Thursday, August 17th, 2006 at 4:02 pm  |  19 responses

Loooooong Jump

Go ahead and try it. Just don’t come crying to us afterwards.

by Lang Whitaker

Our man Henry Abbott over at TrueHoop.com linked to this yesterday, and it’s really, really phenomenal.

Watch with glee as Shunsuke Nagasaki attempts to set a world record for the world’s longest dunk. Yes, he’s using a trampoline, but whatever. Like you could do that. Nate Robinson probably could, but only if he had a dozen attempts at it.

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    thats just great. i love the announcer

    i love the way they say basketball. dude dunking was funny too. great stuff

  • O’Nell

    That would have been better if it was just the trampoline no padded floor and he had to land on his feet.

  • M.K. Petrik

    Alright Lang, that was funny but this is sooooooooo much funnier. I just found it a couple seconds ago and for some reason as I watched it, it reminded me about the New York Knicks.


  • rgeezy

    man i posted a link to this in the comments 2 days ago, i just wanted to say you heard it here first:(

  • Allen

    Jet Li could do that.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    Agreed, O’Nell. And Petrik, be careful fronting on High School Musical. Sam loves that show.

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    I have never seen that show. Hang Time was the s–t though. Anthony Anderson (who played the role of Teddy) was the original Kobe.


  • Shotcaller21

    That was the gayest thing ever. How many people couldn’t do that if they practiced it for awhile???

    Oriental gameshows are phenomenal entertainment though.

  • Chris O’Leary

    That just looked ridiculous. It made me laugh all giddy-like.

    Hang Time was dope. When your coach is Reggie Theus, how are you gonna lose?

  • O’Nell

    Lol they should add this to that show MXC on Spike TV.

    Wow on the Hang Time Reference. I forgot about that show. Who was that chick on the show?

  • Jake Appleman

    Wait. Joey Lawrence changed his last name to Bolton?

  • Dma

    and they said slamball wouldn’t amount to anything

  • albie1kenobi

    to put it into perspective, dude dunked from close to the NBA 3point line. (6.3 meters = 21 feet, NBA 3pt line is 23.9 ft from basket) anyone who said they can do it should try it, without a trip to the hospital afterwards of course.

    oh and the dribbling/dancing video was fantastic. if a HS team actually pull this stunt off, the coach should win coach of the millenium then get fired. this video had me laughing my ass at work.

  • Fredo

    Now imagine getting Yao Ming to do this. He could beat the world record.

    We’d even have to get him to stick his tongue out.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    Yeah, that video is pretty amazing. The kid in the video looks like Kyle Korver — the shaggy hair, the accurate jumper. Which of course means we need to get Mo Cheeks to try and talk the Sixers into running that dance routine play during a game next season. Hey, he sang the national anthem before, he might give this a try, too.

  • hadoken

    Come on, Nate Roninson DOES have a dozen attempts. Anyway M.K. Petrik, I don’t wanna know how did you find that video…

  • Ned

    Wow! I sat through the high school routine with mouth a-gape: i hope they have special schools for kids like him, because i know that he would have got killed in my school…
    On another point, the change of direction on the trampoline dunk was crazy, but regarding the distance i swear i read somewhere that Nene could dunk one stride in from the 3 point line??? presumably there are others…

  • Mighty

    there’s going to be an asian version of that soon so watch out! its already in the works here in my country

    kirei na kuni deska!

  • mad mike

    this is dumb but whatever i didn’t see it