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Contest: Win a Basketball Signed By Deron Williams

Leave a comment, win a dope prize!


The Brooklyn Nets are on the come up; with a record sitting at 11-6, Nets star point guard Deron Williams & Co. have been giving BK fans a reason to get excited about the NBA. Williams is also on the cover of new Xbox Kinect game NBA Baller Beats, and to celebrate the release of Baller Beats we’re giving away a basketball signed by D-Will himself.

Want to win a signed ball? All you have to do is drop a prediction (be sure to input a valid e-mail address) in the comment section below telling us what you think the Nets’ regular season record will be this year, and why.

We’ll choose what we think is the best guess and send you the ball.

Good luck!

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  • Peter

    Hi, I think the Nets will finish the season 48-34. Don’t think this team will win 82 games yet, but 48 wins is a good start to a new franchise and a new squad (for the most part) adjusting to each other and learning to play together.


  • Max

    50-32 Depending on Brook Lopez’s health.
    If he gets and stays healthy they will be better.

  • Will C

    46-36 good for the 6th seed in the East!

  • http://twitter.com/AirGordon44 MJG44

    Brooklyn will end the regular season at 48-34. I feel that way because the Nets have a very solid all around roster..with Brook Lopez coming back soon from injury who was playing like the Brook we seen from 2 years ago before..that might be a blessing in disguise because now it has given an opportunity for the talented Andray Blatche to step in and show he can be a valuable asset off the bench. DWill,Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, and Brook..thats a nice core to have to make a run. Very experienced, good size and D. As they go on in the season they will really start to gel and people will really start to take them seriously. Marshon Brooks, Kris Humphries, and Keith Bogans are nice role players that really rounds out the team. CJ Watson and Reggie Evans are nice players to have coming off the bench too. Experienced and good solid coach in Avery Johnson will keep them motivated, hungry, and their eyes on the goal all season. I can see them finishing with a better record then NY. (Amares return will mess them up, but thats a whole nother story)

    Matt from 312


  • Zaid

    46-36 ….Blatche will be the deciding factor in my opinion. If he’s on his game, they could possibly reach 50 wins as well. Deron Williams has been a solid spark, he needs to be on his game and clutch in the fourth quarter. Go Nets!

  • Hussman_25

    48-34, finish 3rd in Atlantic Division & good for 5 seed in Eastwrn Conference Playoffs; will win 1 round. Will be very better next season w/ a year under everyone’s belt.

  • spit hot fiyah

    hi, i don’t think they will win 82 games either since they already lost a few games.

    you’re welcome

  • Jon

    The Nets will finish 2nd in the Atlantic division and finish with a record of 52-30. Behind the all star effort of Deron Williams, the timely scoring of Joe Johnson, the defense, rebounding and all around effort of Gerald Wallace, the scoring presence of Brook Lopez in the paint (pending he stays healthy), and a solid group of role players, the Nets are a very legitimate team in the Eastern Conference. Not to mention they have an excellent head coach in former NBA coach of the year Avery Bradley.

  • Josh

    44-38. Johnson, Wallace, Lopez won’t all stay healthy at the same time.

  • Joey Y.

    48-34 one of the best teams in the east but I think some of their starting five won’t last during the season and get hurt. yankheat263@charter.net

  • Brad Miska

    57-25…. While the team still is learning to play together, they’re coming together much quicker than previous “super teams”. Injuries will plague them continually through the season – Brooks and Williams – but they’re depth – Blatch playing well and Johnson finally finding his groove (except last night) – will keep them strong. They’ve been strong from 3-point range, which is causing huge holes in the opposition’s defense. But, they need to pick it up on the boards, Lopez may be a scoring machine, but he’s lacking in both defensive and offensive rebounds. Marshon Brooks could provide some strength on the bench if they gave him a chance, too. But I have huge concerns about CJ Watson’s “basketbal IQ”, especially after what he did to the Bulls last season. – bradmiska@gmail.com

  • Matt B.

    49-33; They have gotten off to a fairly good start despite a few injuries and inconsistent play from their backcourt. Avery eventually finds his best lineups, Deron and Joe eventually pick up their shooting and Brook continues to play at an All Star level.

  • Brett


  • http://www.curave.com/ Jacob

    Let’s think about it. They are lacking a bit on the interior defense and Joe Johnson has gone hot and cold. I don’t see them winning 50 games at all and there is a part of me that has a hard time seeing them even go .500. But, I think they’ll probably go 45-37.

