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Contest: ‘Wired: A Season Inside the NBA’

Win a copy of the Official DVD/Blu-Ray Pack!

Last month, we previewed “Wired: A Season Inside the NBA” for you, including the official trailer for the Official DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack. The DVD gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at a full NBA season, with access to practices, locker rooms, road trips, planes and bus rides for every team in the NBA. You’ll see stars like Chris Paul, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant on and off the court, from preseason to the NBA Finals.

The film was shot over the past three seasons—so don’t be surprised to see players in some old colors (LeBron, most notably)—and covers everything from injuries to the home lives of your favorite players.

Want to win a free copy of the “Wired” combo pack? All you have to do is drop a comment (be sure to input a valid e-mail address) in the section below telling us what your favorite moment from the past three NBA seasons was, and why.

We’ll pick our three favorites, and hook you up with a copy of the DVD/Blu-Ray pack. Winners will be chosen by Tuesday, November 13.

Good luck! And if you don’t win, you can always get your copy via the NBA Store, on Amazon, iTunes, and other DVD retailers.

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  • Jordan Mathias

    My favorite moment of the past three seasons was watching Jeremy Lin come alive with the Knicks and do the unthinkable over and over again #Linsanity

  • lakerfan10

    When Kobe banked in a game winning three to beat the miami heat

  • Milos Sotirovic

    My favorite moment was watching my hometown hero, Derrick Rose win the league’s MVP award. The youngest ever to do so, and just a remarkable feat to witness such a humble and modest young man from the South Side of Chicago, who overcame obstacles many of us could never do. It was just a special moment for not only fans in Chicago, but worldwide…D.Rose showed us all that if you work hard enough, it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can make something of yourself! Can’t wait to see him come back from his ACL injury and prove to us all over again… #TheReturn

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.walters.54 Benjamin Walters

    My Favorite Moment(s) have been watching the OKC Thunder meld into the team it is today…yes the Harden trade still stings…but With Westbrook and Durant the Sky’s the limit!

  • J-Ro

    LeBron James finally winning a ring, and making it known that he is the best player in the game today, no excuse.

  • Joseph Cyrus

    The King James himself proving everyone who ever doubted him from his thrown ! The 2011/2012 season being one of the greatest individual performances of any past NBA player winning the league MVP, Finals MVP, First Championship and a Gold Medal! This will be scary how we see LeBron James grow into his Hall of Famer status ‘the chosen one’ is destined for, in the coming years!

  • Andy Le

    I think the best nba moment in the past 3 years has to be the game 7 between the lakers and the celtics int the 2010 nba finals. The battle between the two storied franchises came down to the last few minuts but the lakers prevailed. An epic series overall

  • Robbie

    The Joy of Dirk, getting his first ring, mixed with the agony of Lebron, losing in the finals, post, Lecision. All the while Dallas silenced the critics about the Heat being unbeatable.

  • Max

    The Spurs and the C’s who keep on proving they’re not too old.

  • http://twitter.com/chinchilla04 NBC

    my favorite moment of the past 3 seasons was the nba coming back from the lockout. and even though there was a lockout, it was cool to see durant step up during the summer and players unite for the “basketball never stops” campaign. and still seeing grant hill playing, one of my favorite playrers back in the day

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    The best part of the past 3 seasons was obviously all of the Free Agency drama………just playin.
    Really, the best moment of the past 3 years was George Karl returning from Cancer to win his 1,000th game. Because, that is the type of thing that puts basketball in perspective, as a part of life, something to celebrate, not something bigger than it.

  • Rabbi

    When Kevin Love became the first player since Moses Malone to post 30-30 in points and rebounds against the Knicks cause it validated my love for Kevin Love. (see what i did there)

  • bigA

    My favourite moment in the NBA ever was Dirk Nowitzki closing game 6 of the finals 2011 to win the championship. Being half-German it’s hard not to love how Dirkules destroyed everybody in the playoffs and finals 2011. It was beautiful how Dirk Nowitzki delivered everytime down the stretch. Also I just love a humble guy like Dirk being on top of the world.

  • bike

    The transformation and redemption of LeBron James. There has never been a player like him. He has set the stage for possibly becoming the greatest of all time.

  • Frozen North

    Even though I’m not a Heat fan, seeing Lebron James smiling giddily and jumping up and down on the bench while the clock ticked down before winning his first championship was a great moment. He put it all on the line, took all of the criticism in stride and put the team on his back. I hated him after the decision and a lot of his “marketing” of himself, but I will never forget seeing how much it meant to him to win a ring. That’s what it’s all about.

