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SLAM and 2K12 bring the barbershop and comment section to your bookshelf.

by Ben Osborne / @bosborne17

Cover images and inset photo by NBAE/Getty Images

Even if watching a basketball game is a lot more exciting than watching a baseball game, I have to admit I care almost as much about the latter sport, in part because of the way it embraces its history (insane nights like Wednesday don’t hurt either). The NBA, in my opinion, generally doesn’t do a great job of honoring its history. Ironically, this depressing, lockout-dictated offseason has seen NBA TV unleash an orgy of aged programming, but that’s by default. We’ll see if the League goes back to semi-ignoring its history when the current players are back in action.

As much as SLAM is concerned with unveiling what’s new in the game, from hot shoes to hot rookies to the next big high school sensation, I’d like to think we balance that by honoring the game’s past, with all our Old School stories and consistent nods to history. Given both my and SLAM’s interest in the game’s past greats, we absolutely love what the NBA 2K franchise did with its game this year (pre-order now!). Incorporating legendary teams and players that you can use with or against today’s stars is a brilliant idea that gets to the crux of what people like about the history of a sport: the chance to compare the past with the present. With NBA 2K12’s financial and creative support, we decided to do an entire issue dedicated to this awesome concept. What if Shaq had gotten to battle Wilt? What if an in-his-prime MJ went up against a seasoned Kobe? How about Bill Russell’s 1965 Celtics taking on Doc, Moses and the ’83 Sixers? We settled on these and 17 other matchups, featuring amazing players and teams, all of which are incredibly fun to imagine. And then we analyzed the battle and chose a “winner.”

Some quick words on how we (basically just the full-time staff; much like our Top 500 issue, this came together quickly and there was no time to properly get feedback from all of our great writers) chose winners…

For the players, we took guys who ostensibly play the same type of role on their respective teams, and envisioned them guarding one another in a five-on-five game played when each was at the peak of his powers. For current players, their peak might be right now. In other words, we did not imagine what guys like LeBron James or Kevin Durant could be capable of in three years; we went off of what has really happened in their careers. For the team battles, we only considered teams that had the best regular-season record and won a title, then picked what we think would be the most entertaining cross-era matchups possible. And then, with intelligence, wit and awesome photos (but zero science!), we had a lot of fun with this.

We may decide to post online in the future but for the next couple of months this will be a newsstand-only operation. And without giving you all an annoying, “save print” lecture, that’s how it should be. The photos are honestly tremendous, and the layout is sick, too. Sure, some of you may rush through a write-up to see who we pick as the winner, and we certainly anticipate some serious arguments amongst friends who either agree or disagree with our choices, but this issue is about more than that. This is a chance to take the history of the game you love from your television screen, your computer and your imagination and hold it in your hands. Look for it in New York this weekend and nationally next week!

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  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford


  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Looks like a good read, can’t wait.

  • shaolin23

    That’s what’s up…first thing that came to mind was that Pippen/Durant matchup. As Ben states, “For the players, we took guys who ostensibly play the same type of role on their respective teams, and envisioned them guarding one another in a five-on-five game played when each was at the peak of his powers.” Wouldn’t the Durant comparison be best suited against a first option type of player, for example Dr. J?

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    I agree shaolin. Should be Durant vs Ice Man, or vs Doc J. Looks like an absolutely great read though SLAM!!

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Doc has got a dope battle of his own in here…and with Pip-Durant it was imagining the former trying to stop the latter. I’m sure people will argue with both the matchups we chose and their outcomes but I promise they are all very fun. And the photos…wow.

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    Wow…. this issue is going to upset me and I know it, haha.
    Ben, how many battles are there in total so we can start guessing and arguing?

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    I’m going to cop this regardless because you guys do great work but I wish you guys would be more color blind. Some match-ups would be fair (Stockton v Nash), but I don’t like Dirk v Bird. Aside from being great jump shooters, I don’t feel there’s really a comparison between in their games. I do look forward to the Rose-AI and Magic-LBJ match ups.

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    oh SH*T this weekend I’m f*cking going to the news stand today

  • http://slamonline.com GotHandles?

    SICK IDEA. Can’t wait for the ish and the game.

