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Iverson is off the block

At least that’s what Billy King is saying.

By Sam Rubenstein

KaneSixers GM Billy King says that Allen Iverson will not be traded. The early results from our own poll say that 72% of you don’t believe him. Consider me a part of that 72%. I think Billy realized that he made a mistake and is backtracking as fast as he can.

I’m not the world’s greatest businessman, but I do know that when you are negotiating something that can be traded, you need to play up the value of that asset, not act like you are desperate to unload it. If you are the GM of any other NBA team, why wouldn’t you try to take advantage of Billy King? Look at his track record. It’s not good. The best thing Philly can do is not get completely swindled when they eventually unload Iverson. Maybe some other GM (which in the NBA stands for Genius Mind) will actually fall for this and offer Philly something closer to equal value.

I guess they could hold onto him and wait for his deal to run out, hope that the Answer-Webber experiment gets enough help, feature Iguodala more, struggle through some mediocre-at-best seasons, then rebuild from scratch. That’s the brightest outlook they have, short of pulling the trigger on a trade. At least A.I. will be the rare superstar that stays with one team his whole career these days, through the good, bad, and worse. Hello Mr. Garnett.

To read that Billy King is saying Allen is happy to be there is a little bit suspect. Iverson is all about getting respect, and he always says that if he’s wanted somewhere, he’s happy to be there. So hey Allen, just ignore the past month. Even though nothing has changed. I think he’s just getting on the same page as the organization, so that he has more options when some other team finally makes a less insulting offer.

As for the caption in that photo, he is referred to as Billy King on the Workready Philadelphia website many times, and the word King is even in the url. This is a hilarious mistake. Perhaps the name was being read out loud to someone typing it in by someone with a thick southern accent. Billy Kiiiiiiinnnnng could sound like Kaaaaaaaaaaannne.

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  • Mike

    I do believe the Sixers are done trying to deal Iverson. Like you said Sam, the best King can do is try not to get completely swindled in any deal for Iverson. Not only will he not be swindled, he is actually doing the right thing. Sometimes the best trades are the ones that you don’t make. Right now I think the best thing the Sixers can do is hang on to him. The Sixers can improve their win total and make the playoffs with the roster they have, but several players need to step up and earn their pay (yes you, samuel dalembert). They clearly have talent on their roster (everybody is sleeping on the other A.I.) but need more time to play together. Lets not forget, Miami isn’t getting any younger, Detroit is having an identity crisis, Chicago didn’t improve as much as everyone thinks, and Indiana is one trade away from rebuilding. Things are very wide open in the East.

  • Kid Canada

    Sam, why was the poll a WALMART poll? On the old site you guys had tons of basketball related sponsors/ads, why are you in bed with Walmart all of the sudden?
    I’m sure neither you nor Lang is directly responsible, but it does raise some eyebrows among The Links’ faithful…

  • illydiva

    I agree whole-heartedly with Mike. Sixers fans have suffered many a year (after a bad superstar trade) with a team that was unwatchable. Those of us who believe in cute little AI, couldn’t bare the thought of him in a different uni. We didn’t want to get a bunch of stiffs for him either. When the Sixers went to the finals (eons ago in 2001), no one predicted that; but they did it with AI and a bunch of role players that he knew and trusted. That’s what the Sixers should be trying to recreate. Cheeks needs to step up and be more Coach and less friend. We still blame LB for breaking up the team from 2001. Unfortunately, it’s up to Billy King (or Kane) to make it right somehow.

  • Young C

    Since Boston wants to contend for a championship right now and Philly knows that they wont win a championship with AI and Webber, they should try and trade both of them to Boston. Philly could start over and get some young talent and draft picks, but they will also have to take a few bad contracts also. Boston would have to give up Telfair, Jefferson, G. Green, Wally (somewhat bad contract), Ratliff (bad contract), and Scalabrini (very bad contract) and 1 or 2 first round picks. Trust me, the salaries match, look it up.

    This would give Boston a lineup of Iverson,Tony Allen, Pierce, Webber, & Perkins. The Celtics would still have a decent bench with Rondo, West, Powe, Gomes, Grant, and they could resign Kandi man to be backup center. Boston would be contenders in the east for the next 3-4 years and AI, Pierce, & C-Webb would have no excuse if they dont at least get close to the chip. The downside for Boston is they would be over the cap for the next 4-5 years until their big threes’ contracts run out and personally i dont really think they could knock off the Pistons, Heat, or the up-and-coming Bulls and Cavs.

    On the other hand the Sixers would be pretty much giving up the next year or two while they rebuild with their young players. Philly would get 3 young talents to work with, not including the 2 picks from Boston and their own future picks. Telfair, Green, and Jefferson have the most upside out of all of Boston’s young players and would fill the positions left by AI and Webber. Then Philly would have to deal with their bad contracts. Ratliff’s contract is over in ‘08 so they might have to just eat that up until then. Wally still has some trade value so they could possibly trade him for a soon to be expiring contract like Grant Hill or Jalen Rose. If Scalabrini cant be packaged with Wally in a trade, Philly might just have to eat his contract up also for the next 4 years. This would give Philly a young & athletic lineup of Telfair,Iguodala,Carney,Jefferson, & Dalembert. Their bench would be Williams, G.Green, Korver, Ratliff, and Hunter. If the sixers are really that bad, they will have a chance to draft Gred Oden or Kevin Durant next year, or possibly OJ Mayo in ‘08. But if the Sixers make all the moves that i just stated, i dont think they will be a lottery team for too long at all.

    I would be amazed if Billy King were smart enough to pull this deal off, but like most GMs he probably wont have the balls to pull it off and listen to stupid fans who would rather lose for the next 5 years than trade their boy Allen Iverson. I love AI as much as anyone but Philly is going nowhere with him so we might as well see what we can do without him.

  • http://www.yahoo.com J Mart


    they should have traded iverson for joe johnson and a point guard

  • Adam

    I could see it now, AI with KG, that would put the T-Wolves back on track. Philly has alot of talent other than AI. They got Webber, and Iguadala to lead the team. All they need is some new faces and veterens like Webber could turn them into stars.

  • http://www.google.com AHH!

    Whats with all the talk about iverson being traded i say u trade him for …

    -KG(then it would be AI and Webber for KG and Ricky Davis and a pick)

    -or a multiple lineup(pg,sf,c)and picks