  • Trippswag

    My favorite moment of the past 3 seasons has to be the phenomenon known as Linsanity. Not necessarily because of how entertaining it was to watch but what it represented for people all over the world regardless of age, race, or occupation. That if you put in the time and preparation and you are ready when your moment comes, you can do great things. It was a great example of never giving up, of pursuing your dreams when the odds are against you. It was a real life underdog story that we all got to be a part of and witness firsthand. Jeremy Lin going from a fight-for-a-contract benchwarmer to becoming a game changing starter, had to have captivated everyone who was paying attention.

  • Maker

    My personal favourite moment was seeing a live NBA game for the first time. I travelled from Australia to Boston on vacation in February of 2011, only to find that The Heat were in town for the night. Big three vs. big three + Rondo. Mike Miller had a chance to win the game with a three on the buzzer, but ultimately missed. The crowd – and the town – erupted.

  • chris

    awhile ago i answered and won the contest for the nyc sons of the city dvd and you guys never sent it to me smh

  • Ramzi


  • Danny N.

    People already posted this but Linsanity just because of his story. First of all he is from the University of Harvard! Now that is such an accomplishment! Now here he comes undrafted and signed by the Golden State Warriors and they assign him to the D- League! He gos to the rockets for a short time and shortly after, spends some time in China during the lockout and gets signed by the Knicks! He is soon signed to their D-League team and when Baron Davis got injured he stepped up and made his mark! Now that he is with the Rockets a team he once was on, he can be that starting all star he and us all dreamed of being. I hope he can achieve this goal! like it says on a shirt I own, Linsanity #17

  • Wet

    It was the 09 season. But it’s still 2012 so I’m counting it. My favorite moment was when Rafer Alston got traded to the Magic and helped lead the team to the finals. Always a huge fan of Rafer’s and he proved he truly belonged in the league. Too bad a poor decision was made to bring back Jameer.

  • Jai

    Without a doubt, my favorite moment from the past three NBA seasons was LeBron James finally winning the Larry O’Brien trophy as he lead his Miami Heat to victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder. LeBron’s “decision” to move from Cleveland to Miami was without a doubt one of the most criticized moves and it painted LeBron as a villain in the league. Now, he has gotten what he truly deserves, a Championship that has eluded him for his whole career prior to last season’s Finals. He can further cement his legacy by winning another title this season, but as of now, he can already be considered as one of the best to ever play the game.

  • Austin

    The Clippers 27 point 4th quarter comeback against the Memphis grizzlies in the playoffs last year

  • C Da Tyrant

    My favorite moment was seeing lebron play in a cavs uni for the last time in the 09-10 season.

  • William

    My favourite moment was Linsanity, where everyone followed every game thinking he can’t do it again. Also I must admit even though I’m not the biggest LeBron fan, he finally proved us wrong.

  • bringbackthesonics

    ray allen topping reggie millers 3pt scoring record

  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    My favorite moment was the moment Kevin Durant was leaving the stadium after game 5 of the 2012 finals. Each time he hugs another person you could see the emotions build up in him. One hug after another, you can only imagine what kind of replays are playing on in his head. You can feel his heart breaking up into pieces. And then when he reaches his mom, it all breaks down. A superstar bursts into tears. And at that very same point, you realize how beautiful the game. You feel how much Kevin Durant loves the game. The screen cuts to LeBron celebrating his first championship, and you feel how much HE loves the game. And then I am left there sitting in front of my computer, reminded how much I love the game. This is my favorite moment, because it reminds me how much I love this game.

  • http://twitter.com/DaNextBigThing8 Frank

    From the past three NBA seasons, well, there’s been quite a lot of memories, so I’m going backwards.

    2012: It was fun watching LeBron James finally win the coveted NBA Championship. LeBron James has been criticized way too much just because of his desperation of winning. He needed help and he got help once he joined the Miami Heat. From then on, the whole NBA is finally looking at him and thinking of ways to dethrone him. All the years we’ve watched him grow has finally come down into one single game at Game 5 when they completely destroyed the Thunder. Happy for LeBron James.