  • Purple Regin

    Magic vs. Lebron. Haha what a JOKE. It no comparison. Magic would school him if both guys were playing in the prime of they’re careers. Magic ain’t no 75 cent player and did not pull a disappearing act like Lebron does in the Finals or when game are on the line.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    DOPE…..errrrr….cosign Bryan Crawford. Stop taken my adjectives! lol

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    @Huey Stockton’s in here…and it’s not against Nash.
    @Jukai Like I said, above, 20 Battles in total. 15 Player Battles and 5 Team.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Excpet when Magic got Swept Purple Regin.

  • 2kBaller

    Iverson isn’t even in 2k12

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    @2K Baller: they just helped with the idea and sponsorship of the issue. The Battles we came up with were up to us.

  • Baker

    Mike beats kobe (clearly)
    Shaq dominates wilt
    iverson could probably still beat the no passing, no defense, unworthy mvp drose.
    pippen could contain durant somewhat, while kd wouldn’t be able 2 stop scot on D.
    magic could probably beat lbj; but if D wins chips, how does he possibly beat james?
    i’d love to see an examination of barkley/malone plus hakeem/robinson.
    no laker team ever beats THAT bulls team.
    im a philly kid, but can we beat the best celtics team ever? fo fo fo?
    wish they did stockton vs nash…. (the Canadian wins!)
    sprewell vs. artest anyone!? allen houston vs. rashard lewis even? lol

    next one slam does should be one on one so the human highlight film gets his rightful place in BEATING larry bird! lol (who the hell did the hawks really have?!!)

  • BG23

    will this ish be sent to subscribers?

  • http://www.nba.com/heat/ The Angel of Stern

    @Purple Rejin, why don’t you say how you really feel..

  • the preacher

    it really is a sin putting on paper GODS name vs kobe. shame on you slam, that’s blasphemy.

  • Heals

    SLAM just had to put 3 Lakers on the cover, what a blah, blah, blah. Good, good stuff and great timing given the inability to have a season preview issue right now. Props to 2k and SLAM for giving hoops heads their nicotine patch while we’re tryin to go cold turkey. I wouldn’t be surprised if SLAM has a few more tricks up their sleeves to move mags if this lockout drags on as long as many expect…

  • TruthHurts

    Slam stays slurping Iverson.

  • manu

    @TruthHurts….AI is easy top 30 ever….even when dfish was wit prime kobe he said iverson n shaq were the 2 best in the L in an interview in 01

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    So is it like, a poll between the writers or is it 1 writer or so per match-up with a definitive *this player* wins? I guess I’ll just have to find out.

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    Nice, can’t wait!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    I dont know why people keep comparing Lebron To Magic and Jordan, a more appropriate comparison would be Grant Hill.

  • Zabbah

    Lebron vs Jason Terry would’ve been more appropriate, with Terry winning easily.

  • Jesse

    I guess @PurpleRegin never heard about Tragic Magic. Know your history my man. Also I think the Lebron/Magic comparison makes total sense. Most interesting to me is Durant/Pippen. Love Durant but you have to go Pippen on that one. I look forward to picking this up.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I’m a fan of KD but if Ron Artest could bother him that much two years ago, just imagine what Pip could have accomplished defendling.

  • Armando

    It should be Bird vs James, big, great passing SFs, no. 1 options, similar type stats… oh, wait, Bird is a winner who never gave up… bad comparison

  • http://celtics.com lights out

    besides the bird vs. dirk comparison (which i think is a lazy comparison, based more on race than on their having comparable games), looks like a great issue. i think pippen would suffocate durant. like teddy said, artest man-handled him.

  • Jesse

    Saying Pippen would manhandle him is no knock on Durant though. Besides Jordan who was a better defender than Pippen in the 90s? Also agree about the Dirk/Bird thing seemingly being kind of lazy and having more to do with them both being white, but I’ll reserve final judgment until I read the issue.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Would be fun to see a dunker vs Vince Carter. Either Dr. J or Dominique.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1413791764 angel tulod

    cant wait till i get my hands on this! kobe!!


    jordan and pippen are about equal on D. and bron and bird is a more appropriate comparison than Dirk.



  • http://philosopher.view@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    100% agree with the insight that people within the game do not emphasize the History of the game.
    Me personally, (not that it matters) I take pride in my knowledge of the History of the NBA. The History of this beautiful game.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    “the no passing, no defense, unworthy mvp drose”???
    You mean the “drose” that was 10th in the L in assists per game, vastly improved his defense, and won the MVP convincingly?
    That “drose”?
    Do you Rose haters even watch his games?

