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Contest: Our 6th Man T-Shirts

Leave a comment, win a fresh tee.

It’s been quite an unreal summer for the Los Angeles Lakers. After getting booted in five games by the eventual Western Conference Champion OKC Thunder, everybody in Laker land—Kobe, Pau, Mike Brown, Metta, Andrew Bynum, Mitch and everyone else—took some time to reflect and asses the situation. Five games? Really? After all, it was Laker land, where anything less than an NBA Finals appearance is considered not only a failure, but a travesty. Especially when you have Kobe Bryant anchoring the ship.

So, what did Mitch Kupchak do? He went back in the lab and, you know, acquired legendary PG Steve Nash, still-capable swingman Antawn Jamison and arguably the best defensive center in NBA history in Dwight Howard, all while retaining skilled big man Pau Gasol. Just like that, the Hollywood buzz was revived. And just like that, order was restored; on paper, L.A. is one of the four best teams in the League once again.

Apparel company Our 6th Man has created a line of fresh series of t-shirts featuring the one thing that seems to have always been steady for the Lakers: actor/mega-fan Jack Nicholson. Here’s your chance to win one.

All you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment below with a prediction of how far the Lakers will go next season and why. Will Nash, Kobe and Dwight make the Finals in their first season together? Will they get booted in the early rounds again? You tell us.

Three winners will be picked by this Friday, August 31, and contacted early next week. Good luck!

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  • http://twitter.com/LVTheGod Mr. Puss E. Poppins

    I’m Predicting WCF. OKC In 7 KD Has Tasted Finals Blood And Will Will His Team To Win

  • E-Breezy

    Just because they look good on paper doesn’t mean championship. The Thunder have the ability to keep up with the best and Russell Westbrook will have a field day being guarded by 38 year old Nash. Western conference finals for the Lakers at best.

  • PakkAttackk

    I think the Lakers will lose in 6 games to the OKC Thunder. Even though LA has Dwight protecting the rim behind Nash, Westbrook will still get his & there is still no stopping Durant. There’s gonna be chemistry issues too, Kobe isn’t just gonna give up shots for Dwight. He’s gonna get treated exactly like Bynum..

  • http://twitter.com/source24 Ishaan Mishra

    Lakers will get to the finals if the can gel. If the chemistry between Dwight, Kobe, Nash, and Pau work out, it is going to be really scary for other teams to stop such a balanced attack.

  • Rob Stewart

    They will lose to the team that stays just across the hall from them. That’s right the Los Angeles Blakers will beat them. CP3 will go nuts on what should have been his Lakers team by avg a triple double. Lamar Odom will also play the best 5 games of his life as he helps put away the lakers in 5 games in rd. 2 of the playoffs. And eventually Jack Nicholson will be a Clippe fan

  • http://twitter.com/Jew94 Ariel Rosenfeld

    WCF winners. Nash and Howard are exactly the players the Lakers need to compliment Kobe

  • Josef


  • Aaron

    Lakers will win the West they look really good on paper and should look as we on the court Nash will make this player playing much EZ they will be much better on D 2 bigs that are top 10 in the NBA don’t sleep on the Lakers..

  • Timmy

    The lakers will lose in wcf to OKC! As much as I’d love to see Kobe get that 6th ring OKC is the new bully in the west and unless we get some depth on the bench they’ll still be the team to beat…

  • Drew Thorn

    Win the finals in 6 over MIA

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    Lakers lose in 6 to Miami, chemistry issues and nagging injuries make them no match for this new meaner LeBron.


    Lakers all the way this year, baby! They are going to be good not just “in paper” but on the court too! As for the other teams, true: OKC, Miami, and those suckers, LA Blakers, will try as always – but they just don’t have it in them to win Championships like the Lakers do. Odom? Odom who?! He is too busy doing Kardeshian Commercials!! Nobody does have it in blood the way Black Mamba has it in his blood to fight and win! And the fans- Sixth Man included- will be there to support them. As always! Are you ready to watch? Get ready!

  • doitmitch!

    Anything less than the Finals will be a disaster. With OKC’s top four guys all playing until June and then all the way to the gold medal game in the Olympics, they will burnout. Lakers are stacked enough to rest Kobe and Pau as needed, pushing them past OKC to the Finals. Lake Show wins the Finals and in November 2013 Mitch Kupchak gets his own statue outside Staples!

  • PJ

    I think that Kobe and the Lakers make it to the Finals this year. The Kobe v. LeBron matchup will finally be fulfilled.

    The experience and seniority will take over this team in Kobe and Nash. Being in their final years (Kobe claiming he’s only playing till 35) and Nash at 38 years old, their will to win a championship will beat out the other teams.