    2011: The Dallas Mavericks winning it was an incredible moment. If people hadn’t know, it was 5 years before that time when the Mavs and the Heat met in the NBA Finals and we saw one of the biggest letdowns in NBA History. After grabbing 2-0, the Heat came back winning the next 4 game therefore winning the series. After that, the Dallas Mavericks went on a rampage during the season showing that they were the real NBA Champions. But then it turned into the biggest upset in NBA Playoff History. Then another in 2008. Then it kept on going. People didn’t know that the Mavs were quietly picking pieces bit by bit. The trade to get Butler/Haywood/Stevenson from Wizards, Chandler from Bobcats, Peja from Raptors, signing of Corey Brewer, and more. People didn’t realize that the Mavericks had a deep roster. People also never realized that in the season, the Mavericks beat every single contender team including Spurs, Lakers, Heat,Celtics, Thunder, and almost swept all of them. That team worked well and it showed throughout the NBA Playoffs. All their series clinching moments were phenomenal with the Blazers, Lakers, Thunder, and even more sweet in the Finals against the Heat. Seeing all those veterans hoisting the trophy was a great moment.

    2010: The best moment may have to be the end of the LeBron James era ending in Cleveland. Cleveland was just losing every year. I’ve always thought the Cavaliers had a bad management with Mike Brown as coach and their roster just stunk. There was no room for improvement and they had money thrown to guys that aren’t worth the money. That moment when LeBron lost against the Celtics was a great moment for the NBA. It created media hype and interest back in the game of basketball.

  • Reignman40

    My favorite moment of the last 3 years is Blake Griffin’s assaults on the rim. Absolutely killing the knicks and having one of the most insane dunks since Kemp’s “Lister Blister” when he destroyed Tim Mozgov. Since then he’s posterized anyone in front of him like Perkins and even a Kia! Brought enough hype to the Clippers that they got CP3 and are now contenders.

  • Edmund

    My favorite moment was the 2011 Dunk Contest. But it was also the most disappointing. It was the closest contests ever. DeMar DeRozan showed off his insane leaping ability and agility, JaVale McGee did things no one thought was even possible and Ibaka had one of the farthest dunks in NBA history. Blake Griffin was extremely overrated and wasn’t original. He shouldn’t have won. It was still great to watch though

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.blackburn.395 Justin Blackburn

    My favorite moment of the past three NBA seasons didn’t occur on the court (although at any time watching any game a favorite moment is a possibility) but instead inside David Sterns head. It was the moment he decided that he would be retiring in 2014 and therefore unable to help any city lose their team of forty-one years. By the time the door hits him in the a$$ on the way out the 206 will hopefully have it’s stadium and a team wearing the green and gold again! I understand that in order for this to become a reality we will either be removing a team from its current city (Sac town or the Bucks would be welcomed with open arms and lattes, just not that star&ucks crap) or putting our faith in expansion which would probably involve teams in other countries. If Rome gets a team so will we because the bottom line is how many zeros can the league make.

  • astro_

    My favorite moment of the past 3 NBA seasons was Allen Iverson’s return to Philadelphia. Everything just seemed so RIGHT in that instance. We all know that things didn’t end so well by the time the season was over, and the Sixers did eventually lose the actual game. But there was a certain magic and beauty about Bubbachuck’s homecoming that cannot be measured in wins and losses. Just thinking about him walking onto center court and kissing the Sixers logo brings a smile to my face, and I am thankful for all the memories.

  • astro_

    My favorite moment of the past 3 NBA seasons was Allen Iverson’s return to Philadelphia. Everything just seemed so RIGHT in that instance. We all know that things didn’t end so well by the time the season was over, and the Sixers did eventually lose the actual game. But there was a certain magic and beauty about Bubbachuck’s homecoming that cannot be measured in wins and losses. Just thinking about him walking onto center court and kissing the Sixers logo brings a smile to my face, and I am thankful for all the memories.

  • Bret

    My favorite moment in the past 3 years was the explosion of the summer league games. It allows everyone to see all the superstars just showcasing everything that they don’t get to in the NBA season. There has been so many crazy games such as John Wall triple double or KD dropping 4 threes in a row at Rucker Park capping off his 66 point performance.

  • Davidd

    Rajon Rondo, in the playoffs, with the dislocated elbow


  • http://twitter.com/ShempGames Shemp DeYoung

    I can’t cite a specific game, but the thing I liked most in the NBA in recent years was Linsanity with the Knicks.

  • http://tddaily.com/ Abe Schwadron

    Thanks for all the comments guys, winners have been contacted via e-mail!

  • JTray

    2012-13 season when DeAndre Jordan dunk on Brandon Knight I love slam dunks