  • Soulja3

    LMFAO at Baker
    Are you talking about the Iverson who averaged 28 shots a game? and gambled on defence to get a steal rather than stay on his man? and wouldn’t believe that he was no longer a star and killed team chemistry?
    Please.. Today’s D-Rose would beat him at any point of AIs career, because he is bigger but just as fast (if not faster), not to mention better range, better defence (best defensive PG in the NBA in terms of on-ball/help/PPP defense). So keep dreaming about Practice…

  • Soulja3

    Also quit comparing a prime Kobe to a 35 year old MJ. If you want a real comparision put him up against the Jordan with hair LOL.. It will be sad to watch.

  • Drob

    A.I. vs Drose???? I dunno…A.I. owns the patent on the streetball xover in the NBA, way better shooter, he can carry any team on back( 6ft nothing and 180 lbs soaking wet), pick your pocket any day of the week…should be more like A.I. vs Bob Cousy or even Zeke…

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Mike and Kobe tie in my opinion, hopefully Slam really does there homework on this. Mike was not the greatest defender once he became a ring wearer and Mike shot the BUlls out of alot of games.

    Wilt kills Shaq, beause a tiny no strong Tim Duncan used to abuse Shaq or Lakers have more rings.

    Magic beats Lebron, because Lebron thinks Killer instinct is the video game from the 1990′s.

    BOOK IT!!

  • robb

    this issue is a most

  • robb


  • Rainman

    co sign that a more appropriate comparison to LeBron would be an in prime Grant Hill. This guy was LeBron before LeBron , ppl seem to forget that

  • jayb

    could probably do a full mag on mj and mamba alone..cool idea..i like it!!!

  • jayb

    how about magic and penny?? or lbj vs penny..do like ghill vs lbj thou!

  • Rainman

    also cosign bron-Bird.

    Could be an interesting debate talent wise, as pointed above, good passers, (bird probably even more so than bron is now, he was so talented as a passer) Rebounders(Bird again, he aveaged 10 many times im pretty sure) good scorers(ill give it to Bron barely on this, although he couldnt score as many ways as Bird could,as bird had a back to the basket game, Bron was just sooo much more athletic, and used it to his advantage).

    Now, they are different at the same time, Bird wasnt nearly as athletic, nor was Bron any where near as good a shooter. So there were similarities and big differences at the same time there…

  • C Da Tyrant

    slam got 4 lakers on one cover (Wilt too.)

  • http://slamonline.com yallllalalal

    Yes Sir.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    D.rose is a underrated shooter. yeah I said it, besides last playoffs, he has always been a better shooter than people give him credit for.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    realistically lebron would give bird and magic fits… and if you whine to me about that 75 cents nonsense or him not being a winner you’re a fool. I personally would like to see lebron go up against the big O (oscar robertson) and mj as well. a prime healthy d.wade vs mj would be cool too, even tho mj would win that pretty easily.

  • EC

    5 dope match ups i wanna see. Carmelo Vs. Elgin, amare vs. kemp, Dwill vs. west, cp3 vs. zeke, vince vs. drexler.

  • http://jvnbatalk.weebly.com Jordan Valdés

    If we subscribe to Slam, do we get this issue as part of our subscription?

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    lebron vs (prime)penny Hardaway vs prime grant hill vs prime t-mac! so awesome!

  • Yann Blavec

    Larry Bird vs. Dirk vs. Schrempf vs. Tom Chambers vs.Jack Sikma

  • Yann Blavec

    VS. Keith Van Horn

  • Yann Blavec

    Vs. Keith Van Horn vs. Tom Gugliotta.

  • AllOGNY

    Jordan, Wilt, Magic, Too early to tell but will probably be Durant, Bird, too early to tell but will probably be Iverson, Bulls, Celtics. Debates resolved

  • Jesse

    The Bulls were good for one 8-10 year period. The Lakers have had multiple dynasties starting at the end of the 40 and continuing into the 21st Century. It’s really not even close.