  • Jim

    50-32. They’ll have to go 39-24 the rest of the way, which is tough, but they have the talent. Lopez should be back soon (they’re 1-4 w/out him) and Williams has been playing injured. It should be about 10 more games before we see improved chemistry and better health (hopefully) to see this team really take off. There are plenty of bad teams in the East for them to pick on.

  • dave

    50-32 Brooklyn will be a contender down the road. davy608@hotmail.com

  • William

    47-35. The Atlantic division is crazy competitive this year. D-Will hasn’t been playing that well this year. Brook’s health will play an important role if they want to do anything in the playoffs.

  • Aaron Blanchard


  • Max


  • underdog

    43-39, because Blatche wants to prove everybody wrong!

  • Max

    Yeah, Avery Bradley is a great coach!

  • Turry B

    49-33 This team is a 50+ win team, and they very well could earn the No. 2 seed with the talent and balance they have; however, they’re already lost Brook Lopez for a few games to minor injuries, and it could or could not be a continuing issue. They’ve also gotten slow starts from Johnson, Wallace and Brooks. They do have a solid bench (I knew Blatche would be a steal) but they’re need time to build consistency and chemistry. Having said that, I’m predicting they will fall one game short of a 50 win season.

  • Reggie Crawford

    I believe the nets will go 59-23. They have a legit team and after mid season when they begin to click they will be borderline unstoppable!
    I would love to win this ball for my best friend he’s he’s probably the biggest D Will fan ever! It would be the ultimate Christmad present!
    Who will???? D-Will!!!

  • JB V

    I believe NETS will end up with a 48-34 record. Mainly age will become a slight factor and coach will start resting a lot of the starters after the All-Star weekend. D.Will & JJ will be cut down to a flat 30 mins/game and you’ll start seeing Blatche, CJ Wilson and Josh Childress with more garbage time to finish up games.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    51-31. Cause a bunch of people already took my 50-32 prediction.

  • Jeff Henderson

    I think the Nets will finish with a 54-28 record good for the 2nd seed in the east. This is the first year this unite is playing together with Joe and I think we will begin to see them gel as the season progresses. With a healthy Deron and Brook Lopez this team is going to a force in the East. Also I think Joe Johnson is finally in the perfect role for him. Playing along an eltie pg and alpha dog player who he complements him very well.

  • andy Lee

    I believe Nets will end with a 49-33 record. Deron Williams hasn’t been putting up the numbers he did last season but I believe he will pick it up as the season goes on. Same thing with Joe Johnson, as the season goes on he will adjust to playing a different offense since I’m sure he is still used to the hawks offense.

  • TheKid

    42-40. I would love to say the Nets are a 50 win team but I don’t think they’re there yet. This is a team on the rise and clearly led by Deron, but they need more out of Joe Johnson and they need Wallace and Lopez to stay healthy. If all those things happen then they win 50 games, but I don’t see it yet. There isn’t necessarily a brutal stretch in their schedule, but there is still a tier of teams above (see: Spurs, Grizzlies, Clippers, Heat, Thunder, etc.) that they have yet to crack.

  • http://twitter.com/boceltics18 DonaldTower

    48-34 Health is not the issue with the Nets, defense is. Their lack of defense will prevent them from getting to 50 wins, but the Nets will be very good. Deron himself is good enough to grind out some good wins against tough opponents

  • Eric Melendez

    Honestly, I’m a NY KNICKS fan and I could care less about how the Nets finish their season as long as its behind the REAL NY team. I would leave a comment only because I know some of the most loyal Net fans around. When I say loyal, I mean sticking up for Josh Boone loyal. Son was horrible. I mean these guys still “rev it up” like Vince Carter use to after they score in your local YMCA league. They NEED this ball. It would be a real nice Christmas present and hopefully it would get them to stop hating on the Knicks so much. They also think the world of Deron Williams and why not as a Net fan? The highlight of the entire summer was the day he resigned. I would put my life on it that they know down to the minute, every detail about the day they found out Deron was returning to their sad franchise. And as half-season ticket holders, you can always catch them behind the visiting teams bench saying whatever they can to distract them. If I win, that ball goes to day 1 Net fans, where it belongs…


  • Dwillfan8

    I see the nets at 49-32 at the end of the year. My man d will shines and so does joe Johnson and brook has a breakout year

  • Tyshawn Taylor

    48-34. The Nets are tough, talented, and most importantly (relatively) young, but with dangerous teams such as the Knicks, Celtics, and Sixers all vying for limited playoff spots, the boys in BKLYN will have trouble claiming a top-three finish in the East.