    With 2 former MVP’s and 2 former DPOY on the starting lineup, including West All-Star, Pau Gasol, they will be too much to handle. They have Barnes, Jamison, Meeks, and Jordan Hill (who proved himself against the Thunder last playoffs) coming off the bench as a solid rotation for the starters.

    I believe that Pau and Dwight will be the ones to lose touches offensively, and allow Nash to facilitate and Kobe to work on his own. With so many offensive weapons and versatility on the court at all times, Kobe will be able to return to potent form.

    Now, the OKC Thunder are the biggest threat, and have the greatest chance of beating the Lakers, but throughout a series, I believe the Lakers will win. The Spurs are being slept on again this year and WILL finish in the top 3 in the West, but they have always fallen in the playoffs. The Clippers are also interesting with CP3, Jamal Crawford, Blake Griffin, Chauncey, & Lamar. But they don’t have presence in the paint, with DeAndre Jordan lacking elite offensive skill.

    Nash & Pau can pick and roll or pick and pop. Nash and Dwight will be connecting on alley-oops. Nash can force defenses to stay true by his ability to stretch the defense with his 3. And Kobe will score on anyone.

    I’m thinking that the Lakers will go back-to-back Championships.

  • KevinWarren

    The Lakers will lose the OKC in the WCF if they make it there at all. The Lakers are still old and the addition of Nash, while helpful to the Lakers offense, will hurt them defensively. OKC is young, stacked and hungry. Too much for Kobe and company to handle.

  • hawk4

    cosign pj. the conf. finals should be nice too.

  • http://twitter.com/therealgaber Gabe Lee

    I think the Lakers’ new superstar additions automatically makes them the perennial favourite in the Western Conference if Dwight Howard comes back 100%. They’ll also be able to outlast the Heat in the finals due to the bench being strengthened (Jodie Meeks, Antawn Jamison). The only potential problem I see is how Kobe and Nash co-exist on offence, they’re saying all the right things but we’ll see how it pans out when it all tips off.

    Hope I win the shirt, thanks for the contest SLAM!

  • KingTingba

    The lakers will make it to the finals. They will beat OKC in the WCF simply on matchups. The X-factor last season was Westbrook torching the laker guards and by no means this season he won’t do the same to steve nash. But Kendrick Perkins overated defense will be exposed when he has to go against dwight howard. They cant afford to double dwight and leave gasol, which is where the lakers will win. say what you want about how dwight got out of orlando, but the guy is the best center in the league.

  • DD

    They’ll win 55 games and win the 3rd seed in the West behind OKC and San Antonio. They’ll make it to the NBA Finals by beating OKC. However, they’ll lose to the Heat in 6. The talent is there for the Lakers, but chemistry wouldn’t be as great as some might think. Plus they have to get used to a new system if they’re going with the Princeton offense.

  • James H

    While 5 games may seem like an old fashioned whooping, those who watched the games know how competitive they were. A lot of people like to put the Lakers’ shortcomings last season on either Kobe, Bynum, or Pau, but look at the drop off of talent after that. It kind of reminded me of the major gaps in wealth in countries like India. After Pau, the most serviceable players on the team were probably Matt Barnes and Steve Blake (until Sessions and Hill came along). The Lakers had the worst bench in the NBA, and were starting Dfish and Metta (The worst starting PG and SF in the league). So Dwight Howard aside, the additions of Nash, Meeks, and the extremely underrated pickup of Jamison completely chance this teams dynamic. The Lakers not only covered their DRASTIC need for some outside shooting, but they also provided a very nice scoring punch off of the bench.
    With all those major holes filled, I’d go on a limb and say they’re about even with the Thunder. HOWEVER, with the addition of Dwight, the leagues greatest defensive anchor, and overall beast on the court, the team should inherit the type of flow it lacked with slow man Bynum waiting to receive the ball on the block. Howard is also the league’s most efficient P & R player on both sides of the court (P&R defense being the Lakers’ biggest weakness last year). His presence, along with Nash and the revamped bench should make the Lakers the favorites this season.

    My prediction: Lakers vs. Heat Finals in one of the most marketable and entertaining series of all time.

  • phogfanatic

    How far will the Lakers go this upcoming season? ”You want the truth…You can’t handle the truth!!!”

  • jay chau

    One key factor is chemistry. How unselfish each member is on offense,
    and the sacrifices they are willing to make on defense will determine
    their championship chances. My prediction? NBA champions. All of them
    have the playoff experience, along the pieces that understand the steps
    it takes in the Finals. Offense and defense, Lakers have everything.