  • Jer Dawg

    I’d say most past players vs. present players would win certain matchups. Jordan vs. Bryant would be the only serious matchup because both them guys are 100% focused on tearing each opponent apart. Throw numbers aside in this instance. Some yahoo writer said it’s not fair to compare them to each other. I call BS because he’s basing off statistics. Mike layed groundwork for every 2 guard wanting to be great whereas the yesteryear’s 2 guards were too small and weak. He ate up Jeff Hornacek, Dan Marjle, John Starks, Byron Scott, Clyde Drexler, Reggie Miller, ect… Only Reggie Lewis and Drazen Petrovic gave Jordan hell. Kobe gotta be defending Ray Allen, Dwyane Wade, Allen Iverson, Tyreke Evans, Vince Carter, Brandon Roy, T-Mac, ect… all learned from Jordan’s approach. There was no blueprint back in Jordan’s day. Jordan IS better than most in his day. Kobe mastered Jordan’s approach while the other’s tried their best. And all these guys are super athletic. Jordan was two notches above the rest except for maybe Clyde Drexler athletically. This generation’s 2 guards are tough as nails.

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    Jer Dog: Uhm…. Wade, Iverson, Evans, Carter, Roy and Mac are all lazy, uninterested defenders.
    Scott, Marjle, Starks, and Drexler were all athletically inferior to Jordan but they gave it 110% and actually cared about learning things like footwork and timing.
    I’d rather be guarded by the former.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    jukai wade is not an uninterested defender

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    nah soulja3 ….prime inversion would eat d.rose alive… i really do think iverson was better at ALMOST everything you and enigmatic are tripping rose is NOT that good at defense either. you really don’t think rose is the best pg in terms of help defense do you? i doubt he’s better than rondo, cp3, d.will, russell westbrook, or jrue holiday. I wouldn’t say he was unworthy of that mvp award.. but he was definitely overrated lol

  • Will Lee

    Brian Scalabrine vs Brian Cardinal

  • haslem

    Jukai calls Wade a “lazy, uninterested defender” crazy. by any statistical measure wade is a solid defender, if anything his defensive flaws come from taking to many gambles so uninterested is a poor word choice.

  • Ali

    Time to get your debate on and fight for your favorite NBA ballers till your fingers are sore from typing, Hahaha…

  • DieselMechanic

    lol @ Will Lee that would be epic

  • marc

    soulja3 are you serious? didnt AI lead his team to the finals. AI is a way better contested shooter then D Rose. D rose maybe faster but i think AI is quicker. AI got this one i rather see him go against Isaiah Thomas and have D. Rose go against Kevin Johnson.

  • marc

    And i don’t know about that kd vs pippen. Pippen is a beast on defense so Kd won’t be able to the stuff he normally does. I would love to see that can’t wait for 2k12 lol

  • Jake

    iverson!!! way better than rose. he took a team of nobodies to the finals while winning league MVP in the first five years in the NBA. has a better jumper than d-rose and a way better cross. The only comparison is who’s a better scorer.

  • http://aol QGallday

    gottaaa!!! comment on that jordan/bryant matchup……if they both came in the league at the same time..jordan woulve killed him thru shear competitve edge.. he is the on;y offensive spark for his team and it proof in the pudding he dropped 69 on boston in the PLayoffs….sorry kobe…the last man to avg.37 for a season…..NASTY!!!!

  • MaxIsNative

    MJ vs OR

  • Kadavour

    what could Legend POSSIBLY do against Dirk’s post up?
    Magic can’t guard Bron, and Bron can’t roam on defense vs Magic. good matchup i guess.

    tmac vs Penny
    D Wade vs Drexler
    Iverson vs Zeke
    Garnett vs McHale
    VC vs Dr J/Iceman
    Nash vs Stockton
    Amare vs Ewing
    Ray Allen vs Reggie Miller

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    What about Webber’s Kings vs Nash’s Suns? Who you got?

  • Kadavour

    White Chocolate vs Pistol Pete
    Stockton/Malone vs Williams/Boozer?? – was i reaching on that one?
    Nique/Pippen (’94) vs Bron works better imo

    there are way too many matchups to be had here

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    @Kadavour, Shuttlesworth takes it against Reggie. But I’d love to see them chase each other around screens all day.

  • http://google J-RO

    Shaq vs Dwight??
    Iverson vs Zeke?
    Stockton vs D-Will??

  • Kadavour

    @ La Heuy, I dunno man. Reggie was such a crafty (dirty) player. I would love to see the match up too.

