season, in which were were just waiting for the playoffs, the Knicks and Lin have made the regular season worth watching and added a much needed boost to the NBA, thanks to the lockout and to the David Stern ruling on the CP3 trade(As Iam a loyal Lakers fan, this still burns). One black mark after another, til Mike D’antoni inserted Lin into the lineup and caused all of the nation to create “lin” puns: Linsanity, Linsane, All he does is lin lin lin, LINNING! In 2012, 13 seasons removed from their last appearance as an NBA finalist, they have the greatest underdog story in recent pro sports history. Jeremy Lin has captivated the nation and turned casual and fervent fans of all areas towards rooting for the New York Knicks.

    A Knicks title in 2012 not only proves it takes more than creating a super team (cough cough…Miami Heat) but reinforces the team aspect. Remember, this is the team that was underachieving with all stars Melo and Amare in the lineup. Take them away, add Lin with a lot of role players and all of a sudden, a 7 game win streak ensues. As much as I’d like to see my Lakers win, and not waste another year Kobe has left, a Knicks win would help break sterotypes, help create buzz for the NBA, and help kids have a legitimate role model. A kid that went to an ivy league school. He didn’t make the jump from high school, he went for 4 years, maintained his 4.0 GPA and is now in the NBA crossing up Lebron. Even Spike Lee couldn’t of written something like this.

  • christian suprijatna

    it would mean i need to stock up on those sleeping pills, so i dont need to wake up from this dream

  • Cameron Fields

    A Knicks championship would mean the world to me. It would be so great for me because i would have something to believe in. My favorite player and team would win a championship. I have never before experienced that for nba basketball. Jeremy Lin is favorite player because he can flat out play the game. I really want him to win a championship because I like to see my favorite players and teams win!!

  • Cameron Fields

    LINNING Time is coming for the Knicks in 2012! Jeremy Lin will lead his team to a championship in New York with his outstanding play! Jeremy Lin is also my favorite player in the nba! He has taken the NBA by storm. The tim tebow of basketball. Jeremy Lin is my dude and so badly want him to win for me to be happy!!!

  • Steve Yang

    The season started a tad bit slow,
    With only Chandler, Amare, Davis, and Carmelo.
    But now we signed a player name Lin,
    Just give him the ball and let the games begin.
    Humble, hungry, and holy he is,
    Everyone now asking, “Who is this kid?”
    From America to China his name is heard
    And in every interview he spits God’s word.
    No bandwagon jumping and make your pick,
    Congratulations to the New York Knicks!

  • http://N/A Odaddy

    Before Jeremy Lin burst on the scene, the New York Knicks were a lackluster team plummeting in the Eastern Conference standings, their season sinking along with the hopes and dreams of their fans. But with his arrival, the mood in New York City has changed—along with the team’s fortunes. With Lin at the helm and Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony back in the fold, the Knicks are a legitimate contender in the East. Sure, it’s insane to suggest that New York could win this year’s NBA title, but hey, so are Knicks fans. With that in mind, explain what a Knicks title in 2012 would mean to you. Be creative, be funny, but most of all, be honest.

    I’ve been a huge Knick fan since 2011 and i chose them because of the beautiful stage at Madison Square Garden,broadway lights, abstract colors on their jerseys it felt so iconic and inspirational to watch a game of basketball there. I watched just about every game online because i live in California and their all Lakers fan here which i absolutely hate LOL yeah i guess i am one of the few.It was so frustrating to watch the 2011 playoffs, first 23 game, and to only come away with 8-15 record; but i continued to loved them i guess now i knew at least some of the pain Knicks fan have enduring over the last decade or so. Then again i couldn’t imagine how fast my heart would be beating when Patrick Ewing missed a wide open layup smh lol or Reggie Miller taunting Spike Lee and the Knicks with the well known choke symbol. When Jeremy Lin had his second big game i had just arrived home and my father was watching ESPN. It was about Jermey Lin 28 points, 8 assists, etc. I was so happy i was in complete and utter bliss i hadn’t been that happy in years.

  • http://N/A Odaddy

    I’ve been a huge Knick fan since 2011 and i chose them because of the beautiful stage at Madison Square Garden,broadway lights, abstract colors on their jerseys because it felt so iconic and inspirational to watch a game of basketball there. I watched just about every game online because i live in California and their all Lakers fan here which i absolutely hate LOL yeah i guess i am one of the few.It was so frustrating to watch the first 23 games and to only come away with 8-15 record. Though i continued to be a fan of the Knicks i guess now i knew at least some of the pain Knicks fan have endured over the last two decade or so. Then again i couldn’t imagine how fast my heart would be beating when Patrick Ewing missed a wide open layup(smh lol) or Reggie Miller taunting Spike Lee and the Knicks with the choke symbol, even Reggie grabbing his crotch towards Spike Lee. (LOL who does that)When Jeremy Lin had his second big game or first start i had just arrived home, and my father was watching ESPN. It was about Jermey Lin 28 points plus 8 assist. I was so happy i was in complete and utter bliss i mean i could not stop smiling. The joy that filled me i hadn’t been that happy in years. It was then i jumped on the Lin bandwagon and boy is it a great ride. A Knicks title would mean the whole entire world for me, the inspirational “Linsanity” ; a testament to people all over the globe that through hardwork, dedication, and the mentality Don’t Quit you can achieve your dream.