  • http://www.facebook.com/rafael.mijolary Rafael Mijolary


  • pposse

    50-32 This team will continue go on a roll where they will win about 3 games out of every 4 they will play. This trend should continue until about February which conicides with the time that the Windy City Assassin aka MVP aka Derrick Rose’s return. At this point the Nets will still have to play the Bulls three more times before the regular season ends. Derrick Rose will immediately assert his dominance over Deron Williams by dunking on him and generally having his way on 02/01/2013. This will eat at Deron Williams spirits and the Nets will start to only win 2 out of every 4 games. The end result will be a very nice 50-32 record but first round playoff exit against the Bulls and Derrick Rose in a 4-5 matchup.

  • mcwu11

    44-38: The acquisition of Joe Johnson has definitely helped the Brooklyn Nets in becoming a better team. This looks like a team that COULD potentially hit 50 wins, but realistically, the Nets are rocky in terms of their injury management. Brook Lopez and Gerald Wallace are two players that are injury prone, and without their presence, this team will have to work a lot harder to get wins.

  • JohnEM

    47-35 good but not great

  • rob stewart

    44-38. Brooklyn has a great combination of Big Body guards in D.Will and J.J.(Dynomite!) The X-factor is the health of CRASH as he can guard the Lebron’s and Kobe’s of the league. He can also give you a solid 15ppg and 8rpg. Mr. ex-Kardashian is a solid four man that is often overlooked for his off court television history. But he can get physical, grab boards at a high clip, and fight off evil villians like Rajon Rondo. Lopez is a potential All-Star and a legit 7 foot commodity. Sprinkle in a good bench like C.J. Watson and instant offense like Marshon Brooks and you have an above .500 team that can challenge NY in the playoffs.

  • Gionbasoon

    39-43 they are not ready yet to be big time in NBA

  • ludmil matsoev

    something like 52-30 record. they are a playoff team, for sure, but at the moment they’re struggling a bit without brook lopez, even though andre blatche is doing an excellent job. this might be even brooks first all-star apperance, he has been great. d-will is playing, as analysists say like jason kidd – distributing the ball and scoring from everywhere. besides, they are my favourite team and i’m sure this nets team could be even more succesful than the 2002-03 new jersey team

  • Billy Sunday

    53-29. I think they will be around their current winning percentage. Joe Johnson and Deron Williams will pick up the slack as the season continues and honestly the only real competition in the east is the knicks and heat

  • Frankie Anetzberger

    48-34. Still, the most improved team in the league. That’s pending injuries that are bound to hurt the Nets at some point in the season.

  • Garrett

    I think 47-35 since they are talented offensively but not too well defensively. I think they will be a 50 win team next season.

  • kevin

    “I think we have a chance to win the whole thing this year,” Joe Johnson said. “I’m not just saying it. I honestly believe it.”

    Although I don’t currently agree with Joe Johnson’s assessment, I believe they are fully capable of having a 50+ win season. But they will finish just short at 48-34.They have already had some impressive wins this year, and a suspect lost to a Rubio-less, Love-less Wolves team.They’ll be able to compete for the 3rd and 4th seed in the west with their squad. Currently riding a 4 game losing streak, presumably 5 with their next game against the Knicks, they’ll definitely have rough patches such as this one where they’ll need some games to find their groove. But with Lopez missing any time, such as now, they miss him immensely on both ends, especially on the defensive end. With Joe Johnson disappearing acts here and there, Deron Williams can only do so much.

  • Nigel Watson

    55-27. The Nets are going to continue there steady play until the All-Star break. After that i have a feeling they are going a absolute rampage. Nobody in the East can really touch them besides Miami and Knicks. Boston maybe if they get it together. If D.Will, Lopez, and J.Johnson can get/stay healthy they could win 60 games.

  • Benjamin Epstein

    56-26 Nets are a great ball club and have very high potential as they roll through this season. love this new back court of Joe and Deron,Lopez and Wallace are very solid on the boards and D, and a great supporting cast of players such as Humphries, Brooks, and Blatche playing valuable minutes. very very solid team.

  • Brooklyn Neil

    57-25. Despite the team’s early success, there is significant room for improvement. Both Joe Johnson and Deron Williams have under-performed, and we are still waiting for production from Brooks and Teletovic. Despite, Lopez’s poor rebounding numbers, he’s having a career year and showing a much better defensive presence (career high in blocks). I trust Avery Johnson to maximize on the talent and depth and finish out the season strong, finishing 2nd in the East behind the Miami Heat. Also, don’t sleep on Billy King, would not be surprised if there were some moves up his sleeve.