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    Prime Shaq would force Dwight into retirement. But Orlando Shaq vs Dwight would be fun to watch

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Pistol Pete should never ever in the history of basketball be so insulted as to even suggest to compare him to Jason Williams. Kadavour do some research on the guy. smh

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    I would buy this but theres one problem. HOW IS CHRIS BOSH NOT ON THE COVER. He is easily a top two all time power foward. I guess ill have 2 wait until the lockout ends and Bosh wins MVP for the world to recognize his greatness

  • jufu

    chris bosh alltime powerforward…hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah

  • http://slamonline.com Rocksinmypants

    lol@ JT

  • EtheKnickfan

    Wilt woulda worked shaq ass fellas. Stilt was in better shape at 50 than shaq is now. Dude went semi pro tennis after NBA career ended. Can you picture shaq returning a serve? Stilt was a faaaaarrrr better rebounder.

  • EtheKnickfan

    David Stern-VS- God

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    @ jake tripping, the eastern conference was the weakest I remember it to be, name one real good EC team from then, and A.I won Mvp his 5th year while Rose won it his 3rd year. As far as jumpshots, do people actually look at the number or just talk bs, his three point shot was better but Rose has been a more consistent mid-range jump shooter, thus, the fact he average over 47% field goal his first two seasons, and Rose worst FG% is Iversons best.

  • davidR

    kadavour, what can bird do against dirk’s postup? disrupt his timing, beat him to his sweet spots, and send him toward guards with quick hands to pick his pocket. bird is a smart player. if stephen jackson (who’s no slouch on defense) could void dirk’s offense in the playoffs using quick hands and smarts, i have no doubt in my mind bird can also shut him down.

  • manu

    @ Slick Ric….AI is 5’11….rose is 6’3……of course his FG will b worse avg PG is 6’2+….guys guardin AI were mainly SG’s too…..milwaukee bucks in 01 were as good as orlando, boston, and chicago today….so were the raps….vince in his prime, ray allen + sam cassell + glenn robinson

    lets see rose drop 48 in the finals let alone get 2 the finals

  • flash

    carmelo anthony vs bernard king
    derrick rose vs gary payton
    dwyane wade vs allen iverson
    lebron james vs charles barkley
    dwight howard vs david robinson

  • Sean B

    I need whatever kush this guy smokes^^^

    There’s no way the 2001 Bucks/76ers were even in the same stratosphere as Miami, Chicago, or Boston of this year.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    well if you going to tell it straight at least give the whole truth, A.I maybe5’11 without shoes but with them he is 6’0 and Rose is 6’2 with shoes on, no big big difference.Really? the bucks were not as good as the celtics of today and the raptors would of been at the most seeded behind the knicks last season. individually they were good, but besides the bucks they would not even be quality playoff team in todays league.

  • Hart

    Wheres Brian Scalebrine vs Michael Jordan???

  • Diego

    how about J-Kidd vs Big O?

  • Mvpitzki!!!

    How about Dirk vs Miami’s big 3…….oh yeah we already know the result of that
    Then how about Kobe’s 2011 Lakers vs JJ Bare……damn same result

  • BostonBaller

    I agree with LA Huey on the Bird dirk matchup but I look forward to the write up. The Human Hi-Light rewal vs Half man Half amazing. Pistol vs Williams is indeed a joke…If you’re going to stay withing color then Bird n Pistol makes more sense..Dirk vs T Chambers. lol Tiny vs Wade…Pippen vs Durant vs IceMan

  • Mark

    Pistol Pete vs. anyone

  • Mark

    Rodman vs. Artest

  • Mark

    Shaq most dominating center of all time

  • Mark

    chris webber vs. kg, or amare

  • Mark

    Chris mullins vs. Mark Jackson

  • Mark

    JJ BARREA VS. Spud

  • Mark

    Stephan Curry vs. Dell Curry

  • Mark

    Aldridge (now) vs. Zach Randolph(prime)

  • Mark

    Magics no looks vs. Jason Williams behind the backs

  • Dr. DL

    I’m surprised more people don’t compare LBJ to Drexler. I think their games are more similar than Lebron and MJ. I’d like to see Blake Griffin vs. Kemp, too. Also my two cents on the ’01 sixers and bucks squads is that they were every bit as good as the current Eastern Conference elite. AI’s Sixers were a gritty bunch that year. He carried the scoring load because after him the next best option was like Aaron McKie or Van Horn. Not a lot there. I mean Tyrone Hill and Todd Macculough (the other T-Mac) both started. And that Bucks team was absolutely legit. Aside from their big three let’s not forget that they also had the legendary Jason Caffey at their disposal.