  • blizzardman

    I’m guessing Lakers get the 2 seed, and make it to the W Conf. Finals but lose to OKC. The Lakers will undoubtedly need time to get it together and learn their roles. Kind of like the 1st year LBJ, Bosh, and Wade got together, except they didn’t have a young and talented OKC team in their conference to stop them from getting to the Finals. That being said, can’t wait to see the action this season. SHOOTS!

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.blackburn.395 Justin Blackburn

    “Showtime 2.0″ will make it all the way to the WCF where they will meet the OKC Thunder and the Durantula. While it will be an epic series Kevin and co. will beat the Lakers in seven on their way to a finals re-match with the Heat. No matter how cool in his shades Jack is lookin the Thunders young legs and experience in last years run– along with the Thunder Threes gold medal experience– will carry them past the new to playing together Lakers. Sorry Jack!!!!!!!

  • Brenda A

    How far will the Lakers go? Well, c’mon, without a doubt they will be NBA champs this season. They’ve made it happen more than anyone else in the league. They’re not expecting anything less of themselves and they have huge expectations to meet from just about anyone that follows the NBA and knows the big names they acquired. They have the talent, the skills and the ability to make it happen. It’s just a matter of everyone understanding their roles and making sure the bench can also outperform the other benches. I’m sure Nash, Howard, Jamison, Gasol and Bryant would want a ring. That’s already 5 very important people with the same, common goal. They won’t be perfect and I’m sure they’ll have bad games but once they get rhythm going, they’ll be BEAST. And that’s an understatement. Let’s make Jack proud!

  • Caboose

    This team is eerily similar to the 2003-04 Lakers squad that was unquestionably the most hyped squad of the post-Jordan era (until Boston and Miami pulled off some incredible coups.) Steve Nash and Gary Payton, two superstar point guards both joined the Lakers late in their careers, relieving Derek Fisher of playmaking duties. Kobe Bryant is still Kobe Bryant, German knee treatment and all. Rick Fox and Metta World Peace both filled roles exceedingly nicely and are quite adept with the LA media. Think either of those guys would ever turn down a celebrity-style press conference? At power forward we’ve got a bit of an edge: Pau Gasol may be getting older but Karl Malone was pushing 40. Granted, Karl was a better player in his prime than Pau could dream to be but Father Time shows no mercy. It is here that this 2012-13 squad may outdo their predecessors. Lastly of course, we have the most dominant centers of their respective eras. Yeah, Shaq is better, we get it. But Dwight is a better defender, no doubt, and that is certainly what LA needs at this point. So with squads so similar, how will they fare? Well, the 2003-04 Lakers lost to a defensive minded Detroit squad. Is there a defensive squad out there that could match the Pistons of old? If there is, it may lay somewhere in South Beach…

  • Twinparadox

    Let’s just have some fun here: The date is 20th of December. The Lakers have yet to lose with Dwight Howard over coming his back injuries and immature issues. Nash leads the league in assists because it is only too easy to keep throwing alley-oops to Dwight, pocket passes to Pau, and just give the ball to Kobe. Metta World Peace changes his name once again to Mecha World War and becomes a disruptive force on defense where the highest score total up to date on him was Dirk on the opening night with 15 points. Antawn Jamison remembers he was once a 6th man of the year. Jodie Meeks can’t miss. Pau shaves his beard and his head and goes crazy. And Kobe is Kobe. LeBron has circled he date of their matchup in his calender. And then 21th of December came and aliens come to take over the world by taking over city after city by beating them as basketball. Their last stop is LA and after they wipe the Clippers (Chris Paul flopped) they run into the Lakers. The Lakers win in a close game and the world worships them as Heroes.

  • Caboose

    If I didn’t hate the Lakers, I might consider this one of the coolest posts ever.

  • Max

    Only Bron and KD can do something about it.

  • Edmund

    Western Conference Finals because it will take a while to build team chemistry

  • tonyzhou

    oh, the t-shirt looks very well ~~~

  • kevin

    Lakers will make it to the Finals this year. (Insert asterick here) IF Nash and Dwight are somewhat healthy. They don’t even need to be 100% healthy for this to happen. Reason behind that, you have Pau at the 4, you’ll have an actually “in shape” World Peace coming into training camp, and oh yeah, that guy. Kobe Bean Bryant. Lets remember, before Dwight went out in March, he was already hurting and putting up 20/10 on the regular. He is a freak of nature. However, the key to all of this is Nash. Nash is the general the Lakers have yearned for to lead the purple and yellow for years. Now, people will point out his lack of defense or lack of any defensive pressure he’ll be able to exert. Bring into play Dwight, where he’ll be as vital to the doctors as nurses are. He’ll help clean up for any missed assignments or that one thing that has plagued the Lakers over the past several years, pick and roll defense. Yes, Russell Westbrook will own Nash as well as CP3 and Rondo, but they own EVERYONE in the league. So this isn’t just a Lakers problem. Key distinction is, Lakers now have Dwight back there to help protect the rim. His weakside defense is phenomonal. And lets remember, the Lakers still have that one advantage they have had since their repeat, two 7 footers!