  • The Realist

    54-28. Deron Williams is in his prime. Hump has proven to be solid. Joe Johnson is a stud. Slam, you know Wallace is a G. Blatche is a beast. Sprinkle that with good role players, some euro blood, and a token vet… you’ve got a contender here. All that is without Brook Lopez, who I think will stay healthy for at least a while, with him in no question they hit this mark. This team is much like the city it reps, tough, and full of heart. I wouldn’t underestimate their will.

  • jyizzle

    48-34. While Brooklyn may have started the season well, they should end with a slightly above average record. Brook Lopez, who is currently sitting out, has been plagued with injuries over the past 2 years, missing the majority of last year and sitting out multiple games this year. He may suffer more injuries as the rough 82 game schedule goes on, thus hurting the Nets due to his big role on offense. Backup big man Reggie Evans does not have the offensive capability to fill such a large offensive gap and Andre Blatche, who actually has had a terrific season, still will not be able to make as big of an impact as Lopez does. Gerald Wallace is also known for his risky in-game maneuvers and has had a history of concussions. When all players are healthy, The Nets can be a dangerous squad as shown when they beat the hot Knicks. However, since the Nets will not always have a healthy squad, they may go on some slumps as they are now, dropping 4 straight games. It has been proven that star players need time to finally click, as shown with the current Lakers and the Miami Heat two years ago. Joe Johnson and Deron Williams have yet to have a game where they both played well and it will undoubtedly take some time for their styles to mesh. Overall, Brooklyn’s first season will be an average one, as Avery Johnson figures out which lineups work best and who plays well with each other.

  • Mike King

    I think the Nets record will be 49-33. I think they will finish 2nd in the East only behind the Heat.

  • Redd


  • Chris Rodriguez

    47-35. If they go 36-28 the rest of the way, which is pretty reasonable, they’ll reach it. After going through each of their games and giving an automatic win to each elite team (Spurs, Heat, Grizzlies etc.) splitting games with good teams (Knicks, Bucks, Clippers, Boston etc.), and giving automatic wins to the Nets v. bad teams (Hornets, Wizards, Raptors, etc). 47-35 is the record I came up with. Taking into consideration the fact that all teams get injuries at 1 point in the year and the fact that they’re still learning to play together as a team like the Heat in 2010, 47-35 is a pretty solid record. Go Brooklyn!

  • Jeremy A

    They will finish 51-31, looking at their schedule and their apparent ability to gel fairly well, they are one of the top teams in the east. Good size, decent depth, closers, and athleticism.

  • Moises Willis

    48-34 , even thought they have great chemistry, its not has reached its 100% full potential. They have great players, great talent, but that can only take them soo far. They have plenty of weapons, and are a very exiting team to watch. Being their first year in Brooklyn, their not going to win it all. Perfection and success takes time. Brooklyn will go far in the playoffs and will have an amazing run, but this year is not theirs unfortunetly.

  • http://twitter.com/Bnielz1 Bnielz1

    55-27 Which is great for them. Deron has the talent to carry them to 50+ win season. Joe Johnson will score a lot and the east is weak in the bottom half of the conf.

  • Andrei

    I think they will record a 43-39

  • dannyb

    They are not a 50-win team yet, but Joe is going to get his game back on and they will finish strong. I predict 48 wins, 34 losses, and 2 concussions for Gerald Wallace.

  • brian

    55-27 Which is great for them. Deron has the talent to carry them to 50+ win season. Joe Johnson will score a lot and the east is weak in the bottom half of the conf.

  • Zamir

    I think that the brooklyn nets will finish the season with a record of 46-36. The nets are a good team but its there FIRST year together as a team and I think there are a few players on the team that may not be to reliable for 82 games in a season. Brook Lopez will give you decent numbers but he seems to get injured every season and I dont think hes played a full 82 games a season. Kris Hump. (AKA Clown) wont be able to pick up the slack and 100% sure reggie evans (AKA Flop) and Blatche wont be able to produce lopez numbers. 2nd point is that Joe johnson doesnt seem to fit in with the nets hes a player that needs the ball in his hand more then any other player on his team and I think this will hold the team back. Joe Johnson said in ATL he needs other players to produce but when other players are producing in BK he seems to die down as a player and cant make a single bucket. Lastly it comes down to deron williams, I dont think his body can last a 82 game season especially going up against the point gaurds in the NBA right now. I predict that deron williams is gonna go down just before all star break and the team is gonna be left in joe johnsons hands. The player that hated being on a team with no contributers. It looks like joe johnson is gonna be taking the 8th seed nets with a bunch of bench warmers (except Stackhouse- hes having a great year). I hope the nets enjoy the 1st seed knicks running over them in the first round and claiming new york as there home.