  • LA Huey

    Team Father: Joe Bryant, Rick Barry, Bill Walton, Patrick Ewing, Dell Curry, Gerald Henderson, Henry Bibby, Tito Horford, Jimmy Walker
    Team Son: Kobe Bryant, Brent Barry, Patrick Ewing Jr, Luke Walton, Stephen Curry, Gerald Henderson Jr, Mike Bibby, Al Horford, Jalen Rose

    Looks like the young guns don’t have enough from the perimeter to overcome the old heads in the post.

  • http://dennysfishtacos.blogspot.com DennysFishTacos

    The only version of Shaq that Dwight Howard in his prime can even hope to compare to is the Heat O’Neal, and even then, The Diesel was a beast his first two years in Miami.

    Did Khalid write the Shaq and Wilt piece?

    And nevermind Lebron and Magic. I would like to see Lebron square off against Grant Hill in his prime. Hill might put James to shame.

  • Mike

    T-Mac and Penny, Carter and Kemp, and where is Steve Nash????

  • tato

    I bought the magazine yesterday, i like it, but i hope to see Kemp vs Griffin or Barkley, i don´t but maybe this issue could be better… Thanks wherever….

  • r2j

    T-Mac vs Penny. That would be fun. Dirk/Bird matchup would CRAZY!!! MJ/Kobe would be fun as hell. Kinda like it that we can talk about legends against today’s players. All we need is NBA Street Volume 2 and we’ll be good. LOL.

  • r2j

    And I love LA Huey’s idea. Team Fathers vs Team Sons. Pretty cool.

  • Kidd32

    Actually it’s be cool if we were able to buy the magazine from Europe……… no past issue shop here ether.

  • Phil

    Hi guys,

    where can I get the Battles Edition in Germany??

    I am a subscriber, but this issue is not subscribtion.

    Thanks for an answer.


  • truthteller

    Jesse: Scottie was a great defender but I can mention 2 other players in the 90′s who were equal or better than him. Gary Payton, Joe Dumars.

  • truthteller

    Blake and Kemp: Kemp would MANHANDLE Blake in every aspect of the game including the dunks category!

  • truthteller

    Shaq and WIlt? Didn’t Hakeem give Shaq the business on the regular?

  • truthteller

    Vince Carter wins against any other high flyer in NBA history. I don’t care who who stack him against: Dominique, DR J, Elgin baylor, MJ (Yeah I said it!, Shawn kemp. Vince is coming out on top! Vince = greatest dunker of ALL TIME!PERIOD!

  • truthteller

    Vince Carter wins against any other high flyer in NBA history. I don’t care who who stack him against: Dominique, DR J, Elgin baylor, MJ (Yeah I said it!), Shawn kemp. Vince is coming out on top! Vince = greatest dunker of ALL TIME!PERIOD

  • JMac

    Kobe is not and will NEVER be on Jordan’s level. Look at the pic; great defensive postion with your hands down so MJ can pass wherever he wants. The Black Hole couldn’t even put his squad on his back and get 1 victory against the Mavs. He’s a great player, but not on MJ’s level; he’s not even the best player in the league now.

  • eryl justine bacnis

    what about dhoward vs. david robinson?

  • truthteller

    JMac, you really need to chill with that crap! Seriously.

  • golakeshow

    This mother fuc#ing magazine better have Kobe ahead of Jordan.

  • DougieFresh

    The 1987 Lakers were bigger, stronger and faster than the 1972 Lakers. It should’ve been the 1987 Lakers going up against the 1996 Bulls and then the Lakers would’ve won. Does anyone else think that this is the case?

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    @DougieFresh: we wanted to put the two teams with the best records ever against each other, hence 72 vs 96.

  • http://gmail.com z

    I am sooo sick of kobe being compared to $. 1)the mj fans are correct! Kob ain’t on $’s level. Bottom line is, $ just was a lil more effective than kob, we can argue why that is all day (personally i agree with phil jax, that the biggest factor is that $’s hands were bigger, giving him better control of the ball), but what my fellow kobe fans gotta accept is that regardless of WHY, the FACT is that kob’s not on $’s level of dominance…and that’s OK! because reasonable fans understand that even if kobe aint better (or as good as) $, kobe is still better (undisputably better) than all but about 9 or 10 people who have EVER played the game…so he’s pretty much made it where he set out to make it…so to my fellow kobe fans: stop pushing this comparison down our throats! if all we do is compare him to Money, then he’ll always come out on bottom, and ppl might not ever appreciate him enough for his own bball accomplishments, which have been ample…81 points! i mean he’s always gonna have haters, ppl who won’t acknowledge the greatness but ya gotta look past them and take solace in the fact that the mainstream is gonna remember kob as being just a step or two under $.