    Lakers helped get rid of some deadweight in the likes of Walton, Murphy, and McBob and have brought in Jamison who will instantly help the bench with him averaging a career 18. Of course, he wont put up that many, but the Lakers leading scorer off the bench last year was Barnes at 8. It can only go up from here! and with Meeks, providing hopefully a solid shooting touch behind the arc, which will be the utmost importance with Nash kicking it and not allowing teams to pack in the paint.

    People will bring up the 03-04 season when the Lakers picked up Malone and Payton. Both players were in their twilight years, Payton went from being the glove to just glue on the floor. He wasnt able to have that same impact, especially in the triangle were point guards were as important as being the ball boy. Only duties were to take the ball up and make sure Kobe/Shaq got their touches. Nash is 38 going into 39 this year, has a well known back problem, but he’s been able to keep his body in tact with a good diet and is as obsessed about being fit as Kobe. Kobe had the drama in Colorado that year. It was just the perfect storm of one too many obstacles for the Lakers to overcome that year, especially with Malone getting hurt that year.

    Lakers now have leaders all across the roster. Nash will have an impact not only on the court but in the locker room, where he is known to be one of the most liked players. Dwight will not have to step into a leadership role, something people have yearned out of him for years and he can learn from two of the best, in Kobe and Nash.

    Its the Lakers year. Their only formidable challenger are the Thunder. and until the Thunder obtain a legitimate low post scorer, they wont be able to take out this revamped Lakers squad. Westbrook and Durant will always put up crazy numbers and score a ton of points, and have a great regular season, but as the Heat showed in the Finals, you live by the jumper, you die by the jumper.

  • J DOGG

    The Lakers’ Larry O’Brien will be The Shining, because this team is AS GOOD AS IT GETS! Nash’s BUCKET LIST includes this LAST DETAIL, a ring…even with A FEW GOOD MEN, GOIN SOUTH, they will end up with HEARTBURN, cause unless MARS ATTACKS! this team is better than IRONWEED.

  • MVV

    Let´s see…
    The Fantastic Four from LA:
    1 – Invisible Woman (er… Man) : Pau Gasol he will appear / disappear during RS and PO. great power field but has to be visible all the time
    2 – Human Torch: Steve Nash: he will light up the game but might burn some of his aged mates (WMT running and shooting in 7 seconds or les??? don´t think so)
    3 – The Thing: D. Howard. Rock solid and good spirits unless he locks himself up in an “alternative” mood and misses the whole point of it.
    4 – Mr. Fantastic: No further explanation required.
    If at least a 75% of the 4 are able to work together, NBA Finals.
    If only 50% of the 4 work together, WC Finals.
    If only Mr. Fantastic works, the might go fishing first round.
    In the unexpected event of 100% success between the 4 of them, NBA champs.
    I think Mr. Kupchak should get a MARVEL COMICS Suscription delivered to STAPLES CENTER right now.
    PS: anyway, they probably need to get a versatile small Forward to round up the team. it´s the only way to ensure someone can add what might be missing on any of the beforementioned combinations…

  • Javy

    Laguneros to the Finals but come out empty.
    Nash’s huesos will crack when a faster cat on Miami injects cholesterol into his knees.
    Kobe’s memorias of his youth will invade his mind like morphine fighting the illness of time.
    Metta’s cerebro will fall onto the court spilling chaos over the popcorn.
    Superman’s capa will block his eyes from the realization that a jumpshot is needed on earth to survive.

    My corazon hopes they win it but Miami is full of Atletismo.

  • Javy

    Laguneros to the Finals but come out empty.
    Nash’s huesos will crack when a faster cat on Miami injects cholesterol into his knees.
    Kobe’s memorias of his youth will invade his mind like morphine fighting the illness of time.
    Metta’s cerebro will fall onto the court spilling chaos over the popcorn.Superman’s capa will block his eyes from the realization that a jumpshot is needed on earth to survive.Gasol’s flaqueza will get stronger as the series play out.
    My corazon hopes they win it but Miami is full of Atletismo.

  • brooklynblack

    lakers will trip and fall due to the enourmous weight of the bandwagon they are carrying…

  • Eldon Khorshidi

    Thanks a lot for all the great entries! We’re closing comments now and winners will be contacted by someone from the staff shortly…

  • JTray

    playoffs if Kobe, Howard, and Nash work together