  • J DOGG

    Da Nets will have a better season than the “New Jersey Swamp Dragons” but not quite the hype of a free-throw kissing – Rich Jeff flying Division Title. 47-35, they will lose Joe Johnson prior to playoffs and exit in the second round with a loss to the Bulls, laying down in a bed of Rose’s highlights…

  • drose#1fan

    51-31 They are a very talented team, but they will also face many other talented teams in their conference

  • Michael Thottam

    48-34 is my guess. This would assume the Nets will maintain their current winning percentage. I’m not concerned about the recent losing streak (against winning opponents) at home as long as it ends soon– a win over the Knicks would suffice. The Nets need Brooklyn’s support and will get nowhere if the boos continue at Barclays.

    Though this team’s energy is much different than last year’s Nets squad (thanks in large part to Prokhorov’s palace), their only major addition was Joe Johnson, a wannabe Paul Pierce. I’m not convinced that his addition can catapult the 22-44 Nets of last season into the stratosphere of the NBA elite.

    Beyond Joe Johnson, we all know this is D-Will’s team. His absurd talent is bolstering the offensive stat lines of his otherwise dopey front court. What happens when Deron has to take a seat for the nagging injuries that are quieting the All-Star? MarShon Brooks can play but can’t make Brook Lopez look like the 2012 pre-injury Brook Lopez. Expect the Nets to unravel should Williams hit the pine.

  • EFG

    53-29.. They’re good enough to beat other teams, they got a top5 player in every position.

  • 5

    50-32 and finish second in the division behind the Knicks and fourth in the east, I think there defense will be the factor that keeps them from winning the division and championship

  • Tommy Peterson

    52-30. So far theyve been great without their injury to Brook Lopez. If they can go the rest of the season with no major injuries, 52-30 and second place in the eatern conference should be no problem

  • http://www.facebook.com/najee.fareed Najee Fareed

    The Brooklyn Nets will go 59-23, win the Atlantic Division, become the second seed in the Eastern Conference and make it to the NBA Finals if their frontcourt can stay healthy. They have beat perennial contenders like the Knicks and Celtics with Brook Lopez and almost beat OKC without him or Reggie Evans. Their backcourt is too deep with CJ Watson and Marshon Brooks backing up Deron Williams. Crash is a great all-around plus great coaching from the Little General should put us over the top. Andray Blatche, Reggie Evans, Kris Humphries, Jerry Stackhouse, Keith Bogans,and Josh Childress round out a GREAT supporting cast.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.greenberg.5074 Sam Greenberg

    I think that they will finish with 48 and 34 record and a 4th place finish in the conference. This team has a lot of great players and all the pieces, but to make a playoff run they’re going to have to gel and become a team. While Deron Williams is the best player on this team, I think their success will rely on Brook Lopez staying healthy and continuing to produce the way that he has throughout the first 17 games of the season. Deron will pick up his play soon, and by season’s end he’ll be back in the conversation for the best point guard in the league. I don’t believe they can beat Miami, New York, or Indiana in a 7 game series, but making the playoffs should be considered a success after recent years failures. I’m not the biggest Nets fan but my dad has loved D-Will since he was drafted by Utah, his favorite team. Winning this ball would be so great and sure to be a perfect Christmas present.
    Email at sam_greenberg@hotmail.com

  • KingTonico

    48-34. This team will have struggles but as the season grows, the team will grow chemistry wise and learn each others tendencies. They will also find out how to utilize there bench and mix it in with there starters.

  • Cole

    48-34 . Their winning percentage is at about 58% right now, so this would be there record if they keep on the same pace. I think they are gonna be a streaky team this year that will sometimes look like a contender and sometimes like a lottery team. They’ll end up with the 5th seed in the East behind Miami, New York, Boston and Atlanta.

  • Boss hog

    46-36, injuries to broooookkkkklyn lopez will take some wins away

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.nolan2 Tyler Nolan

    47-35. I’m copping out and putting them with the same record we slapped on New York and the Sixers. The margin of error here is honestly three wins, as any of those three teams could hit 50 win and any of them could wind up just two games over .500. We have to see how it works out. It wouldn’t shock me to see the Nets run up a huge regular season record, though, and land in the top three in the East should the Central division struggle. But coming in just a hair over .500 isn’t out of the question, just because it’s a lot of new faces trying to get on the same page without elite talent outside of Williams. So we land at 47 wins, and for a franchise as bad as the Nets have been over the past few years, that’s a great start to a new era in Brooklyn.