  • http://gmail.com z

    i REALLY hope that no one has to ask themselves who i’m talkin about when i say “$”….$=Mike

  • http://twitter.com/#!/KUSH_Minaya Minaya

    Magic Johnson is probably my favorite PG of all time, but he’d have one hell of a match up nightmare going up against Bron Bron. Whether or not LBJ made the huge mistake of playing passive (or choking) in the NBA Finals, everyone with a brain in their skull knows he has the strength, speed & talent to be just as effective, if not, more effective than anyone who’s ever played the game. They can both match eachother’s playmaking ability, but LeBron is a much more explosive scorer, capable of dropping 50+ along with a triple double. He’s a better outside shooter than Magic & he can definitely out muscle & out run him. Magic, of course, is a HOF, a champion & damn sure not a loser. The outcome will be determined by the teams behind these 2 stars, but I think LeBron would get the edge on the head-to-head match-up. As for MJ vs KB, MJ may be the better all around player, but I’ve seen enough from Kobe to know that he can match anyone that’s ever played in the scoring department. 2 players that live to put points on the board & 2 players that love to shine in the final moments. It would definitely be a battle to the end, but of course, the G.O.A.T would show Kobe why he is the G.O.A.T

  • Mike

    Battle of crossover: Starbury against AI. Who will win? Who will be limping off the court? I’ll go for AI although I’ma Marbury fan. Why? Antonio Daniel’s(If im nt mistaken) ankle was gone forever, MJ was part of AI’s highlight, and Tyron Lue being cross-and-walk-over twice! Marbury might have Tony Parker and Yao on his list, but for the killer crossover, AI prevail.

    Ray Allen vs Reggie. I watched He Got Game recently after I arrived in Marquette University from Malaysia, although this has nothing to do with this but, Ray is good. His jumper is the most beautiful jumper I ever seen on TV! He had beat Reggie in the all time 3ptJs hit. But Reggie might take this, reason? Which player ever make Jordan and Spike Lee so frustrated on the court?

    and to SLAM: I hope you can provided a platform for debates of Player VS Player for us NBA fans, so we won’t be bored if the Lock-out happens.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    * Oliver Miller -vs- Eddy Curry: both hands tied behind the back and straws only.
    * Greg Oden -vs- Sam Bowie: First one to clutch a knee is out.
    * Tim Hardaway -vs- Allen Iverson: Crossover super challenge (the winner between Oden and Bowie has to protect the basket).
    * Blake Griffin -vs- Shawn Kemp: Who ever jumps over the most Knicks (or Chris Gatling) wins (1 quarter time limit).

  • LoProKing

    This would be my list (I need a writers spot):

    Dirk vs. Tom Chambers
    Nash vs. Pistol Pete
    Dominique vs. Vince
    Pippen vs. Tracy or Grant Hill
    Wayman Tisdale (yeah he killed karl malone in college)vs. Moses Malone
    Steve Francis vs. Kevin Johnson

  • AuBit

    I love this kind of read and here’s some of my would be list:

    Larry Bird vs Dolph Schayes
    Bob Cousy vs John Stockton
    Rick Barry vs Chris Mullin
    Jerry West vs Pete Maravich
    John Havlicek vs Manu Ginobili
    Iverson vs Isiah
    Walt Frazier vs Gary Payton

    …but the following is spot-on great match-up:

    MJ vs Kobe
    Dr.J vs Baylor
    Wilt vs Shaq
    Big O vs Kidd

  • http://n/a North pole Andy

    Time for your “ABA” battles issue…for the real best all-time teams! And yes…the 75-76 nets could beat the 96 bulls or the 86 celtics….not to mention the 71-72 kentucky team or the great 71-72 utah stars! Denver had 60 wins in 75-76…and 65 wins in 74-75. The ABA pacers would run most nba teams! Your battles issue was great….but lets really match the great teams head to head this time around! NORTH POLE ANDY *ps. come on NBA…lets play ball already!

  • mugsy

    how can I buy past issues, like this one ?

  • Bradley

    God I ❤ this magazine it amazing nba battles rocks