  • http://greenstreetgame.blogspot.com/ Michael Beranger

    I was Born in Massachusetts, and went to Matignon high School, in Cambridge Ma, which is very close to Harvard University. I did not play basketball but I played hockey and ran Cross Country track. To keep in shape our track team ran through Harvard Square, and Harvard University frequently! As I would run through the Harvard Square, I never knew that they would ever produce an athlete like Jeremy Lin, it’s hard to believe! I would call it a miracle, but I would love that Jersey! Size XXXL or as close to that size as possible! It would be funny a Celtic’s Fan wearing that jersey to my gym where they all know how much I love the Celtics as well as all other Boston Teams!

  • twinparadox

    A Knicks championship would be the turning point of the NBA. 20 years from now, they’ll look back at year 2012 (that is if we aren’t all dead yet) and they’ll point of the Knicks championship as the start of an era where Asians ruled the NBA…20 years from now, a starting line up of five asians will win a championship for the Hawaii Tropicals and they’ll all talk about how Lin and the ’12 Knicks started it all…
    A Knicks championship is just to show how much powerful imagination can be…

  • lin-melo

    If the New York Knicks win this would be a history in the NBA that Asian American to win a NBA Championship.This proves that any person boy or girl can have their dream come true.Lin gave me hope, That I one day could be where he is.

  • Josh Jin

    “Chink in the Armor”. This pernicious headline was used by an ESPN reporter to describe Jeremy Lin’s subpar performance against the Heat. Being an Asian-American myself, I was utterly shocked that ESPN would be foolish enough to post a heading like this. The fact that racism is still prevalent in American society is shocking to me because it is such a great country. Although basketball to some people is just a game, I believe that if the Knicks win the 2012 NBA Championship, they could break racial barriers and stereotypes in America’s community.

    Speechless. How else could you describe Jeremy Lin’s play? Jeremy Lin epitomizes every Asian-American baller’s dream: Harvard, degree in economics, and in the NBA playing for the Knicks. Prior to his arrival, the Knicks were going nowhere. As an avid fan, I could even sense the loss of motivation in the players and loss of trust in Mike D’Antoni. Jeremy Lin changed all of this. He inspired the team and community, but most importantly he brought immediate pride to Asians.

    His high level of play doesn’t just effect the Knicks. He effects a huge range of people, from the huge global market in Asia to a pickup game in the gym where usually an asian player would be picked last but now is viewed differently because of Jeremy Lin’s success. To say he just effects basketball would be undermining his impact. He is rapidly tearing down the racial stereotypes every time he scores the basketball.

    If the Knicks win the championship, Jeremy Lin will be remembered forever. He will be enshrined as a catalyst for the success of the Knicks and this enshrinement will allow future fans to see that asians are not an inferior race when it comes to athletics. This small step will eventually blossom into equality among all races. Although many people can see this as being too optimistic, I wouldn’t count anything out after watching him score 38 against Kobe Bryant.

  • Gonzalo

    I’m from Spain so in my case an nba ring for Lin&cia would supose funny nights with my brother, hooking by the phantasy atmosphear that these knicks show from Jeremy arrived to the MSG. These Knicks rocks and we would cheer like no one in our town with the championship. I think that Spikee Lee could heard us from NY.

  • Liam tang

    First of all i must say, as an asian australian who is a basketball fanatic, what jeremy has done is simpily amazing. not only for asians aspiring to be star athletes but people all over the world who are either underdogs or have the odds stacked against them. he has shown that any thing is possible as long as you have the dedication and the heart toward what you are passionate about. Anywho, back to the lecture at hand, what a knicks title would mean to me is that it would show that there is still hope for anyone in the world who are underdogs or for those who have been doubted their whole life. hypothetically if the knicks win, the factor of tyson chandler, the play of stebe novak of late, jr smith and both allstars would play a huge role but with lin on that team leading the offense it is clear that he is probably the biggest factor in that lineup. it is almost every aspiring basketballers dream to bring the fans to their feet also with them chanting your name as you play amazing basketball. at the moment, jeremy is my role model and motivates me to push myself to my maximum potential and make a name for myself, furthering the recent barrier breaking and asian stereotype crushing.

  • Joe Young

    A Knicks’ championship would be the full return of the magic that Michael Jordan took with him when he retired. The NBA would be reborn – where team-play, real heroes, heart, effort, and improvement are celebrated. This would be the beginning of a Knicks Dynasty that would span history and redefine the game for generations to come. Lets go Knicks Dynasty – starting in 2012!

  • http://slamonline.com/ Abe Schwadron

    Thanks for all the awesome entries! A winner has been selected, and contacted via e-mail. Comments are now closed. Keep it locked to SLAMonline for more giveaways!

  • http://slamonline.com/ Abe Schwadron

    The winner, by the way, was Andrew, whose passion for the Knicks jumped off the page. Wear it proudly, Andrew!