  • Matt

    46-36. Deron and JJ may be the Nets’ best players but the team will only go as far as Brook lopez will carry them. If he can stay healthy, they may bag a few more wins, but seeing as he has brittle feet, that isn’t very likely. Blatche can pick up the slack for Brook in his absence, and Deron isn’t half bad either (if you hadn’t noticed), so the outlook isn’t all bad for the NBA’s newest team and I therefore expect a decent year with the 5th spot (maybe the 4th if the Hawks plateau) in the East.

  • http://www.facebook.com/natgeo02 Neitel Agosto

    The Brooklyn Nets will finish 5th in the east with a record of 48-34…they will be behind the Heat, Knicks, Chicago and Philadelphia, who (philly) catches fire after the all star break AFTER andrew bynum returns. Derrick rose will be back, and the bulls will not be the bulls you are seeing on TV now…The heat will prove to everyone why they will repeat, against their nemesis, Thunder in the finals, but im getting ahead of myself now, back to the east……..Knicks will continue to build on a tradition of “winning ways” as carmelo keeps proving he is cut out with the same knife as lebron, and wade and the knicks will challenge the heat in the eastern conference finals…Brooklyn will make the playoffs, only to lose against philly in the second round. hurts me to predict since im from Brownsville, NY…but im being real and this is how i see it going down….Its very tought to say.

  • James

    49-33 the pieces are there for a great regular season. Brook Lopez proving to be the piece in he middle they needed to keep, while Gerard Wallace provides toughness and rebounding, even when it comes to their bench they have reliable scoring in brooks and others. Defensively they have great on ball defenders and size down low which will help in the long run.

  • bringbackthesonics

    45-37, first round exit

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet


    It would be higher but 3 things will happen

    1. They will lose half their line up a few games for flopping violations.
    3. Lopez will break something.

  • TommyToast_


  • rondoooo

    48- 34 – a very talented team, but very inconsistent play from joe johnson and injury prone brook lopez. Between the scoring slumps and missed games they will suffer but still be able to come out with a good record and be a premier team in the east

  • preetman23

    51-31, because they have a great backcourt in Williams, Johnson, and Brooks, then they have a one of the top per 40 min rebounder in the NBA : Humphries, and a good lowpost scorer in brook lopez. Not to to mention Gerald Wallace, a great do it all player. email: sayarpreet@gmail.com

  • http://twitter.com/Seymiautomatic Seymakor Mensah

    49-33. They’ll be top four in the East because, when healthy, their core four are a pretty dangerous combination. I would put them higher but health always has to be factored in. They have proven that they can beat the lesser teams in the league (which they couldn’t for the past two years) but the upper tier teams are still a challenge for them.

  • spit hot fiyah

    very underrated

  • Downtown

    The Brooklyn nets will end up with a 47-35. This record will easily be good enough for a 5 or 6 seed in the playoffs. The way I see it, Deron Williams is easily one of the top point guards in the league but there hasn’t been a cohesiveness in the Nets offense night in and night out. My guess is that they’ll figure it out mid-January and ride the momentum of a potent offense with Deron running the show with him and joe Johnson carrying the scoring load and moving the ball around while having a great core of frontline guys like Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, and Brook Lopez hitting the boards and heading up the defense.

  • raffy

    if they’re health problems stay limited, wich means no mayor injuries, i’d say they’ll go 51-31, they are a team that can be very consistent. They are good on paper, but thats overrated because so are the lakers

  • Guest

    54-28. They are a 50+ team, have showed solid winning streaks and have one of the best bench players in the league

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=745851177 Edo Čatak

    54-28. They are a 50+ team, have showed solid winning streaks and have one of the best bench players in the league.

  • Drizzy88

    48-34. They have a solid team, but the chemistry is not perfect. They gona improve next year, but until that, still a lots of work to do. Lopez is not good enough in rebounding, JJ is not an all-star anymore, so basically i think Deron deserves another superstar besides him. Brooks will b the starter in the next 2 years instead of JJ. That contract is just..huge… For that money he is a bust..

  • anthony truong

    39-43 because deron is playing injured, lack of chemistry and defensive focus will cripple the net’s ability to win close games. Simply put they are a developing team with huge potential but need to focus on playing as a team and defense. Once Brook lopez plays 100% both ends he will finally be worthy of being a true star centre

  • Neo Pok Chow

    The Nets now stands at 11-8(as I type this) With the new addition of an all-star in Joe Johnson plus the signing and re-signing of important role players, the Nets are no longer a weak team like previous. In addition to a good/stable coach in Avery Johnson. So I expect them to have a winning record, finishing in the East in 4 place with a record of 51-31.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.yassmin Patrick Yassmin

    49-33 This team is starting to live up to the hype of its expectations.Starting out strong with an 11-6 start the Nets have taken down big name teams like the Celtics, Knicks, Trail Blazers and the red hot Los Angeles Clippers. The Brooklyn nets being a new team in a new city, can put a lot of pressure on the players and could be the reason for the prediction i have made. D-Will is playing tough as always and even though Joe Johnson has had a slow start, he will grow into his new team the role that they need him to play. Having acquired Gerald Wallace, Andray Blatche, Marshon Brooks and Jerry Stackhouse all having experience in the league. The Nets need to seek out youth and bring in young players and start playing them now so they can gain some game time experience and not slow the team down when there time comes. The Nets only real competition in the east at the moment are the “wade less” heat and the new york knicks whom have been coming up big despite there age. The Nets will definitely improve as the season goes on and players like D-Will will start to build a good chemistry on the court with other versatile players like Joe Johnson, Khris Humphries and Brook Lopez.

  • JP

    I believe that the Nets can finish the regular season with a 44-38 record. The Nets aren’t a 50 win team (yet). This is their first season together and as of now, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace haven’t played their best. Deron Williams will lead the way for the Nets and this season is just a stepping-stone for the franchise as they slowly improve. Definitely, they will make the playoffs in the relatively weak Eastern Conference. Of course, in order to ensure a 40+ win season, they have to make the most of games versus the cellar-dwellers. (Washington, Detroit, etc.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/BadBluue Czakó Balázs

    53-29 They don’t have a real franchise player. If Rose get back to the Bulls soon, the Nets will be kicked out from the Playoffs in the second round. badbluue@hotmail.com

  • Danny N.

    60-22. The Nets schedule pretty much tells you where they will go this season. The rest of Decembers oponents that have a better chance than others at beating the Nets are the Knicks twice and the Spurs. January is the hardest month because they play the Thunder, Hawks twice, knicks, Grizzlies, Rockets, and Miami. Febuary has decent teams but the harder ones are just thje Spurs, Rockets, and Grizz. March is just Clippers and Hawks. April is easy. D`will,will, do as much as he can to win these games. No Chi-town because no D-Rose. No boston because the nets can beat them. No bucks because… they’re the bucks. No pacers because they’ve lost to the Bucks, Raptors, Charlotte, and T-Wolves + They beat the Wizards by only 4! They won in OT to the HORNETS! Won by only 2 to the Lakers and my 5 vs the Kings. No Denver on the list of teams that can beat them because they beat the Pacers by 3 and same with Toronto + They’ve lost to Magic, Jazz, and Suns however I will say they’re a good team. The Nets losses are all from good teams like Miami twice, Warriors twice, Bucks twice, Thunder, and Lakers. No upsets. I believe in all my heart that they will make the playoffs and my favorite player D-will be the MVP in the Finals

  • Andrew Blessing

    This team has talent. With Deron Williams running the point and Joe Johnson scoring buckets, the team will be pretty decent. Avery Johnson is doing everything he can to make this team a playoff contender for the 2012-2013 season. They have dominant big men Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries at the C and PF. And last but not least, Gerald Wallace. He is really explosive and can knock down his jumpers when the team needs a bucket. In order for success, you need a strong bench. With shot-blocking big man Reggie Evans and TOTAL scorer Marshon Brooks, this team has strong backups that can step up when needed. Don’t forget about the veteran Jerry Stackhouse and Andray Blatche, who can contribute greatly to the Brooklyn Nets. This team is pushing themselves as hard as they can to become an NBA playoff contender and eventually, win the glorious NBA Champs Trophy. Overall, I think Brooklyn will finish with a 48-34 record, landing them with #2 in the Atlantic, and 5th in the conference. I think in the playoffs they will make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, but fall short and hope for the trophy next year. Good luck Brooklyn and may the odds be in your favor
    Andrew Blessing, 7th Grade

  • showwa Ting


  • http://www.facebook.com/nathaniel.dedman Nathaniel Dedman

    They have improved from last year but are they really good enough to get over 50 wins? I remember a few of my mates predicting a nets V lakers finals (yeah they arent that bright!)

    But i would think anything under 45 wins would be a failure.. as they stand at 11-8 i think the prediction of 48 wins could be around about right.. they have all the pieces they just need to bond and play good team ball

  • frank rivera

    46-36 The team will lose games they shouldn’t but still have a nice record!

  • francisco Rivera
  • http://www.facebook.com/evic.oro Evic Oro

    The Nets are going to go 52-30 this year with a good mix of young and veteran players that will do well all season. With D-Will leading the way and the additions of Joe Johnson and Andre Blatche there will be more of a scoring depth and help the Nets to a winning record this year and a trip to the playoffs!!!
    eoropilla at gmail dot com

  • http://www.facebook.com/alamo50 Jurgen Aspers

    Depends on how many games Beyonce shows up.

  • http://twitter.com/SaraParis8 Sara Paris

    52-30. they will do good but they wont make it far in the playoffs when they have to play the bulls. And im predicting that Gerald Wallace will get injured alot this season. They are young and have lots of talent but their talent is a litttle raw.

  • Nj

    59-23 Brooklyn is still a fairly new team. They have a lot of key players. As the season moves along, they will increase their chemistry and be on winning streaks.

  • michael

    48-34. I think the nets will have this record because although they have talent and youth, but they don’t have chemistry yet.


    I say about 47-35 because they are solid, just not that solid

  • Scott

    52 wins and 30 losses sounds right to me. Lots of talent but a growing process and suddenly tough Atlantic division will keep their wins to a respectable but unspectacular level.

  • Daniel

    42-40. Good team but still have room for improvements. If they can keep up this pace they will become a real league leading team in the coming years. Just not now. (Oh, and it’s not because I’m a Knicks fan, it’s really good to see a team rising, and to see our neighbors do that is just the icing on the cake. Excitement is in the air!)

  • me_losh50

    I say 46 Wins & 36 Losses. Although the Nets have shown signs of promise, I still think they are lacking the chemistry needed to become a legitimate contender, and are winning on raw talent alone right now. There is still a lot of room for growth as this team continues to gel and I believe they are still shy of being a 50 win team, but they should be able to make the playoffs due to the weakness of their Division.

  • jdognba88


  • JB_35

    we live in Brooklyn baby

  • Andy Le


    I believe that D-will and Co will get to the 2nd round of the playoffs as they beat the Bulls in a 4th seed vs 5th seed matchup but they will lose to Miami in the second round. D Will will average 20 points 8 assists.

  • Edmund

    41-41, because we all know the heats are gonna be number 1, and the knicks gonna be 2nd, so we gonna have ourselves the best round 1 playoff game of the century when nets be in 7th in the conference, nets v knicks – first to 4W advances, thats where where the show is for the nets franchise this year, the real battle of the boroughs!!

  • boris

    I think the brooklyn record will be 49-33. I think they will finish 2nd in the East only behind the ny.

  • Bobby Martin

    The Nets should go 46-36. Joe Johnson, Humphries, Wallace, and Williams have enough fire-power to get a 4 seed in the East. I like their Lopez as their 5, but unfortunately their bench isn’t deep enough to make a run in the playoffs.
    Firing Johnson wasn’t a bright idea. This team could use more defense and Avery brought that mentality into practices and games. Unfortunately, ownership wasn’t happy with a .500 record and wanted to change things up a bit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507626147 Melton Andre


  • kmiller


  • Ben

    nets go 45-37, and i say this because despite all the drama, the coaching changes, the slumps, when you get down to it, you have arguably the most talented roster in basketball.
    With a top 5 pg, a top 10 sg, arguably the toughest SF in basketball, a rebounding machine, and a top 5 center, i cant think of anyone who can stop that. The only reason my prediction is so close to .500 is by the time the nest put it together, i think we will be well into february, but in the playoffs, watch out.

  • Dan

    Nets prediction: 43-39, bang bang

  • Dan

    To elaborate, bang bang = D Will the Thrill

  • Dan

    43-39, D Will carries the team to a 5 seed

  • Nets4lifeJZ

    51-31. The teams that the Nets are up against that they would have to play their best basketball are against the nuggets, rockets, grizzlies,bulls,clippers,nuggets,bulls,celtics,and Pacers. I just have that feeling because the rest of the teams are pretty much a guarantee win except for the Bucks and possible 76ers.

  • Sean Privitera

    I think Nets season will be a good season. I think the will be in the playoffs for sure.

  • JTray

    49-34 fairly easy schedule only indiana and boston may beat them